Work Visa for Malaysia Pakistan in 2020-21

work visa for malaysia

Before applying for Malaysia work visa it is very important to know all the requirements and the eligibilities. This article will be helpful in providing basic know-how about the Malaysian work visa for people of Pakistan.

Malaysia work visa is provided to only those companies who were able to get the working license in Malaysia; this is often acquired from the businesses themselves. During the time of claiming an organization and the need of contracting the outside national, you must be prepared for a long depleting process. Businesses or companies have the permission to hire the workers from other countries to work for them. The Work visa for Malaysia form Pakistan 2020-2021 has the same requirements as of the previous years.

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With no work license before entry, an Entry visa and social passes are given to those families of representatives of any businesses, until they have not acquired a Malaysia work visa. Stringent laws have been passed by the Malaysian forces for any unlawful specialists, which specifically say that no work shall be begun before the issuance of working the grant.

Before going into the country any foreign national must have a visa in advance, they can acquire it by visiting and applying for Malaysian visa through Malaysian representative office. A visa is confirmation paper with a passport or with any other travel document saying that the individual has applied for the visa to go to Malaysia and the permission has been granted. So foreign individuals can get the visa by applying for it at the Malaysian representative office abroad, just the settlement of the visa does not mean that the complete guarantee has been provided that the individual is allowed to go to Malaysia, the final process’s decision lies in the hands of the immigration officer.

Types of visa;

There are three different types of visas given by the Malaysian government to foreign nationals;

  1. Single entry visa; this is the visa granted by the Malaysian government to those foreign nationals who primarily want to enter Malaysia for some social or business visit. This visa can be used for entering once only on next visit you will have to again apply for a visa, this visa is valid for three months after the date of issue.
  2. Multiple entry visas; this visa is specifically designated to those individuals who wish to enter Malaysia for some business visit or for some government to government matters, this visa is generally valid for three to twelve months.
  3. Transit visa; this visa is issued to those foreign individuals who want to visit Malaysia in transit to other countries.

How to apply for a Malaysia work visa for Pakistan 2020-2021

The application is submitted at the abroad Malaysian missions. In countries where the Malaysian mission is not being recognized their application is made to the British high commission embassy. The following documents shall be collected to applying for Malaysian visa;

  • The passport
  • Form IM.47, three copies at least
  • Three passport size photos
  • Ticket
  • Proof of sufficient money to fund the trip
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Malaysia visa & Its Requirement for Pakistani Citizen from Pakistan

malaysia study visa from Pakistan

Malaysian visa has become a big attraction for Pakistanis as it is a Muslim country and lies not too far from Pakistan. To tell you the Malaysia visa requirements we are writing this post. As you know The living environment and the necessities are very comfortable for Muslims specifically. Pakistan is in good terms with Malaysian government thus it is easy for Pakistanis to settle in Malaysia.

Many international universities are also there in Malaysia, so students from Pakistan prefer to study in Malaysia along with job opportunities rather than going to UK, USA or Australia, this saves them huge cost.

Malaysia visa requirements for citizens of Pakistan

Before going in depth lets check what kind of visa are being offered by Malaysian consulate in Islamabad. According to the consulate general of Malaysia, there are following visa requirements for Pakistani passport holders.

  1. Malaysian visit visa
  2. Malaysia Study visa
  3. Malaysia Work visa

To get the desired visa there are certain Malaysia visa requirements for Pakistani citizen to be fulfilled. The individual applying for Malaysian visa has to submit the required documents along with the visa fees.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents
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Malaysia Visit Visa Requirements

Following documents has to be submitted by the applicants:

In case of visit visa a copy of covering letter by the institution, or the individual shall be submitted

  • Two visa application forms shall be typed and written in bold
  • Four passport size photographs of applicant
    Original passport photocopy shall be submitted; the expiry date of the passport shall also be clearly mentioned
  • A copy of Pakistani CNIC
  • A photocopy or return ticket
  • Original bank statement’s photocopy from the last six months
  • Rs 200,000 shall be present with individual applicant to show that they have sufficient funds to cover the expense of the trip

On the other hand, the requirements for student visa are slightly different from the visit visa

Malaysia student visa requirements:

The requirements of Malaysian student visa are as follows;

First, you need to apply at the Malaysia University of your Choice, there are several Top Malaysia University where you will be selected After that if you get selected by the institution that they will grant a student offer letter that will allow you to apply for Malaysian student visa.

