Temporary Resident Visas for Canada

temporary resident visas(visit visa) for canada

Temporarily or permanently immigrants who attempt travel in Canada just meet the criteria of Canada's citizenship regulations and laws, especially with regard to their safety and security.

What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

These are certificates that enable an individual who otherwise does not meet the requirements of a Canadian citizen to reach Canada via TRP.

Is TRP useful?

Sure, it is beneficial for peoplewho are notaccessibleto Canada on criminal or medical grounds.

When to Apply for a TRP?

You may register for aTRP at a consulate unless you area permanent resident in Canada.American citizens or permanent residentsmay apply directly tothe Canadian border.

Visa Processing time and a government fee

It's going totake 3–6 months at the consulate, thena few minutes or hours at the border. A fee of $200 (CAD) shall apply.

In addition, a temporary resident permit:

  •  Requireslegal entry to Canada for aspecifiedperiod of time;
  •  A TRP can occur at any point (in relation to felony parole, TRPs may not be limited to a period of time for the completion of a punishment. However, an offender may be subjected to TRP in certain cases when completing a part of his or her probation); It is provided for a period of time and may range from within Canada to three years.

The criterionthat an inadmissibleperson be allowedto enter Canada against safety and healthhazardsto the Canadian population is consideredto becomea Canadian immigration visa officer. Applicants must show that they are justifiedwhen entering Canada.

Unless the re-entry has been approved after receipt,the permit is no longer valid for theapplicant entering Canada. The certificate may also be revoked by the officer at any moment. Under certain cases, laid down by the individual country.

Two ways to apply for TRP

  • Please submitan application to theConsulate;
  • Apply directly to the boundary. This option is available only to US citizens and residents in Canada.

Since nationals ofnon-US countries either require a Temporary Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter Canada, a consularrequest to travelto Canada is the only option.

Based on where the request is made, the processing time differs.

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Judicial Review for UK Visit Visa | Appealing for Refused Applications

Judicial review for UK visit visa

There are many individuals that put forward UK visit visa application each year. It can be submitted on various grounds. One may come to visit some family members and friends while others may have different reasons for their arrival in the UK such as holidays, medical treatments, etc. The standard visitor visa is pretty much what you need if you are visiting the UK for a brief interval of time. However, getting your application rejected can be a tough phase. Usually, people have numerous plans for their visit to the United Kingdom and when the access is not granted to them, they tend to get frustrated. Thankfully, you have the judicial review for visit visa to have your application reviewed.

The standard visit visa can be refused due to numerous reasons. However, the appeal is your right and judicial review can come to your aid. It forces the UK Visas and Immigration department to reconsider the applicant and you may end up with entry bring granted to you.

Have you got Visit visa refusal from UK Embassy!
You can appeal for Judicial Review in UK

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he best possible outcome for our clients.

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Our team of experts will sit down and take a detailed look at your application. We carefully review why the visa is not granted to a person and based on the reasons we take appropriate actions. Considering your application and its status, you might be encouraged to put forward an appeal or consider the judicial review. We carefully examine the applications and provide affordable solutions with appropriate guidance regarding procedure and chances of success.

My standard visitor visa application is rejected can I appeal?

There are many individuals who may want to consider an appeal when their standard visitor visa application is refused. However, you can only do so if there is a human rights ground. The problem is that this scenario is rarer than you think as most of the applications don’t engage human rights. There are particular circumstances where it can be seen valid as these appeals are made in accordance with Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

UK Spouse Visa

What does article 8 say?

Article 8 has two clauses.

Firstly, everyone has the right to respect for private and family life. This includes both his home as well as his correspondence.

Secondly, there should not be any public authority interfering with this right. The only reason they can interfere is when things go beyond the law. The right to respect for family, home, and correspondence, should be respected appropriately as it is in the interest of national security, public safety, and economic wellbeing. Moreover, this does help in preventing various disorders and crimes and is crucial for the protection of health and morals. Also, this complies with the protection of rights and freedoms of individuals.

When it comes to appealing, not all the applicants are recommended. The first stage is where the judge will sit down and review your application to see if it engages with human rights. So, if that particular point is missing from your visa application, there aren’t many chances that your review appeal will go any further. This leads to the wastage of time, money, as well as energy. However, if the appeal is put forward based on strong human rights ground where they are being violated, a good representation of your case can certainly make the judge ask for the review of the application.  

The process of judicial review for visit visa

As you put forward your appeal for review, various aspects are considered. It is seen for any illegality, irrationality, unreasonableness, unfairness and procedural impropriety. Moreover, the judge also verifies if the application breaches the Human Rights Act 1998 or the EU law.

How to challenge UK standard visit visa refusal?

Before your appeal is made, our team works hard on gathering the supportive evidence for your case. Experienced and skilled professionals sit down and negotiate with UKVI by sending them a letter. Pre Action Protocol is followed to try and settle things with UKVI before going to the court and a return letter from the authorities is sent in response. Their response guides us to whether they are willing to settle the case or they would prefer defending it in court.

If the challenge is resolved at the initial stage i.e. pre-action protocol, it saves time, money, and stress as the clients won’t have to go into the court. Else, we prepare to initiate judicial review proceeding on the behalf of our clients.

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UK Spouse Visa / Civil Partnership Visa Now Very Simple

The spouse visa or civil partnership visa is an opportunity for individuals to live and work in the UK. If you have a British partner, who holds British nationality or is settled there for more than 2 years, you can apply for this kind of visa. However, the requirements are very tough and some of them are terribly restrictive. If you are submitting an application on behalf of your partner, you should comply with the minimum income threshold and it is one of the subjects that often come under question from family groups and read to tough legal battles.

We have experienced team that has dealt with such visa applications before and we are here to represent the individuals who are applying for UK spouse visa or civil partnership visa. Our portfolio is filled with successful cases and we can assist our clients with numerous legal aspects.

Requirements for visa

In order to apply and obtain the UK spouse or civil partnership visa, one must comply with the requirements. These include:

  • The civil partner or spouse should be a British Citizen or Settled in the UK
  • One has to be married legally or must be in a subsisting relationship
  • You look forward to living with your partner who is acting as your sponsor and have appropriate accommodation
  • The sponsor should show financial proof of 18,600 pounds per year annual income or should meet the savings requirement. The amount increases in case you have children accompanying along.
  • One should meet the English language requirement

Initially, the visa is granted for as long as 33 months and the individual has a chance to apply for an extension of 30 months as the visa comes to expiry. When 5 years go by, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain.

