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Why Study in UK? There are many reasons for studying abroad. Studying in the UK is the dream of every intelligent student. The education system of UK is entirely flexible. It provides the way of study that suits your aspirations, career, and lifestyle. The UK is an ideal spot to study for international students. Candidates come here around the globe to improve their expertise. They offer healthy interactions, share their backgrounds and discover new perspectives. Candidates have several opportunities of modern ways of study. For offering a wonderful association to the applicants the online presence or free apps play an important role. It is used to offer alerts and updates or for another status from your subscribers and clients while you are working or interacting.


Why Study in UK?

It is highly beneficial for the students to enjoy the solid career while studying in the UK.

  1. The college and universities in the UK are reputed and offer prestigious certifications for better future.
  2. UK Colleges and universities are enjoying the worth of top institution around the globe.
  3. Due to the strict criteria and qualification standards, the faculty in these universities is highly expert.
  4. These institutions undertake five percent of the scientific research. These are admired for producing 14% of the world’s cited papers.
  5. The candidates are free to select a dynamic blend of vocational and academic courses.
  6. Recent technology and research methodology is used to educate students.
  7. They get the opportunity and freedom to be more productive for improving their confidence and skills.

How does research system work?

By offering flexibility in education, it works efficiently. The UK education system is based on research work. They promote it for quality education and it works very easily. It is completely beneficial for the students. These universities and colleges facilitate the students with these opportunities.

  1. A web-based control panel can manage their research work for the convenience of the users.
  2. It is very easy to use with the help of the online control panel under the expert guidance of the proficient faculty.
  3. These universities allow candidates to get a user’s friendly and a mobile-friendly program for their research work.
  4. You can easily use these programs without a painful process and make your effortless for course completion.

It is highly beneficial for the users. Due to the use of the modern technology and advanced research methodology, UK is the right choice for the students.

Easy Visa Process and less formality

The students find it very easy to get the approval letter from the recognized universities of UK. The UK education system offers the flexibility of choice of courses. It is the land of opportunities for the qualified individual. The visa process is not complicated and by fulfilling the requirements candidates are granted study visa. The study cost is not very high in the UK. The majority of the students choose the UK for this purpose. If you are going to apply for a visa online or physically, make sure you are fulfilling all the needs. Be careful in fulfilling the visa requirements otherwise, it will be rejected.

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Top Universities in UK – Top 45 Results


Top Universities in UK - Top 45 Results

While a student is deciding a destination for his education in an abroad country, he is always first concerned about the top universities in that country. The Higher education system of a country is adjudged by the best of their universities. If their universities have some good global ranking means their education system is good and if their universities have bad ranking means they whole education system needs some development.

Which institution of higher education are good and what their grades are, all of these statistics are scrutinized and printed by two chief educational organizations. One of them is called QS and the other is known as Times Higher Education.


These educational organizations have a big media group and their job is to search and investigate all the figures of every university in the world. Every year they form decisions of all the best countries and their best universities that are based on some precise educational aspects. Following I have listed all the best universities in UK their domestic and International ranks.

1 - University of Oxford:
Oxford University is the most famous and prestigious higher educational institute in the whole world. No matter where you go on the entire Earth, every student is aware of this respected university and wishes to study there, however, that being said, it is not easy to get admission there. Oxford University is the best university of United Kingdom and currently, it is ranked the best top ranked university of the world in THE ranking of 2017.

It spends about $14 million on scholarships, grants, award and other financial supports for students unable to afford their education expenses. Students that come from the lowermost earning or poor families get over $4,665 every year. More than 1 thousand completely subsidized scholarships are given to new master’s and doctoral students every year. The university of Oxford has more than 100 libraries in it; it’s like a paradise for nerds.

At present, there are more than 22,600 students admitted at Oxford, of which 11,603 are undergraduates and 10,499 are postgraduates. Over 41% of their academic staff and student body comprise citizens of overseas countries. Oxford has achieved 10 Queen's Anniversary Prizes for their best of the quality education. Here is a link to the official website of the University of Oxford.

2 -University of Cambridge
Said to be built by some oxford scholars, Cambridge has many defeated and now rivals Oxford which is the best university in the world. Cambridge University is currently the 2nd top ranked the university of United Kingdom and it 4th best of the world. After Oxford, it is said to be one the oldest universities in the world and has the most beautiful and historic university campus.

