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Admission's are Open for 2020
Benefits of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
Language is English Approved by WHO, PMDC Lowest Fee structure
  • Language is English
  • Approved by WHO, PMDC
  • Lowest Fee structure
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By the beginning of the 19th century the Kyrgyz tribes were clearly distinguished from neighboring Kazakhs, Uigurs, or settled Uzbeks but they lacked a strong national identity, political unity, Study, MBBS, top universities, universal literacy, and high culture. Are you looking for MBBS study in Kyrgyzstan from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Sindh ,Pakistan? We will easily get your admission into Kyrgyzstan universities.

In the late 19th century Tsardom attempted to establish a primary education network for the Russian population as well as for Kyrgyz children, where children could study in mixed classes (Rusko-Tuzemnyie shkoly). At the beginning of the 20th century there was an attempt to establish a network of secular schools—maktabs—to promote primary education in Russian among Kyrgyz children as well as among the adult population. These maktabs used a new curriculum and the primary education was in both languages, native and Russian. Such subjects as mathematics and literature, and some others were taught as well. At the same time, Muslim reformers from other parts of the Russian Empire attempted to introduce new educational curricula (usul-i dzhadid) with greater emphasis on the study of science in Turkistani’s medreses.

Kyrgyzs were sent to study modern art and sciences; with their return to Kyrgyzstan, the government opened public libraries, theaters, art exhibitions, the academy of sciences, and several museums. The newly established publishing houses produced hundreds of books, newspapers, and magazines, initially mainly in the Kyrgyz language.

The idea of switching the Kyrgyz alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin was postponed due to scarce financial resources, although a number of Kyrgyz students began studying Turkish in various Turkish universities and in colleges in Turkey and in the republic. Meanwhile, the Turkish government supported the establishment of the Turkish Manas University and International Ataturk Alatoo University and several colleges in Bishkek and other cities.


Kyrgyzstan (also known as the Kyrgyz Republic and by convention called “Kirgizia” until 1991) was established on 14 October 1924 as an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation. It comprised parts of the former eastern provinces of the Kokand Khanate. On 5 December 1936 Kyrgyzstan was granted the status of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic (Kyrgyz SSR), which gave it constitutional rights to maintain some autonomy in cultural, administrative, and social affairs. Kyrgyzstan declared its independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) on 31 August 1991.

Early History

Contemporary Kyrgyzstan has a fascinating history, which reaches back to the first Turkic empires of the sixth–eighth centuries A.D. At the same time, it must be remembered that nomadic history is very difficult to trace. The nomads did not build big cities, towns, or castles. For them it was important not to disturb the natural landscape by erecting large monuments or buildings. The ancient Kyrgyzs very seldom used scripts to record events and changes in their life. A significant part of their history is oral, and their narratives are spoken by akyns (nomad bards) and accompanied by the komuz (musical instrument). The history of the nation was and still remains a highly politicized issue in Kyrgyz society. During the Soviet era it was dictated by the ideological nature of the Soviet state. After gaining independence, some parts of the history were rewritten for various political purposes, including legitimization of the borders of the state, which were arbitrarily established in 1924, and to promote legitimacy of various competing groups or clans in the political life of the republic.

Yet there is still some consensus among Kyrgyz historians about their history. Most of them agree that the pagan Kyrgyzs originally lived in Siberia, close to the basin of the Yenisei River (which many Kyrgyz narratives translate as “mother river”). There is no known date when the ancestors of contemporary Kyrgyzs moved from Siberia across the Altai to the Tian-Shan mountain range. Most probably the process was quite long and took several centuries. The Kyrgyz scholars consider that by the 10th–11th centuries, this area was already fully inhabited by Kyrgyzs. To justify this claim, they often refer to the oral epic “Manas' ' that narrates the life of Manas, the great Kyrgyz hero. The Kyrgyzs grandiosity celebrated the epic’s 1,000th anniversary in 1995. It is believed that many actions and events depicted in the epic had taken place in close proximity to the territory of contemporary Kyrgyzstan.

