Required Documents for Admission In Canadian Educational Institute

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how to get admission to canadaian educational institution

We will guide you every step of the application and enrollment process on how to get admission in a Canadian educational institution.

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Admission Process

Admission process for Canadian study and its requirements vary between study programs and levels. For every course, students need to fill language requirements. With that, you need least academic records like 65% for class Xii and 70-80% for commerce. But other than that you should be over 18 years of age.

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The following documents you need to submit before applying in Canadian universities

Attested copies of mark sheets of ordinary X, XII. At least, 2 educational reference letters from professors who have educated you last.

If you have work experience, then you need to present two letters of recommendation. The letters will be from the manager who knows your skills.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume
  • Photocopied score reports of GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL
  • Certificates or achievements at the state and national level and extracurricular activities)
  • Proof of funds
  • Medical Tests

Application fee: Every institution needs you to pay an application fee before applying. The fee amount will be different. It depends upon the college and the courses where you are applying. So check with your designated college fee structure before applying there.

The common steps to applying for admission are as follows

Search for faculties and courses

  • Contact colleges and visit websites for information
  • Narrow down your list of colleges
  • Write SOPs and kindle LORs
  • Apply to the universities that suit your interests
  • If accepted, apply for a student visa

Statement of Purpose (SOP)


This is your introduction to the school and admission officers. It’s always written in the first person and describes the reason for applying to a selected school. It has to highlight why you’re ideal for the school and why the school should give you admission.


Essays are important to get admission into the university. The University will ask Students to write one or two essays. It will judge whether you are a prospective student.

Common topics are career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, and reasons for considering a selected faculty.

A letter of reference

(LOR) could be a reference letter written by a 3rd person who will describe the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the potential student to suggest him to the school that individual’s ability to perform a selected task. The third party might be a faculty member, director manager etc.
Language tests

Canada’s official languages are French and English. The English- speaking educational institutions may ask students to qualify English examination tests, for example, Teaching of English as a Foreign Language  (TOEFL).  The International English language Testing System (IELTS).

French-speaking institutions may ask for a recognized French test, or the French schools may have its own language assessment methods.

These are all standardized language tests, that are needed to be taken for the aim of obtaining admission into faculties. These tests follow totally different formats, structure and result bands. Thus it’s up to the coed to make a decision which communication language they opt for.

Students can take IELTS many times. Same as students also can take the TOEFL as many times as desired. Yet, it can not be taken over once in a very 12-day period. You need to wait to receive your scores before you’ll enroll in your next test.
Fee: the fee for these exams is Rs 12,100 for IELTS; Rs 13,140 (US $180) for TOEFL; and Rs 13,300 for PTE.

When to apply

If you want to take admission in Sept, you need to appear in above language exams by November. So you can be able to apply before the deadline of the university. The university will decide which exam results they will accept. But you have an advantage here to choose if university gives a choice to go for any of these exams.

The preparation for language exams depends on your ability to learn languages. Generally, it takes 2-4 months preparation before the exams.

Application Deadlines

International students from all over the world apply for letter of acceptance. Application deadlines for universities and colleges which are registered as designated learning institution depend upon the institution, with some faculties accept applications at different points within the year. After university accepts students’ application, it’s going to take 4 to 6 months to receive a letter from the institution. It’s good to apply to a program before the date. It’s all necessary to ensure that the student has enough time to get a Study Permit and come to Canada before the program begins. This will take two months to 4 months. Its vigilant enough of students gather all the documents one year before so he may not have to face any kind of problem. After application you will obtain letter of acceptance from Canadian institutions. 


The basic purpose to write this article is to give you information about the procedure of study in Canada. However, the goal is to write simple and informative…

This will help you to go through all within no time and prepare you to study without any problem and get you to benefit from what you’ve been trying.

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