Frequently Asked Questions about Study in USA


Frequently Asked Questions about Study in USA

1 – How is Education in USA?

Education in America is the best you can on Earth. United States of America is ranked 1st Best Country for Higher Education 2016 by QS Ranking. There are Thousands of courses taught in universities some of which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. There degrees are also most recognized and respected degrees all around the world.

2 – Are there any Good universities in USA?

Answer to that would be, Hell Yeah! Any good university you ask? If there is any good university, it is definitely in USA. America is home to the most of Top ranked universities of the world. More than 60 universities in Top 100 of world are located in USA and 6 American universities are in Top 10 of the entire world by QS Ranking. Here are all the Top Universities of United States of America and their world Ranks.

3 – How much does it cost?

All the cost and expenses you will have to face in USA can be divided into main categories:

  1. Study, Tuition and Registration Fee
  2. Rent, Food, Transport and other Expenses

Study cost chiefly depends on what university you go to and what level of education you are in.

4 – Where will I live?

Best way to deal with this, is to register an accommodation in advance while you are in your homeland. When you get admission, first ask university authorities about hostels, if you don’t have the facility available then you should search online or seek help from an experienced consultant like WSL Consultants. There are three options available for accommodation.

  1. Dormitories
  2. Apartments
  3. Homestays

5 – Can I Work While Studying in USA?

Yes, anyone studying in USA is allowed to work part time. USA doesn’t want these student’s potential to go to waste. Every international student can work up to 20 hours a week during study sessions and full time during holidays. There are some restrictions on international students so it’s best to first see the rules for working in USA.

6 – Can I get Scholarship in USA?

You have more chances of getting Scholarship in USA than any other country since most of the scholarships you will ever find in any part of the world are to an American university and by some American organization. There are three general types of scholarships granted by United States of America.

  1. US Government scholarships
  2. Non-governmental US scholarships
  3. University-specific US scholarships

7 – Can anyone get admission in USA?

Answer to this may be unexpected for you but YES! Anyone can get admission in USA University if you pass the most basic criteria like to start an undergraduate programs you must have passed all your exams in Intermediate. There are over 4,500 universities in USA and not all of them are Top of the world but still by far better than any Pakistani university and you can get admission there.

If you want admission in some specific university of your choice then you must apply to their official website first or contact a Study Abroad Consultant with good network like WSLConsultants, in order to find their eligibility criteria since every university has their own admission merit.

8 – How to Apply for Study in USA?

To get education in USA, you must first apply in selected university of your choice. Every university has their own eligibility criteria that you must fulfill. Once you get admission, university will send you a letter which will get you the student visa for USA.

It is better to acquire services of a consultant because selecting the right university, completing their documents and requirements can be quite stressful. A lot can wrong during the process and after that you also need assistance for visa. Study Abroad Consultants take all your responsibilities and worries on their shoulders and solve them in the best the ways possible; after all, they are professional. Here you can contact the expert team of WSLConsultants and ask anything you want, all free of cost.

9 – Is America Safe for Pakistani Students?

America is a stable democracy where everyone is given their due rights irrespective of nation, color or religion. All the stuff you hear on news is mostly just for attention and ratings. There are thousands of Pakistani students currently educating in USA and there has not been any complaint about their rights violation or harassment. They always welcome international students because they have an image to maintain as multicultural, great diverse nation.

10 – What City to Go in USA for Education?

There are thousands of cities in USA and almost every city has at least one or two of 4,500 universities. It is always better to select one of the major cities of USA for education as you will have more opportunities for everything and everything easily available. If you have already got admission in a university, you should research and select one of their campuses (if any) that is located most urban area. Following are one of top student cities in USA.

  1. Boston
  2. New York
  3. San Francisco
  4. Chicago

11 – What are the Opportunities in USA?

When studying in USA, plenty of opportunities will open their gates to you. USA has a lot to offer, question is do you have the potential for it? Almost every big corporation there is on Earth has its headquarters in USA who seek and judge people by their abilities. Since America is a multicultural diverse country, you will find people from all around the world. This provides you with a great chance to build your network. Having a network spread all around the world is definitely something professionals call “Priceless”. Either way, once you get a title of USA graduate on your Resume, no one will dare cancel your application.

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