Best Countries to Study Abroad for You in 2017

best-countries-to-study-abroadEvery hardworking student dreams of studying in the top-ranked university whether it’s within their own country or outside their country. Various countries offer scholarships of the students with high IQ levels and help them create their successful social existence.
Various courses and programs are being offered in countries all around the world and every year millions of students belonging to various countries apply for the top-ranking universities all around the world. Here are the best places to study for abroad:


ParisThe capital of France offers exotic learning in the fields of architecture, art and the all-time famous cultural heritage. Universities in Paris have got the advanced learning systems and are ranked internationally. The status of the Paris universities is well-known and offers low tuition fees for the candidates.

Top Universities in Canada – Top 30 Results


BostonBoston is one of the best places to study abroad. You can continue living like an American. Boston has got the most famous universities of the world that are Harvard University and MIT. Apart from these famous universities, Boston is also famous for historical pursuit and amazing sea-views. Exotic greenery makes you cherish the sceneries during the fall season. Thus, it is not only a best place to study but also a great place for meditation.


LondonStudy abroad programs at various famous universities of London. 19 universities of London are being ranked among the other universities across the world among which 5 of the top universities are counted about the global list. If you plan to study there then there are lots of places of entertainment as well which you can enjoy while you are on a break. So, you do not only get to study but also get a chance to have yourself entertained. The best thing about studying in London is that there are multiple job opportunities. So, you can apply for the interview as soon as you complete your graduation.

Oldest University in the World – Top 10 Results

Hong Kong

Hong-KongWhen it comes to the most densely populated area of the world, you can automatically think of the Asian countries. Hong Kong is one of those Asian countries that has the most population. It is not because there are Hong Kong nationals there but lots of other foreign people also live there. A major part of these foreign people there are the students who have traveled from various countries to Hong Kong for the sake of studying. The country also has got internationally ranked universities that are best choices for studying abroad.


TorontoWhy study abroad? This is the common question that is asked by several candidates when they are about to apply for further studies in other cities or countries. Being Canada’s capital, it has got the top-ranked universities of the world to which individuals come from all over the world to study their specific discipline. Not only it has the top-notch universities but it has got various site-seeing locations that help pass the free time well.

International Student Cities in USA – Top 10 Results


VancouverThis city is a combination of mountains, coast, city life and night life as well. Universities of Vancouver are included among the top 50 universities all over the world. Vancouver is also famous for its sports, city life and the amazing lakes. There are plenty of opportunities for you to complete your studies and excel in a particular field.
So, if you are thinking of studying abroad then pick any of these cities or countries and apply for admission so you can get the best of the world. Step into these universities so that you can get a lot to learn. The teachers there will not only help you in learning but will also aid you in grooming your skills.

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How to Save Money While Studying Abroad

how-to-save-money-while-studying-abroadIf think about, saving money might be your biggest goal while studying abroad because of all the difficulties you are going to have to deal. Your expenses can really go high when you move to totally strange land far away from your home. If you are unaware of this hindrance then I suggest you read article Expenses Students have to Endure while studying Abroad. As WSLconstultans always try to solve all the interferences you may have to face in your education, today we have brought another solution to a problem that you will certainly undergo while studying abroad. Following are the best tips How to Save Money While Studying Abroad.

1 - Register a Dorm:

Register-a-DormIf you have not yet moved to a foreign country for education, I would say register a dorm in your university prior hand. Dorm is a hostel facility provided by the university. As soon as you get admission in any university, it is best to register a dorm for yourself. Why dorm, you must think. Accommodation is the biggest expense student has to face while studying abroad. University dorms are the cheapest mean of accommodation you can possibly get. There can be a shortage of it or may be some other problem so it is best to register one while you are still in your homeland.

Accommodation and Cost of Studying in USA

2 - Cook Yourself:

Cook-YourselfFood and snacks is the second biggest expense student has to face while studying in a foreign country. Eating or ordering food from outside can be pretty costly, especially when you are in a country where currency is many times stronger than your country’s currency. International students might really feel the cost difference in these items.

This sound like a minor detail, however, cooking yourself at your place can really save you lots of money. You can prepare food for whole week of the cost you spend for one day’s lunch and I don’t mean it metaphorically. Cooking yourself can also assure your health, it is a healthy activity and you can even impress your friends with it.

3 - Less Use of Debit and ATM Card:

Less-Use-of-Debit-and-ATM-CardIt is a universally known fact that banks are evil. To be honest, I also know it from my personal experience. Using an ATM or debit card in a foreign country will cost you a fortune and for no reason. These banks charge even though they are giving you your own money back. Using a bank account is important but try to avoid its use as much as you can.

It is better to take big amount of money every time, so you don’t have to do it very often. And if you use a debit card, it’s a psychological fact that you don’t value your money as much and spend it openly as it is virtual. Some international ATMs will charge you up to $5.00 just to take out money. Keep in mind that credit card companies also charge you for using your card at a foreign cash register, so cash is always preferable

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4 - Budget Travel:

Budget-TravelNo matter where you are, there is always need of traveling. As is the fashion, we need to use some sort of vehicle for this. Now, it’s highly unlikely for you to buy a bike or car abroad. So, our next option is public transport and taxis. A taxi or cab is quite expensive, even more expensive than buying a car or bike. So, we need to find a ways that is useful and also not very expensive. There are two options for that.

First option is to buy a bicycle. Bicycle can go anywhere though it can be difficult for long journey. But Bicycle doesn’t need any gas or petrol to run. You also don’t have to buy any parking for it. You can easily use it inside and outside the campus.

Second option is to use Busses and local trains. Public transport are usually not very expensive but save to money from them you can get a monthly card package or something like this. In some foreign countries, there is also cheap transportation card for students provided by the university.

Other than mentioned transportation, you might also want to visit your homeland every now and then. It is better to schedule your visits in advance. Try to keep a strong heart, and use this international transportation as less as you can as international flights can be expensive.

