UET, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore


University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore was established in 1961 as West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology by upgrading Mughalpura Technical College, established in 1921. Its more familiar name of the pre-University era, the Maclagan Engineering College was given to it in 1923 when Sir Edwards Maclagan, the then Governor of Punjab laid down the foundations of the building, now called the Main Block. UET Lahore therefore is the oldest engineering education institution of the country. In 1961 the University had four engineering degree programs. The University now has twenty engineering degree programs and an equal number of Postgraduate and PhD programs. The faculties and the laboratories have been providing services like consulting, design and testing to other organizations including State Sectors, commercial organizations and education sector.

How to Get Admissions in UET:

Admissions I UET opens annually and it is based on a test that is taken by the university itself named ECAT and it offers almost 3000 engineering seats across Punjab and Pakistan. It is the basic requirement to apply and get admission in UET. ECAT is also applicable is many other universities of Pakistan like BZU Multan, Islamia University Bahawalpur and some private sector universities as well. In ECAT each MCQS contains 4 marks and they do negative marking of 1 number as well.

More details about the Admission process can be seen here in detail http://admission.uet.edu.pk/Modules/EntryTest/Default.aspx 

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Faculties in UET:

Currently UET is offering

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechatronics and Control Engineering
  • Faculty of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Management
  • Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Research
  • Faculty of Architectural Engineering and Design
  • Faculty of Chemical and Material Sciences
  • Faculty of Polymer Engineering
  • Faculty of Metallurgical and Material Engineering
  • Faculty of Mining Engineering
  • Faculty of City and Regional Planning
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities and Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Management Sciences

More Details of Faculties and Departments of UET and how to Contact and Who to Contact can be seen in this Link http://uet.edu.pk/contacts/contactsinfo/index.html?RID=about_uet_contacts

UET Campuses:

Currently UET has 4 campuses discussed as following.

 Faisalabad Campus

Faisalabad campus was established in 2004 at Khurianwala,Mukkuuana road Faisalabad which is the industrial hub of Pakistan. Currently enrolled students in this campus is 825. It has a total area of 209 Acres.

More details about the campus can be seen here


Faisalabad campus has following departments…

  • Department of Electrical, Telecom and Electronics
  • Department of Mechanical Mechatronics
  • Department of Chemical and polymer engineering
  • Department of Basic sciences and Humanities
  • Department of advancement of textile engineering

 UET Kala Shah Kaku Campus

Kala Shah Kaku campus was built in 2006. It has a total area of 313 Acres. Currently enrolled students are 1212.

More details about the campus can be seen here http://www.uet.edu.pk/campus?RID=info&campus_id=2

 UET Narowal Campus

It was established in 2012, it has a total area of 200 Acres. Currently enrolled students are 441.

More details about the campus can be seen here

 UET Rachna College of Engineering and Technology

It was established in 2003 but later it was developed as Rachna College of Engineering and Technology in 2007. It has a total area of 73 Acres and number of currently enrolled students is 652.

More details about the campus can be seen here


 Scholarships Offered In UET:

There are a number of scholarships, Fellowships and Need based Assistance loans are offered for the students in University of Engineering and Technology. These are some of the following scholarships offered in UET.

  • Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)
  • HEC Need Based Scholarship
  • Pakistan Engineering Congress
  • NICT Scholarship
  • Umar Aftab Memorial Trust Scholarship
  • DIYA
  • Gurmani Foundation Scholarship
  • Lahore Chamber of Commerce
  • Ikan and Progressive Intl
  • IC Quest G Haider Scholarship
  • Anjuman e Khawateen
  • Coca Cola Scholarship
  • The 66 UET QarzeHasana Scheme (“The Scheme” Scholarship)
  • Social Welfare Activities Scholarship
  • Ashraf Siddiqui Scholarship
  • IEP Scholarship
  • Fatima Group Scholarship
  • Kakyzai Association Pakistan
  • Kamran Educational Foundation
  • Abdul Wahab Foundation Scholarship for the Needy Students
  • Bari Khalil Scholarship
  • Datto Mohammad Saed&DattinSardarAkhtarSaed Scholarship
  • Fiaz Scholarship
  • Ali Abbas Asghar Scholarship
  • Fauji Fertilizer co (FFC)
  • I U Khan Durrani and Begum Hamida Khan Durrani Scholarship
  • KhawajaRafiqShaheed Foundation Scholarship
  • Nasir Usman Scholarship
  • Placement Bureau Sch
  • Zenab Bashir Scholarship
  • ZenabHabib Scholarship
  • ZubaidaHabib Scholarship
  • SENSE Scholarship and Fellowship
  • Quraishi Foundation Scholarship
  • Mubarak A Mian Scholarship
  • Qurshi Foundation Limited
  • EngIrfan Scholarship
  • HumayunMushtaq Foundation Scholarships and Loans

 Why Study at UET?

Here I am about to discuss the reasons why one should opt to go for UET. According to me UET is the institution providing quality based high class education is the field of Engineering, Technology, Development and Advancement. Professors and lecturers, ideologists and philosophers, politicians and businessmen, some of the most successful in the country and the world, are always present in UET’s auditoriums to inspire models and open visions for each and every one of you.

In July 2011, UET was ranked 1st by the German company CHE University Ranking.

More than 90%

of the UET students are employed. UET students and graduates are the most wanted in the labor market. That is because UET politics follow the development and promotion of each student. In support of the career orientation center there are also eight boards with member personalities and leaders from some of the largest public and private institutions, companies and businesses in the country which get together on a regular basis and contribute with valuable advice, propositions, and suggestions.

15,000 m2

is UETs’ campus size which includes 12,000 m2 of service buildings. The campus includes modern auditoriums (lecture halls), labs, the library, and various service areas like the photocopy copy room, internet room, bar and restaurant, parking lot, and the garden park.

Over 10,000

Students have chosen to study in UET. Year by year we have become a point of reference in higher education, due to our academic staff’s reliability and dedication, to the transformation of our auditoriums in research and discussion labs, to the active participation in the life of the country, to our contribution in ideas and visions for development and social welfare, to the achievements and successful experiences of our former students.

In UET Network,

There are more than 2400 former graduates employed now in private companies, public institutions, nonprofits, or who have taken the initiative for self-employment. Through “UET ALUMNI”, they keep in contact and foster relationships with the graduates. As they still consider them as one of their most precious assets. “UET ALUMNI” and UET staff meet periodically, willing to help and support one another.

