Temporary Resident Visas for Canada

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temporary resident visas(visit visa) for canada

Permanent or temporary resident persons who wish to enter Canada must fulfill the requirements of Canada’s laws and regulations on immigration, in particular as per their safety and health.

For any person who is not acceptable to Canada, he can enter Canada through a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) which allows him to enter Canada after explaining that his entry to the country is justified.

What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

These are the documents which allow the person who otherwise not fulfilled the requirements for a Canadian citizen, can enter Canada through TRP.

Is TRP useful?

Yes, this is useful for individuals who are not acceptable to Canada on criminal or medical grounds.

When to Apply for a TRP?

You can apply for TRP at a consulate if you are not a permanent resident of Canada. American citizens or permanent residents can apply directly at the Canadian border.

Visa Processing time and a government fee

It will take 3–6 months at the consulate, and a few minutes or hours at the border. A fee of $200 (CAD) applies.

A Temporary Resident Permit  actually:

  •  allows legal entry to Canada for a definite period of time;
  •  A TRP may apply at any time (in contrast with criminal rehabilitation, TRPs shall not be subject in respect of completing a sentence to a certain time period. Indeed, a person may be given TRP in certain circumstances while serving a portion of his or her sentence); and       
  • is issued for some time and can extend from within Canada up to three years,

The requirement that an inadmissible is to enter Canada against the health and safety risks to the Canadian population is considered by a Canadian immigration visa officer. Applicants must show that they are justified in entering Canada.

Unless re-entry was authorized upon issuance, the permit is no longer valid for the holder leaving Canada. The license may also be canceled at any time by an officer. The TRP holder is granted permanent resident status in Canada, under certain circumstances. In order to apply for a TRP, you need to present a request with supporting documents explaining why your inadmissibility has been justified and why your entry into Canada is justified. If you are a citizen of a country that is exempt from visa requirements, the application form may differ based on the guidelines laid down by the individual country.

Two ways to apply for TRP

  • give an application to the consulate;
  • directly apply on the border. This option is only for US citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

As nationals from non-US countries either require a Temporary Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter Canada, a consular application to fly to Canada is the only option.

Depending on where a request is submitted, the processing times vary.

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