No bank statement is required in case of applying for Malaysian student visa

  • The photocopy of offer letter from the university
  • A copy of approval letter from the Malaysian immigration department
  • A sponsor shall give an affidavit of support letter and also a CNIC copy
  • A bank statement copy by the sponsor

When applying for MM2H or the employment pass (both temporary and permanent) these additional documents shall be added;

  •  Approval letter from immigration department
  • Medical certificate from approved center

Malaysian work visa requirements:

Work visa are two types

  1. A to A work visa
  2. A to B Malaysia work visa

The A to A work visa is the one in which the employee in Malaysia and the visa is provided by the job providing company

A to B work visa is the one where the employee is not working at a place that awards the visa, this visa is also called Azadi visa. This is the most desired Malaysian visa by the Pakistani citizens as it allows you to work in Malaysia.

Visa fee:

The Malaysian visit visa fee for Pakistanis including the processing charges will be around 12,500 PKR Rupees for the duration of one month stay and the visa will be valid for three months.

The processing time of Malaysian visit visa can take between 10 to 15 days.

Malaysia E-visa

E-visa can only be applied by those who have traveled abroad minimum four times in a year and is a holder of official passport, the E-visa can be applied by official drop box of Malaysia.

The special part about E-visa application is that it has the processing time of 24 hours only.

The Malaysian E-visa requirements;

  • The passport
  • ID card
  • Bank statement from last six months
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Email address on which your visa copy will be sent

If you are planning to visit visa then you should also consider visiting Thailand and Singapore as with this one visa you can travel these three countries.

The best places to visit in Malaysia:

Malaysia has become a major tourist attraction for the majority of reason; its welcoming environment and beautiful scrivener have been able to bring a lot of visitors into the country every year. The major benefit of visiting Malaysia is the low cost of traveling and living.

Malaysia is one of the Islamic countries located in Southeast Asia. It has thirteen states and has three federal territories, covering the area of around 330,803 kilometers. Malaysia is one of the developed countries of the Muslim world and it has over the years contributed much towards technology and development, also in oil, gas, space and tourism sectors.

The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and some other popular places of Malaysia are Cameron Highlands which are known for plantation and the Kinabalu Park which has the tallest mountains also the Langkawi famous for the forests.

The famous street foods of Malaysia are char kayak, rental, gulag and nasilemak. Famous natural sights of Malaysia are blue mansions, Batu caves, temple cave, khiikingsi and dark cave.

Kuala Lumpur:

It is the capital city of Malaysia and has a tropical rain forest environment all around the year, which makes it warm sunny and windy along with the abundant amount of rainfall, from October to march it normally rains daily there.

following are the places which can be visited in Kala lumpur.

  • The Petronas towers
  • Batu Caves
  • China town
  • Menara KL towers
  • Sunny lagoon theme parks
  • Sultan Abdul Samad building
  • Aquaria KLCC

The other famous place in Kuala Lumpur is;

Genting highlands:

this place is also known as the city of entertainment which is the perfect place for tourists to visit. The temperature around here is moderate and tourists can enjoy there in different casinos, theme parks, hotels and much more.


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Apply For Malaysia Visa | Malaysia Visa Services in Pakistan

apply for malaysia visa

To Apply for Malaysia visa you need to check the requirement for Malaysia visa. To apply for Malaysia visa from Pakistan you need required docs mentioned by the Malaysia embassy in Pakistan Islamabad and Malaysian Consulate in Karachi. Requirements for Malaysia visa for Pakistani can be found here. Malaysia visa requirement for Pakistani citizen

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-
Malaysia Visit Visa with Confirm Entry, call for price

Visit Visa Extension in Malaysia
Conversion from Visit to Work in Malaysia
And Solution of Every problem.

