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study in canada

We all want to study in good institutes and some of us tend to look for the overseas universities to explore better options for study. While the things may not always go our way, we can put our maximum efforts and apply for study visas and permits to study in countries all over the globe. The Canadian government has been lenient enough to let people from all across the world come to their country and study there. The process is fairly simple and easy to follow as you apply to Study in Canada in 2019.

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Talking about Canada and study in Canada 2019, the life of a student in the country is something to consider when we look forward to apply for study visa abroad. Here, you will have a lavish one with the amazing scenic beauty all around you. The mountains, with forests and majestic lakes. Offering you a wide open space to come up and spend time with nature, take things to a whole new level.

To learn complete process of study in Canada, its process and benefits, visit the page : Study in Canada | Benefits and Process | Apply Now

People in Canada are also welcoming towards the individuals that come from other countries. They have a tolerant culture with multiple societies already living there. You have two official languages with one being English and the other one is French.

Going to study in Canada in 2019 is much like going to any western country. The living style and standards are equally good, if not better. The students tend to find a lot of help from people around them.

If you are interested in studying in Canada, you must assure that you are prepared to do so. A guide is available on the official website of the country that you can access and see how student life goes there. Then, you are required to obtain a study permit. It is necessary for almost all the individuals to acquire a permit. When they are thinking about going to the country and enrolling in an institute.

To obtain the study permit, you should make sure that you are enrolled at a DLI. You are required to show keen interest in learning and have to respect. And conditions or restrictions that might be there on your study permit. In case that the requirements on the permit are not met, you are required to immediately stop studying and leave the country upon the expiration of your permit.

In case that you acquire a permit and satisfy. All the requirements, and it runs out before your course is done. You are required to apply for an extension. It will help in extending your permit and, ultimately, you can stay there for longer and assure that you complete your course.

People that are on short courses, six months or less. Or are among the family or staff of an official foreign representative in the country don’t need any permit to study. Moreover, the members of foreign armed forces, individuals that are registered Indians in Canada, and minor children, may also not require any document as permission to study.

Before you can apply for the study permit, you have to show an acceptance letter. From a DLI for study along with a valid travel document or a passport. You should be able to project a few things that include the ability to pay for tuition fee, living expenses. And return transportation for you and any family member that comes along with you in Canada. Moreover, one should not have any criminal record and should be healthy. When talking to immigration officer, you should be able to convince him or her that you will leave upon completion of study.

One can apply for permit from within Canada, outside Canada, and at the port of entry. You may like to do it online as it won’t require any courier fee or delivery time. The applications are processed instantly and the authorities will reach your back soon. A student direct scheme is also available for citizens of China, India, Philippines, and Vietnam for fast processing and quick approval.

Moreover, when you apply to study in Canada in 2019, you may also have a chance to work there. Opportunities are available, depending on your permit, to work on campus, off campus, and as a co-op student or intern.

Also, many scholarships are available for international students. So, make sure you take a look at all of them before you apply.


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