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Studies after 12th:

The courses chosen in 12th play a major part in determining the career path that has to be followed afterwards. When it comes to deciding a career path for oneself, quality of education is one thing that is everyone’s top priority.

Thus, studying in top class universities of the world becomes a preference where the teaching methods are the most effective and finest education is provided. The countries which are mostly chosen for studying are USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Switzerland, and many more like these. There are many universities in these countries which are ranked at the top of the list of best universities of the world. The reason why students are most attracted to studying abroad in these countries is that they provide the best opportunities for employment, and help the students enhance their potential ultimately developing a better path of career.

The degree programs offered after 12th are classified as undergraduate and  postgraduate courses. Along with these, there are also online courses, distant courses, vocational courses, diploma courses, and exchange programs that make studying in foreign countries more beneficial and helpful.

Students often get confused regarding which path to pursue, and also where to pursue right after they complete their 12th. A proper and detailed guidance that answer the queries well can help the students in selecting their path for the future.

Study in Canada after 12th:

The most basic and important requirement to apply for studying in Canada is that the applicant must have completed his or her 12th and should have scored well in the exams as well as in the language proficiency test which is important while applying abroad. There are different language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.

After completing 12th, the students are headed towards the undergraduate courses. The students should have done their 12th in any of the important courses like math, science, management and commerce. In Canada, the universities offer various degree programs for the pupils from various domains. Following are some of the courses that are offered in the universities of Canada that can be studied after 12th.

  • Commerce courses after 12th

The students are given the choice of carrying out their bachelors degree in management and commerce. Different specializations are accessible for the students in the courses. Below mentioned are the commerce courses one can specialize in.

  1. Courses of management

The Canadian universities offer the best management courses provided to the students. They can study BBA (bachelors in business administration). It has many specializations like finance, HR management, marketing, accounting, retail and supply chain management etc.

These are specialization courses that are highly preferred by the pupils. BCom (bachelor of commerce) is also offered with the specialization in advertising, finance, accounting, taxation, personal development etc.

  1. Courses after 12th commerce (without math)

There are many courses students can specialize in if they have done 12th commerce without math. They are economics (micro and macro both), business administration, finance, accounting, human resource management, cost marketing etc.

Students can either do bachelors in these subjects or pursue diploma. These subjects do not need math and hence no math expertise is needed.

  1. Diploma courses

After doing 12th in commerce or any other subject, one can also carry out the diploma courses of their choice. These courses have a duration of 1 to 2 years. In terms of curriculum, they are equal to the degree. Following diploma courses are offered in the universities of Canada.

  • Diploma In Fashion Designing
  • Diploma In Computer Application
  • Diploma In Banking
  • Diploma In Financial Accounting
  • Diploma In Industrial Safety
  • Diploma In Business Management
  • Diploma In Hotel Management
  • Diploma In Physical Education
  • Diploma In Retail Management

Study without ielts:

There’s another thing that the Canadian universities is offering, and that is study without giving any language proficiency test like IELTS. There are many universities in Canada, unlike many countries, which allow the students to study without giving any language proficiency test.

Some of these are University of Winnipeg, Concordia University, Brock University, University of Regina, and Carleton University. If a student has been living in Canada for 4 to 5 years, then these institutes do not ask for the proficiency exams since they have a proof that a student has enough knowledge of the language.