Cambridge has every bit the quality, a world’s most leading educational institute must have. It has over 18,000 students advancing to successful and bright future and best faculty of 9,000. Just like every other top university it is not easy to get admission there as most of the students are rejected and only lucky few gets admission there. Research students are provided the opportunity to increase supervising and representing experience by doing teaching from relevant Colleges and departments.

Cambridge is particularly very well-known for its mathematics as most of the big time famous awarded scientist and mathematician belonged to it. There are more than 92 Nobel Prizes awarded to scholars associated with the university. Here is a link to the official website of the University of Cambridge.

3 - Imperial College London

Imperial College London, located in London and founded in 1887, is the third best educational institute in London and also world’s 8th best-ranked university for higher education. It has maintained its position as top and leading for many years. Imperial is educating over 14,700 students and to administer them, they have a staff of about 8,000. It is overall structured into faculties of engineering, science, business, and medicine.

It has a very multicultural environment that comprises over 125 countries. Its most well-known and notable alumni have been awarded 14 Nobel prizes, 2 Field Medals and many other awards respected all around the world. In whole the United Kingdom, students of Imperial College London are ranked to have the top employment.

It has all types of facilities available for its students like its campuses contain two sports halls, four gyms, and two swimming pools. They have 21 halls of residence that have over 3,000 rooms in them. Here is a link to the official website of Imperial College London.

4 - University College Of London
University college of London, a very well respected higher educational institute, was founded in 1826. It stands straight among the best and leading universities of the world. In the United Kingdom, it is ranked 4th top university and it is the 15th best university of the world in THE ranking 2017. The United Kingdom in one of the best countries for higher education and to be a top university of United Kingdom is an enormous, prestigious and honorable position.

This institution is so large that only in School of Life and Medical Sciences they have a staff of over 5,000. They have a mix cultural campus as 50% of their total student population comprises overseas students. The most competitive subject degrees of University College London are BSc in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics. Being a top university by providing rarely found quality of education, it has graduated some of the most notable personalities of history. For instance, you must be aware of Mahatma Gandhi and Alexander Graham Bell, both were UCL alumni. Here is a link to the official website of University College London.

5 - London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics has earned its place among the top universities by providing the best of the education and facilities to all the students coming there from around the world. It is the 5th best higher educational institute of the United Kingdom and in 2017 ranking of THE, it is ranked 25th best university in the world. There are total Twenty Five academics inside this university for teaching and research.

This prestigious university has everything an education devoted student can possibly wish for. There are over 10 thousand students enrolled and they have a staff of 3300 including teachers and researchers. It has the most international student admitted, about 70% of total student body, in whole the United Kingdom that makes a very multicultural atmosphere. As its name is London School of Economics, it is the best institute for to study this subject as 13 Nobel Prizes out of a total 48 in Economics were awarded to its alumni. However, Economics is not all because it has also secured itself 2 Nobel Prizes in Literature and 3 Nobel Peace Prizes. London School of Economics also has a reputation of educating the most billionaires of today. Here is a link to an official website of London School of Economics and Political Science.


Top 40 Universities of the USA and their Ranks

UK Rank World Rank University
11University of Oxford
24University of Cambridge
38Imperial College London
415University College London
5=25London School of Economics and Political Science
627University of Edinburgh
7=36King’s College London
855University of Manchester
971University of Bristol
10=82University of Warwick
1188University of Glasgow
12=96Durham University
13109University of Sheffield
14=110University of St Andrews
15=113Queen Mary University of London
16=121University of Southampton
17=126University of Exeter
18129University of York
19130University of Birmingham
20133University of Leeds
21=137Lancaster University
22147University of Nottingham
23149University of Sussex
24158University of Liverpool
25=165University of East Anglia
26172University of Leicester
27=173Royal Holloway, University of London
28=180University of Dundee
29=182Cardiff University
30=188University of Aberdeen
31=190Newcastle University
32=192University of Reading
=33201-250Birkbeck University of London
=33201-250Queen’s University Belfast
=33201-250St George’s, University of London
=36251-300University of Bath
=36251-300University of Surrey
=38301-350Aberystwyth University
=38301-350Anglia Ruskin University
=38301-350Bangor University
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UK Visa Interview Questions

It is very important to apply for the study permit if you are willing to apply for the UK student visa. For the short courses, students are granted a visa of six months. For the course of more than six months, students need to apply for the study permit. The candidates have to prepare themselves for UK Visa Interview Questions. It is vital for the students to reply perfectly these questions. Your visa approval is based on these answers. The procedure of visa submission and granted is based on the questions that are asked in the embassy of the UK.