About 5%

of the students who have graduated in the first cycle of studies in UET have applied in the best universities abroad and have managed to earn a place in them. With the European credit transfer system it is possible to transfer studies in universities of other countries, in Europe or beyond, as well as the recognition of the diploma. The “UET Diploma” is a guarantee for more.

UET in Tirana

Due to its geographical position and its building structure UET is an opportunity for everyone. All those who love the noise and entertainment that Tirana offers can simply use the system of public transportation (the bus stations of the two main traveling lines are close by), taxies (numerous as soon as you get out of the building), or they can walk on foot walking for a few minutes to reach one of the many popular areas for the youth: the Bloc and its numerous café-bars; a very good opportunity to spend study-free weekends or just to and relax. For a more enriching spiritual experience Tirana offers many museums and galleries as well as various touristic destinations. Many websites can help you to make the right choice.

More than 100

Internal professors are part of the academic staff, of which more than 50 hold at least the Dr. title, 20 have PhDs, and 10 the Prof. Dr. title. UET’s professors are well-known personalities with distinguished status in their field. Many of them come from teaching in famous western universities.

For Financial Support,

UET follows a policy of fees which is oriented and encourages excellent students. Every year 300 scholarships are awarded on Excellence, Social Promotion, and Talent & Leadership. Through negotiations with the banking system UET simplifies the procedure of getting zero-interest student loans.

Vivacious Student Life

Every Each week in UET is organizing dozens of extracurricular activities, from open lectures with famous lecturers to the various sporting events. Depending on the interests of your field of study you can register in one of the many student clubs in UET, you can become part of the traveling trips organized in and out of the country; you can participate in various parties or celebrations, or be the one initiating and organizing them. All you need to do is to pay attention and read the many notifications posted in UET campus halls, as well have an appetite and passion for them.

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Punjab University Registration, Admission and Results 2017

punjab university

Punjab University (PU) is the oldest and most respected higher educational institute of Pakistan. This institute has been the main hub of Pakistan’s education system. PU is a government research university and its main campus is located in the city of Lahore. Lahore is one of the biggest and most advance city of Pakistan where there is no shortage of universities some even ranked globally. However, Punjab University is the most highlighted, popular and favorite of all. Punjab University follows the motto of great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah that is:

“Faith, Unity and Discipline”

If you have read Pakistan’s history then you must know that there used to be British rule in this region. During that reign British government established this institute for higher education in 1882.There are currently over 40,000 students studying in this institute in different programs and there are also over 1 Lac students enrolled and studying in off-campus programs. According to Wikipedia, they have an academic staff off 730.

Every year hundreds of thousands of student from all over the Pakistan apply in PU for admission but not everyone is lucky enough to become a part of this institute as its merit can be pretty competitive. Two of PU associated scholars have been awarded Nobel Prize that is highest award of all in the world.In this article discussed points are:

  1. Punjab University Campuses
  2. PU Vice Chancellor
  3. PU Affiliated Colleges and Sub-Campuses
  4. Departments, Colleges and Institutes in PU
  5. PU Student Hall of Residence
  6. How to Apply for Admission at PU
  7. Faculty of PU
  8. PU Offered Scholarships
  9. Contacts and Address

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Punjab University Main Campus:

Main campus of PU is located in Lahore. It is a huge campus of 7.2 kilometers making it largest institute of Pakistan. It is a beautiful campus with a great number of departments, institute and colleges inside it. Most of the campus is covered in green and you will find a lot of great places to sit in peace or hang around with friends. There are actually two PU campuses in Lahore named:

  1. AllamaIqbal Campus
  2. Quaid-i-Azam Campus

Campus that British built was AllamaIqbal campus now also referred to as old campus.It is located in the area of Lahore called Anarkali. Later second campus was built in the same city near Canal. This second campus was named Quaid-i-Azam Campus and today it is the huge main campus of prestigious Punjab Univeristy.

PU Vice Chancellor:

Chancellor of Punjab University and all government universities in the province of Punjab is the Governor of Punjab. Main governing authority of PU is the Vice Chancellor that is appointed on great merit of education and scholarly achievements. Current Vice Chancellor of Punjab University is the great scholar Dr. ZaffarMueenNasar. He is a well-known economist and educationistwith over 33years of experience in education,teaching,research and education management.

PU Affiliated Colleges and Sub-Campuses:

Other than its two campuses in Lahore, PU also has 3 more Sub-Campuses in different cities of Punjab and many affiliated colleges.Other three campuses are located in:

  1. Khanaspur
  2. Gujranwala
  3. Jhelum

There are hundreds of colleges affiliated with Punjab University. Here see complete List of PU Affiliated Colleges.

 PU Faculties:

As Punjab University have to secure the title of most Respected and biggest university of Pakistan, it has developed almost every faculty that is to play a role in the education of its student. There are currently 12 faculties in Punjab University.

  1. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  2. Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Commerce
  4. Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  7. Faculty of Islamic Studies
  8. Faculty of Law
  9. Faculty of Life-Sciences
  10. Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  11. Faculty of Oriental Learning
  12. Faculty of Pharmacy

PU Student Hall of Residence:

To home a big population of students from all over the Pakistan, PU is also provides the facility of Hall of Residence for its students. Its student Halls of Residence are located inside the main campus. In these Halls there are hundreds of dormitories (small rooms) where 2 to 3 live in each.All basic needs like electricity, internet and mess is provided to students. There are total 28 Halls for male students and 11 Halls for female students. There are about 7,000 students living in these Halls. Also you can visit UET.

Admission Procedure at PU:

In order to get admission in Punjab University, you will most probably have to take part in a test first. They had association with NTS for entry tests before but now they no longer acquire their services. You can get admission form at the campus you can download it. After filling the admission, it has to be submitted at the campus with the admission fees. Please check more detail for admission in Punjab University.

Here is PU Fee Structure for Foreigner Students



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BZU (Bahauddin Zakariya University) Programs and Admissions


Multan is one of the Pakistan’s most educated cities and home to a lot of universities and colleges. Multan has been a hub of education for many centuries started by the good saints. Multan is also called the “City of Saints”. A few centuries ago, some saints started the noble task of spreading education to every common man and woman. One of most illuminating name among the saints is Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya. He was not only a great saint but was also big Muslim scholar who initiated the first higher educational institute in theology in Multan back in 1200 AD.