5 - Don’t buy all books:

Dont-buy-all-booksWhen I heard this one, I thought it entirely useless until I went to its detail. We think how much stationary and books can cost, it can’t be that expensive but fact is the opposition here. In many countries books can be pretty expensive and range from $100 to $500. In semester program, you will need about 6 books each. You will have to buy 6 books each semester. Senior international students say, we should not buy all books at once. You should only buy a book when very necessary or you can simply keep taking notes or share it with others since after your 4 months of semester you will not need it again.

6 - Use Skype:

I am not advertising for Skype but it is actually a very helpful service. You are definitely not unmindful of Skype. It can really help you save lots of money while you are abroad. You may be confused how. Well, do you have any idea, how expensive international calls are? You surely can’t live without talking to your mother, father, brother, sister, wife, fiancée or whatever relation. These calls get even more expensive when you call from a foreign country to Pakistan. Skype not only provides you video calls but it is also free. You just have to get internet connection for that. Internet is cheap in most developed foreign countries. This will save money while studying abroad and lots of it.

How Pakistani Students are Treated Abroad

7 - Make friends with the local students:

Make-friends-with-the-local-studentsMaking locals of natives your friend of the particular country can also help you save money while studying abroad. It is so because natives are very well conscious of their region and lifestyle. They know all the hacks and techniques to save money and usually they all live according to it. For example, you definitely know, what is best the place to eat in your area according to cheapness and quality. Likewise, you also know the cheapest way to travel around your city.

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International Student Cities in USA – Top 10 Results


International Student Cities in USA - Top 10 Results

The United States of America is a country of 50 states that covers a massive North American band, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii spreading the presence of the nation into the Pacific Ocean. Once you decided to educate yourself in America, did you think which city to go? In America there are thousands of cities. Please check our post to see the complete application process for Study in the USA

WSL Consultants have detailed and extensive research details in another article oin the study in USA that you can review by clicking on the link.

1 - Boston

City Boston is based in the state of Massachusetts. It's the best student community of U.S. This is the city where you can find Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ranked 1st by QS Ranking as the world's best university, as well as Harvard University, ranked 2nd best in the world by QS Ranking. So, I'd say that Boston deserves the title of being America's best. There are also five other universities in Boston that rank among the top 400.

It has many colleges and universities that render Boston an international higher education hub with approximately 2,000 start-ups, including law, pharmacy, engineering and business, the city is regarded as a global leader in innovation and creativity. Boston is also ranked 6th best city in the world by QS Ranking for graduates.

2 - New York:

Is the only area that is often referred to as "the world's capital." In addition, many other titles have been assigned to New York that demonstrate its qualities like "The City that Never Sleeps." New York is a town with the same name as New-York Government. This city provides about 594,000 students attending universities and colleges.

New York also has a wide number of top colleges that render it the second best choice for students in the USA. It is ranked by QS as the world's 20th best university. Some of the brightest universities in New York (click on the official website name) are:

  1. Columbia University, ranked 22th best of the world,
  2. New York University (NYU), ranked 55th by QS and 32nd by THE Ranking
  3. Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey
  4. Yeshiva University
  5. University of Delaware

New York has an annual award of the most postgraduate degrees in life sciences in the United States. It has 40,000 accredited physicians with origins in local institutions and 127 Nobel laureates. The total student population is made up of 13 per cent of international students.

Best Countries to Study Abroad for You in 2017


3 - San Francisco:

You'll consider two of the top rated colleges in San Francisco; Stanford University, ranked 2nd, and University of California, Berkley ranked 26th best in the world. In terms of living costs, San Francisco is more affordable compared to New York's likes, and ranks as the 27th best student city in the world. Some of the most well-known universities in this city (click on the official website name) are:

  1. Stanford University
  2. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  3. University of San Francisco
  4. University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

1.4% of the student population, 21% of whom are international students. San Francisco is one of the top 10 financial centers in the world.

4 - Chicago:

  1. hicago is ranked 4th in the best student community in the U.S. and 30th in the nation. With over 2.7 million inhabitants, City of Chicago is the United States ' third-most populated city. More than 52 million international and domestic tourists were welcomed in Chicago in 2015, a new record for the city making it one of the nation's top visited cities. Chicago has been a higher education and research base with several universities around the world since the 1850s. Chicago also has a high concentration of post-baccalaureate, secondary, seminary and religious colleges.

    Oldest University in the World – Top 10 Results

    Chicago is home to two of the world's most admired universities, Chicago University ranked 10th in the world, and Northwestern University ranked 32nd, plus two more universities in the top 500 worldwide. Following are the most famous Chicago-based universities (click the name to visit the official website).

    1. University of Chicago
    2. Northwestern University
    3. University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)
    4. Illinois Institute of Technology
    5. Loyola University Chicago

5 - Los Angeles:

Los Angeles, affectionately dubbed the "City of Angels," is a global city of vibrant film, music, television, fashion, science, athletics, technology, healthcare, health, and medical. It has been listed sixth in the Global Cities Ranking and seventh in the Global Economic Power Index.

all within the town limits, there are three public universities and many others are private. It has 13,130,000 inhabitants. Thirteen percent of their whole student body is international. It is the United States' second largest metropolitan area. Los Angeles is ranked 5th best for students in America and 42nd in the world.  Below are Los Angeles' most famous and top-ranking universities (click on the name to visit the official website).

  1. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), ranked 10th of world by THE.
  2. University of Southern Californiaranked 54th of world by THE.
  3. California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA),
  4. California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

6 - Washington DC:

Washington DC is ranked for students as the strongest 6th in the United States and 42nd in the nation. Washington DC actually means Colombia's Washington City and has been named in honor of President George Washington. Washington City was founded as the new national capital in 1791. There is an approximate population of over 690,000 in Washington DC.