Contact on Pakistan number or Malaysia number.

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Malaysia Visa Services In Pakistan

To apply for Malaysia visa we are providing Malaysia visa services in Pakistan as well as in Malaysia. To get Malaysia visa while you are in Pakistan you need to contact to us. Malaysia visa for Pakistani passport holders

Malaysia Visa Without Bank Statement

Malaysia visa without bank statement can be obtained. You can provide us only passport, copy of CNIC and white background pictures. We will arrange remaining documents like your job letter and bank statement and then will apply in Malaysia embassy in Islamabad, on these documents you will get the visit visa of Malaysia. check more detail about Malaysia visit visa fee for Pakistani 2017

Can I Get Malaysia Visa On Arrival

Malaysia provide visit visa on arrival on following condition and to following countries Passport's holders. To apply for Malaysia visa the nationals of China and India arriving straightforwardly from Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand and hold legitimate visa of those nations can acquire a visa on entry for a greatest remain of 7 days (that can't be stretched out) at Kuala Lumpur– International (KUL), Johor Bahru (JHB), Kota Kinabalu (BKI), Kuching (KCH) and Penang (PEN), if they hold return flight tickets and at any rate USD 1000 for each individual. The visa expense is 430 Malaysian ringit, other cash not acknowledged as visa charge. Ticket or tickets are required to demonstrate that you have landed from a particular nation.

Work Visa for Malaysia Pakistan in 2020

Online Visa Applications

MALAYSIA TOURISM Advancement BOARD OR TOURISM MALAYSIA is an organization under the Service of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia. Tourism Malaysia concentrates on the particular errand of advancing Malaysia at all levels. Since its beginning, Tourism Malaysia has developed significantly and it has risen as a noteworthy player in the global tourism scene. In 2014, Malaysia enlisted 27.4 million vacationer entries and RM72 billion in receipts, making tourism its second biggest outside trade worker.

Through the Tourism NKEA (National Key Monetary Territory), community oriented endeavors between the Service of Tourism and Culture, other Government organizations and the private division have been improved to enable secure Malaysia's to position as a main traveler goal and accomplish the nation's objective of 36 million visitor entries and RM168 billion in receipts by 2020.

The objectives set under the Tourism NKEA will be accomplished through the usage of twelve Section Point Activities (EPPs) grouped under five topics: Reasonable Extravagance; Nature Experience; Family Fun; Occasions, Amusement, Spa and Games; and Business Tourism.

On 1 March 2017, Malaysian government has set up another online application framework to acknowledge applications for Electronic Visa (eVisa) and Electronic Travel Enlistment and Data (eNTRI) to encourage tourism. eVisa applications are accessible to residents of Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia and Sri Lanka, while eNTRI applications are accessible just to holders of Indian and Chinese travel papers.

The application site contains IP address location, candidates need to apply from one of the allowed nations or they will be obstructed from the application.

check Malaysia visa online

To check Malaysia visa online you have to apply online then you will be able to check its online status.

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WSL Services for Malaysia Visa


WSL services for Malaysia visa is the topic of this article. WSL Consultants are one of the best visa consultancy services in Lahore, Pakistan. Along with different kind of visa services like study visa, visit visa and work visa they are also providing Malaysia visa services to Pakistani citizens in 2016-2017. Malaysia visa services are provided in each Malaysia visa type which are following.

WSL Services for Malaysia Visa

Malaysia Visa Single Entry or Malaysia Visit Visa

with documents

WSL is providing his services for Malaysia visit visa with documents. This visa is valid for 90 days for travelling and can be obtained within 15 to 20 working days. List of documents can seen from here.  This visa is used by tourists and for social visit. The price of this Visa is Rs. 8500/-(Eight Five Hundred only).

without documents (Done basis)

You can get Malaysia visit visa without bank statement and job letter. The price of this visa will be Rs. 23,000/- . It is on done basis and no visa no fee.

