What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Turkey

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There are several benefits for the students who study MBBS in Turkey. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

  • It is multicultural

Turkey is a country full of cultures. It is basically a pathway between the west and the east. It stands in between the Asia and Europe. Turkey is also close to Africa. It is a spot where the people of all cultures gather and they feel as if they are at home. In Turkey, annually approximately 30,000 students from other countries come on the study visa. Mainly the three regions from the students come in Turkey are US, Africa and Asia.

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  • Turkey is friendly

Turks are famous in the world for their warm behaviors and hospitality. They make you feel like home even when you are for the first time in Turkey. It is easy for the foreigners to make friends in Turkey as they are the people with pure hearts. Almost all of the Turks love to meet foreigners and they can also speak fluent English.

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  • Natural Sceneries

Turkey is full of beautiful sceneries. It has coastline of more than 5000 miles where the water from four different seas is combined.  The seas which wash the coastline include the Aegean to the west, to the south it is Mediterranean Sea, to the north it is the Black sea and Marmara Sea is just below the Istanbul. In the north east of turkey, there are high mountains of Kackar. There are a lot of beautiful views and you will also see rare wildlife in Turkey.

  • Beautiful cities

In Turkey, there are amazing cities which makes the visitors exited. Istanbul is considered to be one of the biggest cities. It is the center of all cultures and is surrounded by the Bosphorus and Marmara Sea.  The famous landmarks of Turkey are Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. It is the capital of Turkey and is located on the hilly island. Istanbul is famous in the world for its historical places. The Izmir port is also important for Istanbul and it is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

  • Rich historical backgrounds

Turkey is like a museum with no walls and no boundaries. It has got an amazing strong historical background and it is considered to be the center of tourist’s attraction, those who love history and ancient sights. The ruins which are still there in Turkey show different civilizations which were a part of Turkey decades ago. Turkey is famous for its world best Roman, Greek, Ottoman and Byzantine. Turkey is also famous for the Greek statues and the statues of Persian gods on the Mount Nemrut. It is announced to be the 8th wonder in the world’s history.

  • Kind Climate

The weather condition in Turkey is kind. It is hot and dry in summer and winters are wet in Izmir and Istanbul. In Ankara, the summer is hot and the winter is snowy and cold.

  • Standard Education

Turkey is considered to be one of the largest platforms for higher education. It is like a global market for students around the globe. Turkish degree of MBBS is of great value for the countries all over the world. The famous programs to study in Turkey are English, IR, business and engineering. Almost all the universities and their campuses in Turkey are enriched with modern facilities.

  • Affordability

The educational costs and the cost of living in Turkey is less as compared to other European countries so it is most favorable for the students to study in Turkey as it is affordable for them. The costs for travelling, insurance and accommodation are also less.

  • English Language

The main and the basic thing which the students find favorable in selection of a country for their higher studies is the language which is spoken there. In Turkey, mostly English is used for spoken and communication purposes.

Turkey is an amazing destination for the foreign students to get higher education but there are some controversies regarding the political conditions of Turkey. But still, Turkey is the best place for the foreigners as most of the universities there have made rules and regulations for the safety of students especially of those who are not from Turkey.


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