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If you are an international student in Canada, you can get much more than just an educational certification. Many international students can work under the law which give work permits in Canada to international students. More than 20 hours a week during their studies and full time during educational breaks. They are also allowed to apply for a post-graduate work permit. This will allow international students to remain in Canada for work in the same duration as their study program for three years or more than that. So the good thing is that as an international student, you have an opportunity to gain valuable Canadian work experience. This way you can grow your professional network with an opportunity to make contacts with others in your field.

Work Permits in Canada

There are number of work permits in Canada which international can avail. Experience in the Canadian market will contribute to your eligibility for permanent residence. This way it will make you a more attractive candidate to Canadian employers who will offer you a permanent job because of your experience. This offer of full-time employment from an eligible Canadian employer can make a difference of chance of your successfully obtaining Canadian permanent residence. Individual who wish to adopt study in work in Canada should know the process.

To learn complete process of study in Canada, its process and benefits, visit the page: Study in Canada | Benefits and Process | Apply Now 

Before being eligible for permanent residence, however, you have to be eligible for any of three Federal economic immigration programs and enter the Express Enter Pool, where you are assigned a score under the comprehensive Ranking system. After the government invites the top-ranked candidates in the pool to submit an application. You have 60 days after that to submit a complete application. Express Entry favors the young candidates with Canadian work and study experience and language ability, giving students an excellent chance of obtaining permanent residence.

Here is the detail of Express Enter:

Canadian Experience class

The standard route to a permanent residence in Canada for international students and graduates in Canada is Canadian Experience Class, an immigration program that allows individuals to immigrate permanently only for those who have worked in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker class

This is another type of Canada work permit. The other way to enter the Express Entry Pool is as a Federal Skilled worker. This is the way if you have done one year of skilled working abroad. You only need to score at least one 67 points on a grid that assesses age, language ability, work experience, whether or not you have a job offer in Canada.

Permanent residence in Canada for international students and graduates: Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada’s provinces also want international students and graduates to stay same like the Federal government. This only could be better if Express Entry is not an option for you now or in future.

Permanent residence in Canada for International students and graduates: Family class

This option is for those who have fallen in love for a Canadian. This includes both opposite and same-sex relationship. Your partner can help you immigrate to Canada without you having to go through Express Entry or Provincial program. Your spouse or common-law partner must be:

  • at Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • at least 18 years old.
  • living in Canada (Canadian citizens living outside Canada must show that the couple plans to live in Canada when you become a permanent resident. Permanent residents living outside of Canada cannot sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for immigration.)

So if you are an international student in Canada, and you know well speaking and understanding English and French then most probably you can have a permanent residence in Canada. The above suggestions are an overview of option for permanent residence in Canada for international students. You can choose from Federal programs to provincial programs to family sponsorship.

Post-graduation work permits for international students in Canada

Many students who have completed their post-graduation in Canada, desire to stay and a working experience.

You have good news. You can apply for both but first you must to know all the basic documents, procedures and to know whether you are eligible or not. So Within 90 days of completing your program requirements, you are permitted to apply for a post-graduation work permit to live and work in Canada.

Post-graduation work permit is Is a legal document that enables you to remain as an immigrant worker in Canada for up to three years after graduating from a Canadian post-secondary institute.

What you need is a completely valid study permit, a renewed study in Canada and a study program which lasts at least eight months in order to be eligible for a PGWP.

Why do You need it?

Why do I need it? A PGWP is an excellent way for you to implement what you have learnt through study in practice, promote your goals and objectives and gain Canadian experience, to be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Within 90 days of a letter from institution, which states your that you have had completed all the study programs (” letter of completion “), you will be able to apply for your PGWP.

In most of these cases, a number of weeks after final grades have been submitted. The letters can be downloaded from the Student Services Centre( SSC).

If you want PGWP then you have to ask your academic consultant or the program staff about it and when completion letters are available of your Program.

How you can apply for a post-graduation work permit

if you have graduated from the Designated learning institution, and willing to stay in Canada for some time. Then you can apply for post-graduation work permit. There are only some designated learning institutions that makes you enable for a post-graduation work permit.

Follow these steps on how to apply for PGWP.

To get a post-graduation work permit you need to;

  • Age over 18 years old when you apply;
  • At least your education duration is eight months long
  • Confirmation letter, transcript or certificate from school. That confirms that you have completed your graduation;
  • Have an authorized study permit when you are going for work permit;

You are not eligible on such basis if;

  • You have studied that was less than eight months
  • You have studied more than eight months but not regularly and took your semester off
  • Took part in a Canadian commonwealth scholarship programs by Global Affairs Canada
  • You are part of Canada-China Scholarship Exchange programs
  • You have taken part in the Organization of American States Fellowship Programs
  • You have a distance learning or online courses
  • You already have a work permit of previous completed study.

Working after you applied for post-graduation work  permit

You may work full time on campus or off campus while your work permit application is on process if;

  • You have applied within 90 days of completion your program;
  • You had a useable study permit at the time you applied for the work permit, and
  • You had been working off campus in your final term.

In other cases;

  • Accelerated study programs: that means you are eligible for work permit when you have completed your eight months study program within six months.
  • If you have transferred between designated learning institution but duration is same as eight months.
  • If you have got admission in any institution that is not DLI and then you transferred your credit hours to DLI. The only Designated Learning Institution studying time will be considered.
  • You fulfill all the above requirements but you have part time studying during last session. You are still eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit.

How long is the post-graduation work permit?

  • It depends on your study program if your session is less than 8 months; you are not eligible for PGWP
  • More than 8 months but less than 2 years. The work permit will be issued according to the academic session time. For example if your study program is for 9 months then work permit will be of 9 months.
  • For two years study program,the work permit will be issued for 3 years
  • For more than one study program the work permit length will be according to the completed programs but duration must be more than 8 months.
  • You can’t get another work permit if you have already after completing another study program.

Documents and application for post-graduation work permit:

When you want to apply for a post-graduation work permit then reread the instructions fully. Give them all the documents that are asked for. Your application may be delay if some of the information or documents are missing.

Application fee

You have to pay the “open work permit holder” and “standard work permit fee” simultaneously when you are applying. Both fees will only be paid in Canadian government funds.