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1 – Top in Education:

Top-in-EducationWhy Study in USA ? It is no secret that United States of America has always been the 1st choice of students all around the world for education all and that is not for nothing. USA does provide the best education in the world. You want to hear some of the Tops America is in, well, following they are. United States of America is ranked 1st Best Country for Higher Education 2016 by QS Ranking. Those who wish study at American universities will be glad to know that their degrees will be universally recognized.

2 – Top Student Attraction:Top-Student-Attraction

Why Study in USA ? Every student in entire world dreams of studying abroad in America because of its top profile in higher education system. What if I tell you these are not just figures of speech because over 41% percent of students in America are international that numbers over 975,000. United States of America is ranked 1st best International Student Attraction in 2016.

3 –   Top in Research Faculties:

Do you know the method it is figured that how a country is ahead of world in education? Well, let me tell you the answer to that. It’s from their research! The more advanced a country is in research; inventing and discovering everything new that is unknown to the man of today; the more that country’s education system is hailed. Just like everything else it has proved itself in this arena too since USA is the 1st best country in Research.

No matter what field you are in, whether its Medical, Computer Sciences, Business, Applied Science or anything, American education will not disappoint you because you will the best and newest of researches here. It is the foundation of most of the world’s revolutionary developments in technology, business, arts, and beyond.

4 – Top Ranked Universities:

This information is more public than anything else that America is home to the best and top ranked universities of the world. Name any university in the Top 100 universities of the world and most often probability is that it’s American because more than 60 universities in Top 100 of world are located in USA. That does not just ends here as more than 6 American universities are in Top 10 of the whole world. While subsequently do you know which university is ranked top of the world? Behold, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of USA, the 1st Top Ranked University of the world by QS Ranking. It is not just the QS Ranking (World Wilde Academic Ranking Organization) that admires USA education system because even in Times Higher Education (World Wilde Academic Ranking Organization) the California Institute of Technology is ranked 2nd Best University of the world. Here are all the Top Universities of United States of America and their world Ranks.

5 –   Lots of Varieties:

This heading may sound weird but America really does have lots of varieties in education. How you ask? Well, for the starters are you aware that there over 4,500 universities in USA. And other than that, you will find every possible course is American universities that you could imagine. There are Thousands of courses taught in universities some of which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. There are so many subject and courses that you can even find some weird and funny ones like, have you heard of the course Selfie Class? It is taught in University of Southern California that is situated in USA and this course is taught with a proper syllabus and pattern. But don’t worry, not all the courses are like that because you will also find some of the prestigious and rare courses there like Cyber Security is very difficult to find in any country other than USA.

6 –   Most Recognized Degree:

Since American universities provide the best quality education of the whole world, there degrees are also most recognized and respected degrees all around the world. No matter when and where you go in the whole world, this USA degree heading in your Resume will brighten you like a lantern in the dark. World knows that American education makes you keener, more considerate, more successful person and gifted to succeed in any job.

Most-Funded-Scholarships7 –   Most Funded Scholarships:

Most scholarships you will ever find in any part of the world are to an American university. Since America is best in education, every private who funds scholarships wants funded students to get the best of it that they find in America. Besides these private funding originations and personals, American universities offer a great number of scholarships and grants all around the globe. For example, Fullbright Scholarships are the most famous American scholarships in Pakistan.

8-   Exposure to All Cultures:

America is the country where you will find the people of all nations, color, race, religion and creed. America has the most Diverse Culture of the whole world. This is actually a best way to get exposure of the whole world in just one country. This really enhances your view of the world, broadens your horizons and teaches you the ways of the world so you can deal any personality in any part of the world, better than anyone else. Besides this, you can also create a vast professional network there for the reason that business is not local anymore.

9 – Students are Allowed to Work:

Their actual goal is to spread education as far as they can and as pure as possible. A great number of international students don’t have the financial ability to meet their educational expenses and yet they crave to achieve it. USA doesn’t want these student’s potential to go to waste. That is why they even allow international students to work part time to meet their all living and education expenses in America. Every international student can work up to 20 hours a week that is more than enough.

However, there are some specific regulations one must follow because of the people who get in a country for work using student visa. Most students find that their time is better spent taking internships or Curricular Practical Training, which allows students to work for university credit in a job in their related field of education. Almost every university, even those not located in urban areas, has employees committed to helping students get internships.

10 –   Career Counseling Departments:

All of the America institutions have a Career counseling Department operated by professionals who emphasize on helping students with their Resumes, CVs, teaching job interview skills and guiding them find job opportunities, both during and after their studies. They have after all, earned their place as Top in the world. USA universities have years of experience dealing with international students from all over the world. Their educational system is only becoming more international and more understanding of other cultures; that is an important factor for a student’s successful career. I hope this Article Clear your Mind Why Study in USA ?

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