Scholarships in China for Metric students in Beijing Vocational Institute, China

Scholarships in China for Metric students

China is offering scholarships for Metric and Intermediate students, China is a rich country in educational and economic backgrounds, China is one of the developing countries which offer Semi-funded and Fully-Funded scholarships to almost all the countries of the world.

China offers different vocational courses to metric, intermediate students. These courses are on scholarship based. WSL Consultants will find an enormous collection of China scholarships. Beyond this, students can remain updated about newly coming scholarships when they sign up for email alerts on our website.  Please check the detail of scholarship.


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Institute: Beijing Vocational Institute, China

Scholarship for Metric student who will study for 7 years

Scholarship for Intermediate student who will study for 5 years


  • International Trade Major
  • Computer Application Technology
  • Internet of things application technology

Cost and Expenses:


Student will pay hostel fee, medical, insurance and books charges according to following detail.

2500 RMB        PKR: 55000 hostel fees / year
800 RMB          PKR: 17600 Medical
600 RMB          PKR 13200 Insurance fee
Remaining fee is for Books + seminars+ Activities

TOTAL Fee is: 5000 RMB:     PKR 110,000 (Aprox)

Advance Consultancy Fee        50,000 PKR  (Refundable in case student don’t get admission)

Remaining Consultancy Fee:   200, 000 PKR after visa.

Terms & Conditions which may apply:

  1. Scholarships are partially funded; the decision is made by scholarship authorities for award of scholarship.
  2. University and scholarship body can be refused, and then we will refund your amount.

Required Documents:

  • Passport first page scan
  • White background picture
  • Educational documents Copy notarized
  • Study Plan
  • Two recommendation letters from teaches of previous institute
  • CV
  • Job Experience letter notarized
  • Physical examination from Government hospital.


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Chinese Government Scholarship Program for Pakistani Students

china study

Looking to proceed your studies in China? Known as a growing economy and great place for companies and businesses, China has a lot to offer when it comes to education too. They have some very reputable institutes in the world that are producing skilled individuals for various fields. If you are interested in pursuing your high level education in China, there are numerous institutes and organizations as well as government that is offering fully funded scholarships to the students.

To know the complete application process to study in China on scholarships, please read this post: Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

These opportunities come in various fields and provide a great chance for learning and practically implementing your knowledge to start a great career.


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What are these fully funded scholarships?

The fully funded scholarships mean that they will provide you a complete coverage. A handsome package is offered to the candidates that are awarded these scholarships.

Like other offers, this also come with certain rules and regulations. First of all, you have to be eligible and you should be competent enough to be considered. Then, there is a screening process after which the final stage comes where candidates that fit the criteria appropriately are selected and given the scholarship.

There are instances when individuals feel confident and satisfy all the requirements but are not able to secure the award. If you are also among them, you may feel disappointed. However, don’t let your motivation down.

It might not be because you weren’t good enough. There are instances when awards are limited and the number of people who make it through are more. So, in that case, certain individuals are left out because the institute or organizations have all the seats filled.

CGS Scholarship Program for the Pakistani students

CSC Scholarships or CSC China are of great important scholarships program for international students who want to study in China. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for students. Students apply for scholarships for plenty of reasons. They always go for good financial aid scholarships. The institutions or the organizations that offer financial assistance to the students also manage the finances properly and ensure a strong and friendly relationship between donors and recipients.

Scholarships are a good opportunity for many people to earn an education, particularly for those who cannot afford it without any help. They usually face trouble for the payment of their degree without the assistance of a scholarship.

Importance of international scholarships:

International scholarships are the ones that students always prefer. It is a good opportunity to study internationally with funding. It also provides exposure to students with much diverse experience and education. Offering international scholarships is a great way of improving relations with other countries and to have a good mutual understanding.

Study in China:

China has not only a rich economic background but also has a fascinating educational sector. It is one of the developing countries that offer scholarships with great funding programs all over the world. Whether you go for Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D., you will always have an opportunity to China scholarship. These awards are not restricted to any specific subject but are available for all kinds of courses including arts, social sciences, medical, engineering, and many more.

What is the China Government Scholarship (CGS) or Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)?

 The initiative of the Chinese Government Scholarship was taken by the government of China. The purpose of CGS was to promote the education sector, their culture and living standards, to promote trading, exchange in education as well as in politics and cooperation among China and other countries.