Times Higher Education ranks the top university in Washington 70th best in the world. Thirteen percent of their total student population are international and happy to develop with quality education. Then there are Washington DC's most famous and top-ranking universities (click the name to visit the official website).

  1. George Washington University, ranked 70th best of world by THE.
  2. Georgetown University, ranked 71th of world by THE.
  3. University of Maryland, College Park, ranked 126th best of the world.
  4. American University
  5. Howard University

7 - Philadelphia:

Philadelphia, with a population of over 1,600,000, is the 4th most populated city in the U.S. There are many universities and colleges that render Philadelphia a top destination for international study, as the area has developed into an economic and educational center. It is the best seventh in the U.S. and 48th in the student city of the world. His main university is ranked 18th in the QS ranking and 9th in the world's ranking.

In Philadelphia, 13 percent of students are international in search of the quality of education that is not available elsewhere. There are many universities in this region, but the most popular and top ranking universities are following (click the name to access the official website).

  1. University of Pennsylvaniaranked 9th best of world.
  2. Drexel Universityranked 95th best of the world by THE.
  3. Temple Universityranked 82nd best of the world by THE.

8 - Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh is the U.S. state city of Pennsylvania. For students, it's best 8th in the U.S and 58th in the universe. Because of its beautiful and stunning total of 446 bridges, it is also known as "City of Bridges," which adds quite an attraction to this city. Pittsburgh is often high on the lists of the most livable cities in the nation. Forbes named the seventh best place to raise a family in Pittsburgh..

The highest university in the ranking is ranked 17th best in the world. International students make up 21 percent of their total. There are many universities in this city but the most famous and top ranked universities are following (click on the name to visit the official website):

  1. Carnegie Mellon University, ranked 17th best of world by THE.
  2. University of Pittsburgh, ranked 34th best of world by THE.
  3. Duquesne University

9 - Atlanta:

Atlanta City, located in the state of Georgia, has a population of over 465,000 people. Atlanta is America's 7th- next most-visited place, with more than 35 million travelers every year. The tourism industry in Atlanta is mostly powered by museums of history and outdoor attractions in the area. Atlanta is also home to well-known private colleges and universities across the country.

Atlanta is considered a higher education center because of the more than 30 colleges and universities located in the city. It is ranked 9th in the United States and 58th in the world as the best student city. Atlanta is a very green town full of sights and relaxing locations, also named "Town is a park." THE Ranking places 33rd in the world for its top university. In this city there are so many universities, followed by the most famous and highly ranked universities (scroll down the page the name to visit the official website):

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), ranked 33rd best of world by THE.
  2. Emory University, ranked 92nd best of world by THE.
  3. Georgia State University

10 - Baltimore:

Baltimore is ranked 71st in the world, securing 10th place as the Best Student City in the U.S. Baltimore remains located in the state of Maryland, USA. It's America's largest independent city. Baltimore has more public monuments per capital than any other city in the country, so enjoying your spare time is not going to be difficult.

Baltimore's economy has been positively influenced by its educational institutions, with about a fifth of Baltimore's workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. His main university is rated 16th in the world's best. Below are Baltimore's most prominent and top-ranked colleges (click on the official website name):

  1. Johns Hopkins University, ranked 16th by THE.
  2. University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  3. Morgan State University
  4. University of Baltimore


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Oldest University in the World – Top 10 Results


List Of Oldest University in the World

You really have to see and heard of many of the world's oldest universities. Ever noticed how the university system originated, what was the first university ever to exist. In this world, there are many universities that are even older than most countries and religion.  WSLconsultants Team researched and brought together the top ten oldest colleges ever to exist. Since these universities have been in this field of education for decades, how strong and qualified they have had to be.

10 -   Siena University
Siena-University Founded: 1240

The  in city Siena, Tuscany, As we know one of the oldest universities, University of Siena (UNISI) in Siena, Tuscany, is also the first publicly funded universities.

9 -   University of Naples Federico II
University-of-Naples-Federico-II Founded: 1224
It is also the second oldest university and one of the best educational establishments in Italy.

International Student Important Cities in USA - Top Ten Results

By number of students enrolled, Federico II is the third biggest university in italy.

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Biotechnology
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Letters and philosophy
  • Mathematical, physical and natural sciences
  • Medicine and surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Political sciences
  • Sociology

8 -   University of Padua
University-of-Padua Founded: 1222

The University of Padua (UNIPD) is another of Italy's leading universities based in Padua, Italy. Italy is made of many historic sites that are one of the three oldest universities in the world. 

The University of Padua is one of the leading universities in Italy and ranks first in all Italian large was ranked best university among Italian higher education institutions.

7 -   Cambridge University:
Cambridge-university Founded: 1209

Cambridge University is the second oldest English-speaking University in the region and the seventh oldest surviving university in the world. It is said that it was founded by some scholars who, due to some disputes, had to run from Oxford University.
If you are admitted to this university because of a very low acceptance rate, you are considered the luckiest student in the world. Over the centuries, they have been increasingly developing their quality education and research and have always earned their position as one of the world's best universities. It is made up of 31 colleges. All of its colleges have their own endowments and property as self-governing institutions. Both students are also bound to and handled by a college and most academics.

6 -   University of Paris
Founded: 1160

The University of Paris was a university in Paris, France, not to be mistaken for the American University of Paris, also known as the Sorbonne. That's why, this university's no picture. It was Europe's second-oldest modern university.

Top Universities of United States America

In 1793, after the French Revolution's confusion, education was suspended. Napoleon, as the University of France, which operated between 1793 and 1896, partially reorganized its faculties. That was apparently disbanded and divided into 13 independent universities with all the new faculty and everything.

5 -   University of Salamanca
University-of-Salamanca Founded: 1134

The University of Salamanca is a high this also the fifth oldest university in the world with all that is Spain's highest-ranking university based on the number of students from other regions. It is also well known for its non-native speaker Spanish courses, which attract more than 2,000 foreign students each year. In language studies, it is especially admired.

