Study in Malaysia Without IELTS With Job Opportunities

study in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia without IELTS is a really amazing place. It is considered best because of the afford ability as well as the living standards of this country. International students love to come here because of the hassle-free life. The educational opportunities of this country are also high which make it a center of education in South East Asia. The capital of this country is considered to be best in terms of technological development. Both trade as well as business is the flourishing here. Some of the important facts about this country are as follows. So study in Malaysia is quite beneficial to you. Malaysia student visa can be obtained in following way

Why study in Malaysia without IELTS?

There are multiple reasons behind choosing Malaysia for study. First of all, the natural beauty of this country is exceptional. The presence of ancient rain forests as well as the colorful mosques and markets keep the people occupied. The festive celebrations of this place are also amazing. Malaysian culture is really rich and people enjoy a lot here. Another fact is that this is most stable country in terms of politics. The economic clout is really less that make its place in world’s top ranking. The lifestyle of people in this place is also really organic as compared to the cities. Many high ranking universities are present here that offer diversity. There are following reasons to study in Malaysia without IELTS

Top ranking universities

There are many top ranking universities in the world that are found in Malaysia. They are teaching without IELTS. The level of education in this country is really amazing and huge campuses are present with better quality of education. The research factor is also amazing. High-quality research avenues are available in this country that makes it best for research. The universities have also developed a partnership with many international units to make a diverse educational environment. The courses offered here include all the fields. The rankings have shown that this country is ranking on 10th level overall the world in terms of competitiveness.

Bright future

While studying in Malaysia without IELTS provide better lifestyle and a lot of success opportunities in future. The future goals of a person are well satisfied if he study in Malaysia. Many famous universities of UK and Australia have campuses present in Malaysia to build educational alliance. In this way students can get dual degrees and both from internationally recognized places. This is the best opportunity for foreign students. Huge campuses are present that are equipped with research prospects with quality of education. The weather of this country is also really pleasant that is another positive incentive to choose this place.

Considering all these positive aspects of study in Malaysia without IELTS, the place is amazing in all respects. Better opportunities wait for the person and a completely secured environment is offered to the students from arrival to passing out. Alliance with international universities and presence of top ranking universities make a standard of education high. It is more accessible to get high education up to the mark of international standards by studying in this country. State of the art facilities is provided to Asian students in terms of both living standards as well as security.

Job opportunities while study in Malaysia without IELTS

The trend of international students going to study in Malaysia has increased a lot in past few years. This is because of the high quality of education delivered in this region. Many foreign universities have their campuses in Malaysia and they offer valuable degrees at really reasonable costs and without IELTS. When a student goes in foreign country for study, they like to have some part time job to run their routine expenses. Many post study opportunities of work are also considered if they want to stay in Malaysia after their study.

Wages for students

The wage rate is important to consider when looking for a job. This is the disadvantage that as the cost of living is less, correspondingly, the salaries offered are also less. If a person does work for a week, he will earn about RM 150. This will only cover the routine expenses so backup support should be present to pay the tuition fee and other big expenses. However, it really depend on the field that what kind of further opportunities are available. If a student gets a job after study, he must have employment pass before even starting the work.

Conditions for part time job

Some of the rules and regulations are applied on international students if they want to have a part time job in Malaysia. First of all, they can work up to 20 hours in a week as a maximum limit. Then, they can work in the days of holiday break that should be of more than seven days. There is a restriction about what type of profession to opt. the work that is morally wrong including singing, music and cashier is not allowed to do by the students. They can only work in the cafes, restaurants, petrol stations and mini market. The request for working is made through a proper channel such as any university or private institute where the person is studying. It is not advised to rely on the part time jobs to pay all the living as well as course expenditures in Malaysia.

Application process for Study in Malaysia without IELTS

The application process of a part time job for any international student should be done through a proper mechanism. Some of the documents need to be submitted beforehand to avoid inconvenience later on. At first, the photocopy of passport should be given especially the pages containing student pass and information of bearer of the passport. A letter from the employer, contact details as well as address should also be provided. The processing fee of RM 120 is given that is non returnable. The support letter from the university should be provided that allows him to work. The application is approved after the interview taken from the student. The immigration department of Malaysia is also involved in this process and they have right to cancel the job under certain circumstances. If all these things are provided according o requirement, international student can do part time job to cover living expenses. The cost and expenses of Study in Malaysia can be found on our other post "What is cost of studying in Malaysia"

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What are cost and expenses in Malaysia while studying

cost and expenses in Malaysia

The education offered by Malaysia is really a valuable deal in terms of value for money. Many international students now prefer this country because cost and expenses in Malaysia are really less as compared to other countries such as US, Australia, UK, Canada and France. Also, there is a great range of options available in terms of study. Foreign campuses of big universities are present here. As a whole it offers really high quality of education in a competitive cost. Some of the cost estimates that are offered in Malaysia are presented in this article.

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Education cost in comparison of other countries

The annual estimate of tuition fee in Malaysia is really less. If a person study in USA, his tuition fee expenses will be $18,000. This is really high and mostly not affordable by everyone. Likewise, the cost of studying in Canada per year is $13,000. Both Australia and UK have the estimate of annual tuition fee to be $15,000. As compared to these, if an international student study in Malaysia, The cost and expenses in Malaysia have to pay only $5,000 in a year. This shows that the tuition fee is affordable with the availability of high quality education from recognized universities.