Appealing for UK spouse visa

How to apply?

The application can be submitted in numerous ways. You can consider applying online or send it via post. Moreover, there are premium service centers where you can submit your applications. The individual is required to fill a long application form that requires extensive information appropriately you have to submit the supporting documents along.

There are instances when the person assigned by authorities to examine your application has doubts about the relationship and questions whether it is genuine or not. In that case, the spouse visa interview needs your attention. The examiner will ask you numerous questions regarding the two of you to conclude whether the marriage is authentic or is it just a sham.

Supporting documents

You are required to submit supporting documents along with your application. The UKVI officials will entertain the applications which are submitted along with:

  • Current passport or travel document
  • Marriage certificate (or civil partnership certification)
  • Details of criminal record and convictions (if any)
  • National Insurance number (if applicable)
  • Accommodation details
  • Bank statements and salary proof (adequate documents to assure that you comply with the minimum income requirement)
  • British passport of your sponsor or Indefinite Leave to Remain documents
  • If you have children, details of the ones will be required that are coming along

Why you should have a spouse visa?

It is tough to stay away from your loved ones for a long time. Usually, it is heartbreaking and many individuals cannot withstand it. So, if you have married someone who is a British national or is settled in the UK, you can apply for a family visa. It allows you to come and spend time with your spouse. The initial stay granted is for 33 months after which you can apply for 30 months extension. As the latter period comes to a close, the law gives you an option to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain as 5 years have gone by.

Our role

Our expert's team will sit down and work on your case. We have a decent track record for the spouse visa applications and can assist you with yours. Coming to the UK and settling down with your partners here can be pretty easy once you obtain the family visa. You can build your future here. However, the immigration officials check the nitty gritty details with great caution and family visas tend to see refusal on smallest grounds. Therefore, your application needs to be strong and appropriate case representation can assist you a lot.

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Europe visit visa: How to apply from Pakistan?

europe visit visa

In modern era, we travel due to many reasons. It has become a part of our lives. And with the modern day transport like cars and airplanes, we can travel hundreds of miles in a day. Europe is one of the highly developed parts of the world and people go there for various tasks. You might want to spend your holidays there. Or maybe it is that you want to go on a job hunt. Whatever the reason is, you need to apply for the Europe visit visa and here we guide you about Schengen Visa.

How to Get Schengen Visit Visa from Pakistan, please visit this post: How to Get Schengen Visit Visa

What is Schengen Visa?

Schengen Visa is a visa that is issued to the individuals that look to travel to the countries that fall in the list of Schengen states. It is mainly the type of visa that people seek when they talk about Europe visit visa.

It is because this allows you to explore all the countries that have signed Schengen agreement.

So, acquiring a Schengen visa allows you to have entry in multiple European countries. It makes it easy for you to go out and explore more than one state.

Whether it be for enjoying your holidays or seeking opportunities for hunting job or assessing market for business, you will be able to do it all in any Schengen state of your choice.

There are numerous types of Schengen Visas that you can acquire. However, here we will discuss the tourist one that can be seen as the Europe visit visa as you will be allowed to enter there as a tourist and conduct the relevant activities.

Requirements to apply for Schengen Visa

In order to apply and attain a Schengen visa, you got to satisfy certain requirements. Here are the documents that you need to submit your visa application.

First of all, obtain a Schengen Visa application form which you can get from the internet. Fill it completely and get it photocopied as you will be asked for two sets, one original and the other one will be its copy.

europe visit visa

Then you have to provide the family registration certificate. As you are applying as a Pakistani, you have to obtain the certificate from NADRA. Once received, get it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Otherwise, it won’t be acceptable.

Along with that, have a machine readable passport that has at least 2 blank pages on it. The passport must be valid for at least 3 coming months which start from the last day of your stay in Europe.

Get some good passport sized photographs from a studio. 3 colored pictures are requires but we suggest you to get a few more than that as in case if something happens some spare pics will come handy. Assure that you get pictures in a neutral pose.

Apart from the above, you need your national ID card. Don’t forget to take original along. Make sure that you get 2 copies of Nikahnama with English translation if you are married.

Also, you have to show them a proof that you are currently employed with duration of employment stamped along. The document should be in English or translated in the given language.

If employed, don’t forget to bring along leave application which is approved for the trip. You may need to show the recent pay slips too.

For the individuals that already have visas on their passport, you should bring the copies of all previous ones along. It increases your chances of approval as you have a good travel history and aids in developing the trust of the authorities on an individual.

In case that you have other expired or invalid passports, bring all of them along your valid one.

Get a round trip air ticket with stamped dates on it. You may only show them the air booking which provides them an overview of your trip i.e. where you will arrive and from where you will depart. At the time of visa collection, they may ask you to come with a verified air ticket along.

The embassy may ask you to show the valid proof that you have funding that is enough to satisfy the cost requirements of your trip. It differs from state to state and you have to display the stats accordingly. Usually it is for the state where you will by staying for most of the time.

And last but not the least, you need to hold a valid travel insurance policy for as long as you stay there if you are to apply for a Schengen Visa. The coverage must be up to 30,000 Euros which is equivalent to 50,000 USD.

The policy will be checked and verified so make sure that you come up with valid documents. It must cover the emergency hospital, medical, and other aspects of travel.

How to apply for Schengen visa?

Now you know the requirements for Europe visit visa. To apply for it, you have to reach out for the consulate of the country where you are to stay for the longest duration of time. There, you have to satisfy the requirements and they might ask you for some other documents too.

Do keep in mind that there are about 15 days required for the process and approval of visa. So, if you are planning to go out on an event, make sure that you plan accordingly. It may take more than 15 days for processing but generally it takes about 2 weeks.


So, if you are looking for Europe visit visa, try to acquire the Schengen tourist visa. It helps you in reaching out various Schengen states and you can explore them all. We have listed the primary requirements above but depending on your application they may ask you for a few more documents.

