Oldest University in the World – Top 10 Results

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List Of Oldest University in the World

You must have seen and heard about many oldest universities in the world. Ever wondered, what is the first university to ever existed, how did university system started. There are many universities in this world that are even older than most countries and religion.  WSLconsultants team has researched and gathered the top 10 oldest ancient universities to ever exist. Since these universities have been in this education field for centuries, how good and experienced they must have gotten.

You must have heard that Bologna University is the oldest university of world. Though Wikipedia says it too but that is, as a matter of fact, not true. Bologna is one of them but not even close to being the oldest university of the world. I have confirmed it from the Guinness world record and UNESCO. Following are the 10 oldest universities of the world. You can click the university name to open its official website.

10 –   Siena University
Siena-University Founded: 1240
The University of Siena (UNISI) in city Siena, Tuscany, as we know one of the oldest university, is also first publicly funded universities in the country of Italy. Every year it is educating more than 20,000 students that is, ironically, almost half of Siena city’s total population of around 54,000. It currently holds the honor of being world’s 10th oldest university.

It is also among world’s best 500 universities. This old university is most famous for its Law and Medicine departments which have graduated many of world’s remarkable scholars. It is also Italy’s third oldest university and one of the most top ranked. International students can apply for study grants and accommodation in university halls of residence. International students are welcomed with a series of meetings to adjust them to Italian culture and the language. Such nice people they are, aren’t they?

9 –   University of Naples Federico II
University-of-Naples-Federico-II Founded: 1224
The University of Naples Federico II is world’s 9th oldest university located in the city of Naples, Italy. It is also second oldest university and considered to be one of the best educational institutes in Italy. In Times Higher Education this university is ranked among 200 best universities of the world. You must wondering why is there II after the name of this old university, so just to clear your curiosity, it is named after its founder Frederick II.

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Federico II is the third largest University in Italy by number of students enrolled. Fredrick II had exact objectives when he founded the university in Naples. First objective was to train administrative and skilled bureaucratic professionals for the kingdom’s ministries and government. Secondly, he aimed to expedite the cultural development of young students and scholars. This one of oldest university is divided into over all 13 faculties according to different fields of study:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Biotechnology
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Letters and philosophy
  • Mathematical, physical and natural sciences
  • Medicine and surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Political sciences
  • Sociology
  • Veterinary medicine

8 –   University of Padua
University-of-Padua Founded: 1222

The University of Padua (UNIPD) is another premier Italian university that is located in the city of Padua, Italy. Italy is full of many historical places these 3 world’s oldest universities are one of them. This educational institute being the 8th oldest of world is also the oldest university of Italy. All of these Italian universities have many English-taught programs offered for international students.

The University of Padua is one of Italy’s leading universities and ranks in the first position in all the recent ranking of Italian large universities. According to Wikipedia, in 2010 it had approximately 65,000 students, and in 2013 it was ranked best university among Italian institutions of higher education with more than 40,000 students.

7 –   Cambridge University:
Cambridge-university Founded: 1209

Cambridge University, as everyone must aware if not you can’t really call yourself a student, is one of world’s most prestigious and top 5 ranked universities. Cambridge is the second oldest university in the English speaking region and the world’s 7th oldest surviving university. It is said to have been founded by some scholars who had to run from Oxford University because of some disputes.
You are considered luckiest student of world if you get admission in this university because of a very low acceptance rate. Over the centuries they have developed their quality education and research more and more and have always earned its position as one of the best universities in world. It comprises 31 colleges in it. All of its colleges are self-governing institutions with their own endowments and property. All students and most academics are also attached to a college and managed by them.

6 –   University of Paris
Founded: 1160

The University of Paris, not to be mistaken with American University of Paris, also known as the Sorbonne was a university in Paris, France. If you haven’t noticed, sadly, it was a university and not anymore, however, it is still one of the earliest universities built in this world. This is why, no picture of this university. It was the second oldest modern university in Europe.

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Following the confusion of the French Revolution, education was suspended in 1793. Its faculties were partly reorganized by Napoleon as the University of France, which operated between 1793 and 1896. Apparently, that was also disbanded and divided into 13 independent universities with all new faculties and everything.

5 –   University of Salamanca
University-of-Salamanca Founded: 1134

The University of Salamanca is a higher educational institute located in the town of Salamanca in Spain. It is the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest European university. With all that Salamanca is also the 5th oldest university of the world. It is the most top ranked university of Spain based on the number of students coming from other regions. It is also very well known for its Spanish courses for non-native speakers, which attract more than two thousand foreign students each year. It is particularly admired in language studies.

4 –   Oxford University
Oxford-University Founded: 1096

The University of Oxford is a research university located in the city of Oxford in England, United Kingdom. Oxford is world’s best 1st top ranked university of 2017. Oxford is ranked 4th oldest university of world to ever exist. Oxford is also home of the Rhodes Scholarship, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious scholarships, which has brought graduate students to study at the university for more than a century. The university operates the world’s oldest university museum, as well as the largest university press in the world.

3 –   Bologna University
Bologna-University Founded: 1088

Bologna University is often misunderstood as the oldest university whereas, in fact, it is the third oldest university of the world. It has campuses in Ravenna, Forli, Cesena and Rimini and a branch center abroad in Buenos Aires. Women started gaining admission to this university in the 17th and 18th Centuries, alongside the introduction of additional scientific faculties.

It is ranked among 250 best universities of the world. This University has about 85,500 students in its 11 schools. These 11 Schools are divided according to different fields of study, all their names are following:

  • School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
  • School of Economics, Management and Statistics
  • School of Engineering and Architecture
  • School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Interpretation and Translation
  • School of Law
  • School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage
  • School of Medicine and Surgery
  • School of Pharmacy, Biotechnologies and Sport Sciences
  • School of Political Sciences
  • School of Psychology and Education Sciences
  • School of Sciences

2 –   Al-Azhar University
Al-Azhar-University Founded: 970

Al Azhar University is located in Cairo, Egypt and hailed as second oldest university of the world. It is also one of the best universities of Arab region today. When it was founded in 970, its students studied the Holy Qur’an and Islamic law in detail along with logic, grammar, rhetoric, and how to calculate the phases of the moon. In 1961 additional non-religious subjects were added to its curriculum. It is the chief center of Arabic literature and Islamic learning in the world.

1 –   Al-Quaraouiyine University
Al-Quaraouiyine-University Founded: 859

Despite all the confusions, it is confirmed that Al-Quaraouiyine University is the oldest and still surviving university of the world. It is a prestigious title to hold. It is located in is a university located in Fes, Morocco. It was founded by Fatima al-Fihri who was an educated daughter of a wealthy trader. Since WSLconsultants team is mainly focused to guide student and scholars with the best and most accurate knowledge available, to proof that it is the oldest university following are the verification links.

Its education is mostly focused on the Islamic religious and legal sciences, and particular strengths in Classical Arabic grammar, linguistics and Maliki law. But that is not all because lessons on other non-Islamic subjects such as French, English and IT are also offered to students.

I hope this article was helpful to you, if you have any query, problem or confusion regarding education in a foreign country, just contact us, click here WSLconsultant contact for free guidance, we are happy to help.

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