Malaysia Student Visa

WSL also providing services for Malaysia student visa. We help students to get admission in any Malaysian institute, visa arrangement from Malaysian consulate, Islamabad. Furthermore ticket arrangement and pick up by his institute from Malaysian airport. After arrival residence and part time job placement in Malaysia. All these services are included in Student visa package. Student can get admission in 3 years diploma courses as well as degree programs. They can also get admission in UK, France and Australian colleges or universities which have campuses in Malaysia. We help them in every way.

Malaysia Work Visa

The person who want to get Malaysia work visa either A to B or A to A, we can arrange for him. We preferably provide A to B visa, which is also called open work visa. This visa is related to construction sector and renewable up to 5 years.

Conversion of Malaysia visit visa to Malaysia work visa

We are also helping such person who travel to Malaysia on visit visa and there they need work visa. If anyone looking for such work visa can contact us with full confidence. We will help him to get such visa within 8 to 10 weeks.

Job arrangement in Malaysia

WSL services for Malaysia is also providing services of job arrangement in Malaysia after arrival on visit or open work visa.

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Malaysia Visa

malaysia visa

Applicants who want to apply for a Malaysia visa are directed to read this article carefully. The instructions given on this website will help you to prepare your application for Malaysia visa very carefully. You need to prepare your documents as accurately as possible. These guidelines will reduce the risk of visa refusal as well as delay in processing.

Please note that in few cases Consulate General of Malaysia, Islamabad may ask to visit personally before issuance of visa. In such cases we will guide you accordingly and we will also help you to for your appointment.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-
Malaysia Visit Visa with Confirm Entry, call for price

Visit Visa Extension in Malaysia
Conversion from Visit to Work in Malaysia
And Solution of Every problem.

Contact on Pakistan number or Malaysia number.

Mobile Pakistan# 0322-6742267 (Also on whatsapp)
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Malaysia Visa Types

Mainly there are two types of visa. (1) Single Entry Visa (2) Multiple Entry Visa

Single Entry Malaysia Visa

Especially single entry visa is issued to a foreign national who want to visit Malaysia. Therefore this is also called visa without reference. This visa type is valid for 3 months. This visa is for social visit. After traveling you can stay 30 days in Malaysia. This visa can be extended for two more months after arrival in Malaysia. Single entry visa is also called visit visa. The purpose of single entry visa may be different for everyone due to different use by. following is list of those reasons.

  1. A visit to meet friends and relatives
  2. A business trip to complete some business deals
  3. In order to examine job atmosphere or business opportunity in Malaysia.
  4. Student examinations
  5. Visiting any other embassy which is in Malaysia

 Multiple Entry Malaysia visa

This kind of visa issued to government personals and business related persons. This visa is valid for 3 months to 12 months and every time visitor can stay 30 days in Malaysia. Extension in the stay is not allowed by the Malaysian immigration department.

Malaysia Visa with Reference

Malaysia Visa With Reference (VDR) means a visa which allow to a non Malaysian citizen to enter in Malaysia with prior approval from Malaysian immigration department. There are three different categories of Malaysia visa

Application For a Visa With Reference (Wife of Malaysia Citizen)

  • 2 copies of Form Imm.12
  • Form Imm.38
  • Sponsor's identification card (husband)
  • Copy of applicant's passport
  • Copy of husband's passport (marriage abroad)
  • Marriage Certificate (Malaysia/abroad)
  • 2 Recent photographs of husband/wife
  • Divorced /Death Certificate (where applicable)
  • VDR questionnaire form
  • Security Bond
  • Statutory Declaration Form

Application For a Visa With Reference (Husband of Malaysian Citizen)

  • Application Letter sent to and received by the Embassy / High Commission of Malaysia
  • 2 copies of Form Imm.12
  • Form Imm.38
  • 2 Recent photographs of husband/wife
  • Sponsor's identification card (wife)
  • Copy of applicant's passport
  • Copy of wife's passport (marriage abroad)
  • Marriage Certificate (Malaysia/abroad)
  • Sponsor's proof of financial support/Form J (income equivalent to or more than RM2,000/month)
  • Security Bond

