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European University of Lefke

European University of Lefke (EUL) is a higher learning college situated in Lefka'sNorthern Cyprus Nicosia Borough, overlooking Morphou Bay. The university was established in 1989 by the Cyprus Science Foundation and opened in 1990 as a memberof the Balkan Universities Network. It provides 77 undergraduate and school programs and 38 postgraduate and doctoral programs that are Turkey's Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

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Advantages of European University of Lefke:

• EUL has carefully planned out-of-school activities to provide students with an entertaining and balanced option program.
• A multi-cultural institution of over 11,500 students from 80 nations spanning five continents.
• EUL's guiding principles are based on innovative training supported by renowned academic staff and institutions.
• EUL students receive internationally recognized education along with the necessary knowledge, qualifications and life skills to facilitate a successful career.
• Major center of education, research and innovation.Scholarships:A number of generous scholarships are available to the EUL. The European Universityof Lefke offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities as a non-profit university, which has become a great incentive for students.Special Scholarship Package.Scholarship for sports.High-performance academics.
• Scholarships for EUL students with siblings (25% of each sibling's scholarship).
• EUL has decided to grant a 50% tuition fee scholarship to international freshman students who choose to register for the 2018/2019 fall intake.


Do you want to look for accommodation for meals in the turkish or cyprus? We are mentioned here accommodation list for your location and food. The accommodation consists with your meals ( VAT plus deposit included):
Single room plus three meals/day = 4, 760 $
Double room plus three meals/day= 4, 160 $
Triple room plus three meals/day = 3, 760 $

If you are looking at the accommodation without meals. ( VAT plus deposit included): But you've to pay these rates which are mentioned here.
Single room rate is 1, 700 $ США
Double room rate is 1, 600 $ США
Triple room rate is 1, 500 $ США

LIST OF Master's Programs:

You can be obtained the admission in these Master's Programs such as Communication Studies, English Language Teaching, Education Administration & Supervision, Health Management, International Relations, International Economics & Finance, Guidance & Psychological Counselling, Management Information Systems, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work, Special Education Teaching, MBA, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Horticultural Production & Marketing, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics and Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.

List of undergraduate programs:

If you want to get the admission in the undergraduate programs are mentioned here such as Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electric & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Software Engineering, Banking& Finance, Economics, Business Administration, International Relations, Public Administration, Gastronomy, Tourism Management, Horticultural Production & Marketing, Health Management, Architecture, English Language Teaching, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Note: The price of the Bachelor program = US 4 990$/yr (tuition, registration fees, meals3-bed dormitory accommodation, medical insurance, VAT)

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Study in Turkey Cyprus with more than 40% to 50% Scholarship

study in turkey cyprus

There are a lot of people who would love to go abroad for study. Certain countries and institutes come with high reputation and you are likely to get some very good educational progress in your career if you manage to get a place there. Many people who to go and study in Turkey Cyprus for various reasons.

If you are planning to go abroad and are unaware of where, we would let you know why Turkey Cyprus is a good place to study. Moreover, we will talk about where you can get scholarships for study in Turkey and how you can increase your chances of obtaining a scholarship.

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Why study in Turkey Cyprus?

Turkey is a land that is rich in culture. It is border between Asia and Europe and you will see a blend of people from various parts of the world. Especially, if you are someone who is interested in studying the subjects of history and socioeconomics as well as social sciences, you will find that this land is among the most suitable places to pursue your studies.

The living in Turkey is easy and simple. You won’t have to search hard and long to find good food. You will have cuisines from every part of the world. It won’t be tough for the individuals to come and settle here. The people are very welcoming and they would help you out whenever you will ask them.

What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Turkey

Moreover, the cost of living and studying in this part of the world, as compared to what you would pay if you go to Europe or America, is pretty less. You get to experience a great culture and receive decent study while you pay very reasonable for your stay. Even if you are bored and have vacations, you can explore various spots as the land is gifted by nature and there are some worth visiting spots.

And lastly, there are some very good institutes with reputable studies. You will receive degrees that are internationally recognized and will be able to  apply for the job in any part of the world according to your field.

Scholarships in Turkey Cyprus Universities:

Universities in Turkey Cyprus are offering scholarships 40% to 50% on undergraduate and graduate programs.

Where to get scholarships for study in Turkey Cyprus?

A lot of people would love to acquire scholarships for study in Turkey Cyprus. Well, there are a lot of opportunities, both for local and foreign students, that allow them to study on scholarship.

Start searching for scholarships over the internet. You will find a number of different ones, that are funded by government, communities, and institutes as well as individuals, that you can acquire. They are given out on various basis, starting from academic excellence all the way to need based scholarships, and you have to qualify for the one if you are to study on scholarship.

The award you receive depends on the scholarship that you acquire. Some of them are high while the others are low. Some may pay for your tuition fee as well as provide you a stipend to cover your living expenses there while others may only cover the tuition fee partially.

Moreover, a scholarship can be associated with a particular institute. To get it, you have to apply for the admission in the respective university or college. Also, there are subject of interest that you have to watch out for because some scholarships are available for any subject and to study in any institute while others may lock you to a certain institute or restrict you to a particular subject.

How to maximize the chance of getting scholarships?

While obtaining a scholarship for study in Turkey Cyprus can be tough, below is how you can increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

First of all, start by applying the scholarships that provide small awards. While this may not be something that you are looking for, bigger scholarships are usually crowded while only a few people think that smaller scholarships are also worth applying for. So, it increases your odds of success and you can end up with the grant.

Also, students tend to avoid the scholarships that require them to do a particular task. They think that more work will put some burden on them. But the thing is that the higher the work is the lesser the individuals would do it. Moreover, these scholarships also come with decent grants so if they ask you to put in some work then do it with your whole heart.

Moreover, don’t just go out and apply for any scholarship. Don’t ever apply even if you are not satisfying one of the many points that are listed in the eligibility criteria. It automatically disqualifies you and with a sea of applications in the pipeline, if you are not satisfying the criteria, you just won’t be able to qualify for the scholarship.

And lastly, hunt for the scholarships wisely. Go for the ones where you think that you can make it. Don’t blindly apply for all the opportunities that come in front of you. And don’t forget that there are times when you will find a local scholarship or opportunity in area where you are residing that allows you to go abroad and study while it is sponsored by someone. So, never miss out on such chances.


In short, there are a number of institutes that provide foreign students a chance to come and study in Turkey Cyprus. There are some very good universities and it is recommended that one must consider the place if he or she is to study a particular subject.

Moreover, there are numerous scholarship opportunities that are available to you. Depending on where you stand in your academics and what the scholarship has to offer, you may qualify for it and receive a decent grant which may fund your stay and study in Turkey.

However, be careful about what you are doing and make sure that you do a lot of research before you apply to an institute or a scholarship. The study visas are always there to assist you but for that you need to do something first and that is to apply and receive admission call from a university in Turkey Cyprus.

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