Through this scholarship program, they invite students, intellectuals, teachers, and artists from all over the world to their country and offer them great opportunities. This program is done every year, and now it has received an immense response.

CSC scholarships for other countries:

A great number of scholarships have been sponsored to the international students by the Chinese government. They invite them to conduct a research program at a Chinese university. The administration and enrollment of these scholarships are under the control of the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) which is assigned by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. MOFCOM is another scholarship offered by China scholarship council to study in China.

This further enhances and strengthen the relationship between communication and cooperation between China and other countries. It also creates a chance for developing countries to develop their skills and talents.

Scholarships offered to Pakistani students:

 China offers famous and special Chinese government scholarships for Pakistani students. Whether you want to have a social sciences degree or a medical degree or whether you want to do bachelors or Ph.D., scholarships of CSC are always open for the Pakistani students. In the past few years, Chinese scholarships have become the number one option for the students of Pakistan. In the year 2018, almost 1000 students from Pakistan were rewarded by CSC scholarships and went to China to study.

China consists of a large number of students in almost all fields and majors. China is working on furthermore openings for Pakistani students, which is a good opportunity and should be availed. Indeed, the scholarships offered by China are the best one to have. They are giving tough competition to other countries. Scholarships for Pakistani students is not only a good thing for the students, but it also helps both countries to improve their friendship.

Scholarships by the Chinese Government:

Chinese scholarship council is awarding the international students with CSC scholarships. They open CSC scholarships in universities that are affiliated with CSC. The process of the online application for the admissions starts from December to April usually, but the last date to apply generally varies from university to university.

This online application of CSC scholarship is a must thing to do for the willing students. The results of these awards offered by the Chinese government are usually announced at the end of July, and the classes start by September according to the policy of CSC China.

Eligibility Criteria for CSC scholarships:

 Students who are interested in being successful in the CSC scholarship program should follow the following eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant applying for the scholarship must be a Non-Chinese national. A national student of China can’t apply for CSC scholarship as it is only for the international students.
  • Applicant must be of good health and currently should not be a student of any Chinese institution.
  • The age should be less than 35 of the applicants who are applying for the Master Degree. They must have a Bachelors degree as well.
  • The age should be less than 40 of applicants applying for a Doctoral degree. They should also have a Masters Degree with them.

 How to apply for CSC scholarships:


  • Potential supervisor: Contact the supervisors of China according to your subject. Contact them through an email. The email that you send them should be written in a very impressive and must be in a respectable way. If you start receiving acceptance, then go for the further application process.
  • Fill the application form: a First important thing is an application form for the scholarship and for the admission that you download from the website. It should be filled properly. This can be done by creating your own profile as well as CGS web account. If you want to apply for plenty of universities, then you must create a CGS portal account.
  • Find the agency number of universities: On your application form, you must insert the number of the university’s agency where you want to get admission.
  • Selection of scholarship type: Type of CSC scholarship should be then selected according to your need and then select the category B. After that you have to fill the credential and select the desired courses of your degree.
  • Submission: submit the CSC scholarship online application before the due date. It depends on the university that whether they demand online application of admission along with CSC scholarship application or not. In case they want you to submit an online application for admission to the particular university, then you will apply online on their website first and then attach your CSC scholarship online application. Make sure to attach attested copies of the required documents which include degrees, transcripts, etc.
  • Acceptance letter provided by a potential supervisor must be attached.
  • Recommendation letter: it would be great if you have a recommendation letter. So ask two of your teachers to write a recommendation letter for your CSC scholarship online application.
  • IELTS: it is an important step for the CSC scholarship. This will prove that you know about the English language. Any other certificate that states that you have learned the English language or your last degree was taught in the English language will also help you in your CSC scholarship.
  • Research plan: An appropriate and detailed research plan should be written with clear reasons for choosing a Chinese university for your higher education degree. If you have any publication which you have done in your previous degree should also be submitted.
  • Go for your medical test and submit your medical as well.
  • Another major document to be submitted is your clearance. Without the Certificate of Clearance, you will probably face some problems in the process of scholarship.
  • Ready your passport and if there is a requirement of the application processing fee, then submit it on time.