Study in Malaysia Without IELTS With Job Opportunities

Components included in education cost

When we talk about cost and expenses in Malaysia there are certain factors. Not only tuition fees, there are some of the other components that are added in it to cover complete expenses. Most of the people are worried about these extra expenses that may occur during the time period of study. First of all there is registration fee that should be paid to enroll the student in any program. Then, foreign students also have to pay some deposit as a security. This should be paid in every country no matter where the foreign students go for study. Some additional fees other than tuition fees include science or computer library charges. Malaysia is a safe country however; the payment of hospital and health insurance should also be done to ensure the safety of students. Library charges are paid to offer students with study material. Some other incidental costs are also included that may occur from time to time such as examination fees.

Non academic charges included in Cost and expenses in Malaysia

Other than the academic charges mentioned above, some of the non academic charges are also paid by the students. The most prominent of them is visa fees for students. The charges of any recreational activities are also included in this category.

Cost of living in Malaysia

Staying away from home is not an easy task and the students should know how to maintain a balance in their bank account at the end of every month. The international students have a major advantage of studying in Malaysia that their living cost is really less. Not only inside is the campus, the life outside also affordable in many respects. This also depend on the place student decide to live. The monthly budget of $469 or RM 1,500 is enough for a student to live a comfortable lifestyle in Malaysia.

Living Cost in Malaysia While Studying

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Have a look on Malaysian Top Universities in 2020-21

top malaysian universities


The top hub for getting international education in Asia is considered to be Malaysia. This is becoming priority of international students to study in Malaysia. The reason being, many top ranking universities are available with quality education and state of the art facilities. An amazing mix of old as well as new economy and education sector is present. The cost of living is also really cheap as compared to other areas of the world. There are a lot of universities in which a student can apply for getting higher education. Unlimited prospects are available in many top ranking universities of the world. Some of the best universities present in Malaysia are as follows.

Study in Malaysia Scholarship For Pakistani Students

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

UKM is also famous by the name of national university of Malaysia or NUM. this is top university in Malaysia that intake a lot of undergraduate, post graduate as well as PhD students every year. A great range of subjects are being taught here that focus a lot on the research. The main campus of this university is present in Bangi, Selangor. The ranking of this university is 57th place in overall world. This was established in the year 1970 and was also among the top 50 universities of the world. The faculty from overseas is attracted towards this university because it comes on 12th rank in Asia.

Universiti Malaya

UM is the highest ranking institute of Malaysia. This is under the federal capital and comes under the public sector universities. This si the oldest university in Malaysia established in the year 1947. Many colleges in Singapore were merged to make this university. All types of courses are offered here and the enrollment of this university is about 11,000 students of postgraduate. This provides a great opportunity for the international students seeking their way n Malaysia. In Asia this is ranked to be on 33rd number.

7 reasons which will encourage you to study in Malaysia

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

UTM is a public institute in Malaysia that is particularly focused on technological study. There are two campuses of this university; one is in federal capital while the other one is in Malaysian mainland, Johor Bahru. Specialization in many subjects is offered here in the field of technology and engineering. According to latest ranking this is the 68th ranking university. According to the percentage of international student, this university holds 7th position in Asia.

Universiti Sains Malaysia

USM is ranked on 61st number in Asia. This is also a university coming under the spectrum of public sector. The main campus of this university is present on the island of Penang in Georgetown. The courses that are focused in this university include healthcare and engineering. The best score is provided to this university in terms of string research.

The faculty members of this university publish a lot of research papers and this has the second highest ranking in the number of research citations present in each research paper. All these things make this Malaysian university a great opportunity for research students in international market.

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7 reasons which will encourage you to study in Malaysia

study in Malaysia

Malaysia is an excellent place. This country is rich in natural beauty and great economy along with stability of political system. This country has a vast culture and due to this many international students are moving here to study. The education system is really stable that offer degrees from many international universities. Some of the reasons because of which a person should go and study in Malaysia are as follows.

Study in Malaysia Without IELTS With Job Opportunities

Up to date amenities

The amenities and other facilities offered in this country are really amazing and up to the mark of modern standards. The transport system is efficient that is built up with the high class highways. All the states are connected through highways that give a great edge to transportation system. To travel in the city, there is a complete system of taxis, buses and railway.

Reputed universities to study in Malaysia

Many universities of Malaysia are really good and have international recognition. This is the best alternative for people who want to have a good degree in fewer prices. The tuition fees as well as other expenses are really low for international students. Many international universities of even USA and Australia have their campuses here.

Places to visit

The country is full of places where a person can travel. Shopping and cultural destinations are huge and they can be visited anytime for fun. There are also some historical places for tourists giving a great attraction for international students. Malaysia is also really rich in natural beauty. There are many rivers, beaches, mountains, caves and jungles where a person who loves nature can spend valuable time.

Study in Malaysia Cost and other expenses

Crime rate

The crime rate in Malaysia is really less. This feature makes it a great place for international students. This is all because of political stability. People coming from outside the country consider it very safe because of the efficient working of system.

Malaysia Student Visa | Study in Malaysia | Apply Now

Amazing food

This place is considered to be heaven in terms of food. As there are many cultures in ths country, there are different styles of cooking food and a person can find every type of food here. The food from the neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand is famous here. Food form the western world is also popular in this place.

Less barrier of language

When going abroad, the common problem faced by most of the students is language barrier. A major portion of population living in Malaysia can speak and converse well in English. This make is really less difficult for the foreigners to communicate here. There is no need to come and then first learn about the native language. The diverse culture makes it easy to communicate with friendly people of Malaysia.

Diversification in culture

The country is connected with a lot of other countries and that is why the culture of other countries is mixed up in the culture of Malaysia. Especially the students have interaction with many cross-cultural people and they can experience the multi-cultural side in many useful ways.

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Study in Malaysia Guides by WSL Consultants

Study-in-MalaysiaMalaysia is a wonderful Muslim country that is the one of the most attractive places in Asia for tourism and to live. The country is said to be one of most multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. It is a group of thirteen states and three federal territories. This country has also maintained an education system that rivals that of China, housing many world’s top-ranked universities. It is the 44th most populous country and is the 66th largest country by land area. From the very time it achieved its liberty, it has maintained one of the best economy of Asia.

