Visa & Residence Permit in Austria

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permit visa in austria

Austria is a country with rich cultural history and traditions. People all around the world find Austria an attractive place to study. Austria is a favorite place for tourists as there are many opportunities offered by Austria to ski, hike and water spots during summers. The country has strong traditional trend of winter sports, classical music and food. Austrian culture is a bit influenced by its neighboring countries i.e. Germany, Hungary, Italy and Bohemia.

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Austria’s academic year starts in October and June. The country has total 1800000 number of students out of which 60000 are international students. Austria with its beautiful cities and landscapes welcomes the international students warmly. With enjoyment and entertainment Austria offers great number of scholarships and work opportunities. The Austrian universities are offering admissions without IELTS

OEAD offers a number of scholarships for the international students of bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. Research is an important part of studies in Austrian universities and the universities offer great deal towards applied and theoretical aspects. Austrian universities offer innovative and high quality education dealing each student individually.

As far as accommodation of the students is concerned Austrian exchange service and Austrian Student union offer a great number of deals.


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Requirements for European Union Nationals

Austrian visa requirements are different for EU nationals and non EU nationals. For EU nationals, Swiss nationals and citizens of EEA countries there is no requirement of obtaining visa if they intend to stay Austria for lesser than a period of 3 months.

But if the stay has to be longer than the period of 3 months it is required to get registered at the immigration office within the time limit of 3 months.

Requirements for NON European Union Nationals


For non EU citizens it is obligatory to apply for visa for whatever purpose they are intending to stay in Austria. To get a study permit one must apply to (›Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende‹) 5 right after securing admission to a university.

The process of getting admission might take upto 3 months of time which is to be awaited by the applicant at his or her own country.

Required Documents

Following is the list of the documents important to apply for the visa registration. You can check the process to apply for Austria

  1. An application form dully filled and signed (available online).
  2. A valid passport (should be valid for the entire duration of stay).
  3. Recent colored Photographs (passport size).
  4. Birth certificate.
  5. Certificate of good conduct.
  6. Health insurance.
  7. Admission letter.
  8. Financial proof that the student has sufficient means to cover living costs.
  9. Rental/accommodation agreement.

Registration process

It is necessary to get yourself registered at the municipal authority within 3 working days after arrival to Austria. Registration form can be obtained from the registration office or online. The form must be completed and signed by the owner or management of the accommodation you are living in.

where as in case of change of address it is obligatory to provide this information again to the registration office within the limit of 3 working days. Moreover, at the time of departure from Austria Provision of this information is also mandatory.

Work permit

European Union, EEA and Swiss Nationals

Students from Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary are required to obtain a work permit before gaining a job where as students who are EU, EEA or Swiss national do not require a work permit to work in Austria.

Non-European Union, EEA and Swiss Nationals

For non EU, EEA and Swiss nationals it is mandatory to acquire a work permit. Permit is to be gained from the employer. For non EU, EEA or Swiss national student there is a limit to number of work permit.

Students are allowed to do part time work with a full time work only for the 3 months period during their holidays. Students seeking jobs in the field of research can obtain contractual jobs for which requirement of work permit is exempt.

In Austria, for some cases there is a degree requirement of internship which is actually a practical training work permit is not required but the employer has to notify the employment service and concerned authorities for taxes prior two weeks before the employment starts.

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