Do keep in mind that even if you provide all the documents listed above valid and appropriate, along with the others that they might ask, there is still no guarantee that you will get your visa approved. However, giving the valid documents and fulfilling requirements certainly increase your chances.

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How you can pass the USA visit visa Interview Easily?

usa visit visa interview

Visiting United States might be a dream of your childhood. Walking along the Empire State Building and spending some time in Times Square, going through the Hollywood Walk of Fame and experiencing Rodeo drive, there is so much that US has to offer to you. Even when it comes for work and business, there are a number of opportunities available on hand.

But getting a US visa is not an easy task and there are many individuals that fail to go through the interview phase. It might be because of your nervousness of lack of concentration or maybe it is just because you are not prepared enough for the interview that is hindering your travel and standing in the way of you and your visa. So, here are a few tips to help you.

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Appointment for US Visa

When you are making an appointment for visa interview, make sure that you come up with a valid reason for your travel to US. There are instances when you are asked for your tour so know your plans and make a blueprint beforehand. If you know where you want to go and what you want to do, it will work in your favor. Don’t go with forged documents because they can quickly trigger the individual interviewing you to put rejection stamp. Also, if you are said by an agent that he will help you with the interview, don’t believe because you will go through the stage on your own.

To know the complete procedure of USA visit visa, check this post: How to Obtain USA Visit Visa with NO Travel History | Application form

Take a look at your documents and your visa form. Assure that there is no error. Proofread and double check each and every single thing. State whether you have gone to US before or not and be honest in your answer because lying won’t help you.

Prepare yourself mentally

Come up with a specific purpose that you are going to US for a given duration of time to do a specific work and then you will return to your home country. Don’t say that you desire to stay in US or you will win a jackpot in Vegas and will relocate to the states. In fact, tell them that why you would wish to return to your homeland.

Also, when you are answering the questions, don’t be too shy neither be overconfident. Honestly answer all the questions asked from you and provide supporting documents to stamp on the fact that you are telling the truth. Don’t give them a reason that why you would like to state in US and won’t come back to your hometown. If you don’t feel comfortable with the consular, you have the right to ask for the consular who can speak in your preferred dialect.

Make sure that your reason for visiting US is to see a friend or a family member, spend your holidays, or do other allowed activities.

Things that will help you

When going for the interview, it is advised that you should dress appropriately. Be a little early and don’t look shy or nervous. Try to look fresh and keep a gentle smile on your lips. Show come confidence and be polite in the conversation. Don’t go overconfident and over the board when communicating. Demonstrate respect with the way you speak and your actions. In case that you are unable to understand the question, don’t feel shy in ‘saying I beg your pardon’ or ‘I am sorry, can you ask again.’

Assure that you have the required documents on hand and have strong ties to your homeland such as family members that are dependent on you or job / company you are operating.

Things to avoid

In your interview, don’t skip the answers or provide false information. The former would cause rejection while for the latter, whatever you state will be cross checked and if any false statement is concluded from your interview you will be immediately denied entry to US. Be confident and overthrow all the nervousness but don’t look overconfident and be aware of your body language. Just answer what is asked from you and avoid coming up with long and lengthy answers that till take a lot of time and include unnecessary information.

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Work Visa for Malaysia Pakistan in 2020-21

work visa for malaysia

Before applying for Malaysia work visa it is very important to know all the requirements and the eligibilities. This article will be helpful in providing basic know-how about the Malaysian work visa for people of Pakistan.

Malaysia work visa is provided to only those companies who were able to get the working license in Malaysia; this is often acquired from the businesses themselves. During the time of claiming an organization and the need of contracting the outside national, you must be prepared for a long depleting process. Businesses or companies have the permission to hire the workers from other countries to work for them. The Work visa for Malaysia form Pakistan 2020-2021 has the same requirements as of the previous years.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents
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With no work license before entry, an Entry visa and social passes are given to those families of representatives of any businesses, until they have not acquired a Malaysia work visa. Stringent laws have been passed by the Malaysian forces for any unlawful specialists, which specifically say that no work shall be begun before the issuance of working the grant.

Before going into the country any foreign national must have a visa in advance, they can acquire it by visiting and applying for Malaysian visa through Malaysian representative office. A visa is confirmation paper with a passport or with any other travel document saying that the individual has applied for the visa to go to Malaysia and the permission has been granted. So foreign individuals can get the visa by applying for it at the Malaysian representative office abroad, just the settlement of the visa does not mean that the complete guarantee has been provided that the individual is allowed to go to Malaysia, the final process’s decision lies in the hands of the immigration officer.

Types of visa;

There are three different types of visas given by the Malaysian government to foreign nationals;

  1. Single entry visa; this is the visa granted by the Malaysian government to those foreign nationals who primarily want to enter Malaysia for some social or business visit. This visa can be used for entering once only on next visit you will have to again apply for a visa, this visa is valid for three months after the date of issue.
  2. Multiple entry visas; this visa is specifically designated to those individuals who wish to enter Malaysia for some business visit or for some government to government matters, this visa is generally valid for three to twelve months.
  3. Transit visa; this visa is issued to those foreign individuals who want to visit Malaysia in transit to other countries.

How to apply for a Malaysia work visa for Pakistan 2020-2021

The application is submitted at the abroad Malaysian missions. In countries where the Malaysian mission is not being recognized their application is made to the British high commission embassy. The following documents shall be collected to applying for Malaysian visa;

  • The passport
  • Form IM.47, three copies at least
  • Three passport size photos
  • Ticket
  • Proof of sufficient money to fund the trip
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Malaysia visa & Its Requirement for Pakistani Citizen from Pakistan

malaysia study visa from Pakistan

Malaysian visa has become a big attraction for Pakistanis as it is a Muslim country and lies not too far from Pakistan. To tell you the Malaysia visa requirements we are writing this post. As you know The living environment and the necessities are very comfortable for Muslims specifically. Pakistan is in good terms with Malaysian government thus it is easy for Pakistanis to settle in Malaysia.

Many international universities are also there in Malaysia, so students from Pakistan prefer to study in Malaysia along with job opportunities rather than going to UK, USA or Australia, this saves them huge cost.

Malaysia visa requirements for citizens of Pakistan

Before going in depth lets check what kind of visa are being offered by Malaysian consulate in Islamabad. According to the consulate general of Malaysia, there are following visa requirements for Pakistani passport holders.

