What is Letter of Acceptance in Canada and How can you get it?

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We hope you are thinking about to move to Canada for study purpose.

But one thing that comes into your mind and that’s how?

You have come on the right place. We will tell you how you can go to Canada for study purpose.

For this, what you need is a letter of acceptance.

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What is a letter of acceptance?

The authority letter from a Designated Learning Institute is called a “Letter of Acceptance” to study in Canada without any problem

The institution called (DLI) in Canada

These are the institutions that have approval or permission from the provincial or territorial government to host international students.

Although it looks like you have to go to the official processor bureaucrats, don’t worry!

It consists of a significant number of the main Post-secondary Institutions in Canada. Maybe your designated institution is on the main list.

To learn the complete process of admission and benefits of Study in Canada: Study in Canada | Benefits and Process | Apply Now

The letter of acceptance to study in Canada is an official confirmation that you can study in Canada. It lists students’ personal information, designated program and details of the institution.

It also covers tuition fees, study timeline, scholarship if you have or any condition for your registration.

Meanwhile, you can prepare your documents for a study permit. As soon as you receive the letter of acceptance, you will prepare yourself to submit your study permit documents in Canada.

The following list of items is necessary for the letter of acceptance from DLI. The student will submit at the time of his study permit application.

  • Full name, date of birth and your mailing address;
  • Name of the university and official contact;
  • Type of schools, whether, private or government. In case, the institution is government funded, but not a university. Then mention it whether the institution is a post-secondary college, community college or a technical college.
  • Level and year of study with the field of the program into which you have been accepted.
  • The estimated duration of your study program,
  • Mention the date on which your study course begins;
  • Mention the last date on which you may register for your course;
  • The year of your entering for academics.
  • If the courses are full-time or part-time.
  • Mention if you have a scholarship or other financial aid;
  • The expiry date on the letter indicates the date until which the letter of acceptance is valid;
  • Clearly indicate the educational institution, usually, they are confirmed through its letterhead;

Get to know how DLI chooses an application for a letter of acceptance

letter of acceptance eligibility

When you are applying for study, the DLI (Designated Learning Institute) will verify if you will meet the general admission or requirements for the specific programs.

The general requirements are English or French languages. It depends on the primary language of the institution in the campus.

Language may also become a requirement for the school you choose to attend. For example, if you are not English speaking and English is not your primary language. You may be in need to provide evidence of adequate language proficiency unless exemptions apply.

Program specific is based on if or not a target student has completed the pre-requisites that are required for the intended program of study.

To select students, Canadian universities and colleges may give access to applications on criteria beyond general and program specific requirements, like previous academic records.

Are you eligible for the letter of acceptance? Find out here!

As a shiny and intelligent student, you will be required to provide IRCC with a conditional letter of acceptance which directs that you will be allowed to register in a program upon completing it.

For example, you may be asked to complete English as a second language or French as a second language course before your study program.

After you complete the prerequisite, you can apply another study permit for the intended study program after successful completion of the admission requirements.

Who are exempted from the letter of acceptance?

letter of acceptance in canada

  According to the following situation, a foreigner is exempted who is;

  • A family member of foreign nationals whose application for a study permit is approved in writing before he enters in Canada. This is not the guarantee of the approval of the study permit application.

Conditional letter of acceptance

A student can give a conditional letter pointing out that the university will allow him to register at the institution after successful completion of a prerequisite program such as English as a second language or French as a second language.

Exempted students from the letter of acceptance

Some students may be exempt from the requirements of the letter of acceptance

  • If an international student gets approval for a work or study permit before entering Canada. He or his family can apply for a study permit without a study letter of acceptance.
  • Students who wish to follow a study program of six months or less in duration do not need to have a letter of acceptance, because he does not require having a study permit.

Students who successfully have accomplished their prerequisite program will then have to apply for a letter of acceptance for study permit and mention that they have completed the admission requirements.

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