Malaysia Student Visa

Introduction to Malaysia Student Visa:

This article will give you a full introduction from Pakistan on student visa for Malaysia. This portion provides useful data on migration issues for global students who wish to seek student visa from Malaysia and those who want to study in Malaysia after their advanced study in Malaysia. In accordance to the Immigration Guidelines, any foreign student in Malaysia is expected to have a valid visa for students in Malaysia with a specific end target.

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Malaysian Immigration Department and Malaysian conciliatory mission abroad are the department which is responsible for migration issues.

Malaysia Student Visa requirement for Pakistani citizen

It is vital for a student to remember that they can only be allowed to learn from advanced educational frameworks that are supported by the two forces that surround them:

The Ministry of Higher Education (in Malay: Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia) that awards funding to organizations for operating differnt courses; and

The Home Affairs Ministry (Kementerian Hal Ehwal Malaysia) which certificates recognized organizations to employee students from around the world

There are reportedly more than 400 independent, advanced educational foundations of  Malaysia, yet around 216 of them are private, higher-educational establishments have the Immigration Department’s permission to apply for tertiary training for a Malaysian student visa from all over the world. All state funded universities are able to select applicants from around the country. For an overview of these organisations, it would be best if you would allude to Where to Learn.

Student visa for Malaysia from Pakistan, A Complete Procedure

The section below will offer a more nitty gritty explanation on visas to universal students like YOU, getting a visa for students from Malaysia, and different strategies needed with a specific end target to join and remain as a student in Malaysia. The below is the procedure for applying for a student visa from Malaysia and accessing Malaysia to reflect on:

Step 1: applying for Student Visa from Malaysia.

Step 2: On arrival to Malaysia: At Malaysian Immigration Check Point Process

Step 3: Sticking the Student Pass Sticker and User Pass / Visa payment for student visas in Malaysia.

Step 1: Requesting for a Malaysian student visa and Student Pass.

Visa Delivered at Entry Point

The Malaysia Govt. has launched rearranged troubled free portion programs to allow universal students to study in accessible and non-government higher educational institutes in Malaysia.

Visa for students from Malaysia is needed yet the methodology is essential i.e. You don’t have to request for a visa from your native country’s Malaysian Embassy, bearing in mind the ultimate goal of accessing Malaysia to consider, excluding students of China. The student visa from Malaysia will be given to you at the migration checkpoint as you reach Malaysia, which gives you extensive travel history and a letter of approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department for a student.

Requesting a Student Pass through an agency before reaching Malaysia

The screening procedure for a student pass is very simple. The Malaysian Advanced Schooling Department that offered a place to study at their base to worldwide students like YOU will apply for the course to go to your benefit when you reach Malaysia.

Applications will be rendered to the Director of the Pass and Permit Section, Malaysia Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (e-Student Pass System) by a specific, higher instructive base. Under this approach applicants do not have to submit directly to the Department of Immigration.

The Immigration Department in Malaysia will teach scheduled students regarding their application status in between approx. 07 to 14 days after submitting via their instructive foundations. Upon joining the nation an expected universal student must have an approved student go.


  • The relevant documents must be forwarded to the Malaysian Immigration Department headquarters in Kuala Lumpur with a specific objective of qualifying for academic goals for students planning to learn from their own organizations.
  • Statement of bid or statement of recognition from the professional association.
  • Student Pass Application Form (Im.14) in duplicate for student visa to Malaysia.
  • Two photocopies of the international student ID / travel registry (with a period of not less than 12 months of legitimacy).
  • Three travel permits measured student photographs.
  • A photocopy of the student’s academic well-being assessment sheet.
  • Confirmation of the ability of students to support their cost of training in Malaysia.
  • The Institute is required to submit, together with an extension, a Personal Surety Bond, approved under Regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations 1963;

Malaysia student visa is then given to global students upon acceptance, which will allow them to travel directly to Malaysia except for students from the PRC who are required to obtain a single entry visa before arrival in Malaysia.

Overview: Steps to Acquire a Pass and Malaysian Student Visa 

Phase 1: Apply / Enroll to acquire Malaysian Student Visa with required Higher Education Foundation certificates with official approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Malaysia Immigration Department) to admit students worldwide.

Step 2: The instructive foundation acknowledges YOUR application for student visa in Malaysia. The company will then enable YOU apply for a visa to go to Malaysian Department of Immigration in Malaysia prior to YOUR admission.

Step 3: The Malaysian Immigration Department will then discharge a certificate of endorsement for a student pass to your university which has given you a place to study on Malaysia student visa. The organization must give YOU the letter of approval while you are still in your homeland. You will then send the following documentation to the near-Malaysian embassy.

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Photos
  • ID card duplicate
  • Malaysia student visa doesn’t require bank statement
  • School letter and Malaysia student visa acceptance.

Step 4: Upon obtaining a student visa sticker from Malaysia and formerly leaving native motherland for Malaysia student visa test, must inform your institute about the airport, flight number, landing date and time you are arriving.

Step 5: On arrival on Malaysia student visa at the air terminal in Malaysia, the instructive institute can get YOU at the Malaysian air terminal’s travel registration. At the transit stage a student visa from Malaysia will be given to YOU as an underwriting on YOUR valid national travel permit. At the transit-point, a Special Pass will be given to allude you to the nearest State Immigration Department for granting a student visa to Malaysia within 30 days. (Note for Students of China to obtain Entrance Visa prior to their entry into Malaysia)

Step 6: The instructive agency must show YOUR identity to the Immigration Department within 2 weeks of YOUR arrival to access the Student Pass sticker with several Malaysia student visa entries. It may take between 6 to 8 weeks for that treatment. 