The Kyrgyz tribes played an important role in the ancient Great Silk Road, the old trade road between China and the West in medieval times, as they controlled vital passages and routes. Probably sometime between the 12th and 15th centuries the Kyrgyzs began to convert to Islam, the religion of numerous Persian, Arab, and Turkic traders and warriors who traveled along the road. Nonetheless, conversion of the Kyrgyzs to Islam was a long process and took several centuries, as even in the 19th century some travelers reported shamanistic traditions among the Kyrgyzs.

An extensive consolidation of Kyrgyz tribes took place between the 15th and 17th centuries, when the Kyrgyzs began to form a distinct language, identity, and culture. This process reached an advanced stage by the beginning of the 19th century. Yet, even early in the 19th century foreign travelers noticed that the Kyrgyzs had no single Sultan or Khan, a leader recognized by all tribes: each tribe was ruled by tribal leaders, Manaps. The Kyrgyzs were organized into an amorphous confederation of numerous tribes, who spoke the same Kypchak dialect of the Turkic language and shared a similar culture and a sense of common ancestors, glorified in their oral epics, such as “Manas” and “Semetey.” In fact, one of the translations of the name “Kyrgyz” derives from the Turkic “qyrq” and “yz,” which means 40 tribes (clans). The tribes were subdivided into two groups. The “Ong Kanat” (right wing) united those Kyrgyzs who lived in what is now northern Kyrgyzstan, to the north of the Ala-Too, in the Tian-Shan mountain range. The “Sol Kanat” (left wing) united those Kyrgyzs who lived to the south of the Ala-Too, what is now southern Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyzs fiercely resisted the Kokand invasion in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but they were too divided and too weak to fight off the large Kokand forces. They gradually began to look for outside allies to beat off the Kokand.

MBBS from Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, is basically located in center of Asia, And also known as A Muslim country. and obviously first choice for a study destination. Kyrgyzstan is one of the progressive country in the region. this country is also known as ‘The Switzerland of Asia’ because of its natural beauty. it is a country which is largely protected due to the mountains all around of its borders. This country is also famous due to its mountainous topography. Today Kyrgyzstan is known for its rich mineral resources and agricultural efforts. Kyrgyzstan has the large number of peoples they are called the ethnic Kyrgyz .The currency of the kyrgyzstan is called the Som (KGS).

If you want to study in Kyrgyzstan, you must be obtain a student visa, after the issue of visa you will be registered and accepted into the Kyrgyzstan university and it is necessary to remain studying at that university while using the visa.

Why Study MBBS from Kyrgyzstan?

There are a lot of important facts according to all of these facts a student must want to study here:

✓  Because of the Healthcare availability in Kyrgyzstan.
✓  Quality Education is also the main concern of student
✓  There corces are Globally Recognized (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa)
✓  There medical degree is also recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), throughout EU and Various International Organization
✓   There is No Entry Test system
✓   No IELTS or TOEFL is required for admition
✓   The Cost of study here is also effective
✓   High European Life Standard is also there
✓   There is a Worldwide Acceptance of Kyrgyzstan impressive Method of Teaching
✓   Medium of Instruction is there always in English
✓   After the completion of degree there is always a Better Job Prospects
✓   They are always Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching
✓   There is always a Moderate Climate around the year
✓   Outstanding International Faculty is always be there
✓   One of the Best Transportation systems is always being there in Kyrgyzstan.
✓   Enrichment of Experiences through Visiting Professors from USA , CANADA , UK , etc.
✓   After the completion of study program there is a Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe
✓   100% VISA assurance to deserving candidates only
✓   Admissions are opens for September intake 2020 in kyrgyzstan.
✓   Kyrgyzstan is always CONSIDERING a center of excellence for Education in Central Asia.
✓   It is such A beautiful and an amazing country with peaceful environment.
✓   Top University for the Study of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is international medical university (IMU)

MBBS From Kyrgyzstan Key Features

IntakeOctober to January
Score Required in 10+260% in Fsc
Entry Test RequirementNO
Fees Structure3200 USD Per Year
Hostel fees200 to 300 USD Per Month
Duration of course5 Years
Medium of InstructionEnglish
Top Medical UniversityIMU
RecognitionPMC and WHO approved

Medium of Teaching for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

The medium of education is equal for all universities of Kyrgyzstan.