Malaysia Visa Type and Process

Malaysia’s official religion is the peaceful of most Islam with 61% of their total population following it. In Malaysian constitution, freedom of religion is guaranteed. Before you apply for study in Malaysia, you should validate that you have proper information of every essential detail about that country. Here in Study in Malaysia Guide, you will discover all the facts and figures a student must get before concluding a destination to study abroad, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

1 - Great Education Standards:

Great-Education-StandardsIn Malaysia all higher education institutes and sectors are controlled and administered by the Ministry of Higher Education to make Malaysian higher education system as pure in quality as possible. There are many Higher Educational Institutes from United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, New Zealand and United States offering dual and joint degree programs having partnerships with numerous Malaysian universities and colleges. Many of world’s prominent countries in education have developed their sub campuses there.

Malaysia also has an aim to accomplish 20 Research Excellent Centers competing those centers of international standard by 2020. Malaysia has a rating system to measure the performance instruction and learning in higher education institutes like university and colleges in their country. This system is known as SETARA. This way they know exactly the standards they on global level and they improve it.

2 - Universities in Malaysia:

Malaysia has a number of higher educational institutes educating hundreds of thousands of young minds and future leaders. Total universities in Malaysia can be divided into two categories:

  • Public Universities
  • Private Universities

All the public universities in Malaysia are government universities that are funded by government and government employees and teacher administer the institution. Public universities are usually more respected and they less tuition fee.

Study in Malaysia Cost and Student Visa

Private universities in Malaysia are the ones owned by some personals or organization usually made for business purposes. Private universities can be bit more expensive compared to public however they still prove their worth.

Universities-in-MalaysiaThere are over Twenty public universities, Fifty-Three private universities and Six foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia. Moreover, there are over 4 hundred active private colleges, Thirty Polytechnics, and Seventy Three public community colleges. The university of Malaya, located in Kuala Lumpur is the most top ranked university of Malaysia. In QS world ranking of best universities of the world, it has secured 131st position. University of Putra Malaysia is the second most top ranked the university in Malaysia and it ranks 238th in the university world ranking of QS.

3 - Student Attraction:

Student-Attraction-in-MalaysiaThe highest priority of all for Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia is to internationalize their higher education sector. They are currently making lots of efforts to further improve the world ranking of their universities and colleges. They have now created a friendly and cooperative environment to attract as many international students as possible.

The city of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounds have many exciting and attractive places to visit. Their universities also have an astonishing environment that leaves students breathless.

Malaysia visa fees 2016-2017 & How to Apply?

4 - Admission Process:

Malaysia has always welcomed international students with open arms. To get admission in a university, there are two ways. The first way is that you can send your documents through an overseas education consultant. Second way is by applying online. You must select a university of your choice then go to their official website. Look for admission menu or option. There you will have to fill an online form where you may have to provide scanned copy of your documents. At the end you will have to pay registration fee (if any) then your form will be submitted.

It is now a law in Malaysia that every international student must first be accepted in an institute only then he will be allowed to enter the country on student visa. There are chances that you may not get in admission in your favorite school because the better the institute the higher their merit gets. This also wastes your fee of registration form. So as our job is, it is referred to contact an experienced Overseas Education consultant. They have lots of links and knowledge of all the latest updates and requirement. Here contact WSLconsultants for free consultancy any time.

5 - Jobs for International Students:

A great proportion of students work in part time jobs by managing some time from their studies. Part time job while studying is a great way to not only getting financial resources to afford your living and studies but it also gives students experience, a professional and social network and also prepares him for what the practical life has to offer. Even when studying in a country like Malaysia, studying abroad can be pretty hard on finances. To overcome this hindrance, students can get job according to their own comfort and skills.

There can be two types of job:

  1. On-Campus
  2. Off-Campus

On-campus jobs are no problem. There are plenty of opportunities inside a university for earning. You just need to have enough skills or experience of some daily routine or usual works.

Off-campus job is any work outside your university premises. Off-campus work is allowed for international students but only during holidays that are for more than 7 days. In these holidays students can for up to 20 hours a week in a markets, restaurants, hotels and petrol pumps but not in the positions of: musician, cashier, Guest Relations Office,  singer and masseur.

Study in Malaysia Scholarship For Pakistani Students

6 - Cost and Accommodation:

At time of deciding a study abroad destination, every student is worried about how much it is going to cost him and where he is going to live. Here is all the information possibly needed to study in a foreign country.

There can be two types of accommodation for students:

  1. On- Campus
  2. Off-Campus

On-campus is the Halls of Residence inside the university especially established for students. They provide all the facilities a student needs including furniture, en-suite bathrooms and basic needs like electricity and gas.

Off-campus accommodation is any residence outside the campus like private house, hostel or flats. Your first try should be to get an accommodation On-Campus because they are cheap. If you don’t get On-Campus then you should rent an Off-Campus accommodation.

Living Cost in Malaysia While Studying

7 - Scholarships:

There are as many scholarships in Malaysia as any other developed country. In order to appeal international students into their country, they are issuing as many grants as conceivable. There can be multiple types of scholarships:

  1. Government
  2. University Specific
  3. Non-Government

When you get admission, you can contact your university authorities. Most probabilities are that they can get you one if you manage to impress them. Some of very renowned scholarships of Malaysia for reference and to apply are following:

  • Sri KDU International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Scholarship Award
  • ISKL International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Limkokwing Scholarships
  • The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards
  • Here see many more Scholarships in Malaysia of all categories.