Value of Chinese Government Scholarship:

This scholarship provided by the Chinese government is almost free to study in the People’s Republic of China. They cover many basic needs of international students to whom they provide scholarship. This includes:

  • Registration fees of a student
  • Tuition fee
  • Fee of the room they rent
  • Living stipend
  • Provide free medical services
  • Insurance of medical in China aided by the Chinese government

Stipend offered to students by the Chinese Government of Scholarship is quite worthy. The monthly pay the students the living stipend. Scholarships are usually merit-based so as its stipend. This is done by the host institution. Rates of stipend are as follows:

For the students of undergraduate: CNY 2,500 Yuan (Almost 58,533 PKR) with a monthly stipend, free tuition fee, and free accommodation.

For the students of masters: CNY 3,000 Yuan (Almost 57,742 PKR) with a monthly stipend, free tuition fees, and a room.

For the students of Doctoral: 3,500 Yuan (Almost 67,360 PKR) with a monthly stipend, free tuition fee and a room as well.

 Why Chinese university?

China has almost 274 universities that offer plenty of scholarships to international students twice a year. The reputation of a university is very important at any level. Whether it is about to secure a graduate job or to study more, the ranking of your university is really important. It is also essential for the reputation of your future prospect. In this regard, China contains increasingly well-demanded and well-respected universities. In the past few years, Chinese universities have risen in several major global universities ranking.

Do they provide complete tuition fee?

Study in China

Fully funded scholarships mean that they provide complete tuition fee. They will assure that all your university expenses are covered. You won’t have to worry about giving a single penny to the university.

Unlike the partial awards that contribute to a certain extent or other funds that may run out anytime, you will get complete coverage for the time you are pursing your studies. Depending on the course that you are taking, all the tuition fee and, in most cases, other university expenses will be covered.

What about living expenses?

There are times when you will get the scholarships that are fully funded and not only provide you tuition fee but also comes with accommodation and food. You will be given a place to stay with all the basic facilities that include electricity and internet and you will have access to the room as you may have in a hostel.

Moreover, some may provide you a monthly stipend to make up for the living and other expenses that one comes across on day to day basis.

Who is offering these scholarships?

The scholarships are being offered by various organizations and institutes. Moreover, certain government initiates are also there behind the fully funded options. It depends on which scholarship you are applying for that determines who is offering it.

How to get fully funded scholarship in China?

Start by searching for the fully funded scholarships in China. Take a look at the different options available to you. Consider the universities where you will get to study and on what basis the scholarships are offered to you. Take a good look at the eligibility criteria and see what they are asking of you. Don’t forget to make sure that the course for which scholarship is being offered is the one you are willing to study (in certain cases you will have the option of choosing the course you like and even selecting a university of your choice in China).

Once you assure that you fit the criteria and are eligible to apply, send your details with application form and required documents. Submit the details carefully and send some reference letters too as it helps in making you a strong candidate. Craft each application appropriately for every scholarship you are applying.

Final words

In short, the fully funded scholarship is a great way to study in China as it provides you coverage for complete tuition fee and even come with stipend and accommodation. However, make sure that you fit the criteria and apply on multiple scholarships to increase your chances.

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Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

study in china

Education is one of the vital aspects of one’s life and planning one’s higher education requires careful decisions and wisdom. For higher education, there are many who wish to move into another country. Students all around the globe usually prefer studying in another country, in a new environment, not only for better education standard than in their home country, but also for the new experiences this decision is bound to bring. China is one of the popular decisions for Pakistanis looking to move out-of-country to get their graduate and/or post-graduate degrees. Do you also plan on doing so too? This article will provide you most of what you need to know about Study in China as a Pakistani student.


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Education in China

Education in China has risen in standard over the centuries since the inauguration of new universities in the 19th century. The fact that students from Vietnam and Eastern Europe started taking admission in China just a year after these were set up, is evidence to the high standard of education.

Beijing and Shanghai are by now the most famous cities in China among students from abroad, including Pakistan.

Today, the degrees issued in these universities of higher education are globally recognized and graduates from these universities get recognition all over the globe.

These universities, known as public universities in china provide many degrees in a variety of fields; Chinese medicine, martial arts, sports, history, and major fields like mathematics, medical, engineering, science etc. Pakistanis usually go for the MBBS programs.

Admission requirements for Pakistanis

Requirements vary across universities and from subject to subject, and are determined and finalized by higher authorities.

Those students, who choose to Study in China –just as it would be in any other case –must check before-hand, the entry-requirements for admission in the different courses and universities by surfing websites made for this purpose.

