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Study in Canada for free 2017

Study in Canada for Free 2017 with Canadian scholarships! It is dream of every student that he may take higher education from Canadian universities or colleges. Canada has become the place where students want to study. It is very charming for a student to stay in Canada and Study in Canada. But in Canada there are lot of expensive, it become easy if someone get scholarship. In Pakistan, Canada visa from Pakistan is demanded by every student. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Canada is considered heaven for travellers and students who want to study in Canada. The Niagara fall is the very interesting and amazing place to visit. The culture of Canada is varies a due to open immigration policy. It has mixed cultures due to people of different societies, it does not have its own culture. Study visa for Canada for Free 2017 is highly demanding by the Pakistani students.

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Mostly the scholarship covers living cost and tuition fee, scholarship help the student to study with full concentration and dedication. To obtain scholarship a student have to show a very good result in studies. There are lot of Canadian scholarships available while you get Canada student visa. Here is the list of those well known scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada 2017.

The annual scholarships and deadline to apply may varies from May 2017 to October 2017.  Partial scholarships are usually offered to international students and full scholarships are offered to local students.  Like a scholarship is offered in January 2017. This scholarship is has worth of  $ 5000. To get scholarship you have confirm admission in any university or college along with study visa for Canada. The admission deadline is October 2017 to get student visa for Canada.

York University Scholarship Program 2017 for International Students

This Canadian scholarship is full time scholarship and its deadline is in May 2017 these scholarships are very helping to study in Canada for Free 2017. This is for International student who want to study undergraduate programs.  Its value is $ 68000 for honors program means 4 years program. The amount of United world college scholarship is $ 112,000 for four years. Entrance scholarship has same amount $ 112,000. These scholarships are awarded in first year of graduation and rest 3 years they are renewed.

International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)

This award is well known and very prestigious, its value is CAD 10 million. In this award student will get $ 28000 total, $ 7000 each year. The accurate value is not final it may vary depending on the availability of funds. This scholarship is award on merit. The scholarship authorities evaluate the received application. A student must have a confirm Canada student admission and valid Canada student visa. The application deadline for this scholarship is January 2017.

Entrance Scholarship of Carleton University for International Students in 2017.

A student is naturally considered eligible for award of Carleton Entrance scholarship if he has at least 80% score and meet the required language score. It is for secondary school undergraduates. There are different levels of grants. For example, $ 16000 grant for a long time and it is renewable for 95-100%, it is helping students to study in Canada for Free 2017. Likewise $ 12000 grant for a long time and it is renewable for 90-94%, $ 8000 grant for a long time and it is renewable for 85-89.9%, $ 4000 grant for a long time and it is renewable for 80-84.9%. Here it ought to be said that the grant would be recharged if the yearly GPA 10. In any case, the genuine estimation of honor can build the season of offer. It would be computed at the season of confirmation when you apply to Study in Canada for free 2017 Study with Canadian Scholarship.

Conclusion:  Study in Canada for Free in 2017 is possible after getting Canadian Scholarship of full amount. It will meet your living, traveling, food costs. Canada visa from Pakistan requirements are the same as the other kind of Canada visas.


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