  • The medium of teaching is English for MBBS Kyrgyzstan.
  • Here, you may get the chance for studying neighborhood languages.

It allows the candidates to make smooth verbal alternate with the locals in some unspecified time in the future of the internship.

Duration of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 

  • The MBBS in Kyrgyzstan length is total 5, to 6 years in this country.
  • If you choice to pursue your MBBS in Kyrgyzstan then you need to discover about for five years here.
  • In the first five years, the college students acquire the theoretical knowledge in the medicine.
  • Here, a few different 1year may be taken for internship program.
  • The candidates are doing their internship from the college affiliated hospitals.

Intake for MBBS Study in Kyrgyzstan 

It is critical that allows you to be privy to approximately the MBBS learn about intake at the equal time as identifying on Kyrgyzstan MBBS.

  • Generally, the study consumption of MBBS begins off evolved from September.
  • It could be great in an effort to furnish application within the month of July.
  • The training of MBBS Abroad Kyrgyzstan discovers approximately can also usually begin off evolved from October.
  • There are restrained seats handy for MBBS examine in Kyrgyzstan.

The universities of Kyrgyzstan offer the accommodation

  • Close to the universities there are hostels for the university students.
  • The college university students who discern out for MBBS Education in Kyrgyzstan are given the power of private apartment.
  • All the hostels are well prepared with all of the important amenities.
  • The applicants gets all types of facilities which include sports, gyms, pools, cafes etc
  • In PMC approved Medical Universities Kyrgyzstan, All the rooms are nicely ventilated.
  • There is a facility of valuable heating in all of the hostel rooms.
  • Here, you'll get the power of shared kitchen.
  • You can freely get entry to the net facility, telephoning facility
  • The hostel offers the meal facility also.
  • Here, the college university college students can get reading room for enriching your knowledge.
  • All the hostels of the U. S. Are under protection.
  • The students do not have fear about protection for Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Vacations at some stage in MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • As consistent with the suggestions of Kyrgyzstan Government, the scholars get the holiday time.
  • The college students may be given vacations after their examination.
  • Here, the applicants are given public vacation trips for MBBS Education in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Moreover, the college students will experience the vacation of March equinox.
  • There is the hazard for getting June solstice.
  • In the month of September, December the applicants can revel in vacation.

Career Scope after MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • In this country, the university students will get sufficient of possibilities to bring together their scientific career. After the completion of Study in Kyrgyzstan, the scholars can practice for publish commencement program.
  • Here, the university students have given the doctoral facility also.
  • If making a decision upon you can be segment of any Government hospitals.
  • The candidates can practice in private hospitals here.

If you wish you can be a part of any section time work in this country.

Kyrgyzstan Medical Universities for MBBS in 2020 

Tuition Fees for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Medical Universities 2020

Name of the UniversityTuition Fees / YearHostel Fees / Year
Jalalabad Medical University4000 USD600 USD
Asian Medical Institute5500 USD800 USD
International School of Medicine5000 USD600 USD
IMI Academy of Bishkek4000 USD700 USD
IMU  Bishkek3200 USD300 USD

Recognition of Kyrgyzstan Medical Universities

The medical institutions of Kyrgyzstan are diagnosed via many medical organization of the world due to their medical excellence.