4 -   Oxford University
Oxford-University Founded: 1096

The University Of Oxford  is a research university located in the English city of Oxford, UK. Oxford is the highest-ranking university in the world in 2017. Oxford is ranked fourth in the world's oldest university ever to operate. Oxford is also host to the Rhodes scholarship, one of the largest and most coveted awards in the country, which has taken graduate students over a century to study at the institution. The university runs the oldest university museum in the world and the world's largest university press.

3 -   Bologna University
Bologna-University Founded: 1088


Bologna University is often mistaken as the oldest university, while it is actually the world's third oldest institution. It has branches in Ravenna, Forli, Cesena and Rimini, as well as a Buenos Aires regional hub overseas. In the 17th and 18th centuries, women began to gain entry to this institution, along with the creation of additional academic faculties..

This ranks among the world's top 250 universities. There are about 85,500 students at this university in its 11 campuses. Such 11 schools are classified according to the various fields of study:

  • School of AgricultureandVeterinary Medicine
  • School of Economics, Management and Statistics
  • School of Engineering and Architecture
  • School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Interpretation and Translation
  • School of Law
  • School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage
  • School of Medicine and Surgery
  • School of Pharmacy, Biotechnologies and Sport Sciences
  • School of Political Sciences
  • School of Psychology and Education Sciences
  • School of Sciences

2 -   Al-Azhar University
Al-Azhar-University Founded: 970

Based in Cairo, Egypt, Al Azhar University is recognized as the world's second oldest university. It is also one of today's Arab region's best universities. When it was established in 970, its students learned in depth the Holy Qur'an and Islamic law along with philosophy, grammar, rhetoric, and how to measure the moon's phases. More non-religious topics were introduced to his education in 1961. It is the world's leading center for Arabic literature and Islamic learning.

1 -   Al-Quaraouiyine University
Al-Quaraouiyine-University Founded: 859

Amid all the uncertainty, Al-Quaraouiyine University is reported to be the world's oldest and living university. It's to wear a prestigious title. It's based in Fes, Morocco, a city. It was created by the educated daughter of a wealthy merchant, Fatima al-Fihri. Since the WSLconsultants team is focused primarily on providing students and academics with the best and most accurate knowledge available, the authentication ties are used to show that this is the oldest institution.

His curriculum is focused mainly on Islamic religious and legal sciences, as well as special skills in Classical Arabic grammar, linguistics and Maliki law. But that's not all as lectures are also given to students on other non-Islamic topics.

I hope this article has been useful to you, if you have any concerns, issues or uncertainty about schooling in a foreign country, just email us, click at WSL Consultant contact for free advice, we're happy to help.

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Studying abroad expenses, Students have to Endure

studying abroad expenses

When planning to study in a foreign country, most students and their families usually make mistake to calculate studying abroad expenses during time of study. They only take living expenses into account. Only thing they concentrate on is the fees of the student. Some may have a slight notion about rent but that is all. Here in this article, we, WSLConsultants team have gathered all the possible expenses you will have to face when you will be studying abroad. You will know that what are studying abroad expenses actually is?

1 -   Food, Accommodation and Dressing:

When we talk about studying abroad expenses, the very first thing in this article are the most basic living expenses. Everyone is aware of these expenses but you might not know everything about them. Here I have mentioned every critical detail you must know before moving abroad for your education.

How Pakistani students are treated abroad

studying-abroad-expenses-foodsFirst is food. In studying abroad expenses, food has major role. You definitely have to eat in order to eat in order to survive but have calculated the cost of food you will be consuming in abroad country. The thing you don’t always eat home, if you could cook and eat home it will help you save a lot of money. But eventually you end up eating out or fast food most of the time. How much it will cost, depends on the country and their currency. But the point is that other than the home cooked food you also have to calculate for Snacks, fast food, drinks, when you have friends over and when you go out with friends or colleagues to eat.

Second is accommodation in basic living expense. This something you must arrange before you move to the foreign country. You must register a place for yourself where you are going to rest after the long journey. Accommodation in a foreign country is divided into two categories for international students.

  1. On-Campus Residence
  2. Off-Campus Residence

On-Campus Residence. While calculating studying abroad expenses, residence is the dorm you get in inside your university campus. They are a lot cheaper for international students when compared to Off-campus residence.  University dorms are specially created for students who are away from their home and need place to stay. Your first priority should be to get On-campus residence.

Off-Campus Residence is any flat, house or room you rent outside the university campus. Off-campus residence can be expensive since you have to deal a private personal whose sole purpose is to make a business out of you.

Third thing is the Dressing. You must be well aware that every country has their culture and fashion style. You can wear Shalwar Qameez in any foreign country but it will make it difficult for you get along with native people. So, once you are settled abroad, you have to buy clothes according their culture, fashion and style.

With all these things also keep the medical expenses in mind. We can never be sure about health and it should be our first priority to maintain the best of the health. Be sure, to have enough money aside to cover your medical essentials when necessary.

Contact to know your expenses to study abroad

2-   Conveyance and traveling:

Conveyance-and-travelingEvery international student needs a form conveyance in order to move freely. You are certainly not going to spend your entire 2 to 4 year program just sitting in university. So, transportation is necessary to make your movement easier. But have you estimated the expense it will cost you. There can be different modes of transportation one may use. Most commonly used form of transportation is public buses in developed countries that are rather cheap compared to other vehicles. But these big vehicles don’t go everywhere and have particular fixed stops. With busses you also have the facility of local trains for transportation. But the real cost comes when you sometimes have to get a taxi or rent a car. That is really difficult for an average Pakistani student to afford.