Application For a Visa With Reference (Afghanistan)

  • Application letter sent to and received by the Embassy High Commission of Malaysia
  • Form Imm.47
  • 2 Recent photographs of applicant
  • Copy of applicant's passport
  • Sponsor's identification card
  • Sponsor's undertaking letter
  • Security Bond

 Malaysia Visa Application Processing Time

Usually the processing time of visa application is from 15 to 20 working days. Some time consulate can ask for interview in such cases time can be up to 30 working days.

Malaysia Visa Documents, How to apply?

Following docs are required by the Consulate of Malaysia, Islamabad.

  1. Visa application form (We will fill this form for you)
  2. Passport valid for more than 90 days minimum. But it is suggested that your passport validity must be more than 6 months. There must be also empty pages in your passport where visa sticker could be pasted.
  3. ID card copy
  4. 4 Photographs with white background. No cap or hat allowed in photographs, no glassed allowed. Plain photograph without any software alteration.
  5. Company letter head with request of Malaysia visa.
  6. Bank statement of last 6 months having ending balance of Rs. 2 LAC. Account maintenance letter is also required by the Malaysian embassy.
  7. In case your children are accompanying, you have to provide NADRA B-Form.
  8. Original Ticket (We can provide this for you)

Malaysia Visa Fee

In Pakistan Malaysia visa fee for 2016-2017 is Rs. 8500/- charged by the Malaysia visa drop box. Following is the list of other countries.

Malaysia Visa Fee, Country Wise

CountriesSingle/Multiple Entry Visa (RM)Transit Visa (RM)
Republic of China3030
Costa Rica920
Czech & Slovak19.38.2
Dominican Republic12.99.65
South Korea3015
Saudi Arabia17.28.6
Sri Lanka1515
United States of America620

Reasons to refuse Malaysia visa.

Following are the reason of Malaysia visa refusal.

  1. Black listed from Malaysian immigration department in previous visit of Malaysia.
  2. Financial strength is not sufficient or not on his personal name
  3. Job or business is not appropriate


Malaysia visa is very easy to obtain but you just need to provide proper documents and proper documents preparation. You can stay in Malaysia for 30 days on single entry visa. Single entry visa is valid for 3 month for traveling. In multiple entry visa you can stay in Malaysia for 30 days but you can avail this visa for a year. Visa with reference is for wife and husband with Malaysian nationality .


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Malaysia visa fees 2016-2017 & How to Apply?

malaysia-visa-feesMalaysia is an amazing country in the South Asian subcontinent that is rich with culture, traditions and budding opportunities for young individuals. Malaysia has always been popular for its immense natural beauty and natural exotic locations. It is a very popular spot for tourism. In fact, it attracts thousands of tourists each year. Its tourism is a huge contributor to the overall economy of the country. However, in addition to tourism, there is a lot of other things that make Malaysia a leading Asian country and is attracting people to migrate to the country on a permanent basis. In this article, we talk about the expected Malaysia visa fees 2016-2017 that you will have to pay if you want to apply for a visa for Malaysia.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-

Visit Visa Extension in Malaysia

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Visa for Malaysia is a smart choice

It is a very intelligent choice to move to Malaysia on a permanent basis or to go there to study. The opportunities are unlimited in the country. It is a very fast developing economic country that is absolutely budding with natural beauty and rich in natural resources. It is also a top choice for honeymooners and is also seen as one of the countries that are the biggest attraction for newly wed couples. However in any case, if you are not a Malaysian citizen then you must have a visa to travel to the country. In order to apply for a visa have a look first at the Malaysia visa fees 2016-2017

Apply for Malaysia Work Visa For International


Apply for Malaysia Student Visa

Looking to apply for a visa for Malaysia?

apply-for-a-visa-for-malaysiaIf you are a prospective applicant for the visa for Malaysia and have filled out the Malaysia visa application form as well then there is one thing that you should definitely know about it and that is the visa fees that you will have to pay. Visa services not include the visa processing fee charges but also include other charges as well such as the passport fees, visa handling, courier charges and the visa consultancy charges as well.