Of all the colleges and universities in Multan, the biggest, most popular and top ranked institute was established in 1975by Punjab Legislative Assembly. It was named “University of Multan”, however, that name did not last for longer and was changed in 1979. It was then named “Bahauddin Zakariya University”, paying tribute to above mentioned GreatSaint.
Today, Bahauddin Zakariya University is one of Pakistan’s top higher educational institutes. It is government research university with the motto of “Knowledge is Power”. Its main campus is located in Multan with few Sub-Campuses in different cities of Punjab,mentioned below in Sub Campuses Section.There are currently over 27,000 students enrolled in this institute.As education supports the rights of females, this university is a perfect example for gender equality in Pakistan with 50% of its students being Female.

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BZU, Bahauddin Zakariya University is one Pakistan’s only 3 universities that are ranked globally by Times Higher Education.In the 2016 university ranking of Times Higher Education, BZU was ranked among top 800 institutes in the world. BZU is also honored with the position of one of the largest universities in Pakistan, to be precise, 5th largest university of Pakistan. In the latest ranking by Higher Education Commissionof Pakistan, BZU was ranked 8th best university of Pakistan. This university is also recognized by HEC and PEC and holds many other affiliations. In this article, the chief discussed headings are:

  1. BZU Main Campus
  2. BZU Vice Chancellor
  3. BZU Affiliated Colleges and Sub-Campuses
    1. BZU Lahore Campus
    2. BZU DG Khan Campus
  4. Departments, Colleges and Institutes in BZU
  5. BZU Student Hall of Residence
    1. Halls of Residence for Male Students
    2. Halls of Residence for Female Students
  6. How to Apply for Admission

1 -   BZU Main Campus

Main campus of BZU is located in the city of Multan. It is huge campus of 4.8 kilometers of which about 3.8 kilometer is completely covered with many buildings and is properly used. BZU Multan is a beautiful green campus despite its huge size. There are hundreds of trees, plants and decorated flowers with numerous fountains. The best about BZU is its well-maintained campus.You have an army of security guards in there and places to park everywhere. There are two big Mosques in the campus in addition to every Hall of Residence with its own little mosque inside the building. For the transportation of its students and staff, there is fleet of over 30 buses and 3 coaches called “Routes” and “Shuttles” that run inside and outside the campus on specified routes.

The first sight you get is of two huge Entrances with gates and dozens of security guards. After that is long two sided clean roads with many plants and trees between and side of the roads.All of the buildings are very attractive and established in their own style. You will find places to sit all around the campus. Other than well-constructed roads there is grass everywhere with the shadows of trees. There are over 40 cafeterias and book shops in the campus with everything available you could possibly need. There are also bakeries in the campus. You can also find branches of most prominent banks there.

Check How to Pass BISE Multan

2 -   University Vice Chancellor

Just like any other government university the Chancellor of BZU is Governor of Punjab. The whole institute comes under the supervision of Vice Chancellor. Current Vice Chancellor of BZU, as of 2017, is respected and highly educated scholar Dr. TahirAmeen. TahirAmeen is political scientist and one of Pakistan’s most educated scholars.He is working hard day and night to make BZU the finest of institute. If we talk about education and degrees, there is a lot to count.

He first did his MSc. From Quaid-i-Azam University(One of Pakistan’s top institutes)in 1976.

After that he went to Canada to study Masters in International Relations from CarletonUniversity(One of Canada’s top institutes)which completedin 1978.

He won a Faisal King Scholarship and went to United States of America for his PhD in Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)which, by the way, has always been one of world’s top5  institutes and currently at the top of the list.

He didn’t stop there and then won a Fulbright Scholarship to work on Research Project from Harvard Universityanother one of world’s top 5 universities.

He was also a Visiting Fellow at Brown University and Harvard University.From 1997 to 2001, he was the Iqbal Chair at Cambridge University in England, also one of top 5 universities in world.

He has many globally recognized publications and is member of many educational board of various Pakistani and foreign universities.

3 -   BZU Affiliated Colleges and Sub Campuses:

BZU has 222 affiliated colleges in different cities of Punjab, mostly located in Punjab. If I am to name each of them, it will cover the whole page. So, here is link for List of All Affiliated Colleges.You can get admission in any of these colleges and study under the supervision of BZU main campus.

Other than above mentioned affiliated colleges, BZU also has some Sub-Campuses in different cities of Punjab some of which are now closed by the main administrative board of BZU Multan.These Sub-Campuses are/were:

  1. BZU Sub-Campus, Sahiwal
  2. BZU Sub-Campus, Layyah
  3. BZU Sub-Campus, Vehari
  4. BZU Sub-Campus, Lahore (Closed)
  5. BZU Sub-Campus, D.G Khan (Closed)

BZU Sub-Campus Lahore

Founded in 2013 by former BZU VC Dr. KhawajaAlqama with private-public partnership, BZU Lahore Campus is now closed. The year it opened, it received a great response from the students of Lahore and enrolled about 2,000 students in different programs. However, later there came some affiliation, registration and proper permission issues. There was also corruption charge in this case. After three years of fooling, playing with student’s future and earning hundreds of millions of rupees, KhawajaAlqama retired.

After many strikes, processions of courts and hard struggle of students of BZU Lahore campus, the new and current VC TahirAmeen decided to close the Lahore campus and shift all students except DPT and Technologydepartmentto Multan campus.However, nothing was charged against powerful character like Private Investor MuneerBhatti and former VC KhawajaAlqama behind this enormous fraud. Instead student were blamed on this why did they become their prey. Lahore Campus is still functioning with a few of students who couldn’t move to Multan but it is said that after passing them out, it will be permanently closed.

BZU Sub-Campus, D.G Khan

DeraGhazi Khan campus of BZU, also faced somewhat similar circumstance and was forced closed in the end. However, that campus is still functioning as Ghazi University.It was changed in 2014.