Types of questions

These UK students Visa Interview Questions are related to your course and the institution. They will ask how you will finance your study. On which basis you are going to study in the UK. The objective behind these questions is to assess whether you are a real candidate or not. Your answers are typed up the computer. On the basis of your answer, the Tier 4 student visa is granted. The student visa interview call is sent through e-mail. A candidate has to check the e-mail regularly according to the visa process.

  1. The interview is taken at the visa application center.
  2. It is conducted in the English language. It is vital to have full command over the language as well as accent.
  3. The students are asked about the course, duration of the course, reasons to study in the UK
  4. The candidate has to provide biometric information first.
  5. The interview is conducted through a video link
  6. You must be accurate in answers and skilled in the English language. The Entry Clearance Officer should be satisfied with your answers.
  7. Prove with your answers that you are a genuine student.

UK student Visa Interview Questions

  1. Why did you choose the UK for higher education?
  2. How will you finance your study?
  3. Will you plan to work there?
  4. Do you have any experience of study before? If yes, why have you decided to return?
  5. Why did you select this course?
  6. Why did you select this university or college for studying?
  7. How will you manage your cost of study in the UK.
  8. What is the scope of your course?
  9. What is the structure of your course?
  10. What are your future plans?
  11. What is the benefit of Studying in UK?
  12. What expertise will you attain after this course?

How to prepare for the UK Student Visa Interview?

  1. Focus on your objective
  2. Pay attention to the accent and English language during preparation
  3. Be genuine and loyal towards your goal.
  4. Do not try to be fake

Most of the candidates get confused with the preparation of interview, especially the formal way of the interview which is hard and boring. They feel their interview less interesting and they get panic, actually they need someone to help regarding their interview, they often find it less interesting and difficult to understand.

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Cost of Studying in UK & Benefits of Studying in UK

The cost of studying in UK is not as higher. It depends on the selection of the universities, course, and tuition fee of the institution and living expenses. These expenses are based on the city that you have chosen to live and to study. The UK is becoming particularly popular for going abroad. It is less costly and advantageous in many respects for the student's career. The main thing is that the cost of education is affordable. The positive factors for studying in Great Britain are its reasonable cost of living cost and affordable tuition fee.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

Great Britain gives a number of benefits to international students. The students ' visa process is not very difficult however rules are strict. These rules and regulations are advantageous to them with the standard in education Competitive prices. Several prestigious universities and colleges provide credible qualifications. The highly educated foreign professors offer lectures at these universities. A wide number of research opportunities are also available for preparation courses.

The quality of education is high. Students can choose the universities according to their needs. You will get the benefits of having a dual degree. For their better career, they may qualify for a UK engineering degree at the low cost of concessions from 3 + 0. The tuition fee remains the same for three years.

Living costs are reasonable here.


Reasonable Living cost

Accommodation does a lot. The majority of the students are worried about it. They have two or three options for living here. It helps them in reducing their living cost.

  1. They can apply for the hostel in the universities, in which you are applying for course. It offers a good lifestyle as well as standard but affordable accommodation.
  2. They can take sharing accommodation nearby their institutes. It reduces their traveling cost.
  3. The other and the last options for them are to get the residence in the interior or away from the city. The accommodation is classy and inexpensive. The traveling cost is very low that is not to be bothered. The drawback of living far from the institution is to make your traveling expenses higher. It does not very high and students can afford it easily. But, in the UK the traveling cost is very low and there are many facilities of traveling.

What expenses you have to bear for studying in the UK?

  1. Personal Expenses

A candidate has to do some personal expenses. It takes some of your amount on monthly basis on food, traveling cost, laundry, and haircut.