Visa Fee and Other charges:

To be able to apply for Malaysian Visa successfully it is first important to know what the visa charges are. It consist of the passport handling charges that the consultancy firm will charge you. Following are are the charges. All visas are processed in just 15 to 20 days.

Malaysia Work visa Azad with job placement

Malaysia Work Visa after arrival on Visit Visa.

Malaysia student visa 1 to 3 years.

Mobile # 0322-8047807 (same on whats app)

Living Cost in Malaysia while Studying

The work permit visa may charge the least amount of money out of all visa categories because it is issued by the employer or company and they may bear the expenses of the visa. This, however, depends on the company and it does not pay for the visa charges in all cases. This should be confirmed prior to visa application.

Documents required for applying for Malaysian Visa

If you are a prospective visa applicant for the Malaysian Visa you will have to submit the following documents in the partial compulsion of the fulfillment of the criteria to apply for Malaysian Visa. Your visa can not be processed any further if you do not have one of the following documents. Incomplete documentation will refute your process for a visa.

  • Cover letter on the company/business institution letterhead of the company your work for or your employer.
  • Visa applications hand written or typed
  • Visa applications (two copies) attested and typed
  • Original passport and passport photocopy
  • Original and photocopy of the NIC
  • Bank Statement of your bank account details of previous 6 months or 1 year.
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Malaysia Work Visa

Malaysia Work Visa

To get Malaysia work visa the complete procedure is given in this article. This visa is given to those companies who have obtained working license in Malaysia, this is normally acquired by the business. In the event that you claim an organization and need to contract an outside national, be set up for a long and depleting process. These companies can hire international workers for their work. Malaysia Work visa in 2016-2017 have the same requirements as in previous years.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-
Contact number.

Mobile: +92 322 6742267 (also on whats app)

Representatives of any business with their families who are coming to Malaysia, who have not acquired work licenses before entry, are permitted to get entry visa and social passes and they are allowed to work a short time later and they get Malaysia Work Visa. As Malaysia forces stringent laws for unlawful specialists, it is exceedingly prescribed not to begin working before the working grant is issued.

Wards of work license holders need to apply for own working grants on the off chance that they wish to work in Malaysia.

Types of Malaysia Work Visa:

There are two major types of Malaysia work visas.

  1. A to A, in other words it is company visa and the foreigner who get this kind of visa will work in a company who is issuing this visa. In this visa company will do a contract of two or three years with the foreigner. After arrival the foreigner will work according to the contract and will get salary according to contract. The foreigner will not leave company and can not work any other place. If the foreigner want to come back to his home land he has to take leave from the company or he has to surrender his visa.
  2. A to B or in other words Azad Work visa/ Open work visa. In this kind of work visa the issuing company allow the foreigner to work at any other place, the company hand over the passport to worker and he can work at any place. This is most desired visa in Malaysia. Worker want to work with his own conditions.

Requirements of Malaysia Work Visa:

With a specific end goal to acquire a work allow, the identification ought to have a remaining legitimacy of no less than year and a half. The citizen of any other nation who is coming to Malaysia to work must be 18 years or more. The work grants are generally issued for periods between 6 months and 5 years. Following is the requirements for Malaysia Work Visa 2016-2017.

  1. Age must be more than 18 years
  2. Passport validity must be more than 6 months
  3. Clear medical report from the approved medical centers
  4. Police report from home town district
  5. Overseas Nadra ID Card

Concerning bosses, any data with respect to the visa procedure, prerequisites or the fundamental structures, can be seen on the official site of the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Procedure for Malaysia Work Visas 2016-2017

Procedure to get Malaysia work visa in 2016-2017 is given below.