8 - Wonderful Culture:

Malaysia has many cultures, festivals, and traditions that make it even more of an attractive to live and enjoy. Art and Music have a long history in Malaysia. People may think of it as Chinese but, as a matter of fact, that Chinese manifest is just a part of their culture. There are lots of various ethnicities that are present in Malaysia. All of these ethnicities have exclusive and distinctive cultural characteristics but several crossovers can be found. They have a totally different style of Architecture, Clothing, Music, Literature, Cuisine even Sports and Media from the rest of the world making it, even more, fun to live in.

Malaysia Student Visa, How to get Student Pass and Visa

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Study in Malaysia Cost and Student Visa

Study-in-Malaysia-Cost-and-Student-VisaCost of Studying and Living in Malaysia

The study in Malaysia Cost is very low. Now the trend of going to Malaysia for studying is getting popularity. It is rewarding to study in Malaysia due to many reasons. The prime aspect is the affordable cost of education. The positive factors of getting education in Malaysia are the affordable fee requirements and low living cost.

What are the benefits of studying in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers variety of advantages to the international students. The rules and regulations are not very complicated to follow. Moreover, Malaysia offers

  1. Huge variety of study options for selection courses
  2. Competitive prices and cost of education
  3. High quality education

There are many UK and Australia based universities that have their campuses in Malaysia. Students get the advantage to get the dual degree. They can apply UK engineering degree in Malaysia at the lower cost of the 6000 through 3+0 franchised. The tuition fee for the degree program is same for three years.

Affordable Living cost and cheapest universities in malaysia for international students

Accommodation in Malaysia is inexpensive. It depends on the area and your lifestyle as well. But, the average cost as compared to the other countries is very low here. If you stay outside the city, then it will be lower for you. The drawback of living far from the institution is to make your traveling expenses higher. It does not very high and students can afford it easily.

What expenses you have to bear for studying in Malaysia?

  1. Personal Expenses

You need to do personal expenses on haircut, laundry, traveling cost and food. It takes some of your amount on monthly basis.

  1. Hospital insurance and Medical

Living in Malaysia is not expensive if you have medical insurance if a student requires outpatient treatment at a private hospital in the whole year. This insurance is done by the institute as well.

  1. Books and study material

The cost of your books and study material depends on your project and choice of course.

These expenses are not very tough to manage students have the opportunity to do part time jobs for meeting the study expenses. It is feasible for the students to get education in Malaysia.

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Study in Malaysia for Pakistani Students 2017 Universities

Study in Malaysia for Pakistani students

It is a good choice to study in Malaysia for Pakistani students. Malaysia is the 24th business country in the world that contains top 10 universities. For offering quality and affordable education with reputable degrees, excellent education system and low tuition fees, it is the best destination. It is good to get education here because Malaysia offers scholarships in all fields. In Malaysia, there are campuses of the most of the popular universities of UK and Australia. Students can get the advantage of getting dual degrees of both countries. The following courses are offered in Malaysia. 

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Obtaining Admission in Malaysian Colleges and University

in Completion of Student Visa documents and Process

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  • Language,
  • Hotel management
  • Retail Management

Certificate courses contains duration from 6 months to 1 year 

  • Diploma in creative multimedia and animation
  • Diploma in corporate communication
  • Diploma in business administration
  • Diploma in tourism management
  • Diploma in computer forensic
  • Diploma in Islamic Banking
  • Diploma in Special need
  • Diploma in marketing
  • Diploma in TESL
  • Foundation in science

Duration of diploma courses is 2.5 years up to 3 years

Cost of Admission and Visa and 1st Year Tuition Fee.

Registration Fee                                             RM. 00

EMGS Fee                                                        RM 2000

Tuition Fee 1st Year                                       RM 8300

Immigration Approval Charges                  RM 600

Airport Pick up charges                               RM 200

VISA FEE IN PAKISTAN                            RM 400

Degree Programs and their Fees

Following are the degree programs in Malaysia.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor - Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor (Hons) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor (Hons) of Computer Science
  • B.Eng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music
  • LLB (Hons) University of London International Programmes
  • Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Industrial Power)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Finance (Honours)

For degree programs, the average study fees for three years are about four thousand to five thousand dollars. It depends on the university in which you are going to apply. The amount increases around RM 20000 to 25000 for completing a degree.  Candidates can apply by taking complete information about the courses because in Malaysia, there are more than seven hundred universities.

Download Complete Student Visa Application Process (Step Wise)

Financial Grant and help by Malaysia for students

It is very easy to get education in Malaysia due to the affordable cost and financial grants. Students can get financial benefits in terms of scholarship by the Malaysia government.

  1. Sunway College Special Scholarship
  2. University of Sheffield Undergraduate Scholarships
  3. Foundation in Science scholarship
  4. Asia e University: AeU Merit Scholarship
  5. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
  6. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
  7. Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS)
  8. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Scholarships

How to apply for Malaysia Student Visa

To apply for Malaysia student visa, the process is very easy to complete.

  1. Student will submit documents in University or college for registration
  2. Student will asked for medical examination by college
  3. Student will submit clear medical report in college
  4. student will submit EMGS fee
  5. Student will get registered in EMGS and can track their application on EMGS
  6. Student will submit advance fee to college
  7. Student will get VAL from university or college after approval
  8. Student will submit his passport in Malaysian embassy in his country along with VAL
  9. Student will get visa and he can fly for Malaysia
  10. Student will pay the remaining fee and will also tell the date of arrival to institute.
  11. Student will be picked by the institute.
  12. Now institute will submit it to the immigration department Malaysia and it takes 21 days.
  13. After this the passport is stamped with visa with multiple entry.