  1. Malaysian visit visa
  2. Malaysia Study visa
  3. Malaysia Work visa

To get the desired visa there are certain Malaysia visa requirements for Pakistani citizen to be fulfilled. The individual applying for Malaysian visa has to submit the required documents along with the visa fees.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents
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Malaysia Visit Visa Requirements

Following documents has to be submitted by the applicants:

In case of visit visa a copy of covering letter by the institution, or the individual shall be submitted

  • Two visa application forms shall be typed and written in bold
  • Four passport size photographs of applicant
    Original passport photocopy shall be submitted; the expiry date of the passport shall also be clearly mentioned
  • A copy of Pakistani CNIC
  • A photocopy or return ticket
  • Original bank statement’s photocopy from the last six months
  • Rs 200,000 shall be present with individual applicant to show that they have sufficient funds to cover the expense of the trip

On the other hand, the requirements for student visa are slightly different from the visit visa

Malaysia student visa requirements:

The requirements of Malaysian student visa are as follows;

First, you need to apply at the Malaysia University of your Choice, there are several Top Malaysia University where you will be selected After that if you get selected by the institution that they will grant a student offer letter that will allow you to apply for Malaysian student visa.

No bank statement is required in case of applying for Malaysian student visa

  • The photocopy of offer letter from the university
  • A copy of approval letter from the Malaysian immigration department
  • A sponsor shall give an affidavit of support letter and also a CNIC copy
  • A bank statement copy by the sponsor

When applying for MM2H or the employment pass (both temporary and permanent) these additional documents shall be added;

  •  Approval letter from immigration department
  • Medical certificate from approved center

Malaysian work visa requirements:

Work visa are two types

  1. A to A work visa
  2. A to B Malaysia work visa

The A to A work visa is the one in which the employee in Malaysia and the visa is provided by the job providing company

A to B work visa is the one where the employee is not working at a place that awards the visa, this visa is also called Azadi visa. This is the most desired Malaysian visa by the Pakistani citizens as it allows you to work in Malaysia.

Visa fee:

The Malaysian visit visa fee for Pakistanis including the processing charges will be around 12,500 PKR Rupees for the duration of one month stay and the visa will be valid for three months.

The processing time of Malaysian visit visa can take between 10 to 15 days.

Malaysia E-visa

E-visa can only be applied by those who have traveled abroad minimum four times in a year and is a holder of official passport, the E-visa can be applied by official drop box of Malaysia.

The special part about E-visa application is that it has the processing time of 24 hours only.

The Malaysian E-visa requirements;

  • The passport
  • ID card
  • Bank statement from last six months
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Email address on which your visa copy will be sent

If you are planning to visit visa then you should also consider visiting Thailand and Singapore as with this one visa you can travel these three countries.

The best places to visit in Malaysia:

Malaysia has become a major tourist attraction for the majority of reason; its welcoming environment and beautiful scrivener have been able to bring a lot of visitors into the country every year. The major benefit of visiting Malaysia is the low cost of traveling and living.

Malaysia is one of the Islamic countries located in Southeast Asia. It has thirteen states and has three federal territories, covering the area of around 330,803 kilometers. Malaysia is one of the developed countries of the Muslim world and it has over the years contributed much towards technology and development, also in oil, gas, space and tourism sectors.

The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and some other popular places of Malaysia are Cameron Highlands which are known for plantation and the Kinabalu Park which has the tallest mountains also the Langkawi famous for the forests.

The famous street foods of Malaysia are char kayak, rental, gulag and nasilemak. Famous natural sights of Malaysia are blue mansions, Batu caves, temple cave, khiikingsi and dark cave.

Kuala Lumpur:

It is the capital city of Malaysia and has a tropical rain forest environment all around the year, which makes it warm sunny and windy along with the abundant amount of rainfall, from October to march it normally rains daily there.

following are the places which can be visited in Kala lumpur.

  • The Petronas towers
  • Batu Caves
  • China town
  • Menara KL towers
  • Sunny lagoon theme parks
  • Sultan Abdul Samad building
  • Aquaria KLCC

The other famous place in Kuala Lumpur is;

Genting highlands:

this place is also known as the city of entertainment which is the perfect place for tourists to visit. The temperature around here is moderate and tourists can enjoy there in different casinos, theme parks, hotels and much more.


Get Turkey visit visa from Pakistan | Apply Now

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Get Turkey visit visa from Pakistan | Apply Now

turkey visit visa

There are a lot of people who would like to go to Turkey on Turkey visit visa and Turkey visa from Pakistan. Whether you want to go on a job hunt or you are willing to explore the country and its culture while spending a few holidays there, you will be in need of a visa to access the territory.

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Get Turkey Visit Visa from Pakistan
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Being a Pakistani, you will have to satisfy certain Turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistanis to obtain the permit. Here, we will give you a comprehensive overview and will also tell you about Turkey visa fee of what you can get and how to get it.

    Turkey Visit Visa Cost & Expenses

    • Duration : 6 Days visa
    • Visa Validity : 90 Days ( Travel Time)
    • Expenses / Charges : Pk Rs 30,000/-
    • Includes:
    • Invitation from any Turkish company
    • Embassy Visa Fee + FedEx Charges

    Requirements by Turkish Government:

    To apply for Turkey visa from Pakistan you have to fulfill following requirements.

