Fully funded China scholarships in 2019

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Looking to proceed your studies in China? Known as a growing economy and great place for companies and businesses, China has a lot to offer when it comes to education too. They have some very reputable institutes in the world that are producing skilled individuals for various fields. If you are interested in pursuing your high level education in China, there are numerous institutes and organizations as well as government that is offering fully funded scholarships to the students.

To know the complete application process to study in China on scholarships, please read this post: Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

These opportunities come in various fields and provide a great chance for learning and practically implementing your knowledge to start a great career.


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What are these fully funded scholarships?

The fully funded scholarships mean that they will provide you a complete coverage. A handsome package is offered to the candidates that are awarded these scholarships.

Like other offers, this also come with certain rules and regulations. First of all, you have to be eligible and you should be competent enough to be considered. Then, there is a screening process after which the final stage comes where candidates that fit the criteria appropriately are selected and given the scholarship.

There are instances when individuals feel confident and satisfy all the requirements but are not able to secure the award. If you are also among them, you may feel disappointed. However, don’t let your motivation down. It might not be because you weren’t good enough. There are instances when awards are limited and the number of people who make it through are more. So, in that case, certain individuals are left out because the institute or organizations have all the seats filled.

Do they provide complete tuition fee?

Study in China

Fully funded scholarships mean that they provide complete tuition fee. They will assure that all your university expenses are covered. You won’t have to worry about giving a single penny to the university. Unlike the partial awards that contribute to a certain extent or other funds that may run out anytime, you will get complete coverage for the time you are pursing your studies. Depending on the course that you are taking, all the tuition fee and, in most cases, other university expenses will be covered.

What about living expenses?

There are times when you will get the scholarships that are fully funded and not only provide you tuition fee but also comes with accommodation and food. You will be given a place to stay with all the basic facilities that include electricity and internet and you will have access to the room as you may have in a hostel. Moreover, some may provide you a monthly stipend to make up for the living and other expenses that one comes across on day to day basis.

Who is offering these scholarships?

The scholarships are being offered by various organizations and institutes. Moreover, certain government initiates are also there behind the fully funded options. It depends on which scholarship you are applying for that determines who is offering it.

How to get fully funded scholarship in China?

Start by searching for the fully funded scholarships in China. Take a look at the different options available to you. Consider the universities where you will get to study and on what basis the scholarships are offered to you. Take a good look at the eligibility criteria and see what they are asking of you. Don’t forget to make sure that the course for which scholarship is being offered is the one you are willing to study (in certain cases you will have the option of choosing the course you like and even selecting a university of your choice in China).

Once you assure that you fit the criteria and are eligible to apply, send your details with application form and required documents. Submit the details carefully and send some reference letters too as it helps in making you a strong candidate. Craft each application appropriately for every scholarship you are applying.

Final words

In short, the fully funded scholarship is a great way to study in China as it provides you coverage for complete tuition fee and even come with stipend and accommodation. However, make sure that you fit the criteria and apply on multiple scholarships to increase your chances.


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