4 -   Departments, Colleges and Institutes in BZU

There are 51 departments, colleges and institutes in BZU Multan each with its own building, administration and faculty. BZU Multan offers a wide range of courses for all students. Each course falls under the category of some department. Each department is built in its own unique way and is managed by its own management. Every department has an appointed teacher as Chairman which biggest authority in a department. Following is a complete list of all departments, colleges and institutes in BZU Multan.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  1. School of Economics
  2. Department of Education
  3. Institute of Social Sciences
  4. Department of Criminology
  5. Department of History
  6. Department of Gender Studies
  7. Department of Pakistan Studies
  8. Department of Geography
  9. Department of Political Science
  10. Department of Inter personal Relations
  11. Department of Communication Studies
  12. Department of Sociology
  13. Department of Applied Psychology
  14. Department of Philosophy
  15. Department of Sports Sciences
  16. Multan College of Arts

Faculty of Islamic Studies and Languages

  1. Department of Arabic
  2. Department of Islamic Studies
  3. Islamic Research Centre (IRC)
  4. Department of Urdu
  5. Department of English
  6. Saraiki Area Study Centre (SASC)

Faculty of Science

  1. Institute of Chemical Sciences
  2. Centre for Advanced Studies in Pure and Applied Mathematics
  3. Institute of Computing
    1. Department of Computer Science
    2. Department of Information Technology
    3. Department of Telecommunication Systems
  1. Department of Physics
  2. Department of Statistics
  3. Institute of Pure and Applied Biology
  4. Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  5. Department of Biochemistry
  6. Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Commerce, Law and Business Administration

  1. Institute of Management Sciences (IMS)
  2. Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF)
  3. Department of Commerce
  4. Bahauddin Zakariya University Gillani Law College

Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Department of Pharmacy

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

  1. Department of Pathobiology
  2. Department of Biosciences
  3. Department of Clinical Sciences
  4. Department of Livestock and Poultry Productions

 Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  1. University College of Engineering and Technology
  2. Department of Civil Engineering
  3. Department Of Electrical Engineering
  4. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  5. Department of Building and Architectural Engineering
  6. Department of Computer Engineering
  7. Bahauddin Zakariya University College of Textile Engineering
  8. Institute of Advanced Materials

5 -   Student Halls of Residence

Bahauddin Zakariya University has many residence blocks inside the campus where faculty members can live. Students who come from outside the city or from abroad, always need a place to live within the city of the university. A great proportion of students come from rural areas or other cities in every university. Same is the case with BZU Multan. Students from all around the Pakistan can be found here. For their convenience, BZU has established Halls of Residence within the campus where students can live.

In the Halls of Residence in BZU, about 2 – 3 students live in one room. Each room has a window for air and is equipped withlights, a fan and a closet.In addition, they have every facility that a student can need including electricity, mess and internet connection. These dormitories are also not very expensive and can be easily afforded. There are separate Halls for female and male students.These Halls are built at such positions that they are a little on the side from departmental and yet on walking distance from the department. If you are Law student, you will be assigned to a Hall that is near Law College.

BZU Halls of Residence for Male Students

  1. Abu Bakar Hall
  2. Umer Hall
  3. Usman Hall
  4. Hamza Hall
  5. Ali Hall
  6. Qasim Hall
  7. Abdul SattarEdhi Hall

BZU Halls of Residence for Female Students

  1. Fatima Hall
  2. Marium Hall
  3. Ayesha Hall
  4. Amina Hall
  5. Zainab Hall
  6. Khadija Hall
  7. Hajra Hall

6 -   How to Apply for Admission in BZU

Usually, you are supposed to buy a Prospectus from the university which has an admission form attached to it. Which is then submitted to the department you are applying for. To get admission in BZU

  • You should visit the campus where you wish to study.
  • Find your department
  • Go to information office
  • Get a prospectus
  • Fill and submit it

However, you can now download the prospectus and admission form. Then fill the admission form and submit it. All the required documents and instructions are mentioned on the admission form.

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Quaid e Azam University, Fee Structure, Admissions and Scholarships

Quaid e Azam UniversityThe quality of a university is measured more by the kind of student it creates than the kind it takes into its fold. These are the benchmarks of its quality in the long run. Quaid e Azam University (QAU) Islamabad is not only top university of Pakistan, but also an international seat of higher education learning, advancement, intellectual contribution that has illuminated the human minds and broadened the vision during last fifty years. Quaid e Azam University (previously known as Islamabad University) was established in 1967 through an Act of National Assembly.


 Diploma, Graduate and Master Degree Programs
For More Information ..

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Since then it has been producing post graduates and doctors through PhD and MPhil programs. It was, however, decided later on to offer Master’s, graduate, and now undergraduate programs. It has established educational links with some of the world’s best universities from Europe to South Asia and United States. It also has links or partnerships with the international educational and research institutions like UNESCO, IRSIP, Agencia Eapanole de Cooperation International (Spain) etc. these institutes collaborate their research activities with Quaid e Azam university. So many members of the faculty of the university have been working in the international universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Heidelberg etc. earning awards like International Peace Award from Brussels by representing Pakistan.

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and Get Admission without IELTS

This prestigious institution of higher education learning is celebrating its 50th year of establishment. During last fifty years, the university, for its international repute, faculty and programs attracted a large number of foreign students although it offered admission to a measured number of students from all regions of the country. Being a sole federal public sector university, admission in the university is offered as per federal government quota policy. Due to this unique characteristic, it is not only a dynamic place of learning but also reflects social diversity and rich culture of Pakistan through syncretic nature of students coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The university is a mirror of Pakistan at microcosmic level.

The top-notch faculty is real asset of this top ranked university of Pakistan who are alumni of top ranked universities of the world. Recently two faculty members have been nominated for these accolades another feather in its cap. So far, QAU has produced 1,221 PhDs, 8,464 M.Phil and 27,793 M.Sc students both in natural and social sciences. Most of the alumni of QAU are rendering valuable services at important positions in Pakistan as well as abroad. The old graduates still state their stay at QAU campus and their interaction with the qualified faculty as the best part of their life.

 Faculties and Departments

  1. Faculty of Natural Sciences
  2. Faculty of Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Biological Sciences
  4. Faculty of Medical Sciences

 Departments in Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Chemistry
  • Computer
  • Earth Sciences
  • Electronics
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/natural-sciences/

 Departments in Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Management Sciences
  • Anthropology, Sociology
  • Linguistics, Defense & Strategic Studies
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Law

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/social-sciences/

Departments in Faculty of Biological Sciences  

  • Bioinformatics
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine
  • Biotechnology

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/biological-sciences/

 Departments in Medical Sciences

  • Shifa College of Medicine
  • Al Shifa eye trust
  • Federal Medical and Dental College
  • Federal Post Graduate Medical College
  • Health Services Academy

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/faculty-of-medicine-affiliated/

Facilities Provided by QAU

While Quaid e Azam University is one of the best universities in Pakistan and has to maintain an international standard, it must have need and requirement available for the understudies who are enrolled here. Following are some of the Facilities Provided by QAU.