Let’s discuss entry requirements for some of the main courses offered in China to Pakistanis.

  • Short-term courses

These 1-20 week long courses, offered to both nationals and internationals, require several things. Here are the basics but you are suggested to look up specific requirements before applying

  1. Evidence of completing 12 years of education; secondary education finishing degree, A-level certificate etc.
  2. Passing the entry test
  3. Transcripts from previous institutions
  4. English language proficiency certificate like IELTS
  5. Entry form
  • Language courses

Language courses are also offered in China in various higher education universities with different requirements but the usual ones are as follows:

  1. Evidence of completing 12 years of education; secondary education finishing degree, A-level certificate etc.
  2. Passing the entry test
  3. Entry form
  • Undergraduate program

These are many Chinese universities that offer undergraduate or bachelor’s degree programs, usually lasting 4 to 5 years, to international students. Associate undergraduate degree however, is for 2 or 3 years.

Pakistanis looking to Study in China must ensure to check the requirements for the universities. Here we have collected some absolutely necessary ones.

  1. Evidence of completing 12 years of education; secondary education finishing degree, A-level certificate etc.
  2. Passing the entry test
  3. Transcripts from previous institutions
  4. English language proficiency certificate like IELTS
  5. HSK level of 4 to 6 for any Chinese medium course
  6. Entry form
  • Master’s degree program

Master’s degree program offered in Chinese universities are offered to both national and international students. This 3 to 4 year long program has requirements also set by the concerned universities but here are the common ones.

  1. A bachelor’s degree and good CGPA
  2. 2 letters of recommendation from professors
  3. Transcripts from previous institutions
  4. Passing the entry test
  5. English language proficiency certificate like IELTS
  6. HSK level of 5 to 8 for any Chinese medium course
  7. Application form

The MBBS, MD and PHD in China are the most popular programs among Pakistani students studying in China.

Scholarships offered to them, the economical living cost and overall cost-effectiveness make studying in China famous among Pakistani nationals. Jiangsu University, Zhejiang University and Peking University are some Chinese universities that offer higher education to Pakistanis and other internationals.

The preference and consideration given to Pakistanis in Chinese universities make China the choice of many students who have decided to study abroad.

If you are looking for Study in China as well as Scholarships in China or Chinese scholarships then this post will help you to obtain required information. China is offering many scholarships for international students who want to study undergraduate and graduate programs in China.  To obtain admission for Study in China and  Scholarships in China your must know the basic information and application procedure for this. There are more than 3000 Chinese universities which are offering different kinds of scholarships. These are different kinds of scholarships. Some are provided by Chinese government and some are by local and provincial governments. Chinese universities also offer scholarships.

There are two main types of scholarships in China:

1) Chinese Government Scholarship.

2) Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Application Period for Study in China & Scholarships in China

When you are going to apply for Study in China Scholarships in China then please keep in mind the application period for these scholarships. To obtain Chinese Government Scholarship, you have to apply from early January to early April of each year. You should check with the Chinese Embassy (Consulate General) in your home country concerning details covering the application period and important procedures. Notification: around May and June, some applicants may receive notification as late as July and August. Local Government Scholarship which are also another part of Chinese government Scholarships, Each of the local government scholarship has its own details. Application is open all year round for some of them. Notification: from May to September.

Confucius Institute Scholarship, application is open all year round. Scholarship result should be announced within 45 working days after the application materials are confirmed.

To know more about Chinese scholarships in 2020, please visit this post: Fully funded China scholarships in 2020

What is Chinese Government Scholarship?

Chinese Government Scholarships initiative was taken by the Chinese Government to promote education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China. Every year, Chinese Universities are awarding Chinese Government Scholarships which are following:

  • CSC Scholarships
  • Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships

CSC Scholarships 2020 are now open for  Bachelor, Master or doctoral (Ph.D.) degree courses in various disciplines taught in English & Chinese language in Chinese Universities. CSC Scholarships is offered in over 243 Chinese Universities every year. An online application for CSC Scholarships is a mandatory requirement. Whereas, an applicant of CSC Scholarship is also required to submit another University admission application to the university. After that, the CSC Scholarship applicant has to submit both CSC Scholarship application form and University admission form directly to the University to process the application.

Benefits of Study in China & CSC Scholarship

  • Undergrad Program CSC Scholarship: CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition and free accommodation
  • Master Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition and free room
  • Doctoral Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition and free room

How to apply for Study in China & CSC Scholarship?