  1. visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant. Complete residential and host (if applicable) address.
  2. If you have valid visa USA, UK and Schengen visa then you get turkey e visa
  3. Passport copies 1st and 2nd pages and all used (Visa & entry exit stamp) pages copies
  4. Two (2) recent photographs (White Background) of the applicant.
  5. An ordinary passport or other recognized travel document valid for at least 180 days from the third country nationals residing in Pakistan must provide their residence in Pakistan
  6. Copy of flight booking (Reservation), Accommodation hotel booking (Reservation)
  7. Original singed cover letter of applicant’s company/employer (where applicable) standing name, position, salary, duration of employment, address and contact number of the employer, purpose and duration of visit to Turkey state(s). Government employees must provide the Ex Pakistan leave or NOC from relevant departments if he/she is granted visa. If the applicant is a student original signed letter from applicant’s school college/university.
  8. Supporting document of personal income. Original bank statement of last three months Bank account maintenance certificate Last three salary slips (Where applicable signed stamp where applicable) National Tax Number Certificate (NTN) and proof of income tax payment with FBR (where applicable)
  9. Original travel medical insurance (TMI) policy, the policy must cover the entire period of valid stay on turkey territory as well as repatriation costs.
  10. Original MRC (husband/wife/children) traveling together, applicant traveling without family member do not need to provide MRC. If the husband name is mentioned on passport then MRC is not mandatory.
  11. For underage applicants (under 18) traveling with a single parent, a written consent of the other parent is required with photocopy of (his/her) NIC. Student is traveling with school group etc must provide consent from both parents with copies of their NIC. This consent should be made on legal paper.
  12. Polio vaccination certificate (Valid) from a Government hospital
  13. If applying transit visa transit must be more than 12 hours at airport
  14. One (A4) Copy set of all above documents.
  15. All Previous Visas photo Copy

Sequence of Application:

  1. VAF visa application form dully filled and signed by the applicant
  2. Passport copies 1st and 2nd pages and all used (Visa & entry exit stamp) pages copies
  3. Travel insurance
  4. Health Fitness Certificate
  5. Polio Card
  6. Last Six Month Bank Statment
  7. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
  8. All rest of supporting documents
  9. Copy of flight booking (Reservation),
  10. Accommodation Hotel Booking (Reservation)

Further Details:

When someone is applying for the Turkish visa for the visit purpose, he should be having the complete knowledge and information regarding the documents and the procedure that is needed to be done in the applying process.

First of all there are two types of visa application that can be used by the visa applicant from Pakistan to apply for the Turkey visit visa:

  • Regular online visa for Turkey
  • E- Visa for the Pakistani applicants who are having the valid for some countries including USA, Ireland and UK.

This guide would be helpful for you to learn more and develop your understanding of the general visa details and the documents which are required especially from the Pakistan’s applicant and the turkey visa requirements too.

Turkey Visa fee

If a Pakistani use to travel through the Turkish airlines to the countries like Ireland, UK and USA and he is having the visa for these countries, therefore there will be a great chance for that person to get a seven days transit visit visa to Turkey. The other condition to get access to the free Turkish visa is that if a person goes to Saudi Arabia with the purpose of offering Umrah and he is travelling through the Turkish airlines, then he also becomes eligible to get access to free 7 days transit visit visa to Turkey.

In both the above mentioned scenarios, the person could not be banned or his visa for turkey can’t be objected. If someone really feels himself to be eligible for 7 days free visit visa to Turkey by reading the above conditions, he can apply and obtain the visa from the Consulates of Turkey in Pakistan and you can also contact the Embassy in Islamabad Consular Section via visa drop box center named “GERRY’s Pakistan”.


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Procedure for Turkey visit visa

Procedure mentioned by Turkish government for Turkish visit visa is given here. The application process for tourism and family visa contains three main and basic steps and by following these simple steps, any Pakistani meeting the general requirements can get access to the turkey visit visa for Pakistani.

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Step 1 for Turkey visa from Pakistan

According to Turkish government In first step, the basic things are done and that is the preparation of the documents and filling of the necessary forms. These forms are submitted online. Complete the forms by entering the exact accurate information and then submit them on the portal online. Once you have done filling the forms then take the print out of the properly filled form and sign them on the certain block. Every visa applicant is required to fill in his or her CNIC number, the address and the contact information and the parent’s information completely and accurately.

  • Passport Requirements

The passport that has been submitted with the other processing to obtain the Turkish visa must be having the validity of minimum 6 months. Getting Turkey visit visa from Pakistan is not tough, neither it contains any complexities but still you have to follow the procedure step by step. The applicants for Turkey visit visa must enclose some necessary required information about them and some documents too. They involve the copy of visa, passports and the exit and entry stamps for the old and current passports.

If the nationals of some other country are resident in Pakistan and they want to obtain the Turkish visit visa must have to get resident permit in Pakistan.

  • Photographs

Turkey visa requirements for Pakistani also require two recent biometrically verified photographs of the applicant. The photographs must be with white background and they must be in the size 5 x 5.

  • Employment Record

The applicants who want to apply for the visit visa of Turkey must enclose their employment history by submitting their employment reference letter along with the other documents which are submitted to obtain the Turkish visit visa.

The reference letter of employment which needs to be submitted by the applicant must contain the name, salary, position and the duration of employment of the person. The salary slips of the last three months on the company letter head shall also be accompanied.

If the Pakistani applicant has applied for Turkish visit visa and he is a government employee then he had to submit the NOC from the relevant department. The three months slips for salary are also being enclosed.

  • Character Certificate by Police

Normally all the countries for the processing of visa application require the character certificate from the Police and same is the case with Turkey. According to the act of Foreign and International act, it is compulsory that all the foreigners need to submit a valid character certificate by the police.

  • Travel Health Insurance

All the applicants who have applied for the Turkish visa must submit a certificate showing the Insurance for Health and Travel. The insurance should cover the time period of stay of the applicant in Turkey. It must be properly stamped and could be easily verified by the company’s website.

  • Health Fitness

To obtain the visit visa from Turkey it is necessary that the applicant must require a proper valid health fitness certificate from a registered hospital or from any MBBS Doctor. The health certificate must be having the detailed description of the health condition of the applicant and also whether the applicant is fit for travelling or not. The letter must be duly stamped and signed by the doctor.

  • Polio Vaccination

The applicant must also obtain the polio vaccination certificate from any government hospital of Pakistan that must be valid for minimum one year and submit it with other documents.

  • Hotel Reservation

The hotel reservation at the time of applying for the visa is required by the applicant and the paid hotel bookings are encouraged in the visa process.

  • Flight Reservation

The flight should be priory booked and the copy of air ticket must be attached to the other documents in visa application file.

  • Bank Statements

The bank statement for the applicant’s account for minimum last three months from the date of application for the visa must be submitted along with the other documents. It must be signed by the bank officer.

  • Verification Letter

For the processing of the documents, a verification letter should also be submitted making sure that the documents and the processing are real.

  • E-Visa copy

If the visa applicant is accompanied by any people who have the E-visa for Turkey, then its copy must be attached. You have to pay Turkey visa fee for E-vias

  • Applicants under 18 Years.