  • Libraries
  • Transport
  • Student Accommodation
  • Games and Sports
  • Cafeteria and Shops
  • Utility Store
  • Bank
  • Mosque
  • Security
  • Medical Services
  • Postal Services
  • Central Workshop

More Detail can be seen herehttps://qau.edu.pk/facilities-qau/

How To Apply For Admissions in Quaid e Azam University

The Admission Form along with prospectus for all academic programs can be obtained from

  1. The QAU campus branches of Habib Bank ltd. @2000.or
  2. Download from the QAU website(click the link to download)

 Regional Quota for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs

Merit                                                                7.5%

Punjab Including Federal Area Islamabad      50%

Sindh                                                               19%

Khyber Pashtun Khwa11.5%

Baluchistan 6%

Gilgit Baltistan 4%

Azad Kashmir 2%

Rankings and Reputation

According to Higher Education Commission QAU is ranked Number 1 University of Pakistan in the General Category. QAU is among top 100 Universities of Asia. QAU’s global rank is 549 in varsity with a score of 49.1. The sole reason for this is its quality education and research.

More than 80% of the Faculty members have Doctoral degrees and have overseas experience.

Scholarships Offered at Quaid e Azam University

A total Number of 45 types of Scholarships, fellowships and Assistance programs are offered in QAU following are some of the highlighted Scholarships…

  • QAU Financial Assistance
  • QAU Alumni Scholarship
  • USAID program
  • MORA Scholarship
  • MPhil/PhD Fellowship
  • British Council Scholarship
  • Prime Minister’s National ICT
  • Punjab Education and Endowment Fund (PEEF)
  • Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme
  • Baba Bashir Nawaz Scholarship
  • District Zakat Committee’s Scholarship
  • Professional Educational Foundation Karachi
  • Baluchistan Endowment Fund (BEF)
  • Sindh Endowment Fund (SEF)
  • Political Agent Scholarship
  • Ameer Begum Trust Lahore
  • Minority Scholarship
  • A Q Khan Scholarship
  • Ishaq Ahmed Scholarship
  • Jeri Ahmad Sayed Fellowship Assistance Program
  • Mumtaz Memorial Scholarship Program
  • Akbar Hussain Scholarship
  • Ramzi Fellowship and Scholarship Program
  • Aftab Manzoor Fellowship, Scholarship and Loan Program
  • Hamad Raza Shaheed Scholarship and Fellowship for International Relations
  • Pakistan Bait ul Maal Scholarship
  • Fata Scholarships
  • Karwan e ilm Foundations Scholarships
  • KPK Chief Minister Endowment Fee Reimbursement Program
  • District Zakat Committee Financial Assistance
  • & Mrs. Ameer Trust Fund

Major Concerns of University that Needs Immediate Governmental Attention

As this leading federal higher education institution is celebrating its 50th year celebrations, it is currently facing a number of problems which need immediate attention by the concerned quarters and government authorities. Due to limited financial resources and annual deficit of more than five hundred million rupees, QAU is unable to hire qualified faculty and staff, purchase new buses. Adding fuel to fire, owing to financial constraints it is unable to repair the present fleet of buses. The hostel residents are facing a number of problems due to lack of development and expansion of hostel vicinities. The decades old infrastructure and labs needs exigent focus to be addressed. Although as per signed MOU, QAU administration and the Alumni Association are working closely to involve old QAU students to cope with the situation but a special financial package for QAU could be greatly helpful as an immediate solution to overcome its financial deficit and to meet its growing needs.

Another important problem being faced by QAU is non-demarcation, illegal occupation of varsity land and the shrinking of its estate on all sides by influential land mafia. According to the recent letter sent by QAU Vice Chancellor to the federal cabinet members, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Land adjacent to QAU, along 3rd Avenue and Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad, has been illegally occupied, despite repeatedly requesting proper action against land grabbingelements; no effective action has been taken by concerned authorities. Further, within QAU estate, it says, there are small illegal settlements that are slowly growing. QAU simply does not have the capacity to remove these elements and several appeals to the ICT and CDA, while politely entertained, are invariably ignored on practical level.

The letter further states that on October 30, 2016, new violations were discovered and verified as about 200 acres of QAU land worth of hundreds of millions are under the occupation of various land grabbers. The Vice Chancellor appealed to the federal government to help QAU retain possession of its precious land. According to the university officials, in spite of payment for 1,709 acres of land, only 1,507 have been handed over to the varsity in spite of repeated reminders.

It is more mis fortunate that this tragedy is going to happen on the eve of 50th Year celebrations of QAU and instead of announcing special package for QAU, the federal government is being requested to save the precious university land. This issue has created a lot of resentment among university faculty, student, employees and alumni. The QAU Academic Staff Association and the Employees Welfare Association have also been preparing to protest against the illegal occupation of QAU land. Quaid e Azam University Alumni Association has also decided to form a delegation of its senior members in order to meet members of the federal cabinet, parliamentarians, and senior government officials to draw attention towards this important issue.

It is high time to pay immediate attention towards resolving the problems being confronted by this leading higher institution which has rendered valuable contribution for Pakistani nation during last fifty years. Following the international best practices in higher education sector, it should be declared a flagship institution along with announcement of special package. With more support, Quaid e Azam University could win more laurels for the country in coming times.

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University of Education Programs and Admission Guidelines

university of education
University of Education is one of the most prominent and regarded higher education institutions in Pakistan. Although the University of Education was established in 2002 just 15 years ago, it has come a long way to offer groundbreaking quality education and earn the respect of every student and teacher in Pakistan. Its main campus is located in Lahore City and it has many other campuses in different provincial cities of Punjab. It continues to evolve towards a bright future, educating the young minds and doing so even faster than most other Pakistani institutes. The aim is to propagate high-level quality education in every part of Pakistan and educate minds that will one day prove their metal to the whole world and show the world they are second to none.

The University of Education was also one of Lahore's best university institutes. It is also affiliated with Lahore Education University. Students from all over Pakistan are taking advantage of this university by getting an education that will prepare them for the real world and bring out their ability and potential to challenge the world on an international level. UE is currently training more than 13,000 students in all programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate and all doctoral programs. UE appears to have developed a syllabus and system that encourages its students and teachers to study in an imaginative way that brings out their imagination and enlightens their minds with the true and meaningful sense of the topics being taught. It also organizes many events such as educational seminars, workshops, and holds advanced courses as a strategy to give students a better understanding and insight into the knowledge of their field.