How to apply for study in Malaysia Scholarship for Pakistani students

Permission to do Work While Study in Malaysia

Students cannot work on study visa usually. But they are allowed to do part time jobs during university break and holidays for twenty hours in a week. They need a valid students pass for this purpose.
For getting this pass they need to apply with these documents.

  1. Processing Fee 120 RM
  2. Contact detail
  3. Passport copy
  4. Photograph
  5. Visa copy

The application is approved after a formal interview of the candidate. Candidate has to submit academic reports and progress for this approval.

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Living Cost in Malaysia While Studying

living cost in malaysia

Kuala Lumpur has been positioned one of the slightest costly urban communities on the planet to live in. Whether you live in and out of institute campus, you will find that it is entirely conceivable to live easily inside a financial plan of USD5,000 every year. Living Cost in Malaysia is very low in comparison with other countries.

One of the fundamental attractions Malaysia holds for international students is the moderateness element.

There are two living cost in Malaysia while you are studying in Malaysia as an international student:

  • Course expenses, means fee, admission and other kind of charges.
  • Living costs means rents, food, transportation etc.

Living cost will rely on upon the area of your convenience and your own way of life, students will be satisfied to realize that Kuala Lumpur has been positioned the most reasonable city for students 2015. For most students, a month to month spending plan of RM 1500 (US$469) will furnish them with a somewhat open to living in Malaysia.

What are other things you must consider while arranging your funds for living cost in Malaysia.

Living Expenses:

You ought to appraise about RM300-600 (US$94-188) for your living cost every month. The rental will shift contingent upon the topographical territory, the kind of settlement (on-grounds living in a lobby of home; or off-grounds living in a flat, apartment suite, single-story house, twofold story house, and so on.), the offices gave in the house (e.g. with or without aerating and cooling) and obviously, the quantity of individuals sharing the room (or condo or house).

Sustenance and Housekeeping:

 Your sustenance and housekeeping costs are assessed to be around RM450-600 (approx. US$140-185). This depends on about RM15-20 (US$4.60-6.20) for three suppers for every day. Normally, it would be less expensive in the event that you cook and impart the cooking costs to your companions.

Garments and Laundry:

One of the major item to consider while budgeting living cost in Malaysia is You're garments costs like washing, pressing and dry-cleaning may cost around RM60 (US$19) every month.

Travelling and Transport:

Students who remain focused or close grounds may not acquire any expense of going to and from classes. Nonetheless, other voyaging may cost around RM30-50 (US$9-16) every month.

 Mobile Phone Bills and Utilities

The cell telephone bundles in Malaysia are extremely aggressive. The amount you spend will rely on upon your use and the limited time bundle you pick. The normal understudy may spend about RM30-80 (US$9-25) every month.

Books, Reading Materials and Stationery:

The assessed expense of books and stationery ought to be around RM50-100 (US$16-32) every month, except it would to a great extent rely on upon the course you have agreed to and the number and nature of undertakings in your course.

Medicinal and Hospitalization Insurance:

Despite the fact that you should not have to pay for medicinal costs each month, on the off chance that you set aside RM50 (US$16) every month, it would be adequate for you in the event that you require outpatient treatment at a private facility amid the year. This evaluation does exclude the sum you will need to pay for your restorative and hospitalization protection of about RM500 every year.

Individual Expenses:

Your month to month individual costs to a great extent rely on upon your own way of life. In any case, the expense can be evaluated to be between RM100 (US$32) and RM200 (US$64). This incorporates your mingling needs, toiletries, hair style, garments, motion picture, and so on.


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Malaysia Student Visa Guide


Malaysia Student Visa

Introduction to Malaysia Student Visa:

This article will provide you a complete introduction about student visa for Malaysia from Pakistan. This part offers valuable data on migration matters for global students who wish to seek Malaysia student visa and want to study in Malaysia after their advanced education in Malaysia. As per Immigration Rules and Regulations, every international student are required to have a legitimate Malaysia student visa with a specific end goal to think about in Malaysia.

The department that are in charge of migration matters are the Malaysian Immigration Department and Malaysian conciliatory mission abroad.

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Obtaining Admission in Malaysian Colleges and University

in Completion of Student Visa documents and Process

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Malaysia Student Visa requirement for Pakistani citizen

It is essential for a students to note that they are just permitted to learn at open or private higher instructive foundations which are affirmed by the accompanying two powers:

The Ministry of Higher Education (in Malay : Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia) which awards endorsement to organizations to direct different courses; and

The Ministry of Home Affairs (in Malay : Kementerian Hal Ehwal Malaysia) which licenses affirmed organizations to select worldwide students

At present, there are more than 400 private higher instructive foundations in Malaysia yet just around 216 of these private higher instructive establishments are given consent by the Immigration Department to enroll for a Malaysia student visa from all over the world students for tertiary training. All state funded colleges can select worldwide students. It would be ideal if you allude to Where to Study for a rundown of these organizations.


Student visa for Malaysia from Pakistan, A Complete Procedure

The area beneath will give universal students like YOU a more nitty gritty clarification about visas, getting a Malaysia student vosa, and different strategies required with a specific end goal to enter and stay in Malaysia as an student. The following are the process for Malaysia student visa application and entering Malaysia to concentrate on:

Method 1: Applying for Malaysia Student Visa.

Method 2: Arriving in Malaysia: At the Malaysia Immigration Check Point

Method 3: Affixing the Student Pass Sticker and Student Pass/Visa Fees for Malaysia student visa


Method 1: Applying for a Malaysia student visa and Student Pass.

Visa Issued at Point of Entry

The Malaysian Government has presented rearranged and bother free section systems to welcome universal students like YOU to learn at Malaysian open and private higher instructive establishments.

