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The United Kingdom is comprised of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is an advance region in education and research with most respected education system of the world. When it comes to higher education, United Kingdom has always been the best for many centuries and has maintained a quality standard of their teaching.Every year thousands of students migrate to United Kingdom to attain the education that is ambition of every single student in the world.United is a democratic country with laws and regulations that protect the rights of all citizens and students.Before you apply for study in United Kingdom, it is suggested to have your complete research done. Here in Study in United Kingdom Guide you will find every single piece of information you must be aware of, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

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study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
Usually, you have to be at least 18 to take a higher education course. Institutions in United Kingdom that hold the power to award a degree are termed as:

  1. Recognized Bodies
  2. Universities
  3. University Colleges
  4. Colleges of the University of London
  5. Higher Education Colleges
  6. Archbishop of Canterbury.

1 – Best in Education:Quality-Education

There is no one in world, not even America, to challenge United Kingdom education level. For centuries United Kingdom has been the most prestigious place for higher education. It won’t be wrong to say that current civilization of world started from United Kingdom. Today, United Kingdom scholars are most valued all around the world. In the latest ranking United Kingdom was ranked 2nd Best Country for Higher Education by QS ranking. But one can’t say that any other country is better than UK in education and research. Still most of the research work is done by UK universities.You can search over 50,000 courses on the UCAS website to find the best one for you.

Top-in-Education2 – Popular Student Attraction:

United Kingdom universities maintain high standards of academic excellence and are consistently recognized in top international rankings. Every student in entire world dreams of studying abroad in United Kingdom because of its top profile in higher education system. United Kingdom is ranked 2ndMost Popular Student Attraction in 2016. United Kingdom is the place where world’s largest population of international student is found.

If you want admission in some specific university of your choice then you must apply to their official website first or contact a Study Abroad Consultant with good network like WSLConsultants, in order to find their eligibility criteria since every university has their own admission criteria.

3 – Top-Ranked Universities:

A country’s higher education system is judged by their top universities.United Kingdom has the best universities of the world. Are you aware of the most famous, respected and admired university of the world? That is Oxford University. Again this year Oxford University is ranked 1st Top University of the world for higher education in 2017. This not all of it since Cambridge University, second most famous and prestigious institute rivaling Oxford is also in United Kingdom.According to Times Higher Education, a study of universities shows that 16 of the 30 universities with the highest ratio of international students are in the United Kingdom. Highest proportion of international students is found UK universities.Other than these there is no shortage of amazing universities in United Kingdom. Here are all Top Ranked Universities of United Kingdom and their Ranks.

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
4 – Scholarships in United Kingdom:Most-Funded-Scholarships

There are many financial support options Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, loans etc. This all is for international students who wish to study United Kingdom but don’t have the financial resources to afford it.There are many scholarship schemes administered by governments, charities and other organizations.There are also many university specific awards for which you will ask Ministry of Education of your country, your local British Council office. Some of the most famous government funded scholarships are:

The right time to look for financial support is before you start your course. It can be very hard to find funding during the academic year.The British Council manages and administers parts of a number of scholarship and funding schemes, following are the most famous non-government scholarships where Pakistani students can apply.

Scheme Funding opportunityOpen For
Euraxess UKResearch placements in the UKAll countries
Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust ScholarshipsDoctoral studies, research, visiting fellows and Scottish summer schoolPakistan

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
5 – Most Recognized Degree:

A study by the Office for National Statistics in 2013 found that, although UK university graduates are reliably employed than others, they are progressively more probable to be overqualified for the jobs. You just don’t have to worry about getting a job after studying in UK, you just have to find a job of your high standard for which you don’t feel overqualified.Their degrees are very much recognized around the world more than any other country.It doesn’t matter when and where you go in the whole world, you will always feel superiority and priority of skill and education.

6 – Exposure to All Cultures:

United Kingdom is filled with many diverse cultures. United Kingdom has the most Diverse Culture of the whole world. This is actually a best way to get exposure of the whole world in just one country. According to a survey, there are 71.6%Christian, 2.7%Muslim, 1%Hindu, 1.6% others and unspecified or none are 23.1%.

Though their main language is English that is spoken by more than 70% of its population,immigrants have naturally brought many foreign languages from across the globe. This really enhances one’s view of the world, broadens their horizons and teaches them the ways of the world so you students can deal with any personality in any part of the world better than anyone else. Besides this, you can also create a vast professional network there for the reason that business is not local anymore.

international-student-can-work-in-usa7 – Student Work Opportunities:

You can to work part time when you are studying  in UK. The students who are studying in such university or college that registered to official UKVI Sponsor list and the list of ‘recognized bodies’. All international studentsare allowed to work part-time during term sessions for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during the holidays. You can search a job online at:

A great number of international students don’t have the financial ability to meet their educational expenses and yet they crave to achieve it. Normal hourly pay is $10 – $12. Each university has a careers center where professional counselors can assist you in looking for part time employment.United Kingdom doesn’t want students’ potential to go to waste and facilitates with every possible way to aid them. If you have more queries about education in Canada, you can freely ask WSLConsultants anything, we are here for your service.

8 – Finish Your Degrees Faster:

Usually a Bachelor program takes 4 years and Masters take 2 years of education. But United Kingdom’s Higher education system has altered this system for the better of students. They provide a three-year Bachelor’s and one-year Master’s program that lets you get straight to the point, requiring you to take only those classes that are related to your major subjects. This less time means less expenses and money and with all that you get a respected degree from a great university that can be transferred to any university of any country and yet has a better value than others degrees all around the world.

9 – No Test Required:No-Test-Required

The UK university admissions do not require the previous record examination score for admission. You only need your GPA, reference letters, and a sometimes personal statement for your application. However, you will need IELTS or TOEFL as proof of your English in order to get admission in a university. Score merit of English language test depends on the university requirement.

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents

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