The applicants under age eighteen must be having the consent letter signed by the parents along with their CNIC copy on a stamp paper. Please check Turkey visa fee for under age.

  • Family visit visa

Family must enclose a registration certificate from NADRA.

  • Important Information
  • The embassy can ask the applicant for some additional documents if needed.
  • The visa fee for Turkey is not refundable
  • Anyone who finds to be submitting any fake document may be taken for legal actions by the embassy
  • By having the visa, you don’t get an absolute right to enter Turkey.
  • Transit visa is not necessary when the person has only 24 hours of stay in Turkey.
  • To obtain the work visa for Turkey demands the applicant to apply directly to the Turkish Embassy.
  • Application sequence

Once all the documents are prepared, all the documents are to be submitted in the following order:

Step-2 submission of documents

According to Turkish government Once you have completed all the document requirements according to the above mentioned list, get the print out of the filled visa application form, take photographs and your passport. Go to the Gerry Fed EX office and get your documents submitted on the counter. You will receive a token in return keep it with you as it will be needed when you’ll go to collect your documents.

  • Visa Processing Time

Once you have submitted all your documents, the verification process will not take more than 4 days and then your application will be forwarded to the Turkish Embassy. The visa processing in Turkey takes almost 2 weeks but still it depends upon your type of visa application.

  • Visa Refusal and Turkey visa fee

If the application for visa is rejected, no explanations are given to the applicant and he have to apply again after six months.

  • Turkey visa fee for Pakistanies

Turkey visa fee:

Pay the Turkey visa fee for single entry, the fee is RS. 7,350 and for double entry it is Rs. 23,930.  For single transit the fee is 7,350 and for double transit it is 14,700. The fee for processing of visa is 37,800. Gerry’s service charges per applicant are Rs.2500. Turkey visa fee is non refundable amount and you will lost this amount if you get visa refusal.

Step-3 Taking back documents from Embassy

The last and the final step are to take your documents back from Gerry’s drop box that you once submitted for the visa processing. At the time of submission, you must have got a token submit that token back and then get your documents back from the office.

Its offices are located in almost all the cities of Pakistan including:

  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Gujranwala
  • Multan
  • Sialkot

How to obtain Canada Visit Visa Without Travel History

 Turkey visit visa Types

There are three ways in which a Pakistani can stay in Turkey mentioned by Turkish government. 

The first one is the regular Turkish visa for which the details are provided below.

Secondly, you have the e-visa option for which you are required to hold a valid visa of UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen countries. If you have it, you can apply at the evisa.gov.tr.

And lastly, you can obtain a free Turkey transit visa that allows you to stay in the country for up to 7 days. It can be obtained if you, being a Pakistani National, is travelling in Turkish Airlines to UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen countries, and have a stay at Turkey. It is free and the individuals that take trip via Turkish Airlines to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and hold a valid Umrah visa are also eligible to apply for the 7 days transit.

However, in any case, you should not be banned and your documents should not be objectionable if you are to access Turkish land.

Turkey Visit Visa requirements and process and Turkey visa fee

First of all, get the visa form from https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/ and download it. Fill all the details required and make sure that you are listing all the information correctly. Application for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan must be properly filled and correct.

Then, with your application form, you need to attach the passport copies that show first and second page of your passport. Moreover, if you have any used page on your passport with entry or exit stamp on it, you are required to attach a photocopy of that as well.

Also, attach two photographs, make sure that you get them from a studio and should be taken recently. Take a look at the documents and verify that all the documents are valid for a minimum of 6 months or 180 days.

As a Pakistani national, you have to attach your national ID card along with your visa application form.

Individuals are also required to obtain a police character certificate, which can be obtained from police stations or al-khidmat centers established in all the districts by government of Pakistan. It verifies your profile and assures that you don’t have anything wrong in the record.

When submitting the visa application, come up with a flight reservation copy and also attach a hotel reservation copy or address of the place of accommodation in Turkey.

Individuals applying for a Turkish visit visa are required to come up with an employment history. It can be a reference letter that includes your name, position, salary, and duration of employment, along with a statement that shows last three month’s salary. All the details should be listed on the letter head of the company. As for the government employees, an NOC form is must.

For visit visa, you are required to attach a travel health insurance certificate. It must cover all the stay that you have in Turkey, including your travel. The embassy may verify it from the website of the insurer.

A valid health fitness certificate is to be attached with your application which can be acquired from a registered hospital or a qualified MBBS doctor. The certificate must be stamped and signed by the doctor.

Apart from the above, other important documents include the polio vaccination certificate, bank statements for last three months, consent letter for verification of documents, students with a signed letter from relevant college or university, and person travelling with a parent having letter of consent from other parent.

Final words for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan

So, these are Turkey visit visa form Pakistanis. For further details, you visit https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/VisaInfo/Index. Here, you will have visa requirements, Turkey visa fee information, and other necessary stuff that you might want to check before applying for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan.

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Steps to Follow to Obtain US Visa with Sponsor Letter

us visa

It seems very irrational that someone could get Visit visa for USA without having any travel history in past. But this thing happens a lot of time and it is no more irrational or unusual. There are a lot of people who travel for the first time and in first attempt they are able to get US Visa with sponsor letter. If someone really wants to get the visa for US without having any traveling history, then he must have to get complete idea about the types and categories of US visit visa. For visitors, there could be two basic categories for traveling to US on visit visa and those two categories are mentioned below:

To learn complete USA visa application process, visit this post: How to Obtain USA Visit Visa with NO Travel History | Application form


US visit visa US Visa with Sponsor Letter

Visit Visa for USA is the visa which is granted by the embassy of US in any country which is like a permit for the person to have a visit to USA. The visa granted by the US embassy is given to the applicant in two categories, different from each other.

The categories of visa issued by the US embassy are mentioned as follows:

  • B-1 visit visa
  • B-2 visit visa

B-1 Visit Visa

type of visit visa is granted for the business purposes. People who want to visit US for business purposes need to apply for B-2 category of visit visa. They must be having the business invitation which represents their purpose of visiting US.

