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Following are the frequently asked question:

How WSL Consultants can help us

WSL consultants are providing consultancy services to students. We are dealing for studies and visit visas.

How some one can take our services?

Ans: If some one want to take our services he has to pay our consultancy fee and we will tell him procedure for case processing.

What are the major intakes for education?
For Australia, the main intake is in February, some programs commence from July & November. For other countries September is major intake and January for some universities. However very limited universities offer four intakes in a year. Ask us for details.

How to manage accommodation abroad?
Accommodation is guaranteed for all international students by universities. You can ask us for prior booking.

What are the criteria for issuance of visa generally?
The major criteria for the issuance of Student Visa are financial capability of student, overall academic record, English proficiency, post study plans and interview in some cases.

What is a conditional and unconditional letter of offer?
Unconditional Offer means student will not have to meet any further academic or English language requirements and conditional officer apply to provide further requirement toward your offer.

Should I have to undergo any medical test before applying visa?
Generally UK require T.B Test report with visa application submission and for other countries Medical report is required during the visa process. Ask us for specific details.

Who can be the sponsor for my education abroad?
For UK, only applicant and parents are allowed to show funds. For Australia & NZ, siblings, parents, grand parents and uncle/aunt living in Australia or NZ can sponsor. For other countries blood relatives are highly recommended but are other relatives can sponsor too.

How much is bank statement required for study visa?
It depends of cost of the course and living expense. Different countries has different fee ranges in different universities. Beside that some countries require only first year living expenses to be shown in account other require for whole course. Duration of funds available in account also very so please contact us for exact and up to date information.

Are there any scholarships available?
There are different types of scholarships available worldwide. We have also agreements with some institutes who give part scholarships and fee discounts. Please contact our office to know completely about the possibilities.

How to transfer my credit hours to foreign university?
Most of the Universities allows transfer of credit from one University to other. But there are some requirements mainly only credit hours associated with graduate courses for which a grade of B or better were obtained may be eligible for transfer. A copy of the catalog description of the course and an transcript showing completion of the course(s) and the grade received in the course (s) must be submitted with the plan of study.

Who is in the EU?
From 1st May 2004 the following countries are part of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

Is it advisable to take University accommodation or private accommodation?
It is advisable to take University accommodation as a new student you don’t have to hunt much for accommodation, don’t have to worry about landlords & contracts, no extra bills and mostly university accommodations are close in proximity to the place of study. However university accommodation has its own limitations the accommodation is slightly expensive, less space, limits things you do (throw parties and make noise) etc.

Does the University provide accommodation?
Accommodation is guaranteed for all international students. For more information check the university website.

I couldn’t get admission for Master degree in Canada, what should I do?
Actually Master degree is more theoretical with mostly GMAT/GRE requirement so best option is Post Graduate level Diploma or Certificate which is designed more with as vocational study and easy to get admission for international student. Post study work is also available for both programs and PGD can be a pathway to master degree.