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IELTS Preparation

International Language Testing System (IELTS) is world’s largest service for testing of one’s language skills in English. IELTS is the most accepted and most taken test around the world to get certification in English language. If  you have to go abroad in an English country for education, job or to make a living; you will have to first take part in this test. Only if you score up to a certain grade called Band, will you be eligible to apply for visa.

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IELTS is a must test for every Non-English native who wishes expand his/her world by experiencing global life. In this article, I will be sharing with you a proper step and step method on how you can do IELTS Preparation. This article includes:

  1. Types and Sections of IELTS Test and its preparation
  2. Format of IELTS Listening Test
  3. Practice with Sample IELTS Listening Test
  4. Format of IELTS Reading Test
    • Academic & General Training
  5. Practice with Sample IELTS Reading Test
    • Academic & General Training
  6. Format of IELTS Writing Test
    • Academic & General Training
  7. Practice with Sample IELTS Writing Test
    • Academic & General Training
  8. Format of IELTS Speaking Test
  9. Sample IELTS Speaking Interview of Band 9

How to Pass NTS, Tips and Tricks

IELTS Online Preparation

Following is the method of IELTS Preparation.

Types and Sections of IELTS Preparation

Before you actually start working, you must first know about Types and Sections of IELTS Test. Then you will know what test you will be taking, what that test includes and in accordance with that, we will prepare for it.

There are 2typesof IELTS Test:

  1. IELTS Academic(For those going for education)
  2. IELTS General Training(For those going for work)

Both IELTS test are divided into 4 sections.

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

Both Academic and General Training test are almost same with different purposes. Before you go ahead, make sure you know which of these two tests you are going to take.

  • In both test, Speaking and Listening Test is same. This is an important part of IELTS Preparation.
  • In accordance with the objective of test, Reading and Writing have their structure.

Once you have been issued a roll number slip, date and timing of the test will be mentioned on it. Reading, Writing and Listening will be taken in one day without any breaks. Speaking test will basically be an interview testing your communication skills. This interview will be  conducted before or after7 days of the above mentioned test.

1 –   Listening of IELTS Preparation:

Listening section of IELTS will be testing your response on English verbal communication. How good you are in understanding when someone will talk to you in English. Following is describes Format and Sample Questions for practice.

Format of the IELTS Listening

Whether you take Academic or General Training IELTS test, Listening part is same for both.It is a 30 minutes test in which you will listen four different recordings in the accent of native English speakers. You will be provided a sheet with questions on it. After carefully listening to the recordings, you will have to write answers of the questions in the sheet.

In Recording 1, a normal life conversation between two people.

In Recording 2, a long speech set in social context of everyday.

In Recording 3, a conversation between up to four people on some educational topic or training in a class.

In Recording 4, a long speech on an academic or educational subject like a lecture by teacher.

Practice of IELTS Listening with Sample Questions

Practice has an important role in IELTS Preparation. You will be provided an MP3 audio file and paper sheets.You will first open the answer sheet and then start audio recording and fill the sheet accordingly.Below I have shared the sample tests from IELTS official website.

Recording 1:

  • Here is a Sample Recording 1 which you have to listen
  • Here is Answer Sheet 1 to Fill according to the recording

Recording 2:

Recording 3:

  • Here is a Sample Recording 3 which you have to listen
  • Here is Answer Sheet 3 to Fillaccording to the recording

Recording 4:

  • Here is a Sample Recording 4 which you have to listen
  • Here is Answer Sheet 4 to Fillaccording to the recording


2 –   Reading in IELTS Preparation:

In IELTS Preparation reading test, your English reading test skills will be put to trial.This way, it can be assured that you have the ability to understand any written work like books and office documents in English.

Format of IELTS Reading Test

  1. It is a Test of 60 minutes.
  2. Paper sheet provided to you will have 40 questions on it to be answered.

IELTS Reading Academic Test

In IELTS Reading Academic Test, three descriptive and factual long paragraphs will printed on your Paper sheet. Below them will be questions that you will have to answer in accordance with the paragraphs.

IELTS Reading General Training Test

IELTS Reading General Training Test comprisesparagraphs from different books, magazines, advertisements, notices, newspapers, company handbooks and guidelines.

Practice of IELTS Reading with Sample Questions

Following are a few Sample Questions of IELTS Test for Reading, I took from official website of IELTS and filtered and sorted it for you. Read them carefully and try to solve it yourself. However, answers are also mentioned there.

3 –   Writing of IELTS Preparation:

In IELTS Writing section of the test, as you can tell by the name, your writing skills will be tested. This is to make sure you have the ability to write any document or assignment in English language when needed. If you are going abroad for education or job, you will definitely be needing these skills.

Format of IELTS Writing Test

For this test you require good English language skills and also practice prior hand. It is a test where you have to write for continuous 60 minutes. You will be given two writing goals and you will have to describe each in 150 to 200 words.

IELTS Academic Writing Test:

IELTS Academic Writing test comprises a total of two tasks.

In Task 1, you will be given a graph, table, chart or a diagram. You will have to describe or explain the information in your own words.

In Task 2, you will write an essay in response to an argument or problem. You must do both tasks in formal writing and must avoid slang language. Make sure you know all tips to formal writing.

IELTS General Training Writing

IELTS General Training Writing test Topics are of general interest. Just like Academic Writing test, it also comprises two tasks:

 In Task 1, you will be provided with a situation and will be asked to write a letter to get information, or explaining the situation. Letter could be to anyone like boss or senior. Make sure you know proper letter writing method and format.

In Task 2, you will be writing an essay that will be in response to anargument, point of view, or a problem and, of course, in formal way.

Practice for IELTS Writing with Sample Questions

Below are sample exams I found in the official website of IELTS and have shared here for your ease and practice.Make sure you check them out and practice accordingly.


4 –   Speaking of IELTS Preparation:

Speaking, last section of the IELTS is considered the most difficult of all. It is different from other tests and taken separately on a different day. A representative of British council or AEO will take your interview and ask questions according to following format.

Format of the Test

Interview will be of duration of about 11 to 14 minutes. IELTS Speaking test is same for both Academic and General Training Test. You must have proper communication skills and ability to convey your message to the second person in order to pass this test. Interview consists of three parts.

  • In Part 1, they will tell you about yourself and your family which must be able to answer properly.
  • In Part 2, you will be asked to speak about a certain topic that interviewer will give you.
  • In Part 3, there will be a little longer discussion on the topic.

Sample IELTS Speaking Interview Test

In IELTS Preparation Following is a video of official interview by an IELTS representative. The girl, Anushka, in the video has band 9 (grading system of IELTS) which is the highest. You can tell your level by comparing with her.


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