All the Latest Scholarships to Cover your Study Expenses

Some students have figured an easy way to this problem. I have seen students rent or buy a bicycle for this. This may seem a little awkward for a university student riding a bicycle all the time but it is a lot more common in international students than you may think. It is genius way which not saves you cost of transportation but also the cost of Petrol and Parking and you can move freely inside your university campus without any hindrance. This way you also get exercise and keep you healthy.

3 -   Tickets

This is an expense one doesn’t even think about until they found themselves in empty handed in a foreign country and they are in dire need to visit their homeland. Tickets to go back to home is another major role in studying abroad expenses. During your years of stay, there are going to be multiple occasions, like Eids, weddings, holiday, some other happy and sad events when you have to come back to your home.

This is the most costly expense an international student has to bear. International flight tickets are very expensive. Every time you visit your home, you also have to purchase a return ticket, so, it is basically two ticket cost you have to suffer. Make sure, you have planned every unexpected event planned and enough money in your account to help you in this case.

Free Study in Germany & Scholarships to Meet Living Costs

 4 -   Study Materials:

Talking about studying abroad expenses, The one, you must expect least of all is study materials, you are most probably thinking that how can it even an expense. Well my friend, this is why I had to write this article. You do know Pakistan’s currency Rupee has a very low rate and what we get produced in Pakistan is kind of affordable for us. Now, think your income is in Pakistani rupee and you have to spend in Dollars. It is technically like dividing your whole salary to 100.

Notepads, notes, helping materials and especially books are going to be quite expensive than what we get in Pakistan. You won’t find any pirated/cheap copy of a book; you will have to buy the original one. When you rent a book from library that helps but when you delay it that fine is going to cost more than the book itself. I have read somewhere most developed countries take their library issues pretty seriously. And the most important thing, depending on your degree program, you may also have to spend some money for the semester projects.

How to Study in Canada for Free

 5 -   Tax and Insurance:

Tax on students may sound weird but there are many countries where even students have to pay tax of the little amount they earn. If you don’t do a job even this headaches not over because you will still be charged on every transaction you have in your bank. When you are abroad, your all finances will most probably be coming from your guardians in Pakistan. All of these financial matters are solved through banks. When money is transferred form a country to another, it cost you a big time tax and some custom charges.

Other than this, in some countries like Germany, students have to buy some basic insurances of which the most basic Health Insurance. Insurances may help you save some money but with that you also have a compulsory obligation on your head to pay

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How Pakistani Students are Treated Abroad?

how Pakistanis are treated abroadHow Pakistani students are treated abroad? There has always been confusion in our minds whether we will be treated nicely or be referred as mediocrity in their home, if we go to a foreign country for higher education.This dilemma is totally normal and also a misconception. Here I have gathered the most common queries we Pakistani students have in our minds about treatment we will receive abroad and with that I have also mentioned all sensible answers to guide to you out of any hindrance you may be facing when planning to abroad.

how to study in Canada without ielts


1 -   How Most Pakistani Behave Abroad?

As far as my experience is goes, usually all foreigners behave very decently in an abroad country. That is specially the case with Pakistanis. They follow all laws; ignore all misbehavior's and everything that may hurt them. They mostly try to live a humble life and prove themselves a wonderful citizen.

how Pakistani's can study in Canada for free

This all does not go vain as they are always fully paid back by giving a place as citizen. No matter what country you go to, it’s almost always the same.But one thing that is the worst about behavior of Pakistanis abroad; they are ashamed of calling themselves a Pakistani.It doesn’t matter how world sees Pakistan, it is our job to change their perception. But instead, Pakistanis try to hide their identity as if they are ashamed of being a Pakistani.

2 -   Are We Considered Inferior?

This is just a misconception that in foreign country, they would look at us like we are some monkeys and they are superior to us.It is just as they say in Psychology “inferiority complex”, it is our state of mind that we consider ourselves inferior otherwise we got nothing to worry about. Do not forget that Pakistan is a Nuclear power with rapidly growing economy and one of the most powerful. So, the answer is NO we are not considered inferior and treated equally.

3 -   Are We Seen as Terrorists?

There have been a few incidents where some Muslims were marked as terrorists and treated poorly in countries like United State of America. But it’s mostly just in USA and what we hear is also usually just one side of the story. After 9/11 there were some occasions where we felt like English countries are not for Muslims anymore, however, time has yet changed.

Most of the Pakistanis are now seen as victim than being terrorist because world is aware of the grave instances that happened in Pakistan like APS attack and now they stand with us on that. Besides, being called terrorist has nothing to do with Pakistan because it is just an act of racism executed by some illiterate foolish goons who think they know everything and usually end up in jail.

4 -   Do We Get Rights and Respect?

Just like discussion above How Pakistani students are treated abroad? my answer is yet again positive. YES, all Pakistanis get all the rights and respect just like any other international student. As a matter of fact, International students are treated much nicely because they are seen as educated people who are now their guest. Guests are respected in every part of the world.

When an international student goes abroad, he pays more education fees than any domestic student and it is better for their economy since you are a customer for them. Other than that, you will buy clothes, food, pay rent, use transport etc. and with all this, it is very beneficial for any country to have international students there. With you being so beneficial for them, they will definitely take special care of you; you are respected and given all your rights. Everyone knows that foreigners always behave nice so they also return the favor.

5 -   How Teachers Treat?

Teachers are hired to teach international student for higher education are the most educated and qualified people you will find in the world. They all have exceptional communication skills and they are real professional. Educated people really like the students who practically moved abroad to a strange land for the sole purpose of achieving quality higher education. It is their job to provide students with it and they fulfill their duty with passion.

University teachers are specially advised to behave nicely with international students since they would be nervous being thousands of miles away from their home. There is really no need to worry if teachers will be selfish to you. They are, of all people, the last you may expect to hurt you.

6 -   How Students Treat?