  • Medical Council of Pakistan (PMDC)
  • WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)
  • FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)
  • Ministry of Education, Kyrgyzstan
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)
  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Why International Medical University, Bishkek

Features of MBBS from IMU

  • It is basically a 5 Years Program.
  • No Donation should be needed
  • MCI/PMDC Preparation is started from 1st Year
  • USMLE Based Syllabus is used there & Preparation is also be done
  • Fees are Only in $1600/Semester (from 2nd to 10th semester)
  • IMU has the Biggest Campus in Kyrgyzstan

Benefits of IMU

  • International Medical University Bishkek , was Founded in 2016
  • For female applicants IMU Kyrgyzstan is quite safe and secure
  • as compared to other Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan Ranking of IMU Kyrgyzstan is better
  • in IMU Kyrgyzstan foreign students are Started to enrolled in 2017 & offering MBBS (bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor in Surgery) / MD (Doctor of Medicine) & BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) Degree for the 5year period to completion
  • The instruction, lab work, lectures and examinations are conducted entirely in English, during the first three years of the program, learning the Russian language is also mandatory, to be able to communicate with local people during their practical training in their official language is an obligation for students.
  • Migrated students are also accepted in IMU Kyrgyzstan
  • there is 1 year of Clinical Internship (4+1) in the MBBS’s Course Duration of 05 years.
  • Medicine study in Kyrgyzstan is called the MD , not MBBS, but it’s also equivalent to MBBS degree
  • There are Also 10 Semesters in International Medical University for MD Degree.

Available Programs in IMU

Bachelor, Master and MBBS/MD Programs are available in IMU.

Requirements for admission in IMU

  1. After Completion of intermediate education (12 years)
  2. Admission fee (not returned in case of any happening );
  3. Bank statement
  4. Degree of intermediate education;
  5. An appropriate visa Entry passport;
  6. Medical report – 086 form, (It would be provided in the ISM Medical Center);
  7. Form of Application;
  8. 10 photographs (with white back ground) (3х4cm)
  9. Student will have to pay Embassy Fee on arrival at Bishkek airport approx 70 U$D to 110 U$D by themselves.
  10. On arrival Student will have to pay the First Semester Fee in U$D.
  11. Monthly expenses of food in Kyrgyzstan is normally from 50 U$D to 100 U$D .
  12. From 2nd year to onward Student will pay the Residence Permit fee & insurance fee by themselves.
  13. The student will follow the completely policies & rules of College & Education Department of Kyrgyzstan mustly.
  14. Pakistani Students will follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
  15. The minimum percentage of the students in Physics – Chemistry – Biology (PCB) at 10+2 level are 50% & 45% for SSC/F.sc.
  16. No Age limits are being there.
  17. No Study Gap Issue are interfering there.
  18. No hidden charges are also there.

Mandatory documents list

  1. SSC Transcript or Certificate is necessary
  2. HSSC Transcripts / Certificate is also be used for admition
  3. Scan Copy of First page passport
  4. A white back ground Fresh photo
  5. Medical report of the checkup
  6. Clearance certificate of police

How to apply

  1. Visa invitation letter by Foreign Ministry takes 20-30 days normally.
  2. The admission letter is issued by IMU Kyrgyzstan is normally in 3-5 working days
  3. Generally, the students can reserve their seats at IMU who expect more than 60% in their 10+2 level / HSSC

what is the fees and costs

  • Tuition Fee For 1 Semester = 3400 USD
  • Hostel Fee For 1 Semester = 300 USD
  • Tuition Fee from 2nd to 10th semester = 1600 USD
  • Other Expenses: Residence Permit, Medical Check ,and Airport Pick up are also paid by the student


Is IMU approved by PMDC?

International Medical University (IMU) is approved by Medical Council of Pakistan. That makes the students of IMU eligible to appear for PMDC Screening Test and work as a Doctor in Pakistan.

Is there any entry test system?

There is no entrance test for MBBS admission in International Medical University of Kyrgyzstan. Admission is directly based on Class 12 result.

What is scope of MBBS from Kyrgyzstan?

After the completion of mbbs from imu You can attend the major exam like USMLE, PLAB. International Students are eligible for PM& DC , MCI , ECFMG Certifications. Almost all universities of Kyrgyzstan specially IMU are recognized by international organizations such as WHO also known as AVICENNA Directory for Medicine, IMED International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE etc.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Consultants

There are number of consultants working in

WSL consultants from Pakistan

We must provide these facilities to entertain you:

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