Renewing or Changing your study permit in Canada

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During your studies in Canada, it is necessary to renew or extend your study permit. It is important that the legal status of Canada be maintained throughout the process.

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How to maintain your status in Canada

It is important not to exceed the duration of your authorized stay in Canada without first applying for a change in status.

In addition, you should always comply with any conditions, such as restrictions on the nature of work, maximum hours you can work per week, how long you can study, etc.

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Be sure to go over your study permit carefully and familiarize yourself with any conditions it contains.

Moreover, all conditions such as restrictions on working conditions, maximum hours per week, how long you may study etc. should always be fulfilled.

Make sure that you go through your study and become acquainted with any conditions.

You will have to leave Canada prior to submitting an application for a return if you do not apply for renewal of your existing status or for changed status before the current status expires.

You are considered to be “implied” for temporarily resident if your application for renewal or status change is submitted before your current status expires until a decision on your request has been made.

You must keep a copy of documents showing the request for an extension of the status( proof of delivery by postal mail or courier, web receipt, etc.

Furthermore, you can only continue your studies if your status expires prior to the decision.

Admission to a Canadian Educational Institution

This rule applies only to temporary residence applications.

If you apply for a permanent residence, you can not stay in Canada until a decision has been taken except as a visitor, student or worker, unless you have a valid temporary status.

You can apply to be restored to your status in Canada within 90 days of losing that status by failing to comply with the requirements of your study permit.

Renewing Your Study Permit

You will be required to apply for a renewal if your study permit expires before you have completed the program. Before your old study permit ends, you should apply for a new permit and it is generally a good idea to apply at least 30 days in advance. Your application may be submitted online or by mail. You may apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), if required, after an extension of your study permit has been approved.

You may also be asked to receive the new Du Quebec / Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) if you’re studying in Québec. Generally speaking, you also need a CAQ if you require a study authorization.

Change of school

In order to transfer between institutions, study programs or studies level the IRCC states that students are not required to get a new study license. In accordance with his / her study permission, students can study in Canada.


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