Yourself being a student, a question will also come in your mind that How Pakistani students are treated abroad? The answer is that you will find hundreds of many other students just like you, away from their homeland seeking quality higher education. You will find all types of domestic and international students in your class. University life and studies don’t work without groups, intentionally or unintentionally, your will become a part of a group that will most probably comprise different colors, language and nationalities. This is how student life works in a foreign country.

You must be aware how friends are supposed to be, well, relations are also same as in Pakistan. Your friends group will be the bunch of students you will spend your whole degree program with. There will be domestics of that specific country by whom you will always be guided and taken care of, in all sort of hindrance.

All students in universities specially like international students. I am not saying everyone is and will be good. They are all human just like you. You will find good and bad people. There will be some who will become an important part of your life. On the other hand, there may be some bullies who will try to destroy your peace of mind. But, all of this is totally manageable and depends on you how your react in these situations.

7 -   How Management Treat? How Pakistani students are treated abroad?

This may be the last, but I would say, the most frequently asked and believed question. Like the life we have been living in Pakistan we think, if this is how we are treated in Pakistan, what will they do to us in foreign land? We always have a problem with management whether it’s school, college, job or any department or company.

Management is an art that uneducated and illiterate can’t perform but in foreign country where they expect international students, they always hire the best and most glowing collaborative team. No matter what problem an international student may have, even for their accommodation and visa, they are provided an office for them inside the university to guide in all their difficulties. So, you do not need to worry if management will be supportive or not. They are paid to help you and interact with you.

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Canada student visa requirements for Pakistan

Canada student visa requirements for Pakistan

Applying for a visa to a foreign country, regardless of what your purpose might be, is never an easy task. In fact, every year the requirements and conditions applicable for a visa to countries like the UK, United States, Australia and Canada keep changing. Every year there are countless students from Pakistan who wish to apply and get enrolled in a Canadian University because of the bright future it holds. This is why it is very crucial to understand the Canada student visa requirements for Pakistan 2020 if you wish to apply for visa anytime soon as well!


Education is a popular pathway to Canadian immigration, many international students eventually applying for studies and obtaining permanent resident status after their education.

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WSL consultants will be the best help you find in this regard as they will guide you every step of the way till the very end. With the WSL consultants, you get complete information for your Canadian student visa including details such as Canadian student visa processing time in Pakistan. They also highlight the past details for you such as Canada student visa requirements for Pakistan 2020. Hence, you can be satisfied before filling the application.

About the WSL visa consultants

There are several advertisements that you might see in the Sunday newspaper that reads ‘Study in Canada for Pakistani students on scholarship’ and similar headlines. However, you might end up thinking who can actually help you to get a student visa to Canada successfully. WSL consultants are your guardian angels because they offer you guaranteed visa success at a very affordable price. So you don’t have to worry about scam or fraud any longer! These visa consultants are based in Lahore and ask for a very reasonable amount of money to get you your visa to Canada. Of course, you will have to pay for the Canada student visa fee for Pakistan 2020, but that is just part of the deal!

Services they offer!

The services of WSL visa consultants are not only confined to student visa for the Pakistani nationals. In fact, they are a team of thorough professionals and offer many other visa services for people to avail as well. With the WSL visa consultants, you get a chance to apply for

  • Immigration visa to Europe, Malaysia, Canada or the US
  • Work Permit visa grant
  • Student visa grant
  • Visit visa grant
  • Business/Medical visa grant

Dear student!

You can send you query through our query form or you can apply in an Canadian institute through our Online Application System.

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students in Canada

Apply for Canadian student visa with WSL consultants

Simply put, there are various reasons why we urge you to come to WSL consultants to apply for Canadian student visa.

  1. They understand!

Based in Lahore, they are operating for the convenience for the Pakistani people. Hence, one you visit them you will not only find professional help but they will also provide you with previous visa successes and records of visa requirements of the past such as Canada student visa fee from Pakistan 2020 and Canada student visa requirements for Pakistan 2020 in Urdu. This helps you to get a clearer insight into how things have changed in 2016 and why you should trust professionals to take care of all details on your behalf.

  1. No IELTS!

With the WSL consultants, you no longer have to worry about getting your IELTS done. They promise you student visa to Canada without the IELTS barrier!

  1. Affordable Charges

They care about you and will never charge you madly to the only pile on personal profit margins.

  1. Guaranteed results

The best thing about the WSL consultants is that they provide you with a time frame and ensure that you get successful results within the promised time period.

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Austria Student Visa Consultant in Pakistan


study in ukraine

Austria is the place that is favorite for education as well as tourism. A great number of students want to come in Austria for to get an education. There is a wide majority goes to the Austria Student visa consultant in Pakistan. They apply for several courses in Austria for raising their educational skills. For this purpose, they want to get the knowledge about the universities that offer very education at bachelor and masters level.


Get Admission in Degree programs without IELTS in top Austrian Universities

5 Years Bachelor and 4 Years Masters Program

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How Consultants prepare your case for Austria Student Visa?

How-Consultants-prepare-your-case-for-Austria-Student-VisaIf you have decided to go Austria for education, then join the websites that offer services for visa students. The modern consultants deal in student visa of different countries. You can apply for Australia visa Pakistan. It has never been easy for the students for ever before. It is very difficult to work on the research and typically hard for the students.

It is the fundamental requirement to prepare the file of the case according to the rules and regulations of the state. It is very important, and it should be done with great research and extensive attention. Efforts are made by the candidates to understand the procedure. You just have to focus on the format of the case preparation, and you will achieve your goal. The visa consultants are well-aware of all the facts and figures, and they play a vital for applying the visa process.

Visa Process

The Australia student visa can be applied by this procedure very easily.First of all, prepare your passport.

  1. First of all, prepare your passport.
  2. Attest your degrees from higher education department of Pakistan
  3. Choose the university in which you want to apply for certification
  4. Get the invitation letter of the University

After these initial steps, you will be able to get a student visa.