A Malaysia student visa is required yet the technique is basic i.e. You don't have to apply for a visa from the Malaysian Embassy in your nation of origin keeping in mind the end goal to enter Malaysia to contemplate, except for students from the People's Republic of China. The Malaysia student visa will be issued to you upon your entry in Malaysia at the migration check point gave you have substantial travel records and a letter of endorsement for an student go by the Malaysian Immigration Department.


Applying for a Student Pass through an Institution Prior to Entering Malaysia

The procedure of applying for a student pass is straightforward. The Malaysian education department for advanced education which has offered worldwide students like YOU a spot to learn at their foundation will apply for the student go for your benefit, before your entry in Malaysia.

Applications will be put together by the particular higher instructive foundation to the Director of Pass and Permit Division, Malaysia Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (e-Student Pass System). Students don't have to apply specifically to the Immigration Department under this method.

Planned students will be educated of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through their instructive foundations inside an expected seven to 14 days after the application. A planned universal student must have an affirmed student go before entering the nation.


  • Required documents for applying a student pass Malaysian instructive foundations are required to present the accompanying archives to the Malaysian Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur with a specific end goal to apply for student goes for students who plan to learn at their individual organizations.
  • An offer letter or letter of acknowledgment from the instructive organization to the student
  • Student Pass Application Form (Imm.14) in copy for Malaysia student visa
  • Two photocopies of the student's international ID/travel archive (with a legitimacy time of no less than 12 months)
  • Three travel permit measured photos of the student
  • One photocopy of the student's medicinal well being examination report
  • Confirmation of student's capacity to back their training cost in Malaysia
  • The institute is required to sign a Personal Bond* endorsed under Regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations 1963 together with installment


Upon endorsement, Malaysia student visa are then conceded to global students which will permit them direct passage into Malaysia except for students from The People's Republic of China who are required to get a Single-Entry Visa before they come to Malaysia.


Overview: Steps for Obtaining a Pass and Malaysia student visa

Step 1:           YOU present an application/enrollment to get Malaysia student visa with pertinent records to the expected higher instructive foundation which has official endorsement from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Malaysia Immigration Department) to enroll worldwide students.

Step 2:          YOUR application for Malaysia student visa is acknowledged by the instructive foundation. The organization will then help YOU apply for an student go at the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia preceding YOUR entry.

Step 3:          A letter of endorsement for an student pass will then be discharged by the Malaysian Immigration Department to your institution which has offered YOU a spot to study in Malaysia on Malaysia student visa. The institution will send the endorsement letter to YOU while you are still in your home country. You then will submit these document in near Malaysia embassy with following documents.

  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Pictures
  • Copy of ID card
  • Bank statement for Malaysia student visa is not required
  • College letter and Approval of Malaysian immigration for Malaysia student visa

Step 4:          After getting Malaysia student visa sticker and Before leaving YOUR home country for study in Malaysia on Malaysia student visa, YOU should tell to your institute that your are reaching of which airport, flight number, landing date and time.

Step 5:          Upon YOUR landing in the air terminal in Malaysia on Malaysia student visa, the institute illustrative will get YOU at the movement registration at the Malaysian air terminal. A Malaysia student visa will be issued to YOU at the passage point as an underwriting on YOUR legitimate national travel permit. A Special Pass will be issued at the passage point to allude you to the closest State Immigration Department for issuance of a Malaysia student visa within 30 days. (Note: Students from The People's Republic of China are required to acquire their Entry Visa preceding entering Malaysia)

Step 6:          Within 2 weeks of YOUR entry, the instructive organization will present YOUR identification to the Immigration Department to join the Student Pass sticker of multiple entries of Malaysia student visa. This procedure may take around 6 to 8 weeks.


Procedure 2: - Arriving in Malaysia: At the Malaysian Immigration Check Point for Malaysia Student Visa

Upon landing in the air terminal/passage point in Malaysia, the student needs to demonstrate his or her student pass endorsement letter at the migration check point. An exceptional pass will be issued to allude the student to the separate State Immigration Department for the issuance of Malaysia student visa. A visa will likewise be issued to the student at the passage point as a support on the student's travel permit (with a legitimacy time of no less than six months).

The institue's illustrative will for the most part be at the migration check point to get and take care of the student. After the migration freedom, the agent will be capable to exchange the student to the instructive foundation to report their landing.

The most widely recognized section point for universal students is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Other passage focuses (universal air terminals) incorporate Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Sabah); Kuching International Airport (Sarawak) and Penang International Airport (Penang). Some additionally enter Malaysia by means of area courses from Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia.

Students originating from yellow fever endemic zones, (for example, Africa, Central and South America) are required to acquire the essential vaccinations before coming to Malaysia.


Procedure 3 - Affixing the Student Pass Sticker and Student Pass/Visa Fees

The unique Malaysia student visa is issued to the coming international student at the Immigration check point is substantial for 14 days. Along these lines inside two weeks of their entry, Your college or university is required to present the Malaysia student visa to the State Immigration Department to empower an student pass sticker to be attached.

The Malaysia student visa or pass are supported in the students' international ID by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The underwriting shows their visa sort, the length of stay in Malaysia, the quantity of sections allowed into Malaysia and the legitimacy of the student pass (which is generally one year).

The charge for an student pass is RM60.00 a year (or part of a year) while visa expenses range from RM15 to RM90 contingent upon the student's province of root. All installments of charges, issuance of student passes and visas and additionally reestablishment of student passes should be possible at the separate State Immigration Departments. The student pass should be restored yearly.

Every worldwide student will be issued an I-Kad by the Immigration Department after they get an student pass sticker.