While applying for a CSC Scholarship which is usually fully funded scholarships, please keep in mind that an acceptance letter or an invitation letter from a professor of Chinese University is optional. Candidates of Chinese Government Scholarship may follow following steps to submit CSC Scholarship application:

15 Simple steps to apply for CSC Scholarship in a Chinese University:

  1. Find Chinese University offering CSC Scholarships
  2. Find CSC Scholarship webpage of University
  3. Create an account on China Scholarship Council website
  4. Fill CSC Scholarship Online application form
  5. Select category B for CSC Scholarship
  6. Select University name and fill agency number of university
  7. Submit the CSC Scholarship form and download pdf
  8. Attach all required documents with CSC scholarship pdf form
  9. Check if University require separate admission application or not
  10. If admission application required then fill University form and download
  11. Check if University require an application fee or not
  12. Submit application fee (if required)
  13. Attach admission application, documents & CSC Scholarship pdf form
  14. Make two sets and send on University address
  15. Wait for CSC Scholarship Results
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Study Cost in China – What is the Average Cost of a Student in China?

Study cost in china is less than other Europeans country in the world. The Chinese government has taken great steps in terms of providing a scholarship to foreign students. Different programs are created by the Chinese government to make sure that studying in china is affordable. Once the university provides admission then student performance can be emulated for the scholarships.


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What are the China Visa Fees?

The normal application fees of Chinese universities Is very low. Universities in Europe cost around almost five hundred dollars on the application only. The CUCAS has zero fees thanks to the Chinese government. For foreign students, the university application fees of any city will cost around the sixty to one twenty dollars. While there are different programs available to from. Universities around the globe are based on the higher fees for their main programs.  Once the application fees are submitted it can’t be refunded. The application fees are low so there shouldn’t be an issue regarding refunding the fees. Yeah, application fees higher than five hundred dollars should be refunded.

What are the pre-departure Expenses?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are many pre-departure expenses that are essential before leaving the country. Medical examination fees are one of the main pre-departure expenses. Like any other government, Chinese government takes precautionary measures for the safety of its citizen. The medical examination is of general type but this ensures that student isn’t carrying any kind of viral disease. The medical examination is a prerequisite before departing. Before departing a student has to get himself medically examined at a local hospital. The cost of the medical examination is very less. The student has been medically examined in the local currency. Different countries set up the medical examination and they charge a fortune for the examination. The different country embassy has different policies. Chinese country has the policy to get the applicant examined on local hospital before entering the country.

To know the complete application process to study in China on scholarships, please read this post: Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]isa fee is dependent on the different countries. Different region has higher visa prices while other regions have lower visa prices. The best solution is to consult with the Chinese embassy about the visa fees. The traveling expense is totally dependent on the Airplane applicant chooses to travel. Traveling in luxury class is going to cost more than required. Experts advise that normal economy tickets are enough to travel china to keep the expenses minimum.

Tuition fees of a university may be around two thousand us dollars for a year. This is totally dependent on the major the applicant is taking in the university. Some of the majors may even cost lower than thousand dollars. The price of the accommodation is very fare in china when compared to the foreign countries. It is around the two hundred dollars.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he insurance has very less fare that is around hundred dollars. The cost of living is very low Almost two hundred to three hundred dollars. In this cost, the student can easily live in china. Prices may different according to the city one is living.

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Why Study in China – Top 4 Reasons


China is one of the biggest super power of the world. China has vast culture. History professors throughout the world visit china on a study visa. China progress can be seen by the quality of education they are giving. Students around the globe are visiting china for educational purposes. Following is a list to answer the question Why study in China?


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Travel and Exploration

China is full of population. Living with such huge size population can make one learn many things. Chinese people are very fond of their unique culture. It’s their custom to follow the culture. Chinese have ancient history and every city of china is full with the mixture of the culture and their history. As china is also a study hub many of the students of china regard china as a hub of meeting different people around the globe. The country faces all different climates one by one over the year.  China economy is rapidly growing. They are preserving their country with the growth to promote the tourism in china.