In case of lost the Entry Card

If you have lost your passport and ID card, then it will be complicated. No doubt it is a mishap for you that you have lost your Card outside the country, but your first step should be to report this incident to the local police station and get the police report. Now you have two ways to re-enter into the country after losing your entry permit in abroad that obtain a valid Form I-327 that is a re-entry permit. If you do not have it with you, then you can apply for a transportation letter from the nearest Austria consulate or embassy.

Containing the complete carrier authority for bringing you to the Austria without charging any penalty is the significance of the transportation letter. For applying this letter, a user has to fill the Form I-90 and show the valid passport for proving the identity.The applicant has to provide the following things as part of the application


  1. The fee for filing the case, according to the local currency
  2. 3 passport-size photographs of the candidate
  3. A brief explanation regarding the incident and what has happened should be mentioned in detail along with the police report
  4. Attach a photocopy of the lost entry permit in the form of the proof of legal permanent resident status.Give proof of your most recent departure date from the Austria like boarding passes


The procedure of the verification of your identity will take some days. After verifying or approving, the embassy or consulate will issue the transportation letter containing the fifteen days validity. If you do not travel within the period of fifteen days, then you will have to start the entire procedure of the application again. It is very important to get the replacement of the lost or stolen green card as early as possible for making your further legal or formal tasks easy and out of the stress.

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Unfilled Technical Jobs In Canada, Country Lacks People To Fill Them: Study

technical jobs in canada
Canada facing shortage of manpower for certain technical jobs.

Canada’s economy will create at least 218,000 technical jobs in Canada between now and 2020, but lacks the people to fill them, says a new report from a not-for-profit think tank.

The report from the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)calls for reforms to Canada’s education and economic policies, including starting computer science education in kindergarten and offering tax credits to small businesses to hire IT people.

Canadian businesses, particularly small and medium sized ones, are falling behind in adopting new technologies, mainly because they can’t find the people they would need to implement the changes, the report says. And that could have negative consequences.

“If Canada does not address the talent and skills gap, it could cost the economy billions of dollars in lost productivity, tax revenues, and gross domestic product,” the report states.

Out of 527,000 students who graduated in Canada in 2015, only 6 per cent — 29,000 — graduated from an IT field, the report found. Canada would have to graduate around 43,000 IT students per year to keep up with job growth.

The lack of interest in tech jobs is despite the fact that the field is growing at a pace that’s four times as fast as overall job growth in Canada.


tech jobs

Job growth in Canada, Feb. 2015 to Jan. 2016. IT jobs grew more than four times as quickly as other jobs. (Chart: ICTC)

The problem isn’t limited to Canada. The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts the country will create some 1.4 million IT jobs by 2020, but schools will barely be able to fill a third of them, the ICTC study says. The European Union will be short 825,000 IT workers by 2020.

But other countries are out ahead of Canada in addressing the issue. U.S. President Barack Obama in January pledged $4 billion to bring computer science classes to the nation’s schools.

In Britain, computer coding classes are now mandatory for all students from the age of five to the end of high school.

[su_quote]“If Canada does not address the talent and skills gap, it could cost the economy billions of dollars in lost productivity, tax revenues, and gross domestic product.”[/su_quote]


The ICTC report also urges Canadian governments to “remove barriers to the full participation in the IT field by women, immigrants, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and visible minorities.”

Doing this “will be critical in mitigating the talent shortage,” the report says.

It calls for an increased focus on research and development, and programs to help people transition to jobs in the IT economy.

Jobs that Trends Upwards Most in 2015.

 Web Designers 55% UP

Truck/diesel mechanics - up 80%


Loss prevention officers - up 144%, Loss prevention officers are part of the security team at retailers.


Tool and die makers - up 305%

Percentage change in number of job postings, 2014-2015.


CNC programmers - up 549%

Percentage change in number of job postings, 2014-2015.

CNC programmers input data into automated machines at factories.

Home financing adviser - up 350%

Percentage change in number of job postings, 2014-2015.

Financial planner jobs are up 65%, while retirement advisor jobs are up 75%.

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Austria Student Visa, Guidelines for Pakistani Students

Austria Student Visa

Austria Student Visa Overview:

The article includes details for Austria Student Visa and Pakistani students on entry and visa procedures. Many students do not apply for Austria, as Austria Student Visas has no proper information. The Austrian Embassy (in Islamabad) does not clear much of all questions relating to the visa proceeding and the requirement for students to register for a residence permit. It seems that the Embassy officials do not even understand how to convince the authorities in Austria that you will support your financial status. They don't at least clarify that well. This complicates the visa process. Here you'll find all details on Austria's student visa entry and other process.

Step 1: Austria Visa User Eligibility

One should have 16 years of schooling to apply in Master's degree program in Austria. All the following quotes are eligible for Master's in Austria:

  •       Intermediate + Graduation ( 4 year )
  •       Intermediate + Graduation ( 3 year ) + Master ( 1 year )
  •       Intermediate + bachelors ( 3 years ) + Master 2 years
  •       Intermediate + Graduation ( 2 years ) + Master ( 2 years)

The only thing to be able to apply for the bachelor's program are the intermediate holders provided they satisfy language needs. Almost all Graduate programs are offered in Deutsch Language in Austria, but some courses taught in English language, please contact us for enrollment.

Step 2: Note the application dates

The deadlines for entry to the university differ. The bulk of colleges are intaken quarterly, and typically in autumn. Admission usually begins in February / March for autumn semesters (starting in September / October). The admission dates are generally in October for the Spring Semester (beginning in March / April). For the exact dates and details about admissions, you may visit the website of your prospective institution. 

Step 3: Selection of program

See given pages to identify the Austrian University study programs:

The website is in German, but search engine Google Translate is accessible. Information of each degrees curriculum cannot be contained on this platform but at least it can be found on the web to get further knowledge (the information of the program, the entry fees and everything else) on the institution..