Relatives of International Students who are Allowed to Stay in Malaysia

Certain relatives of outside students are permitted to go with students in Malaysia on a Long Term Social Pass (for the span of 12 months or as indicated by the length of study whichever start things out). They incorporate the accompanying sorts of relatives:


  1. Guardians of students
  2. Companions, kids and guardians of students who originate from center eastern nations
  3. Companions and kids (close family just) of students who are seeking after postgraduate projects

Presenting a Long Stay Application for student visa for Malaysia from Pakistan

A long stay application might be submitted to the closest Malaysian Representative Office abroad, together with a duplicate of the understudy pass application.

For nations that don't have a Malaysian Representative Office, the candidate may enter Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass at the section point and afterward apply for an augmentation of stay at the State Immigration Office where the instructive organization is situated inside one month from the date of passage.

The documents required are :

  • Structure Imm. 55
  • Structure Imm. 38 (if appropriate)
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of understudy
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of applicant(s)
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of applicant(s)
  • A confirmation letter from the instructive establishment

Working Part-time While Studying in Malaysia and Malaysia student visa

Every global understudy learning at open or private higher instructive establishments are permitted to work low maintenance.


Conditions for low maintenance work during Malaysia student visa

Understudies are permitted to work low maintenance for a most extreme of 20 hours for each week just amid semester breaks or occasions of over seven days at eateries, petrol stands, scaled down business sectors and inns the length of their understudy passes stay substantial. Understudies are NOT allowed to act as clerks. Moreover, in the inn part, understudies are not permitted to fill in as vocalists, masseurs, performers or GROs. Understudies are not permitted to take part in any occupation or action esteemed to be indecent.

Application to work low maintenance must be made through the instructive organization at which the understudy is concentrating on. The understudy should be available with the instructive organization agent at the Immigration Department while presenting the application.


Other Immigration Matters While in Malaysia

As an understudy in Malaysia, you may need to manage other migration matters, for example, :

Applying for a New Passport to Replace a Stolen or Missing Passport

In the event that your identification is lost, stolen or lost, you have to apply for another travel permit through your high bonus/government office here in Malaysia. The initial couple of things you ought to do is to document a police report and contact your IS Office delegate who will help you.

Augmenting an Expiring Passport

On the off chance that you have to augment a lapsing travel permit, contact your IS Office for help. You will need to go to your high bonus/international safe haven in Malaysia to apply for an expansion with your current identification; or apply for another visa.


Augmenting Your Student Pass/Visa Validity Period

You need a substantial understudy pass/visa at all times when concentrate full-time in Malaysia (unless you are a ward/political/developed visit pass holder). Your visa/pass must be restored or expanded on the off chance that you have not finished your study program on the date of visa/pass termination.

With a specific end goal to amplify your understudy visa/pass, you should submit to your IS Office all the required records no less than one and a half months before the expiry date expressed in your understudy pass/visa.

The reestablishment may not be affirmed in the event that you have any of the accompanying :

  • Poor class participation; or
  • No course choice in the present semester or next semester, whichever is appropriate.

Exchanging to Another Institution

In the event that you wish to pull back from your course in your present school/college to exchange to another affirmed establishment in Malaysia, an endorsement of exchange must be gotten from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. You need your current understudy go (from the past organization) scratched off. The new organization will then acquire a new understudy go for your benefit from the Immigration Department. The understudy pass is not transferable.

Leaving Malaysia before the Completion of Your Course Canceling Your Malaysia Student visa

In the event that you wish to pull back from your course in Malaysia to return home or go to another nation, you should look for assistance from your IS Office.

Your IS Office will help you with all the migration techniques and wipe out your understudy go keeping in mind the end goal to keep you from having any issues when re-entering Malaysia later on.

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Malaysia Student Visa | Study in Malaysia | Apply Now

Malaysia student visa

Malaysia is thriving as a study vacation spot for remote places students imparting that it's miles the most inexpensive U. S. To live and have a look at as compared to Australia, U k and U.S. It offers low value observe packages to worldwide college students with easy procedure of admission and visa. Malaysia has made it simpler for global  students to select their path and enter in Malaysia on Malaysia student visa.

Work Allowed During Studies
99% Visa Ratio
No Bank statement required

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College students and their parents have many things to consider whilst choosing wherein and what to study. In selecting Malaysia as a take a look at destination, college students benefit from: A global preferred and excessive quality education, that is closely watched through the Malaysian schooling Ministries via their high-quality manage government and suitable law authority.

Publish all required files as consistent with admission tick list and sign in with instances to start your admission process from WSL consultants.

Why you should study in Malaysia, take a look at this post:  Reasons which will encourage you to study in Malaysia

Available Programs in Malaysian universities

Malaysian Universities provides education to countrywide and international college students with professional; know-how and opportunities to advantage talents for mere destiny. Universities offer publications to pupil in all respects of research and career. Following are the courses offered in Malaysian Universities and colleges:

  • Arts
  • Enterprise and commerce and Bachelor of conversation
  • Accounting
  • Laptop technological know-how
  • Meals technological know-how and technology
  • Clinical Bio-technological know-how
  • Medication and Bachelor of surgical treatment
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychological technological know-how and enterprise
  • Science
  • Graduate certificate
  • Graduate certificate in higher education
  • Enterprise records structures
  • Communications and Media studies
  • Worldwide enterprise
  • Bio-clinical science
  • Engineering science (research)
  • Philosophy
  • Technology

There are few colleges and universities who are offering Malaysia student visa with job.

To know more about Malaysian universities check this post: Malaysian Top Universities in 2020-21

Application Procedure for Study in Malaysia?

It’s far vital for international students to note that they are only allowed to have a look at public or personal higher academic establishments which are accredited through the subsequent two authorities,

  • The Ministry of higher Education Malaysia for acceptance as students
  • The Ministry of Immigration for issuance of immigration approval which can be checked with Malaysia visa check e service.

