Accommodation and Cost of Studying In USA


Accommodation and Cost of Studying In USA

There are few things you must get done before you move to the country you wish to study in. Most important of these preparations are:

  1. Estimation of Total Cost
  2. Arrange Comfortable Place to live

In this page, WSLConsultants team has gathered all the information you must know about these hindrances and what are the solutions to them.


Accommodation in a foreign country is very important for international students as everything is new for them. It is not easy to live on streets especially when you are in one of the most populous cities of a developed country. If you want to go there for education then you must not let these problems get in the way.

Best way to deal with this, is to register an accommodation in advance while you are in your homeland. When you get admission, first ask university authorities about hostels, if they don’t have the facility available then you should search online or seek help from an experienced person like WSLConsultants. There are three options available for accommodation.

1 –   Dormitories:

Dormitories are the small shared rooms in hostels inside the university campus. This is the best accommodation for students because this way you have everything of your concern easily available. Sine you will practically be living inside the campus, you won’t have any security issue and it will save you transportation cost. Other than this, you will be living with your class fellows and friends so you can easily do group study and other activities.

Dormitories are specially designed for student accommodation. You will find everything of your use in that little space and biggest perk is that their cost. Dorms are the cheapest means of accommodation as their purpose is to facilitate students. Your first priority should be dorms, if you don’t get this only then move on to the next option.

2 –   Apartments:Apartments

Apartments are the flats you can get on rent. In most developed populous cities, you will find a great number of plazas where living might not be much fun but they are the second cheapest option for accommodation after dormitories. Otherwise, you can also rent a whole house if you can afford it. These accommodations will not be provided by university or government and you will have to find rent yourself on your own security.

3 –   Home stays:Study-and-Living-Cost

Homestays are usually not available for adults because this system is specially designed for the students who are under age of 18. In Homestays, you are allowed to live with a family inside their house. They will provide you a room, all necessaries and even food. This sounds like a fun deal but it can be very expensive and there is no guarantee if you will find a place near your university.

Study and Living Cost

All the cost and expenses you will have to face in USA can be divided into main categories:

  1. Study, Tuition and Registration Fee
  2. Rent, Food, Transport and other Expenses

Study Cost:

Study cost chiefly depends on what university you go to and what program you are in. There can be two types of universities:

  1. Public Universities
  2. Private Universities

And with that two main levels of education that affect the cost:

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Postgraduate

Yearly Estimated Tuition Fee in USA

 Public UniversitiesPrivate Universities


Living Expenses:

University Tuition Fee is one in a year time thing but it is actually the living expenses you have to face the whole year. Some of the most living expenses are: Rent, Food, Transport, Study materials and other little things you might occasionally need like clothes. Following is the table with most basic approximate cost of your living in USA.


ItemsExpenditure (Yearly)
Other living expenses$2,000

Here is a reference and proof from official estimated cost of University of Iowa, public university in USA.

 Liberal Arts & SciencesBusinessEngineeringNursingPharmacy
Technology Fee486650708486671
Career Services Fee262626260
Additional Fees*1,1951,1951,1951,1951,195
Health Insurance1,9801,9801,9801,9801,980
Living Expenses**9,5009,5009,5009,5009,500
Total (U.S.)$41,503$42,949$41,725$44,051$56,390

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