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Future of Students in Canada

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What Future of Students in Canada? Students usually prefer going abroad for their higher studies in hope for a better life ahead. Studying abroad provides them the opportunity to explore not just a new place and an environment but also get a closer look of themselves as a person, find our ones’ potential.

This experience provides you with a vast exposure which helps you perceive things in a way unknown to you, helping you find out easier ways to look at critical things in different aspects. However when the topic under discussion is studying abroad, there are a multiple options to choose from, but Canada is one that has been gaining rather drastic number of international students.

Why is Canada receiving a huge increase in International students?

There are multiple reasons for this dramatic increase. Some of them are enlisted below;

  • Quality of life: Canada has been ranked in the list of top most countries for residence. The major reason for this lies behind the fact that Canada offers a high quality of life. It has a diverse range of cultures, most of them dully celebrated on respective occasions. There is hardly any discrimination in Canada as all cultures are respected and practiced. It is famous about the Canadians that they are extremely humble, polite and above all a group of embracing individuals as a nation. This offers security and a sense of being wanted.


  • Quality education: the quality of education is a major factor which drives international students in the country. The education of Canadian institutes is as equivalent to that of other high English-language countries such as the USA, The UK and Australia. Canadian institutes are well known for various courses and their skilled instructors who further drives the students in.


  • Fee structure: with the level of education quality and quality of life offered to international students in Canada, another of the major driving force of the entrance of international students into this sector is the fee structure it offers. Studying abroad, with all its advantages is yet refused mainly due to the expenditure factor, not only tuition fee but also living expenses. However, yet again Canada is able to excel in this department as it offers fairly low tuition fee and living expenses for foreign students when compared to The USA, the UK and Australia.

The most important driving force for international students future:

Canada is an amazing country to not only study in but also to live in. Apart from all its advantages which turns out to be great driving forces for international students to come to Canada, the future Canada provides these foreign countries is what they mostly look forward to.

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First off, Canada is few of those countries which invite foreigners to come and settle, this was majorly the case when a couple of decades back, Canada went into under population.  This is one of the reasons why immigration requirements and process is comparatively easier than other countries.

The option that students can reside within Canada gives them better hope for a well-established life. Since the year 2008, changes in immigration policy were made which had made it more feasible for foreign students to get permanent residence in Canada.

All this while, Canadian institutes are focused on getting fee-paying foreign students, resulting as a source of revenue as well as a strategy to enhance their international profile and network. Infact, just recently the task force suggested that Canada has nearly doubled the number of foreign students from 239,000 in 2011 to 450,000 by 2022.

Similar to the factor that studying abroad brings out a new way of perception in an individual is a reason why students want to opt for this, the international populations is also considered unique by the employers.

Employers believe, the way of thinking and comprehending situations of foreign candidates is different from their own, thus making them more suitable for a job where critical thinking and handling is required.

With the certain set of different previous exposure, cultures, and traditions, the international candidates applying for their jobs are unique and more valuable. Hence where there are better options at a successful life and career, individual is bound to abide to that location

Study in Canada without IELTS -100% no IELTS required

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How you can Study in Canada after 12th Class

Permanent Residence After Studies
Work Allowed During Studies
Spouse Visa Allowed
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Studies after 12th:

The courses chosen in 12th play a major part in determining the career path that has to be followed afterwards. When it comes to deciding a career path for oneself, quality of education is one thing that is everyone’s top priority.

Thus, studying in top class universities of the world becomes a preference where the teaching methods are the most effective and finest education is provided. The countries which are mostly chosen for studying are USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Switzerland, and many more like these. There are many universities in these countries which are ranked at the top of the list of best universities of the world. The reason why students are most attracted to studying abroad in these countries is that they provide the best opportunities for employment, and help the students enhance their potential ultimately developing a better path of career.

The degree programs offered after 12th are classified as undergraduate and  postgraduate courses. Along with these, there are also online courses, distant courses, vocational courses, diploma courses, and exchange programs that make studying in foreign countries more beneficial and helpful.

Students often get confused regarding which path to pursue, and also where to pursue right after they complete their 12th. A proper and detailed guidance that answer the queries well can help the students in selecting their path for the future.

Study in Canada after 12th:

The most basic and important requirement to apply for studying in Canada is that the applicant must have completed his or her 12th and should have scored well in the exams as well as in the language proficiency test which is important while applying abroad. There are different language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.

After completing 12th, the students are headed towards the undergraduate courses. The students should have done their 12th in any of the important courses like math, science, management and commerce. In Canada, the universities offer various degree programs for the pupils from various domains. Following are some of the courses that are offered in the universities of Canada that can be studied after 12th.

  • Commerce courses after 12th

The students are given the choice of carrying out their bachelors degree in management and commerce. Different specializations are accessible for the students in the courses. Below mentioned are the commerce courses one can specialize in.

  1. Courses of management

The Canadian universities offer the best management courses provided to the students. They can study BBA (bachelors in business administration). It has many specializations like finance, HR management, marketing, accounting, retail and supply chain management etc.

These are specialization courses that are highly preferred by the pupils. BCom (bachelor of commerce) is also offered with the specialization in advertising, finance, accounting, taxation, personal development etc.

  1. Courses after 12th commerce (without math)

There are many courses students can specialize in if they have done 12th commerce without math. They are economics (micro and macro both), business administration, finance, accounting, human resource management, cost marketing etc.