Like any other of the world's top institutes, it also emphasizes extra and co-curricular activities to refresh the minds of students and provide them with an opportunity for all-round development and growth. You can find in this institute all kinds of activities such as sports, debates, speeches, dramas, art exhibitions etc. and you will be amazed to find the motivation and results in the students. It's not going to be wrong to say that the University of Education has all the quality of a world's top educational institute and one day it will make its nation proud.

University of Education Campuses, Division & Colleges:

There are 10 campuses located at the University of Education in Lahore and many other Punjab cities. With revolutionary, creative ideas and strategies, its campuses, divisions and affiliated colleges are striving to achieve extraordinary values of triumph. UE has set up multiple centers, branches and associated various colleges to support education in Punjab as much as possible.

Following are Education University Lahore's campuses and divisions and associated schools, you may pick one that is geographically more appropriate for research.

University of education Campuses:

  1.         University Of Education Lahore Bank Road Campus
  2.         University Of Education Township Lahore
  3.         University Of Education Lower Mall Campus
  4.         University Of Education Dg Khan Campus
  5.         University Of Education Attock Campus
  6.         University Of Education Faisalabad Campus
  7.         University Of Education Jauharabad Campus
  8.         University Of Education Multan Campus
  9.         University Of Education Vehari Campus
  10. University Of Education Renala Campus


  1.         Division of Arts & Social Sciences
  2.         Division of Education
  3.         Division of Science & Technology

UE Government Affiliated Colleges:

  1. College for Elementary Teachers (Women ), Manka Canal, D. G. Khan
  2. College for Elementary Teachers (Women), Sector H-9, Islamabad
  3. College for Elementary Teachers (Women), Circular Road, Lalamusa
  4. College for Elementary Teachers (Women), Sharqpur
  5. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Baghdad Road, Bahawalpur
  6. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Ghakhar
  7. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Gujrat
  8. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Jhelum
  9. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Kamalia
  10. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Kasur
  11. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Khanpur
  12. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Kot Adu
  13. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Barkat Park, Lalamusa
  14. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Mianwali
  15. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Muzaffar Garh
  16. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Pasrur
  17. College for Elementary Teachers (Men), Sahiwal
  18. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Sargodha
  19. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Shahpur Sadar
  20. Teachers Training College for Teachers of the DEAF, Lahore

UE Private Affiliated Colleges:

  1. Institute of Professional Learning, Lahore
  2. Higher Education College, Mian Channu
  3. Mary’s College of Education, Gujranwala
  4. Seedling College of Education, Khanewal
  5. Nobel College of Education, Makhdoom Rasheed, Multan
  6. Lahore College of Education, Lahore
  7. Beacon College of Special Education, DG Khan
  8. Ghulam Zenab Degree College of Management Sciences, Kot Mithan, DG Khan
  9. Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Model Degree College
  10. PR Axis College of Arts & Sciences
  11. Defence Degree College for Women
  12. ILM College
  13. Cambridge College
  14. Blue Bells International
  15. Ghazi College of Social Sciences
  16. Quaid-e-Azam Institute of Arts & Sciences
  17. Quaid College of Commerce
  18. Super System Girls College, Sheikhupura
  19. AGS College of Education, Islamabad

Fee Structure Of Programs Offered By University Of Education

For Morning Shift

MEd, MEd Special Education13,90011,000
MBA 1.5 Year23,40018,50019,200
MA English15,40010,5009,20012,500
MSc (Botany, Chemistry, Economics,

Physics, Mathematics, Zoology

MSc IT24,40019,50018,20021,500
MA Education, Education (L&M), Urdu,

History, Special Education

MBA 3.522,90018,00016,70018,00016,70018,00018,700
BBA (Hons)17,90013,00011,70013,00011,70013,00011,70015,000
BS IT23,40018,50017,20018,50017,20018,50017,20020,500
BS (Hons) Botany, Chemistry, Economics,

English, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology

BFA (Hons)13,4008,5007,2008,5007,2008,5007,20010,500
BEd (Hons)12,9008,0006,7008,0006,7008,0006,70010,000
PhD (Education, Urdu)30,40021,50020,20021,50020,20021,50020,20021,500



Evening Shift

MEd, MEd Special Education18,27515,375
MBA 1.5 Year35,90031,00031,700
MA English27,40022,50021,20024,500
MSc (Botany, Chemistry, Economics,

Physics, Mathematics, Zoology

MSc IT37,40032,50031,20034,500
MA Education, Education (L&M), Urdu,

History, Special Education

MBA 3.532,40027,50026,20027,50026,20027,50028,200
BBA (Hons)27,40022,50021,20022,50021,20022,50021,20024,500
BS IT35,40030,50029,20030,50029,20030,50029,20032,500
BS (Hons) Botany, Chemistry, Economics,

English, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology

BFA (Hons)17,40012,50011,20012,50011,20012,50011,20014,500
BEd (Hons)20,40015,50014,20015,50014,20015,50014,20017,500
PhD (Education, Urdu)41,40035,50034,20035,50034,20035,50034,20035,500


How to Apply for Education University Lahore Admission:

  • First get University of Education admission form from any of Habib Bank Limited's campus, division or designated branch or click the Download UE Admission Form link. Have it printed in hard copy when you download the form.
  • Review the correct form and fill out the complete form specifications carefully and re-read it as missing or late applications will not be approved.
  • You will apply it within the due date after filling out the form. You may send it to any EU campus or division with a 500/-rupee charge or post it to the appropriate campus or division together with a 500/-rupee bank draft or pay request.
  • Applicants also apply online on the University of Education's official website. Here is the link to Apply Online at UE.
  • You won't find results of Lahore University Education online.

Admission Criteria:

Each curriculum has its own eligibility criteria at the University of Education. Click here to see all the details UE Offered Programs and their Requirement.

  • Any program has no age limit.
  • You must have reached at least 45 percent in your last degree for every program you apply. Of eg, you must have earned at least 45 percent marks in BA if you are applying of MA English in order to be eligible to apply.
  • You must have learned relevant subjects for some programs in your previous degree as your focus. For starters, you must have studied and earned 45 percent marks in BSc with A & B Mathematics Courses in order to be eligible to apply for MSc Mathematics at UE.
  • There may be different or additional requirements for MPhil and PhD programs.

Merit Calculation for Bachelors at UE:

((Marks Obtained in SSC/Total)x0.30+(Marks Obtained in HSSC/Total) x0.70)x100

Merit Calculation for Masters at UE:

((Marks Obtained in SSC/Total)x 0.25+( Marks Obtained in HSSC/Total)x0.25 +(Marks Obtained in BA/BSc/Total)x0.50 )x100


We hope you've been helpful with this post. University of Education is a great educational institution; you're not going to regret studying there. We've tried to cover all you need to know and in this article you want to know about the University of Education. If you have any questions regarding schooling in Pakistan or about studying abroad, please ask us at any time at WSLConsultants Contact.



