part time jobsPart-Time Jobs are very important for every international student who is far away from his home in a foreign country acquiring education. This specifically applies on Pakistani students as it has always been most difficult for Pakistani students to manage their living and educational expenses outside their country due to big currency differences. Myself being a student, I know how difficult it can be to cover living expenses if you are not working. As tough as it may make your life, I would recommend every student to must do a part-time job with your studies. This way you will not only get a hunch of professional life that you were to see in the future and prepare for it but with that you can easily pay your own expenses.

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Once you make up your mind to do a job, first obstacle you will face is finding a job. New to professional life, students are confused what to do, where to go, how to find a job. They don’t even know what field to select as most of the students don’t have much professional skills in their student life. Here in this article by WSL Consultants team, I will tell you all the job opportunities international students have and how you can approach them.

What You’re Good At Part Time Jobs:

Even if you are a student, there is a possibility that you have some skills that you are not aware of can help you earn money.For instance, despite being a software engineering student, I am a professional writer. I used to write diary, then started writing my views on different affairs because I liked it. One day I found that I can publish my writing, this way I will not only get do more of what I like but it will be also be published and in return I will be paid. I just had to recognize my potential and this is how paid not only my semester fees but easily managed my all living expenses just by working few hours a day sitting at home.

It is not necessary that you also become a writer, one of my friends is a graphic designer and he did not even study or took any special classes for it. What you need to do is find that particular skill of yours and if you don’t have one then learn one. See what you like and you can learn it online on YouTube. This will create plenty of opportunities for you to get a part time job and earn money.

Become a Tutor:

Teaching is not a very difficult job and you get a lot from it. Many of students must think that teaching might not be their cup of tea as they have never done it. I think if you put your heart to it, you can do it. I am myself a professional teacher and I can say from experience that you will definitely love this job. Pick a subject that you are expert in. I would recommend you to pick the subject that you are studying. If you are medical student then you must know Biology, likewise if you are a Computer Sciences student then teach computer. Knowing your subject will be helpful when finding a teaching job.

If you teach little kids then you will not have to be specifically master in any subject as you will teach them all subjects and they are difficult. You will just have set a teaching strategy according the kids. This job only requires about 2 hours of you and pays you that one gets by working 8 hours. So consider it as your one of most important part time job opportunities.

Retails Job:

For part times jobs you have gone to restaurants or stores to buy stuff. You have seen people who attend you, how difficult do you think is there job? Well, you can do it too. You can work at any bakery or store as salesman. Other than that, you can also become a waiter. Waiter’s salary is almost as much as salesman but they get a lot of tips. It is very common for international students to work as salesman or waiter. No matter what your university timing is, you will find this job according to that in all hours you have available even if it is night. This will be a 4 hours job and you can certainly earn enough to cover all your expenses.


Freelancing is an other type of part time jobs and yet one of the best ways to earn money while studying abroad. This opens up even more doors for you in future. Freelancing is working while you sit at home in your bed and doesn’t where you are in the world. The more work you do, the more you are paid. There are many website that offer this service, for example, most famous of them are and

Find a skill you are good at and then make your account on these websites, find your clients and work for them and get paid. Good thing is you can work anytime; you just have to meet deadlines. Because it is an international market, you will find a lot of customers and you will be paid very well.

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Work in Your University:

There are also many opportunities inside your university related to part time jobs where you will be preferred and it will be easier for you to work. So, the question is what kind of job you can get inside your university. Well, first of all there can be many clerical jobs; you will just have to look out of vacancies. Other than this, depending on your field of studies, you can also become a research assistant. Research assistant usually work under teachers or other scientist they may have in university. As research assistant, you will learn a great deal of your studies and you will also be paid for it. In addition, you can become a librarian. There must be more than one library in your university. If you work as a librarian, you can easily manage to study while doing your Part Time jobs. However, most recommended of all is Research Assistant job because that will be of your study field and a big help for your career.