Following is the list of China top colleges and Universities.

Tsinghua University

The university was established in 1911. The university has almost twenty schools for different majors. The university was granted a seat in the C9 league which is considered equivalent against the ivy league of America. Tsinghua University is categorized as the high ranking university in the world. The university has been present in the high ranking category since last three years. Tsinghua University has been ranked at the fifth spot in the Asian universities. The university different majors are gaining positions in the world charts. Tsinghua university famous majors are chemistry, computer science, art, law, and mathematics.


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Peking University

This university was established on 1898 in Beijing. The university has been ranked in the ninth spot on the Asian ranking of universities. The university has also been categorized at the second place in china personalized category. The old name of Peking University was the Imperial university of Peking. Around the world has university has been gaining popularity because of the high quality of research produced by the university. Research papers of Different students of Peeking University are accepted throughout the world. The university has been in ranking among top fifty universities of the world. Peking University is famous for his different majors. That is mineral, computer sciences, and mechanical engineering.

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Fudan University

The Fudan University was in 1905. In early days Fudan University was just a school since than university has almost enrolled thirty-one thousand students. The university has so many campuses almost seventy-seven research institutes ten teaching hospitals. The university has been associated with shanghai institute of Visual art. The university is also part of a C9 league of the universities. The university has also been featured in the ranking of top 50 universities of the world. According to the survey, the Fudan university students are very capable researchers.

University of Science and Technology of China

The university was established in 1958. The university scores almost sixth place on the BRICS ranking of china. The university has also achieved twenty-fifth places on the ranking of Asian top universities. The university education of science and technology is appreciated throughout the world. The university has a large campus that is almost three sixty acres enough to cover the whole city. The university has also been ranked as top-ranked university in twenty-five majors. University of Science and Technology of China was the first university to establish a graduate school in china.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University was established in 1896. This university has been teaching many different international majors. This university has been placed on twenty seconds on the Asian top university ranking. The university has a vast list of different high programs offered by the university. Two fifty undergraduate programs and twenty-eight doctoral programs are being offered in the university. The university has been placed in the top 50 world ranking for its variety of different majors. The university has been located in shanghai.