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Study Abroad from Pakistan

WSL Consultants provides international research programs for different countries, studies in Australia, Germany, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, etc. We provide free counseling and assistance to students wishing to pursue further studies overseas. We offer students a variety of institutions to choose from. As a consultancy, we have the wide-ranging capability in the education sector. Our visa success rate for our students is very high. Our core responsibility is to make sure that students who want to study abroad should get the latest information about that country where he wants to study. We are dedicated to providing an effective step by step guide to all levels of students and professionals according to their Attitude, Aptitude, Affordability, interests, and plans about their future.

Free Study In Austria

WSL Consultants offer to access services for Research in Austria. Austria is a place where fees for international students are limited.


  • Nearly Free Education in Austria
  • 28 Schengen nations Visa
  • The job allowed during education
  • Residence permit after research

Study In Canada

WSL Consultants offer consulting services for Research in Canada. Get admission to the Canadian Institute with and without IELTS.


  • NO IELTS Necessary
  • Permanent residence upon research
  • The job allowed during studies
  • Get confirmation of admission to Canada

Study In Turkey

WSL Consultants offer advisory services for Turkey Studies on Scholarships. Get entry to a Turkish Government University


  • Fully and partly funded grants
  • No IELTS required
  • GAP is approved, PR after analysis
  • The highest rate of visa

Study in Kyrgyzstan

WSL Consultants offer professional services for studies in Kyrgyzstan. Get your enrolment to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.


Instruction platform in English
Process Time within 20 to 25 days
No age limit, GAP No question
Improved job prospects after studies

Study in China

WSL Consultants are offering research consulting services in China. Achieve fully funded funding from Chinese universities.


  • Scholarships completely financed and partly subsidized
  • From SSC to Ph.D. students may apply
  • No Win No Fee Base System
  • Pretty small transmission costs

Study In Cyprus

WSL Consultants render marketing services for the Cyprus study, the proof of entry to Cyprus.


  • Western quality in schooling
  • Rational cost model
  • Scholarships are also available
  • No Win No Fee Structure
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