B-2 Visit Visa

The second category is B-2 visit visa and you need to apply for this visa if you want to visit US for tourism, family event or for any sort of medical treatment. Normally what happens is, both the categories of visa are issued to the applicants for the combined purposes, like the people who have availed the business purpose visa can also enjoy visiting several places and could visit to their friends and family living in the US.

Why to apply for B-1 US visa?

The B-1 visit visa for visiting US requires no travel history from the applicant. This category of visa is obtained by the people when the travel they want to do is for business purpose. Such purposes may include consultations with several business clients and associates, attend any business, professional, educational and scientific meeting, to do the negotiation of any contract or for settlement of an estate. For all these purposes, a person has to apply for the B-2 category of visit visa for US.

This would be the appropriate and suitable category of visa for the applicant. So for the people who don’t have any traveling recording in the past should better be applying for the B-1 category of visit visa as there are much chances for the applicant to obtain this category of visa. Applying for B-1 visa type doesn’t assure the applicant of getting visa but it depends totally on the US visa application.

How to apply for B-1 US Visa?

It is very simple and easy to apply for the B-1 type of visit visa. The process doesn’t involve any complexities and is easily understandable by almost all the types of applicants. Anyone around the globe can apply for the B-1 type of visit visa for US.  Basically B-1 visa don’t need any travel history so the application process for the B-1 category of visit visa for US would be discussed here. Whenever you plan to apply for the visit visa for US, you must have idea about the location of nearest US embassy to you.

Applicants who want to apply for visit US visa should apply to the nearest US embassy so that there would be no problem in visiting the US embassy whenever needed. The applicant must apply for the visit visa in advance so that he may not have to face any problems near to the date of departure.

To know the complete visa application requirements, please visit this post: US Tourist Visa Requirements


The procedure of applying for both of the categories of visa is almost the same. The required documents presented to the embassy along with the visa application differs in both categories depending upon the type of visa which the person is applying for. Below mentioned is the complete procedure for applying for the B1 visa category to obtain a visit visa for US.


  • Obtain an invitation letter

The basic requirement to apply for the B1 US Visa category of visit visa for the US is to obtain an invitation letter from any trusted sponsor of US. That letter is actually an invitation to you from any registered business based organization of USA. In case if you are applying for B1 visit visa, you need to get a business letter from a registered business firm. After getting the letter, you can now apply for the B1 visa type. Sometimes you need to contact or hire any agency to get business invitation from a trusted registered organization. WSL Consultants also helping to obtain trusted invitation letter from US sponsors.


  • Fill the Application form

The application starts processing when you fill in the application form to obtain visa. The application form which you need to fill properly is DS-160. The form is to be filled online and is also called as Online Non immigrant Visa Application form. Filling the application form is the very first step in processing of the application. Once you have filled in the application form online, get the print out of the confirmation page which pops up to the screen when you have applied. Bring the printout along with you in your interview in the US embassy in your home country.

  • Make payment to US Embassy

Once you have applied online for the visa, the next step comes when you have to pay the fee for applying for the visa. The fees which usually the applicants pay while applying for the B1 visa category is normally non-refundable. When the applicant is filling the DS-160 form online, he will get the visit fee deposit slip which the applicant has to pay and submit the bank’s copy too to any branch of Allied bank in Pakistan. The fee submission and its process is exactly the same for other countries like in Pakistan. The fee which the applicant has to pay for getting the visa application in process is 160 US $. You can also get the help of any consultant to guide you about the process.

  • Schedule your interview

Once you have deposited the fee for B-1 US visa for US, now it is the time for you to schedule your appointment for the interview with the US embassy. While you are scheduling your appointment for the interview with the US embassy, you need to have the following mentioned information with you:

  • Your passport number
  • The receipt number which is mentioned on the visa fee deposit slip.
  • The barcode based on 10 digits which you have received from the confirmation page when you have filled in the application form.


  • Prepare the documents

While you have planned the interview schedule, it is the time for you to get those documents prepared which you will need in the interview. There are some specific documents which will highly be needed by you in order to make your case strong. These documents are the ones which raise your chances of getting access to the US Visit visa. Generally the documents which you should prepare to take along with you in the interview are as follows:

  • You need to take the confirmation form along with you which contains the readable barcode based on 10 digits that you receive when you’ve applied online by filling DS-160 form.
  • You must be having your current passport size photograph with you that should not be older than 6 months from the date of interview. The photograph should be with white background.
  • Your US ticket and hotel booking slip if required in the interview.
  • Business invitation letter that has been sent to you by a trusted business organization in US.
  • The other documents which are required in the interview may include the business documents, bank statements and letter and the other supporting documents.
  • Interview day

To know the complete procedure for USA visa application visit this post: US Visa: US Visa Application Procedure & Check US Visa Status

Interview Day

On the day for interview, be at the US embassy on time. Don’t be late from the said time and date. You must have the photocopy of the appointment letter you have got and all the other mentioned documents in the pre mentioned point. The application without anyone of these documents will be regarded as rejected.

The wait time for every application is different and varies from person to person. The applicants who submit their application prior to the date of booking are encouraged as compared to those who apply comparatively late. Wait times for the interview can be long as well as short and the processing time differs according to the application type.

Other than the documents, a digital fingerprint scan would also be needed by the embassy. There could be some applications which may include further processing which needs extra time after the interview has been done by the Embassy officer.

Further Instructions:

The other things which are important for you to keep in mind while you are applying for US visa involves the following:


  • When it is your interview, reach minimum half an hour before the scheduled time of the interview. By planning this smartly, you could keep yourself safe from any issues.
  • The interview is generally simple and it doesn’t involve any complexities. Normally the questions are focused on the reason of your visit to US and the evaluation of the answers you give that whether you will return to Pakistan or not.
  • In most of the cases, your US visa status is informed to you in the interview in the case if it is rejected.
  • If in the interview the Embassy Officer keeps your passport, you will be asked to wait until the administration process is completed. Once the process is done, it will be sent to the American Express Office of the city mentioned by you.
  • Normally the time period given to the visa applicants is of 10 days. This time period is given to them for the issuance of visa after they have applied for the US visit visa.

Other scenarios

In some cases, most of the applicants want to know about their chances of getting the visit visa for US. In the situations like that it becomes tough for them to predict the outcomes. For the people like that there could be some ways to increase the chances of getting US visit visa without having any proper travel history.


