Job Opportunities For MBBS Doctors In Turkey

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After 2011, Turkey allowed Job Opportunities For Mbbs Doctors In Turkey because of the shortages of doctors in the private sector. In comparison to Europe, where 340 doctors are working for 100,000 inhabitants.

And in Turkey, the number of doctors is 156  per 100,000 persons. That’s why Turkey is seeking to increase the number of doctors by inviting foreign doctors. But there are some requirements to be fulfilled by the foreign doctors.  

We will discuss all these requirements and conditions for specialist doctors to work in Turkey. All these requirements are:

1)Learn the Turkish language.

2) Pass the STS exam paper.

3) Complete the mandatory training.

4) Pass the oral test in the field of your specialty.

5) Work for three months under supervision.

Here Are The Details of Job Opportunities For MBBS Doctors In Turkey.

  1. Prepare the paperwork necessary to apply for equivalence to the Turkish Higher Education Minister. 
  2.  Attested Bachelor’s degree from your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. Attested transcript
  4. Certification of high school
  5. Your passport photocopy.

In Turkey, however, foreigners need to obtain equivalence with their occupation. In compliance with Article 5 of the Law on the principles and procedures of the employment of foreign medical practitioners in private medical organizations, the following criteria needed to be fulfilled by a medical professional:

  • A.  Having received diplomas or certificates of competency for the related branch of medicine and documents from the Health Ministry,
  • B. The non-existence of any legal obstacle for the medical profession,
  • c. Ability to speak the Turkish language,
  • d. Having received residence and work permits in accordance with the laws.
  • E. A professional liability insurance for medical doctors.

Application Procedure to avail Job Opportunities For MBBS Doctors In Turkey 

The practitioner shall apply before the institution where he is willing to work in compliance with the Law on Principles and Procedures of Foreign Medical Professionals Working in Private Medicinal Organisations in Turkey. After that, the officials will further refer his application to the establishment manager concerned to the appropriate provincial health directorates.

  •  Documents proving diploma equivalence and certificates of competence.
  • A certificate that shows the results of success at least B grade or above in the Turkish Proficiency exam, which is held by Turkish Teaching Application and Research Centers of universities. The certificate can be given in to until the end of one year after the application. This is not required by the person who has been graduated from the educational institutions offering education in Turkish.
  • The documents of nationality show evidence that no legal procedure has been taken for the medical profession. These documents are not required for those who graduated from educational institutions in Turkey.
  • A contract of employment between foreigners and private medical organizations showing the physician’s monthly salary.

After the above, the Ministry of Health analyzes the suitability of the application and grants approval for employment. 

Get The Registration From The Chamber Of Medical Doctors

Medical doctors who did not work in public institutions and organizations are required to register with the Medical Chamber under the Turkish Medical Association Act, whereas this registration must be completed within one month from the starting date of their work. This obligation applies also to foreign doctors who have obtained equivalency for the first time. Such registration is voluntary for those employed by public institutions and organizations. Medical chambers require an equivalency certificate, a Ministerial certification, a certificate of residency, and work permission.

Specialist Doctor’s salary in Turkey

The minimum salary ranges from 3000 – 5000 dollars according to the experience. Experience impacts a lot on salary. For example, Experienced will have: + 31%, Mid-Career get + 9%, and Entry-Level get15%. However, the best places to find a job in Turkey are Ankara (capital city), Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya.

Salary for Medical Doctor in Turkey: – USD 1755, The average wage in Turkey, US $ 545.

Let’s look in detail:

Usually, a person who is working as a Doctor or Physician in Turkey earns around 45,700 TRY per month.

Salary ranges from the lowest 20,600 TRY to the highest 77,700 TRY.

This is the monthly average salary, covering rent, travel, and other benefits. Pay scales between the different doctors and physicians vary dramatically. 

Salary for starters

In Turkey, Doctor or Physician salaries range from a minimum of 20,600 TRY per month to 77,700 TRY.

Salary for Mid-carrier

The middle experience salary is 43,000 TRY per month, which means that half (50%) of people working as a Doctor or Physician are earning less than 43,000 TRY while the other half are making more than 43,000 TRY.