Study in Hungary Without IELTS, Gap No Problem

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 Bachelor Programs Available only 

Why Study in Hungary without IELTS

There are several reasons to choose Hungary as country to study in but the most important reasons to study in Hungary can be classified in below terms:

  • Firstly tradition and background of Hungarian universities also as a member of EU countries
  • The lower cost of study and living in comparison to costs in other EU and North American countries
  • The best life facilities are available in Hungary
  • Hungarian diplomas are accepted and have a high prestige throughout the world. The high standard of the programs with the quite favorable tuition fees in international comparison, as well as the affordable cost of living attract more and more international students to Budapest.
  • Hungary is a member of the European Union and a Schengen state. Diplomas are consequently accepted everywhere in the European Union.
  • Higher education has strong traditions with institutions operating for hundreds of years in some cases.
  • Hungary is a relatively safe country with a low rate of violent crime.
  • Fees and living costs are relatively low compared to the rest of Europe.

Courses Available (Taught in English)
There are following courses available in Study in Hungary without IELTS. 100% Admission and Visa assistance through our services. (99.9% visa Ratio)

  • International Business Economics (BA) Business Administration and Management (6 + 1 semesters)
  • International Studies (BA) International Business Administration (6 + 1 semesters)
  • International Relations (6 semesters)

Requirement of Documents (admission and visa) Only Scan Copy from original 

  • Passport  & CNIC
  • Pics
  • All Education Documents
  • IELTS ( if have)

For more detail: Call at 0092 323 8451958


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