To know the complete application process to study in China on scholarships, please read this post: Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

Less expensive

China is a super power but living in china is cheap than any other country. There are many countries where studying can cost a fortune. The United States and the United Kingdom have the highest fees in the world. These are the country that almost runs on the student fees. Studying in Asia is not cheap. Japanese have highest monthly rents while the Koreans are categorized as the most expensive country for foreign residents. Tuition fees in university in china are very less than other universities. The tuition fees don’t increase than thousand dollars. That is half of the amount than others countries. Jeans don't cost more than fifteen dollars. Food prices are very low. Local transport fare in is in cents.

High employment rates

China hasn’t faced any financial crisis since twenty years. Chinese are creating more jobs day by day. Their economy is increasing and they have already crossed the Japanese. China is ranked second in the world largest economy after the United States.  China is a hub of business for different countries. As china is a super power with the highest economy on the board it becomes easy to think china as a headquarter for business in Asia. Most of the business is done in Hong Kong and shanghai. People especially learn china language and Chinese culture to work for greater experience. Being experienced in different languages and learning Chinese is a plus factor for studying in china.

Quality of Education

A Chinese university student has accepted anywhere in the world for the job. The reason is not economy this time but how hard it is get passed from a Chinese university. Their universities are top universities of the world.  Their education is renowned in the world. Their students have greater experience than any other universities students in the world. Chinese’s universities are offering majors in every subject. They have their own country PHD’s. These Ph.D.’s Professors are top of the line professors and their work is acknowledged around the world.

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China Top Colleges and Universities – Top 5 Results

Following is the list of China top colleges and Universities.

Tsinghua University

The university was established in 1911. The university has almost twenty schools for different majors. The university was granted a seat in the C9 league which is considered equivalent against the ivy league of America. Tsinghua University is categorized as the high ranking university in the world. The university has been present in the high ranking category since last three years. Tsinghua University has been ranked at the fifth spot in the Asian universities. The university different majors are gaining positions in the world charts. Tsinghua university famous majors are chemistry, computer science, art, law, and mathematics.


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Peking University

This university was established on 1898 in Beijing. The university has been ranked in the ninth spot on the Asian ranking of universities. The university has also been categorized at the second place in china personalized category. The old name of Peking University was the Imperial university of Peking. Around the world has university has been gaining popularity because of the high quality of research produced by the university. Research papers of Different students of Peeking University are accepted throughout the world. The university has been in ranking among top fifty universities of the world. Peking University is famous for his different majors. That is mineral, computer sciences, and mechanical engineering.

To know the complete application process to study in China on scholarships, please read this post: Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

Fudan University

The Fudan University was in 1905. In early days Fudan University was just a school since than university has almost enrolled thirty-one thousand students. The university has so many campuses almost seventy-seven research institutes ten teaching hospitals. The university has been associated with shanghai institute of Visual art. The university is also part of a C9 league of the universities. The university has also been featured in the ranking of top 50 universities of the world. According to the survey, the Fudan university students are very capable researchers.

University of Science and Technology of China

The university was established in 1958. The university scores almost sixth place on the BRICS ranking of china. The university has also achieved twenty-fifth places on the ranking of Asian top universities. The university education of science and technology is appreciated throughout the world. The university has a large campus that is almost three sixty acres enough to cover the whole city. The university has also been ranked as top-ranked university in twenty-five majors. University of Science and Technology of China was the first university to establish a graduate school in china.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University was established in 1896. This university has been teaching many different international majors. This university has been placed on twenty seconds on the Asian top university ranking. The university has a vast list of different high programs offered by the university. Two fifty undergraduate programs and twenty-eight doctoral programs are being offered in the university. The university has been placed in the top 50 world ranking for its variety of different majors. The university has been located in shanghai.

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Study in China Guides by WSL Consultants


China is a large country with about 25 per cent of the world's population making it the world's most populous region. Not many students are conscious of China's research patterns. But let me assure you that China is not just high in its economy and in its people. China is a well-developed country with a strong focus on education because they are aware of the power of information. If you choose to live in China, that would be one of the biggest decisions you've ever made. China is Asia's best Higher Education region.


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China is very much underrated for higher education just because it’s a Non-English Asian country. Before you apply for study in China, you should thoroughly research about that country. Here in Study in China Guide you will find all the information one must acquire before moving, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

To know the complete application process to study in China on scholarships, please read this post: Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

1 - Education:

Chinese education system has a quality that rivals Australia. Chinese higher education is one of the best in world. Since their revolution, they have always worked hard in all fields of life and stunned the world with success. China is ranked 8th Best Country for Higher Education establishment in QS Higher Education System Strength Ranking. In addition, China is consistently increasing their efforts and investment to make their education best of the world.

