fpsc test

FPSC that is Federal Public Service Commission is actually a federal agency that has its association with regional sovereignty and power of the capital. It is like most incorruptible sectors in Pakistan and the duty which is to be performed by it is to do the fair recruitment of public administrators and servants for Pakistan’s Government. The main purpose of them is to do the legislation in the state’s constitution. The office of FPSC is located on Agha Khan Road, F-5/1 in Islamabad where there are other more renowned institutes in the diplomatic zone. Here you can get some tips and instructions to pass the tests conducted under Federal Service Commission of Pakistan:

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If the test candidate has got any commentary based on the correctness of a question, that specific question can be delivered for the awareness of FPSC in the writing tests and at some stage, for the conduction of tests, they can take a look on test at the same day. Thereafter, no entertainment would be granted to the misleading notion of any question.


All the test applicants are advised to have complete focus and clearly notice all the circumstances, instructions, and circumstances which are mentioned in the ads before they are published in the online programs.  If there is any other mistake in the online application, the candidate himself would be held responsible for the test.

Go through past papers

Whatever subject you are preparing for the test, it would be better than you go through the past papers of all the subjects which you have selected for the test. This is necessary to follow the patterns which are highly imperative for the effective and better preparation of the FPSC exam. This is the way in which you can study for the important areas and cover more important topics in a specific period of time for the preparation of the exams.

Select the optional subjects of your interest

Especially when you are preparing for CSS that is held under FPSC, it is much better than the applicant selects the subjects of his interest because this is how it becomes easier for the aspirant to focus well for the preparation of his test. Preparing for such types of tests need a lot of energy and focus and you have to devote lots of your time for the preparation. Make sure that you invest your time well and properly managed.  Well, there’s also a myth that there are high scoring and low scoring subjects in optional ones but that myth really isn’t true.

Special focus

Most of the times the candidates think like English would be the easiest for them but that’s certainly not because the average failing ratio in English is higher than the other subjects and the main reason for this is that the candidates don’t take it seriously. This issue basically arises because the candidates feel themselves to be good enough in English and they feel that they would be passed easily while in reality, more practice and enhanced focus is necessary for Essay, Composition, and Precis.

Write more

Most of the times it happens that the candidates have prepared so well for their exams and there are no chances left for them to fail but still they do and this is because they don’t write. They forget the writing practice and this becomes the reason for their failure. Writing practice for the preparation of FPSC exams is important because it helps you in expressing your knowledge in a more efficient and dynamic way.

Test practicing

Most of the candidates also suffer from test phobia, although they are intelligent and they have vast pools of knowledge but this test phobia becomes a problem for them so to face this problem, the candidates can try practicing for the tests and for this they could join academies and ask different mentors to take the test. This is how they would be apple to practice more in an efficient manner.

Time and stress management

Time management is important as well as stress management is. Whenever you are preparing for an FPSC test, you need to make a schedule and act according to that. Plan all the things you need to do and do them accordingly. Stress management is important to stop yourself from getting nervous. Have confidence in yourself and prepare well.