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AIOU Admission and Result Dates in 2017, Download Admission Form


AIOU is the abbreviation of Allama Iqbal Open University, founded in 1974, which is the most prestigious educational institutions in Pakistan. AIOU teaches all Metric-to-PhD classes and courses. It is an "OPEN" institution, as its name says, meaning that there is no competition and that everyone is eligible to obtain knowledge. It also holds the title of being the first open university in Asia and the second in the world. Regardless of your age, gender, cast, color or grades; AIOU will give you admission, provide you with quality education, and give you a recognized HEC degree that is accepted worldwide. AIOU is listed in Pakistan for with the most of international students

You will find every detail and information you want to know about AIOU in this article, including the latest admission, the results, the course programs and the admission procedure. In this article, all you need to know is mentioned below.

AIOU has the largest educational network that includes more than 1,400 study centers and 44 regional centers that you can easily find in your hometown or city; it also has affiliations with renowned international institutions. Here is a Map of All AIOU Regional Centers where you can find one in your town.

Because it's an open university and anyone can get admission here, its number of students in Pakistan is also the largest rounding up to 13 male and female students in the lake. There are over 90,000 qualified teachers and tutors to train these seekers of expertise. AIOU is the world's most supportive educational institution, not only offering up-to-date services such as Media Research Centers, but also delivering online courses, academic support with the television and radio media, as well as financial grants and scholarships for students who are unable to finance today's schooling.

AIOU Goals and Achievements

AIOU's main goal is to educate every single student who has been, is or will not be able to acquire education for any reason. We do just as their slogan says:

Education for All”

They extend education to each area and people who are constrained by certain restrictions and do not have the ability to receive quality education. AIOU has been burning the midnight oil since 1974 and has so far been effective in keeping its promises. Because of AIOU, many opportunities and doors have opened up to all those who have not previously had access to education, and now they are not only taking advantage of quality education, but are also going further to illuminate their own and the future of their country.

AIOU has established 1172 study centers throughout Pakistan. It is also called with the distinction of being Pakistan's biggest publishing house that prints more than 18,000 books a year. It has done amazing groundbreaking research in the technological, professional and science education sectors. It is now working harder than ever to teach schooling even to Pakistan's farthest and outermost regions. AIOU has achieved innumerable milestones, I would argue more than any other educational institution in Pakistan, and all this on its own capital without burdening Pakistan's government.

Through their distance-learning programs, millions of students across Pakistan have created new doors. Their educational purpose is primarily to educate those unable to do so because of poverty and inefficient rights. In providing high quality higher education, Pakistan is currently ranked 50th out of a total of 50 countries. Their objective is to change this as much as possible. Illiteracy is very high in Pakistan, and the eligible students are nothing more than college analphabets. Our primary priorities are those who for some reason, say, can't get college:

  1. Do not have ample financial resources.
  2. Do not have an educational institute in their field or any other means.
  3. To support the family, he had to start work.
  4. Men and women who have met and have been unable to obtain their studies.
  5. Whose family is too cautious!
  6. Girls who are not permitted to leave the house and are bound by the house.


Definitely, their distance learning has helped a large number of knowledge seekers, particularly women. Pakistan is a little too conservative when it comes to women's rights. Yet AIOU is improving things, and this is presumably why most of AIOU's students are women.

Allama Iqbal Open University defines the Institute's main objectives as:

  • Providing educational facilities for individuals who cannot leave their homes and jobs in the manner they can determine.
  • To providing the public with such services as may be decided for their upliftment to education.
  • Will provide training facilities for teachers in the manner they will assess it.
  • Providing training in such departments of learning technology or professions as it may deem appropriate, and providing as it may determine for research and advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Holding and granting examinations, diplomas, qualifications and other competitive awards.

AIOU Education System and AIOU assignments marks

  • AIOU has a proper system and syllabus taught to students just like any other university. It only has regular classes but also offers a wide range of options for distance learning.
  • The university provides all basic and additional academic material for education.
  • Direct Telecast is accessible on FM Radio and Television. In fact, the video is also available on request.
  • They provide video or teleconference online teaching.
  • If you do not have the Internet or other live media at your disposal, you can also purchase lecture audio or video CDs.
  • Tutorial meetings are often organized by allama iqbal open university tutors to better guide students.
  • All types of equipped laboratories with all the necessities are made available to improve students ' training and skills.
  • All courses are sent to students for continuous evaluation. Admission and other issues are the responsibility of aiou tutors.
  • Stages in various industries and institutes are planned for students and many practical training courses are held for better development and schooling.
  • Final examinations are carried out at the end of each semester of each course.
  • There are aiou task points in the distance-based education framework that students receive by sending their assignments to university-appointed instructors. These are very important points and in assessments the pupil will receive passing grades.

AIOU Last Date to Apply and AIOU Admission Form

The Open University of Allama Iqbal offers enrollment twice a year. One is called Autumn Intakes, which closed admission on 5 September 2016. Exact admission opening and closing dates are given in each semester in the advertisement.

Spring Admissions, which will be closing on 6 March 2017, are now what you should be hurrying towards. See the following instructions on how to apply for entry to AIOU. You can apply for any of the Allama Iqbal Open University's programs listed below.

AIOU Admission 2017

Allama Iqbal Open University is publishing an advertisement for admission after nearly every 6 months. Full details are provided in the advertisement, including the date of submission of the admission form. Spring Admissions are also open this year, the last date of which to apply for admission, as mentioned above, is 6 March 2017. Complete information on how, when and where to apply in this article is given in detail.

 How to Apply at AIOU for Admission 2017

There are two options online to submit.

  1. First of all, apply online. Here's the entry form online. Complete the form and submit all the required information and submit the form.
  2. Another way is to obtain a form of admission, fill it out and submit the fees to the banks mentioned.
    • You can buy an admission form and Prospectus from main campus of AIOU Islamabad, from campus in your area or from sale points..
    • The form must be submitted at any branch of MCB, Bank Alfalah, First Women Bank or NBP with prescribed fees.

