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Canada is an English speaking peaceful developed country with the nicest people you can find on planet Earth. When it comes to higher education, Canada has proved itself second to none and has maintained a quality standard of their teaching. Study in Canada is respected all around the globe and every year thousands of students migrate there to acquire the education every student dreams of. Canada is a democratic country with laws and regulations that protect the rights of all citizens and students. Canada’s government is aiming to double the number of international students at its educational institutions till Year 2022 by capacity building of Canada’s education system and making it a brand for the students and researchers to come here. Canada has a motive to attract more than 450,000 international students from around the world. You can get answers that why study in Canada and how to study in Canada ? To live and study in Canada you have to check following benefits

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Study in Canada Benefits:

1 – Quality Education:Quality-Education

Canada provides an excellent educational environment for all domestic and international students. Canada provides one of the best quality of education in the world. Canada is ranked 5th Best Country for Higher Education 2016 by QS Ranking. Those who wish study at Canadian universities will be cheerful to know that their degrees are universally recognized and no corporate can dare question your abilities. Canada is investing lot of budget on their education system than any other country of the world.

Top-Student-Attraction2 –   Popular Student Attraction:

Canada’s universities maintain high standards of academic excellence and are consistently recognized in top international rankings. Every student in entire world dreams of studying abroad in Canada because of its top profile in higher education system. Canada is ranked 8th Most Popular Student Attraction in 2016. Every year more than 175,000 international students are making their lives there. Over the past century, Canada welcomed 15 million immigrants. If you want admission in some specific university of your choice then you must apply to their official website first or contact a Study Abroad Consultant with good network like WSLConsultants, in order to find their eligibility criteria since every university has their own admission criteria.

3 – Top Ranked Universities:Top-in-Education

A country’s higher education system is judged by their top universities. Canada has the best universities of the world. University of Toronto has always been the one of the most prestigious and well known educational institute all around the world and it’s most top ranked university of Canada with a global rank of 19. Second best ranked higher educational institute of Canada, University of British Columbia is ranked 36th best university of the world. Other than these there is no shortage of amazing universities in Canada. Here are all Top Ranked Universities of Canada and their Ranks.

4 – Scholarship to study in Canada:

There are many scholarships to study in Canada  has lot of Canada scholarship for international students which is given to a great number of students for all domestic and international students so now potential of unprivileged student goes to waste. There are many private funding origination and personals and, in addition, Canadian universities offer a great number of scholarships and grants all around the globe. Canada student visa cost can be checked from our office.

Some of the most well-known Government of Canadian Awards for students are:

  • NSERC Postgraduate scholarships
  • Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarship Program
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • IDRC Research Awards

Some of the most well-known Non- Government of Canadian Awards for students are:

  • Anne Vallee Ecological Fund
  • Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

Some of the most well-known Canada University-specific scholarships for students are:

  • University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • University of Waterloo International Funding
  • Western University International Admission Scholarships
  • York University International Student Program
  • Carleton University Awards
  • Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships
  • HEC Montréal BBA Entrance Scholarships
  • International Student Scholarships at Humber College Canada
  • Queen’s University International Scholarships
  • UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • UBC Graduate Scholarships
  • Concordia University Awards

5 –   Most Recognized Degree:

Every year thousands of international students attend Canadian universities. Their degrees are very much recognized around the world almost as much as the United States and United Kingdom. Since Canadian universities provide the one of the best quality education in the whole world, there degrees are also one of the most recognized and respected all around the world. It doesn’t matter when and where you go in the whole world, this Canada degree heading in your Resume will brighten you like a lantern in the dark. Their way of education makes you keener, more considerate, more successful person and gifted to succeed in any job.

6 –   Best Place to Live:

The Canada is ranked as one of the best places in the world to live by United Nations. This evaluation was based upon Canada’s accomplishments in education, Quality of living, national income ration and over all living facilities. Canada is also ranked as number one living place in the world due to some other factors like availability of large quantity of fresh water, low population and low level of crime in society. It is also ranked due to very high standards of health programs compared to other countries, medical insurance in Canada is inexpensive yet the services that Canadian hospitals provide are among some of the most advanced and accessible in the world. Canada has big cities, many national and provincial parks. Canada has four very different seasons and the change in temperature is found at high level throughout the years, in this way you can enjoy many the weathers in one single place.

7- Exposure to All Cultures:

Canada is the country where you will find the people of all nations, color, race, religion and creed. Canada has the one of the most Diverse Culture of the whole world. This is actually a best way to get exposure of the whole world in just one country. This really enhances one’s view of the world, broadens their horizons and teaches them the ways of the world so you students can deal with any personality in any part of the world better than anyone else. Besides this, you can also create a vast professional network there for the reason that business is not local anymore. According to UNESCO, 3% of total foreign student population is currently educating in Canada.

8 – Work and study in Canada:

International students after graduation from a Canadian university have the opportunity to work and study in Canada for up to one year after they have received their degree. Their actual goal is to spread education as far as they can and as pure as possible. A great number of international students don’t have the financial ability to meet their educational expenses and yet they crave to achieve it. Canada doesn’t want these student’s potential to go to waste. International students can work on campus without a work permit.

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