  1. Hospital insurance and Medical

Studying in the UK is not expensive if you have medical insurance. When you apply for UK student visa you can apply for the student medical insurance. This insurance is done by the institute as well.

  1. Books and study material

These expenses are based on your project and the course structure.
The whole amount of all these expenses is not very higher.

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UK Student Visa How to Get Approved Visa?

uk-student-visa-how-to-get-approved-visaGetting UK Student Visa is not hard, some years back. Today, students have to fulfill the criteria of the universities first. It is important for starting the formal procedure of UK student Visa. It makes the procedure difficult for the candidates and they want to know how to get UK Student Visa.

  1. First of all, make sure that your institution in London.
  2. Candidate must check with the university before starting the procedure of Tier 4 application.
  3. Check the immigration website and UK visa for checking the eligibility

Types of UK Student Visa

  1. Short term Visa

Candidate must be over eighteen years old. If candidates have applied for short term course then he/she can apply for this short term visa. Its validity is up to 6 months. It extends up to eleven months for English Language course.

  1. Tier 4 Sponsor License

For the candidates who have applied for the longer courses, it is issued. It is for the candidates who are sixteen years old or over.

  1. Tier 4 Child student visa

It is for the children who have the age limitations four to seventeen. The candidates of age sixteen are eligible for this visa.

How to get UK Student Visa?

Requirements of UK student Visa

Your course provider will help you in applying for UK student visa. If you have been offered a course then you can easily apply for the visa. A candidate has to apply for visa three months before of the course starting date. For this purpose, you must have to check average visa processing. Start visa processing before plenty of time. It is granted on points based system. For getting the visa, you need to meet these requirements.

  1. Recent photograph
  2. Details of your passport
  3. Fill the CAS form for to meet the requirement of the Tier 4 sponsor. It has the worth of thirty points.
  4. For student visa, a candidate has to provide the proof of the adequate English language skills. It is required for those students who do not belong to the native English country. It has the worth of ten points.

Procedure after approval for UK Visa

After getting the approval you will get the letter of introduction.

  1. Proof of Acceptance

The letter that you get from the recognized institution in UK, university, college and school is known as proof of acceptance. In the study permit application, you need to attach the original letter.

  1. Proof of Identity

It is one of the important items. Provide these details with the visa permit application.

  1. Two passport size photographs. Write the date of birth and name on the back of the photograph.
  2. Letter of explanation

Proof of financial support

  1. Proof of a bank account in the UK, where money will be transferred
  2. From a financial institution, get the proof of an education or student loan
  3. Four months bank statement
  4. Proof of accommodation and tuition fees payment
  5. Proof of paid fund in the UK (if you have scholarship program)
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Uk Study Guides by WSL Consultants

There are four nations in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is a pioneering zone with the world's leading education and research programs. In respect to higher education, the UK has long been the best for centuries. It also has maintained its teaching standards. Thousands of students every year go to the UK to get the education which is the dream of every student. United is a democratic country with laws and regulations that protect the rights of all citizens and students.Before you apply for study in United Kingdom, it is suggested to have your complete research done. Here in Study in United Kingdom Guide you will find every single piece of information you must be aware of, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
Usually, you have to be at least 18 to take a higher education course. Institutions in United Kingdom that hold the power to award a degree are termed as:

  1. Recognized Bodies
  2. Universities
  3. University Colleges
  4. Colleges of the University of London
  5. Higher Education Colleges
  6. Archbishop of Canterbury.

1 - Best in Education:Quality-Education

There is no one in world, not even America, to challenge United Kingdom education level. For centuries United Kingdom has been the most prestigious place for higher education. It won’t be wrong to say that current civilization of world started from United Kingdom. Today, United Kingdom scholars are most valued all around the world. In the latest ranking United Kingdom was ranked 2nd Best Country for Higher Education by QS ranking. But one can’t say that any other country is better than UK in education and research. Still most of the research work is done by UK universities.You can search over 50,000 courses on the UCAS website to find the best one for you.

Top-in-Education2 - Popular Student Attraction:

United Kingdom universities maintain high standards of academic excellence and are consistently recognized in top international rankings. Every student in entire world dreams of studying abroad in United Kingdom because of its top profile in higher education system. United Kingdom is ranked 2ndMost Popular Student Attraction in 2016. United Kingdom is the place where world’s largest population of international student is found.

