Study cost in china is less than other Europeans country in the world. The Chinese government has taken great steps in terms of providing a scholarship to foreign students. Different programs are created by the Chinese government to make sure that studying in china is affordable. Once the university provides admission then student performance can be emulated for the scholarships.


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What are the China Visa Fees?

The normal application fees of Chinese universities Is very low. Universities in Europe cost around almost five hundred dollars on the application only. The CUCAS has zero fees thanks to the Chinese government. For foreign students, the university application fees of any city will cost around the sixty to one twenty dollars. While there are different programs available to from. Universities around the globe are based on the higher fees for their main programs.  Once the application fees are submitted it can’t be refunded. The application fees are low so there shouldn’t be an issue regarding refunding the fees. Yeah, application fees higher than five hundred dollars should be refunded.

What are the pre-departure Expenses?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are many pre-departure expenses that are essential before leaving the country. Medical examination fees are one of the main pre-departure expenses. Like any other government, Chinese government takes precautionary measures for the safety of its citizen. The medical examination is of general type but this ensures that student isn’t carrying any kind of viral disease. The medical examination is a prerequisite before departing. Before departing a student has to get himself medically examined at a local hospital. The cost of the medical examination is very less. The student has been medically examined in the local currency. Different countries set up the medical examination and they charge a fortune for the examination. The different country embassy has different policies. Chinese country has the policy to get the applicant examined on local hospital before entering the country.

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[dropcap]V[/dropcap]isa fee is dependent on the different countries. Different region has higher visa prices while other regions have lower visa prices. The best solution is to consult with the Chinese embassy about the visa fees. The traveling expense is totally dependent on the Airplane applicant chooses to travel. Traveling in luxury class is going to cost more than required. Experts advise that normal economy tickets are enough to travel china to keep the expenses minimum.

Tuition fees of a university may be around two thousand us dollars for a year. This is totally dependent on the major the applicant is taking in the university. Some of the majors may even cost lower than thousand dollars. The price of the accommodation is very fare in china when compared to the foreign countries. It is around the two hundred dollars.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he insurance has very less fare that is around hundred dollars. The cost of living is very low Almost two hundred to three hundred dollars. In this cost, the student can easily live in china. Prices may different according to the city one is living.