AIOU admission 2017 and Prospectus Prices

  • PKR 50/- : Metric, Intermediate, BA, B.Com, Open Tech Courses, Dars-e-Nizami, Short Term Education Programs, Certificate Courses.
  • PKR 100/- :Teacher Training Course
  • PKR 300/- : Ed.
  • PKR 500/- : Postgraduate Programs

AIOU Offered Scholarships 2017

Allama Iqbal Open University also offers a lot of scholarships for eligible students who are unable to afford their education expenses. Prisoners and blind students are provided free of charge with full education and discounts of their fees are also given to other special students. Then you can qualify for some scholarships. You may visit the AIOU research center in your region or go to their official website for more information regarding scholarships..

  1. Financial Assistance Scheme
  2. Earn to Learn Scheme
  3. Merit Scholarship Scheme
  4. Outreach Scholarship Scheme
  5. Final year Project Grant
  6. Scholarships for Communities
  7. Scholarship Women
  8. Fee Installment Scheme
  9. Alumni/Sponsored Scholarship

Get Commonwealth Scholarship

AIOU Result 2017

On its official website, results of all AIOU programs are announced. To see the latest results, you can go to the "Result" page of the website of Allama Iqbal Open University. For all the latest results from the results of Metric, Inter, AIOU BA and postgraduate programs, please visit the link and see the result sheet.

BA Programs 2016's latest results are out and can now be viewed on their website. To see the score, simply enter your system and then Roll Number.

All offered Programs 2017 and aiou fee structure

The following is a list of Allama Iqbal Open University's programs and courses. Search and press the programs to see their overview, eligibility criteria, selection process, length, training form, teaching technique, credit hours, courses and all partnerships.

AIOU Ph.D. Programs:

  1. Iqbal Studies
  2. Science Education
  3. Education in Distance and Non-formal Education
  4. Computer-Science
  5. Statistics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Urdu
  9. Physics
  10. Agricultural Extension
  11. Mass Communication
  12. Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
  13. Teacher Education
  14. Special Education 
  15. Islamic Studies (Quran & Tafseer)
  16. Shariah

AIOU M.Phil/MS Programs:

  1. Science Education
  2. Arabic
  3. Chemistry
  4. Economics
  5. Education in Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)
  6. Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
  7. History
  8. Iqbal Studies
  9. Pakistani Languages and Literature
  10. Islamic Studies (General)
  11. Pakistan Studies
  12. Islamic Studies (Quran & Tafseer)
  13. Mass Communication
  14. Math
  15. Statistics
  16. Physics
  17. Teacher Education
  19. Urdu
  20. Community Health & Nutrition
  21. Management Sciences
  22. Computer Science
  23. Environmental Design 
  24. Pakistani Languages and Literature
  25. Environmental Design (For New Admissions)

AIOU Master’s Program:

  1. M.A Arabic
  2. M.A Education (DNFE)
  3. M.A (Teacher Education)
  4. M.A History
  5. M.A Islamic Studies
  6. M.A Special Education
  7. M.A Teaching of English as a Foreign Language 
  8. M.A Urdu
  9. MEd in Elementary Teacher Education
  10. MEd. In Distance & Non-Formal Education 
  11. MEd. In Science Education
  12. MEd. In Special Education
  13. MEd. In Teacher Education
  14. MSc Enviromental Sciences
  15. MSc. Agricultural Extension
  16. MSc. Botany
  17. MSc. Chemistry
  18. MSc. Economics
  19. MSc. Forestry Extension
  20. MSc. Gender & Women Studies
  21. MSc. Mass Communication
  22. MSc. Mathematics
  23. MSc. Microbiology
  24. MSc. Pakistan Studies
  25. MSc. Physics
  26. MSc. Sociology
  27. MSc. Statistics
  28. MSc.(Hons) Live Stock
  29. Master in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)
  30. Master in Commerce (M.Com)
  31. MBA 2-1/2 Banking and Finance (B&F)
  32. MBA 2-1/2- Human Resource Management (HRM)
  33. MBA 2-1/2 Information Technology (IT)
  34. MBA 2-1/2 Marketing
  35. MBA 3-1/2 Banking and Finance (B&F)
  36. MBA 3-1/2 Information Technology (IT)
  37. MBA 3-1/2 Marketing
  38. MBA 3-1/2 Rural Management
  39. MBA Executive (Col. MBA/MPA)
  40. MSc Television Production Program
  41. PGD in EPM
  42. PGD Mass Comm
  43. Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies

AIOU B.Ed. Programs:

  1. B.Ed (1-1/2-Years)
  2. B.Ed (2-1/2-Years)
  3. B.Ed Elementary Teacher Education (4-Years)
  4. B.Ed Secondary Teacher Education (4-Years)

AIOU Bachelor Programs:

  1. Associate Degree in Commerce (A.D)
  2. Associate Degree in Education - In-Service (1-Year)
  3. Associate Degree in Education (2-Years)
  4. Associate Degree in Education (3-Years)
  5. B.S (Chemistry)
  6. B.S (Environmental Sciences)
  7. B.S (Micro Biology) 4 Years
  9. B.S IN STAT. (4 YEARS)
  10. B.S MATH.(4 YEARS)
  11. Bachelor in Mass Communication
  12. Bachelor of Arts (General Group)
  13. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  14. Bachelor of Dars-e-Nizami
  15. Certificate in Librarianship

AIOU Intermediate :

  1. Higher Secondary School Certificate (Dars-E-Nazami Group)
  2. Higher Secondary School Certificate (General Group)
  3. Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com)

AIOU Secondary School Certificate:

  1. Secondary School Certificate (Darse-E-Nazami Group)
  2. Secondary School Certificate (General Group)

AIOU Post Graduate Diploma:

  5. PGD in EPM
  8. PGD Mass Comm
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies

AIOU STEP Certificate Courses:

  1. Agricultural Courses
  2. Al Lisan Ur Arabi
  3. Arbi Bol Chal
  4. French Online
  5. Lughatul Quran
  6. STEP (Agricultural Sciences)
  7. STEP (Hotel Services)
  8. STEP (Management Science)
  9. STEP (Social Science)
  10. Technical Courses

AIOU Tutor

  1. Med (One Year) Specialization: Secondary Teacher Education, Elementary Teacher
  2. BEd (1 – ½ Years), Eligibility: MA/MSc or BA Hons (4 Years) (Second Division)
  3. BEd (2 – ½ Years), Eligibility: BA/BSc or Equivalent (Second Division)
  4. BEd Elementary/Secondary (4 Years), Eligibility: Intermediate (Second Division)

This was all about aiou and its admissions in 2017.

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