You can contact us and help us in selecting a program and arrange admission to your required university to receive an admission in the required program.

Step 4:Prepare the necessary documents for admission

Travel document:Passport for university admission must also be legitimate, and this is an IELTS / TOEFL exam prerequisite also.

IELTS/TOEFL: It allows you to be accepted everywhere.

Document Attestation: Get your BISE, HEC and Foreign Affairs Ministry (Pakistan) accredited learning content. Get enough copies of HEC then you can register for a total of three or four institutes.

Documents attestation from Austrian Embassy:

Take your documents accredited by the Austrian Consulate it is not necessary for entry, but will ultimately be required for the visa.

Recommendation Letters: Get some letters of recommendation (2 or 3) from teachers at the university. Ask them to write a generic letter of recommendation, not limited to one institution, and you can use it to apply to different universities.

Step 5:Application procedure for Austria Student Visa

There is no central power Austria, unlike Sweden, Germany and Finland to accept and validate records. The admissions are conducted separately by each university. Ask us for details on the process for entry and tuition fees. Many institutions are online and upload the documentation online in printed form.  In certain cases your documents may be deferred until you will re-select.they will ask you for printout your documenst if you are pre-selected. The method differs between universities.

For Document Verification from Austrian Consulate

Austria Embassy address:

House No: 13, Street No: 1, F 6/3, Islamabad. TEL: 051-2209710/11

E-mail: E-mail:

Many Austrian institutions require students to submit copies of documents approved by the Austrian Embassy. Therefore, the records approved by the Austrian Embassy have no need to send them.

List of certified documents by the Austrian Embassy:

1- Academic Degree (Metric, Intermediate, BA / BSc and any other credential from a University in Pakistan).

2- Birth certificate (Embassy confirms your birth by submitting a representative to your local council)

3- Certificate of Police Clearance or Certificate of Police or Character (all are the same).

The verification is the first step in this attestation procedure. Embassy checks your every documents from an embassy-linked third-party organization or you need to pay "verification fee" for this service. This fee was about Rs. 23,000 in 2016. The embassy will contact you to retrieve the attested documentation when the records are checked. Embassy will mark signatur of Ambassador on the back side of you original documents. For registration, they charge thirty Euro per paper. In Pakistani rupees, you have to pay the equivalent amount.

You need to take appointment for the processing of papers.

Embassy just certifies the original documents, not the photocopies. You must submit the university photocopies of these approved papers. University can ask you, in some situations, to give them the embassy's original documents. In this scenario, if you are not picked, the records will be returned to you. But it's a risky operation. And here we can encourage you to be accepted to such universities and our officials in Austria can go to the university directly.

Language Requirements

If your chosen curriculum is in German, you will need to show your German language skills at the university. If the curriculum is in English, a certificate in English language proficiency (IELTS / TOEFL) will be needed for you.

Every university has a prerequisite of its own. IELTS band 5.5/6.0  is accepted by many universities. Others need a 90 (TOEFL) or 6.5 (IELTS) higher ranking.

You will be notify if you are admitted and you will also receive an entry letter. You can continue the visa process when you have the entry letter.

Step 6: Visa Process for Austria Student Visa:

You should continue the visa procedure when you have your documents approved by the embassy. This can be takes 4 to 8 weeks and the university admission letter.

Visa application is called "Application for Residence Program." Youapply for a residence permit and embassy must contact you to request a Schengen visa form after your application has approved (usually takes 4-6 weeks). After submitting the Schengen visa form, you can obtain your visa in 10 days with your passport and visa fees.

The application form for a residence permit in German’s Consultants can help youcomplete this application and secure a residence permit.

The application fee is approximately 80 will paybefore filing your payment (including financial verification, proof of lodging, travel insurance proof, etc.).

Application for a residence permit is required for those who want to sat for more than six months in Austria. Students wishing to travel to Austria for minimum 6 months they no need to apply for a residence permit.

The residence permit application form can be acquired from us..

Proof of finances

You will show you have sufficient funds for the residence permit to meet the costs for one year (about 9500 Euros-for age above 24 years). Every year it improves a little bit. If you are below 24 in age, you will display around fifty three hundred euros equal Pakistani Rupees).

Proof of accommodation for visa:

While applying for a Residence Permit Resident, Austria Study you submits a certificate showing that you have lodgingin Austria for your term. You have to have reserved a room in a hostel or dormitory for that. The evidence of housing must typically be provided by the institution, if you are accepted. If you have not a student hostel / dormitory, you will book your own hostel / dormitory.

In this way, WSL consultants will support you, we will arrange some facilities for your Austria Student Visa application.

We will provide you with the room agreement that you can submit to the embassy.

You’re going to have to pay rent of 3 months in advance. Or insurance in this situation. You're going to transfer that money to your account. If you do not come Austria, the advance security amount will be adjust but the rent of one month will not be adjust.

Proof of travel insurance:

When you apply for the visa from Pakistan you need a health insurance.

You must get a total of 3 months health insurance (better to get a 6-month plan) from your scheduled travel date. With your Residence Permit Form, you must send this insurance card.

Step 7: Life in Austria:

Estimated Living cost

For Austrian institutions, there is normally annually fee about € 363

The Expense is 300 to 400 Euros per month for a single person.single room (including housing, telephone, electricity costs and food). Space cost is usually between € 200 and € 250/month. You can reduce you expense if you share your rooms.

Throughout Austria, health insurance is a must. Once you land in Austria, you have to get it. It costs € 50 a month.

Part time Job in Austria:

In Austria, part-time many jobs available. You will gain between 500-800 Euros a month with odd jobs. You will work in small towns in Newspaper, and in big towns in restaurants and pizza shops. If you have a car then you must need a license. for the work of the newspaper, And also, this job is easy to do. For this purpose, an appropriate car can be purchased at a cost of 800-1200 Euros in Austria.

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