If you want admission in some specific university of your choice then you must apply to their official website first or contact a Study Abroad Consultant with good network like WSLConsultants, in order to find their eligibility criteria since every university has their own admission criteria.

3 - Top-Ranked Universities:

A country’s higher education system is judged by their top universities.United Kingdom has the best universities of the world. Are you aware of the most famous, respected and admired university of the world? That is Oxford University. Again this year Oxford University is ranked 1st Top University of the world for higher education in 2017. This not all of it since Cambridge University, second most famous and prestigious institute rivaling Oxford is also in United Kingdom.According to Times Higher Education, a study of universities shows that 16 of the 30 universities with the highest ratio of international students are in the United Kingdom. Highest proportion of international students is found UK universities.Other than these there is no shortage of amazing universities in United Kingdom. Here are all Top Ranked Universities of United Kingdom and their Ranks.

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
4 - Scholarships in United Kingdom:Most-Funded-Scholarships

There are many financial support options Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, loans etc. This all is for international students who wish to study United Kingdom but don’t have the financial resources to afford it.There are many scholarship schemes administered by governments, charities and other organizations.There are also many university specific awards for which you will ask Ministry of Education of your country, your local British Council office. Some of the most famous government funded scholarships are:

The right time to look for financial support is before you start your course. It can be very hard to find funding during the academic year.The British Council manages and administers parts of a number of scholarship and funding schemes, following are the most famous non-government scholarships where Pakistani students can apply.

Scheme Funding opportunityOpen For
Euraxess UKResearch placements in the UKAll countries
Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust ScholarshipsDoctoral studies, research, visiting fellows and Scottish summer schoolPakistan

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
5 - Most Recognized Degree:

A study by the Office for National Statistics in 2013 found that, although UK university graduates are reliably employed than others, they are progressively more probable to be overqualified for the jobs. You just don’t have to worry about getting a job after studying in UK, you just have to find a job of your high standard for which you don’t feel overqualified.Their degrees are very much recognized around the world more than any other country.It doesn’t matter when and where you go in the whole world, you will always feel superiority and priority of skill and education.

6 - Exposure to All Cultures:

United Kingdom is filled with many diverse cultures. United Kingdom has the most Diverse Culture of the whole world. This is actually a best way to get exposure of the whole world in just one country. According to a survey, there are 71.6%Christian, 2.7%Muslim, 1%Hindu, 1.6% others and unspecified or none are 23.1%.

Though their main language is English that is spoken by more than 70% of its population,immigrants have naturally brought many foreign languages from across the globe. This really enhances one’s view of the world, broadens their horizons and teaches them the ways of the world so you students can deal with any personality in any part of the world better than anyone else. Besides this, you can also create a vast professional network there for the reason that business is not local anymore.

international-student-can-work-in-usa7 - Student Work Opportunities:

You can to work part time when you are studying  in UK. The students who are studying in such university or college that registered to official UKVI Sponsor list and the list of ‘recognized bodies’. All international studentsare allowed to work part-time during term sessions for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during the holidays. You can search a job online at:

A great number of international students don’t have the financial ability to meet their educational expenses and yet they crave to achieve it. Normal hourly pay is $10 - $12. Each university has a careers center where professional counselors can assist you in looking for part time employment.United Kingdom doesn’t want students’ potential to go to waste and facilitates with every possible way to aid them. If you have more queries about education in Canada, you can freely ask WSLConsultants anything, we are here for your service.

8 - Finish Your Degrees Faster:

Usually a Bachelor program takes 4 years and Masters take 2 years of education. But United Kingdom’s Higher education system has altered this system for the better of students. They provide a three-year Bachelor’s and one-year Master’s program that lets you get straight to the point, requiring you to take only those classes that are related to your major subjects. This less time means less expenses and money and with all that you get a respected degree from a great university that can be transferred to any university of any country and yet has a better value than others degrees all around the world.

9 - No Test Required:No-Test-Required

The UK university admissions do not require the previous record examination score for admission. You only need your GPA, reference letters, and a sometimes personal statement for your application. However, you will need IELTS or TOEFL as proof of your English in order to get admission in a university. Score merit of English language test depends on the university requirement.

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents

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