At gift, there are over 400 private better educational institutions in Malaysia but only about 216 of those personal higher academic establishments are given permission through the Immigration department to recruit global college students for tertiary schooling. All public universities can recruit worldwide college students.

Please seek advice from us to have a look at for a listing of these establishments.

Admission procedure and Malaysia student visa system is not so much complicated in nature. One who want to get admission in college or university may contact us and we will guide him thoroughly. Consulting our professionally trained mentors is recommended for admission and visa. Our stats display that we've got highest fulfillment rate due to involvement of multiple educated counselors at distinctive stages of procedure.

Issuance of Student Pass for Malaysia Student Visa

In latest process of admission and issuance of approval letter from Malaysia immigration department, first of all student will submit his application along with documents to any higher education institute. He will pay the required dues for student pass processing. In next step the higher education institute of Malaysia on the behalf of international student will submit student pass applications to EMGS. The application and approval processing is totally centralized to ensure efficiency, transparency and consistency. Malaysia student visa processing time is aprox 2 months. Other advantages include:

  • Shortened turnaround time between application processing and the issuance of a Visa Approval Letter by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • Mitigating the risk of international students being cheated by bogus educational institutions.
  • The standardization of student pass applications and processing fees.

Student can track their application once submitted on EMGS by opening website of EMGS.

Following images shows the procedure of tracking your application:

Malaysia student visa check

Here is the process for Malaysia visa status check online


track application

STEP-2: Fill the form with passport # and nationality.

trackapplication on emgs malaysia2

STEP-3: Check the status

trackapplication on emgs malaysia3


Obtaining Entry Visa from Malaysia Embassy of your home country.

One you got you approval letter, then you need to get Entry Visa from Malaysian Embassy of your home country. This process usually 2 to 3 weeks of time. Visit our post to know the Malaysia Visa fee and other requirements. After obtaining visa from Malaysian Embassy, you need to get ticket and you can travel now. The sticker will look like this:



Arrival on Malaysian Airport and Immigration counter

Upon arrival on the airport / entry point in Malaysia, the pupil has to reveal his or her pupil pass approval letter on the immigration check factor. A special pass will be issued to refer the student to the respective kingdom Immigration branch for the issuance of a student pass. A Malaysia student visa can also be issued to the student on the entry point in the form of an endorsement on the student's passport (with validity duration of at least six months).

The instructional group's representative will commonly be on the immigration test factor to acquire and attend to the student. After the immigration clearance, the consultant can be accountable to switch the pupil to the educational group to report their arrival.

The most not unusual entry point for international students is the Kuala Lumpur worldwide Airport (KLIA). Other access factors (worldwide airports) include Kota Kinabalu worldwide Airport (Sabah) Kuching global Airport (Sarawak) and Penang worldwide Airport (Penang). A few also enter Malaysia through land routes from Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia.

Students coming from yellow fever endemic regions (which includes Africa, critical and South the U.S.A) are required to achieve the necessary inoculations before coming to Malaysia.


The unique bypass issued to the global pupil on the Immigration test factor is valid for 14 days. Therefore within weeks of their arrival, the instructional group is needed to publish the pupil's passport to the kingdom Immigration department to allow a scholar bypass sticker to be affixed.

The pupil skip and visa are recommended within the students' passport by the Malaysian Immigration department. The endorsement suggests their visa kind, the length of stay in Malaysia, the wide variety of entries authorized into Malaysia and the validity of the student skip (that is generally 12 months).

The price for a student pass is RM60.00 a year (or part of a yr) at the same time as visa expenses variety from RM15 to RM90 depending at the scholar's county of beginning. All payments of fees, issuance of scholar passes and visas in addition to renewal of student passes may be done on the respective country Immigration Departments. The pupil skips needs to be renewed yearly.

All worldwide students will be issued and through the Immigration department when they obtain a pupil skip sticky label.

 To know more about living cost in Malaysia, Please check this post: Living cost in Malaysia while Studying

Do part time work in Malaysia

All worldwide students reading at public or private better educational establishments are allowed to paintings component-time.

 Situations for part-time Works

Students are allowed to work element-time for a most of 20 hours in step with week best all through semester breaks or vacations of greater than seven days at eating places, petrol kiosks, mini markets and inns so long as their scholar passes continue to be legitimate. Students are not authorized to work as cashiers. In addition in the inn zone students aren't allowed to paintings as singers, masseurs, musicians or GROs. Students are not allowed to interact in any task or hobby deemed to be immoral.

Utility to work element-time ought to be made through the academic organization at which the pupil is studying. The pupil wishes to be gift with the instructional organization representative on the Immigration branch when filing the application.

If you want to withdraw out of your direction on your Gift College / college to transfer to any other authorized institution in Malaysia, an approval of switch must be acquired from the Ministry of better education Malaysia. You want to have your existing scholar bypass (from the previous institution) cancelled. The brand new organization will then achieve a fresh scholar pass to your behalf from the Immigration department. The pupil bypass is not transferable.

if you wish to withdraw out of your direction in Malaysia to go back home or go to some other us of a, you should searching for help from your IS workplace.

Your IS workplace will help you with all the immigration tactics and cancel your pupil skip so as to prevent you from having any troubles when re-coming into Malaysia in the destiny.

 Document Checklist

  • Valid passport for more than a year.
  • College admission letter
  • Picture with blue background
  • Previous academic transcripts/certificates
  • Medical Report

 Assessment for Malaysia student visa

We at instances representative gives our satisfactory services to help manual and make you reach your Malaysia student visa services. Our years of experience and educated and professional counselors are regarded for being most informative consultants and feature track document of maximum successful instances. Feel free to touch us for extra data approximately one-of-a-kind universities, access standards, scholarships; admission and Malaysia student visa system touch your nearest instances crew..

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