Process 2: – Coming in Malaysia: Malaysia student visa at the Malaysian Immigration Control point.

After arrival at the Malaysian air terminal / passage stage, the applicant will show at the migration checkpoint their letter of approval for the student’s pass. An extraordinary pass will be given to allude the applicant to granting a student visa from Malaysia to the separate State Immigration Department. At the transit point, a visa will also be given to the applicant as security for the student’s travel permit (with a strength duration of not less than 06 months).

The illustrative of the Institute will mostly be to get and take care of the student at the migration check point. After the liberation of migration, the agent will be able to exchange the student for recording their landing to the instructive base.

To universal students the most widely recognized segment level is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Certain points of passage (universal air terminals) include Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Sabah); Kuching International Airport (Sarawak); and Penang International Airport (Penang). Many additionally reach Malaysia via Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia Zone Courses.

Pupils from infective area of yellow-fever (e.g. Asia, Central and South America) are compulsory to purchase the compulsory serums until they arrive in Malaysia.

3rd Process-The Student Pass Sticker and School Pass / Visa Fees are affixed.

Exclusive Malaysia student visa is given at the Immigration Checkpoint to the incoming international student for 14 days is important. Within two weeks of admission, the college or university is obligatory to present the student visa for Malaysia to the State Immigration Department in order to allow a student pass sticker to be added.

The Malaysian student visa or pass is supported by the Malaysian Department of Immigration in the international ID of the students. The underwriting shows their type of visa, the length of stay in Malaysia, the amount of sections allowed into Malaysia and the student pass legitimacy (which is usually one year).

The price for a student pass is RM60.00 per year (or half year), while the rate of visas ranges from RM15 and RM90 depending on the applicant’s source jurisdiction. The separate State Immigration Departments should have access to both payment rates, issuing of student passes and visas, and further re-establishment of student passes. Annually the commuter pass should be restored.

Upon obtaining a student pass sticker, each student worldwide will be given an I-Kad by the Immigration Department.

Family of Foreign Students Permissible to Halt in Malaysia

Some relatives of outside students are allowed to go on a Long Term Social Pass with students in Malaysia (for a 12-month period or as indicated by the length of the study, whatever the start). We take in the following kinds of families:

  1. Pupil parents.
  2. Companions, infants, and student guardians originating from center-eastern nations.
  3. Companions and offspring (close family only) of students looking for ventures after graduation.

A Long Stay Application for Malaysia Student Visa from Pakistan

An application for A long stay may be forwarded with a repeat of the application for an understudy transfer to the closest Malaysian Representative Office abroad.

For countries which do not have a Malaysian immigrant office, the claimant may enter Malaysia at the section point on a Social Visit Pass but then seek another increase in stay at the State Immigration Office where the educational institution is located in a month from the date of entry.

The documents required are :

  • Structure Imm. 55
  • Structure Imm. 38 (if appropriate)
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of understudy
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of applicant(s)
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of applicant(s)
  • A confirmation letter from the instructive establishment

Work part-time when working in Malaysia and Malaysia student visa Working low maintenance is allowed for every global understudy learning at free or private higher educational establishments.


Conditions for low maintenance jobs during Malaysia student visa Understudies were permitted to work low maintenance for a max of 20hrs a week just in the middle of semester breaks or more than seven-day occasions at pubs, gas stands, scaled down business sectors and inns remain considerable for the duration of their understudy passes. Understudies may NOT serve as clerks. In comparison, understudies may not be filled in as vocalists, masseurs, dancers or GROs in the inn section. Understudies are not allowed to participate in any activity or behavior which is deemed indecent.

Request for low maintenance jobs must be rendered through the instructive organisation on which the understudy works. The understudy should be present at Immigration Department with the instructive agency representative while the application is being sent.


Other Immigration Matters While in Malaysia

You might need to handle certain migration problems as an undergraduate study in Malaysia, for example:

Requesting a new passport to cover lost/damaged passport

You will apply for another travel permit through your high bonus / government office here in Malaysia in case your identity is misplaced, robbed or damaged. The first few items you should do is write a police report and email the representative to the IS Office who will support you.

Supplementing a Near to Expire Passport

If you are unlikely to need to raise a delay travel authorization, please contact the IS Office for support. To apply for an expansion with your current identification, you will need to go to your high bonus / international safe haven in Malaysia; or apply for another visa.


Expanding Your Student Pass/Visa Validity Period

Each time you work permanent in Malaysia (other than you are a ward / political / developed visit pass holder), you need a considerable understudy pass / visa. Your visa / pass must be reinstated or extended on the off possibility that on the visa / pass termination date you have not completed your study program.

For improve your understudy visa / pass with a specific end target, you can send all the necessary documents to your IS Office no less than 1.5 month before the finish date specified in your pass / visa.

The restitution cannot be confirmed in case you have any of the accompanying:

  • Low engagement in schools.
  • No set of courses in the current semester or next semester, whatever may be necessary.

Switching to Another Institute

When you plan to withdraw from your current school / college course to swap with another endorsed Malaysian government, a reciprocal approval must be received from Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education. You need to go scratched off your current understudy (from the past organisation). The new organization will then hire a new understudy go to the Immigration Department for your benefit. The move to university training is not transferable.

Leaving Malaysia before finishing your course cancelling your student visa in Malaysia

If you like to withdraw from your Malaysian route to get back home or go to another place, you can seek the support of your IS Office.

Your IS Office will assist you with all the relocation strategies and wipe out your undergraduate studies, taking into account the ultimate goal of stopping you from having any trouble later when you enter Malaysia again.