  • First of all you must have valid passport and required age.
  • You have to get clear medical report from the approved medical centers by Malaysian government.
  • Blue or white background pics
  • After having all above things, your employer will apply for your Work visa calling letter. This procedure can be up to 6 months long. Once it get completed you will have to apply for single entry visa sticker in Malaysia embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • On applying with calling letter for Malaysia work visa, you will initially get single entry visa from Malaysian embassy. This is also called temporary employment pass Malaysia.
  • After getting Malaysian work visa single entry sticker, you can fly for Malaysia. But before you have to obtain Protector from protector office.
  • After reaching in Malaysia you have to wait on airport to get cleared by your employer company. The representative of that company will come he will take you from Malaysian airport.
  • After getting cleared from Malaysia immigration, you have to go through medical again. After getting clear report your passport will be submitted again in Malaysian immigration for multiple entry work visa.
  • After getting multiple entry work visa for Malaysia, you can work in Malaysia without any problem. After one year this work visa will expire and you have to get it renew.
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Malaysia Visa Fee and Other Requirements

Malaysia visa fee

Malaysia Visa Fee and Other Requirements by Consulate General of Malaysian
All those who want to get Malaysia visa either Malaysia student Visa or Malaysia Visit Visa or Malaysia Work Visa in 2016-17. He or she need to provide following documents and along with Malaysia visa fee. All cases are being handled by the Visa Service Centers of Malaysia.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-

Visit Visa Extension in Malaysia

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Pakistan 0322-6742267
Malaysia 0060 105034149
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Malaysia Visa Fee and Passport-handling charges are Rs.12,000/= (CASH). Which are charged by authorized Malaysia drop box.
All those Applicants who want to get Malaysian visit visa they need to submit the following documents.

Required Documents for Malaysian Tourist Visa

  1. One Copy of Covering letter ( Individual or Institution, typed written ) in case of visit visa
  2. Two Visa Application Forms (IM.47 – Pin.1/97) – typed written / bold
  3. Four Recent Photograph of Applicant (passport size with blue or white background)
  4. Original Passport & photocopy of passport (A4 size) validity of passport must be more than 6 (six) months during time of travel)
  5. Original & photocopy of Pakistan National Identity Card (CNIC) –(A4 size)
  6. Original & photocopy of Confirmed Airline Return tickets
  7. Original copy of Bank Statement for the last six months with bank statement
    1. Rs 100,000 for individual applicant
    2. sufficient funds to cover expenses of group travel
    3. must be verified / certified by the issuing bank through letter
    4. credit card statements for individual
    5. traveler’s cheque under visa applicant’s name only

Note: Individual bank statements are allowed for family travel only i.e. husband, wife and children or immediate family members only. AND for Group travel sponsored by company: Please refer to Para vii (b)

  1. . Invitation Letter from Malaysian sponsor is required for business visit or attending conference.

Malaysia Student Visa requirement for Pakistani citizen:  

Malaysia student visa requirement for Pakistani citizen is following. You need to get student offer letter from Malaysian education institute as well as Malaysia student visa from Malaysia immigration department. There is no bank statement required for Malaysia student visa.

  1. Original & photocopy of offer letter from university or college
  2. Original & photocopy of approval letter from Immigration Department, Malaysia
  3. Affidavit of support letter from sponsor & copy of sponsor CNIC
  4. Original copy of sponsor’s bank statement – verified by the issuing bank (sufficient funds to cover the student’s expenses)

Apply for student visa for malaysia from pakistan

For MM2H / Employment Pass (Temporary / permanent), Please add: 

  1. Original & photocopy of approval letter from Immigration Department, Malaysia
  2. Medical or Health certificate from approved medical center: Al Hilal Medical Centre. Taj Medical Center, Phase V, DHA, Karachi.

Malaysia Work Visa

Malaysia work visa is usually two types, this division based on they work

  • A to A Malaysia Work Visa
  • A to B Malaysia Work Visa

A to A Malaysia work visa means, employee will work at the place of visa awarding company.

A to B Malaysia work visa means, employee will not work at the place of visa awarding company. This is also called Malaysia Azad Visa. The most desired visa in Malaysia for internationals is Azad Visa.

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