Being a job holder doesn’t guarantee that you will get your visit visa to the US issues. The immigration officers check a lot of things regarding your job and employment. Those things which are highly noticed by the immigration officer may including the duration of your previous and current job, the type of job you are doing currently and which you have done in past.

The immigration also wants to have your income proof of your current job. The other things which are important to be measured by the immigration officer include your expected stay in the US. The applicants who have planned to stay for a long time may have to face more questions by the immigration officer than that of those who have applied for short trips.

The nature of your job and the reasons behind your travel to US are considered by the officers. You need to submit the salary statements and the certified leave document to the immigration officers so that they can better evaluate your visa application.

Family Obligations

Some people apply for the US visit visa to fulfill their family obligations. Such applicants need to submit their applications attached with the official documents that shows their family relationships and the other important documents presenting the medical conditions of any independent family member or any other legal document which shows the family obligation of the applicant for which he is applying for US visit visa.

Property and assets

People who have property or any personal asset in US have more chances to get visa. They need to attach the legal documents along with the visa application submitted to the embassy.

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Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan | Apply Now

canada visit visa

Canada Visit Visa  or Canada visit visa from Pakistan is the same thing. Actually visit visa for Canada is a visit permit which is issued by Canadian embassy to visit Canada. The aim to visit Canada may be tourism and business or both. A Canada visit visa is also called Canada guest visa or Canadian Impermanent Occupant Visa (TVR). The Canada visit visa is issued maximum for 6 months.

Visit Visa for Canada are of two types:

  • Single Entry visa
  • Multiple Entry visa

Both the visas are for a limited period and can't be utilized after they terminate. Do you wish to apply for visit visa for Canada for Tourism / Visit Friends and Family or to attend Business meetings or conference in Canada? Please contact us for our professional services.

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 A Single Entry Visa enables the visa holder to enter Canada just once. After the visa holder leaves Canada, with the exception of going to the Assembled States and St. Pierre and Miquelon, he or she will require another visa to enter Canada once again. In the event that the visitor is flying out to the Unified States (counting its Domains and Belonging) or St. Pierre and Miquelon, he or she won't require another guest visa to come back to Canada.

A numerous passage visa enables a guest to go back and forth from Canada for a half year on end, without having to reapply each time. The various passage visa can be legitimate for up to 10 years, or multi month before the visa holder's travel permit terminates, whichever happens prior.

canada visit visa from pakistan

Criteria for Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan

So as to meet the qualification criteria for a visit visa for Canada from Pakistan, you should demonstrate to the migration experts the accompanying things:

  • You have a legitimate international Passport
  • You are healthy
  • You have the money related assets implies required to pay for your costs while in Canada
  • You have a home outside Canada and other restricting ties that will guarantee your arrival home after your visit to Canada
  • You intend to stay in Canada for a particular and restricted time frame
  • You plan to leave Canada toward the finish of your visit
  • You have no expectation to look for or attempt business while in Canada
  • You have no criminal record
  • You don't represent a security chance
  • You consent to maintain the traditions that must be adhered to
  • You might be required to experience a medicinal examination

Steps to take to apply for Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan

Please check Canada visa application requirement before you apply for Canada visitor visa, read finish data on the visa/allow prerequisites on the CIC site to make sure that you are qualified for the same. When you are certain that you are qualified for application, you can proceed with the accompanying strategy:

Stage 1: Determine how to apply for Canada visa

To apply for Canada visa there are different ways to apply. You can apply in both of the two different ways for a vacationer visa.

Apply Online – To apply online you ought to approach a charge card and a scanner or camera keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to make electronic duplicates of your supporting archives. For online application you can click here.

Apply on paper – To apply on paper download the application shape for your visa and the significant agenda and take after the means specified beneath.

Stage 2: Fill out the vacationer visa application shape

Read the direction manage and precisely top off the application shape. Note that the finished application must incorporate the standardized tag page. Your application might be returned or declined on the off chance that you don't give all the asked for data, reports and charges.

Stage 3: Pay the Canada visa fees

The next step is to pay the Canada visa fees. These are the expenses for your visa application. Expenses must be paid through bank draft or confirmed check. You should allude to the expense plan for current charges and bank draft subtle elements. Note that you should check this site page again just before paying for the most recent data on visa application expenses. To know more about Canada visa fees you have to check the Canadian immigration website.

Canada visa fees for Pakistani

  • If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of CAD $85 (per person) / CAD $170 (for a family of 2 or more)/ CAD $255 (for a group of performing artists of 3 or more) covers the CVAC service charge for Package Transmission, with the exception of the following instances:
    • For any subsequent submissions of passport and/or documents after the initial package transmission, applicants will be required to pay the Package Transmission fee every time this request is made through the VAC.
    • Applicants who submit their passport or documents at a different VAC from the one where they initially provided their biometrics, the Package Transmission fees will apply.
    • If no package is transmitted at the time of biometric enrollment (when the application has been submitted on line), the initial package transmission is included in the fee of CAD $85 for biometric enrollment and package transmission.
  • All applicants who are submitting paper applications (with or without biometrics) will need to pay the Assisted Service – Paper Application fee
  • If you do not need to provide biometrics and you are submitting your passport, documents, or both at the VAC, the Package Transmission fee will apply.

Stage 4: Visit neighborhood Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC)

Visit your neighborhood Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC). Make sure to convey your travel permit, photos, finished structures and every single supporting record according to agenda and CIC charge instrument and installment directions.

Stage 5: Submit over your application shape

At the CVAC present your finished application and pay your administration charges. You will get a receipt. This receipt will contain your exceptional following number which is important to track the advance of your application on the web. You will likewise be required to give your biometrics.

Stage 6: Track your application on the web

Utilizing the novel following number, track your application on the web.

Augmentation of Canada Tourist Visa The Canada visitor visa can be extended by the Government of Canada. To stretch out the visa you have to apply for the augmentation 30 days before the expiry of the first visa.

Required Fees for Canada Tourist Visa

Visa Fees for Single Entry – CAD 100

Visa Fees for Multiple Entry – CAD 100

Expansion of Canada Tourist Visa (transitory occupant) – CAD 100


Your application charge won't be discounted if your visa application is can't.

The transformation into Indian money depends on current change rates which may change.

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