2 - Universities:

China is home to more than 2,000 universities that currently have over 1 million students enrolled. Numerous Chinese universities are ranked in Top 100 of world. Top university of China is Tsinghua University, in Beijing's capital, ranks 24th in the world and 5th in Asia. Second best university of China is also a marvelous beautiful institute known as Peking University. It ranks 39th in world and 9th in Asia. Besides these institutes there are many more amazing universities and colleges in China that you can see by clicking Top Universities of China and their Ranks.

3 - Research:

Since their revolution, China has always followed the code of “rely on your own resources”. They do not wait for other countries to develop a technology and acquire their help. They just create whatever they want. For innovation, you definitely need one of the best research systems and researchers. It is said that most of the world geniuses are found in China. In order to maintain their position and the code, they are administering the best research centers and labs of world. Established in 1949, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is ranked best research institute.

4 - Student Attraction:

China is one of the main destinations for students from around the world. They are currently housing about 4 Lac international students in their educational institutes. Thousands of students transfer to China for their entire or holiday programs. Chinese teaching methods and customs are a lot different than what you may find in other countries. Many students wish to experience this change which is a very healthy activity by means of grooming. China is ranked 9th Most Popular Students Attraction of world among international student and the Most Popular in Asia.

5 - Admission:

It is not very difficult and actually international students are very encouraged to take admission in Chinese University. In order to get admission in Chinese universities, you must meet the basic requirements of Government and that particular university. Here read complete requirement to Apply in Chinese University and Visa Process. If you are enrolling in English-Taught program and you are from Non-English country than you will have to show IELTS or TOEFL score report. To apply for a university, you either go to their official website or use CUCAS to apply to any Chinese university online by filling a form and submitting soft copy of all required documents. If you are reluctant to apply online, it is suggested to acquire assistance of Overseas Student Consultant. Here contact WSLconsultants and get free consultancy.

6 - Student Part Time Work:

In past international students were not allowed to work while they are studying. However, Chinese government introduced new law according to which international students can work part time while studying and they will also be provided all rights. A student who wishes to work part-time or take an internship outside the campus must attain approval from the university and then apply to the PSB Exit-Entry Administration for permit. However, make sure you get the right student visa because this opportunity is not available for X2 visa.

7 - Cost and Accommodation:

Chines Currency is Yuan which very cheap compared to most countries. This makes education in China cheaper than any other country. Two major expenses student has to face are:

University Fee:

  • Average University fee is about $40,000 per year that is equivalent to 4 Lac PKR.

Living Expenses:

  • Depending on usage and international student requires about $500 (50 thousand PKR) to $800 (80 thousand PKR) monthly to cover living expenses including Rent, Food and Transportation.

Click the link to see complete Cost and Accommodation details.

8 - Scholarships:

As I have mentioned before, Chinese government has a goal to get Through year 2020, 500,000 international students had been registered in Chinese higher education institutions. To make their wish come true they are doing everything possible to attract international students. They are providing many facilities like part time work and less tuition fees. In addition, they are also distributing as many scholarships as possible to accommodate international students there. There are many scholarships granted by the government, some are university specific and many are private organizations that fund students. It is suggested to apply at China Scholarship Council before other schemes as it is the most famous awarding program, here you will find all the latest scholarships you need.

9 - Amazing Culture:

China is a wonderful large country comprising many cultures, colors and 56 different ethnicities. They follow all their own traditions and custom that has been coming for centuries and don’t use Europe as their idol which makes it extremely colorful and full of festivals. China is very much famous for Kung Fu and you will find martial arts institutes more than you think. You will definitely get a exposure of entirely new astounding world.

10 - Globally Recognized Degree:

Every student always searches prior hand whether their proof of many years of education, their degree, will be accepted in other countries or not. As above mentioned facts and figures, China is a wonderful country for education and whole world knows that. China has worked hard and proved itself as the best. Chinese degree is easily accepted and even respected all around the world, wherever you go. Whole world greets Chinese graduates for of their qualifications and brilliance. Even if you wish to go to another university for your further education, even the world’ best universities like Oxford and Harvard cannot deny your education. You will be happy to know that the Chinese government has joint agreements of recognition with 64 other countries and regions.

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