Study in USA Visa in 2019 | Complete Process and Guide

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According to confirmed news, if you want to Study in USA Visa you have to start early. The process is not complex and by following some simple steps you would be able to gain the study visa for USA.

  • Begin by August

Firstly, when you have thought to get your higher education from the USA, start in August and shortlist minimum 8 universities in USA which you will be applying. Visit the websites for all the shortlisted universities and check out for the application process and deadlines for the application. Once you’ve known all the requirements, search for the student loans to get your education funded. Start downloading brochures of the universities. Do research about the accommodation and the other facilities.

  • Take the tests

Prepare yourself for the test and exams of IELTS, GMAT, SAT, GRE and TOEFL or all those necessary for you admission in USA. The best time for you to take the tests is in September. Make sure that you are completely prepared for the tests and you will pass it.

  • Apply for Study in USA visa

Apply in the shortlisted universities within August to October. Make sure that you apply in all the best and relevant institutes. You would need reference letters and for this purpose, contact your professors and teaches. Also take care of the deadlines for the applications. Structure all the documents and make sure that you have met all the requirements. Check our post how to apply for USA student visa.

  • Respond

Once you have applied, you would surely get emails from the respective university, don’t forget to reply. You can also be asked for video interviews. Make immediate decisions when you’ve got the acceptance letter from the university you’ve applied in. Confirm your admission by paying a non-refundable fee.

  • Apply for visa

Once your admission is confirmed, apply for the visa in the nearest embassy. Also keep searching and applying for the students scholarship in USA. Remember that the processing of visa takes time so apply at least a month before your departure.

  • Departure

Once you’ve got the visa for study in USA 2019, book your tickets; arrange an international mode of payment. Gather all the documents and also their photocopies. Make sure that you’ve got everything you’ll need throughout your stay in the USA.

Not only has the process for applying in USA is easy but the bunch of benefits which the international students as well the students of USA get while studying there are amazing.

Advantages of study in USA Visa 2019-20

After a complete research and survey, some of the top benefits of studying in USA are shortlisted and they are as follows:

  • Best institutions

USA is listed as the top country for having world class educational institutions around the globe. The educational institutions in US which are offering study in USA Visa 2019 are very much better than the other institutions of the world. This is so because of the high quality of education providence and the wide range of programs offered in those universities. The educational institutions in USA are considered to be the best because of their research programs.  The students there have got the option to select among the variety of programs and get their education in the field they have more interests in. For this reasons the students studying in the USA find themselves fortunate enough.

  • Worldwide fame

USA is known as the world’s best around the globe. Study in USA medicine is another option which is very known. An educational institution is recognized by its location and USA is the land for the best educational institutions. The degrees and the educational certificates obtained by the institutes in USA are recognized and are given great value in all over the world. Students having their educational degrees from the USA are preferred over the students from other regions of the world. Study in USA is always desired by international students.

  • Culture

USA is the hub of worldwide cultures as people from all over the world come there for different purposes. You will find almost all of the Americans to be so friendly and kind that it would not be difficult to adjust in the USA while you are a foreigner and are on a study visa in the USA. In general, the people in USA are innovative and funny and you won’t have any problem in communicating with them.

  • Technology

USA is listed the top in the list of technology based countries and the technology is everything in today’s world. So getting education in such a technology based country would be a great deal for the students. It will surely add value to their experience.


There are always some changes in admission critaria and process every year, but few things remain same, to know the complete process about study in USA please check this post.

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