Students can either do bachelors in these subjects or pursue diploma. These subjects do not need math and hence no math expertise is needed.

  1. Diploma courses

After doing 12th in commerce or any other subject, one can also carry out the diploma courses of their choice. These courses have a duration of 1 to 2 years. In terms of curriculum, they are equal to the degree. Following diploma courses are offered in the universities of Canada.

  • Diploma In Fashion Designing
  • Diploma In Computer Application
  • Diploma In Banking
  • Diploma In Financial Accounting
  • Diploma In Industrial Safety
  • Diploma In Business Management
  • Diploma In Hotel Management
  • Diploma In Physical Education
  • Diploma In Retail Management

Study without ielts:

There’s another thing that the Canadian universities is offering, and that is study without giving any language proficiency test like IELTS. There are many universities in Canada, unlike many countries, which allow the students to study without giving any language proficiency test.

Some of these are University of Winnipeg, Concordia University, Brock University, University of Regina, and Carleton University. If a student has been living in Canada for 4 to 5 years, then these institutes do not ask for the proficiency exams since they have a proof that a student has enough knowledge of the language.

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Top 4 Reasons to Consider Canada for Study Abroad in 2020-21

Reasons to Consider Canada for Education

Permanent Residence After Studies
Work Allowed During Studies
Spouse Visa Allowed
Top universities & Colleges

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Canada is ranked as one of the most peaceful and the countries in the world for quality of life. If you are a student who is considering to study in Canada, you have made an amazing decision because by doing so, you will receive quality education which is also recognized by the entire world. Other than this, there are numerous benefits for international students to study in Canada.

You can choose to study in a large, happening city or even in a small campus with a welcoming community, your experience will belief shaping. Here are the top reasons why you would be interested in such an experience.

To know more about study in Canada and its application process | Application process and complete detail

Quality of Life:

Discrimination for belonging from specific sex, race, and ethnicity is still nothing out of the ordinary but is one of the major concerns of a student studying abroad. However, Canada makes sure of the security of an individual, a national or a visitor by its Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. It was enlisted as the 8th most safe and peaceful country in the world by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Thus, Canada is known for its non-discriminatory and welcoming population.

Not to mention the country has a bilingual environment which makes studying here even more comfortable as an individual is able to settle in quite easily. This will help you to improve your language skills and help you build up a better portfolio for further practical life. Canada is not deprived of cultural diversity whatsoever and each diverse culture is properly nurtured, celebrated in their own essence through festivals and events.

Fee Structure:

Being realistic and practical, cost and affordability are one of the major most factors that force people to ponder over and even base their entire decision upon. It is, however, true that like every country, Canadian institutes too charge its international students more than they charge their domestic ones, yet in comparison to America, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Canada without a doubt charges significantly lower. Not only the tuition fee but also the cost of the vital necessities such as residence etc is low in comparison to its counterparts. Through some vivid estimated calculations, the average total of tuition fee combined with residential cost results alarmingly low.

Study in Canada and you can even avail the opportunity to earn as you do. The economic needs of a college student rise nonetheless and luckily, Canadian students are permitted to own a job of 20 hours per week during academic session and 30 hours a week in vacations. However, your study and courses do help define whether you are liable to work off campus or on campus.

Natural Beauty:

An environment as beautifully soulful as that of Canada, one is bound to fall in love. Other than the amazing population that the country possesses, it is in no way further behind in its scenic wonders. After a hectic college day with quizzes and assignments piled up, the student goes through, not one but multiple levels of stress. And what is better than a divine view and a rush of clean and fresh air to bring back the positivity in life. Canada has a treasure of multiple mountains and vacations spots for you to devour. The world-famous Niagara Falls, Beaches, Fjords, enormous Mountains, Forests and what not.

Although the Canadian residents complain about the country's continuous winter weather even this builds up as an opportunity for the world famous skiing sports. Every year, a huge number of famous skier come to Canada to polish their art and also to take part in many competitions.

High Quality Education:

The most necessary factor that motivates and forces an individual out from their comfort zone and into the wide world is the thirst of quality education and knowledge. You are in luck since Canada's education is known for its quality. It is reputed equivalent to that of America, Australian, and the United Kingdom. There are indeed enormous institutions to choose from according to your subjects but it is no secret that Canadian education is outstanding.

Being embraced in a country which is not your own, despite your race and ethnicity while your rights guarded, there is no better option than Canada for your educational goals in an affordable manner.

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Open Work Permit For Spouse Of International Student In Canada

canada work permit

Permanent Residence After Studies
Work Allowed During Studies
Spouse Visa Allowed
Top universities & Colleges

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If you are a foreign student and wish to bring your partner or spouse along with you to Canada, they may be allowed for an open work permit that will enable them to work off or on campus full-time while your studying period.

What is an open work permit for spouse ?

An open work permit for spouse is an allowance for work which is not for any particular job. Through this kind of work permit, your spouse or partner will be able to work in any job with any employer. This open work permit once attained, will remain valid for the same time period as your study period. In order to have the open work permit, your partner or spouse may be required to give a medical exam. However, this may happen in some circumstances.

How Study in Canada is a pathway to Canadian Immigration, to know more please check this post: Study in Canada is a pathway to immigration

Eligibility for an open work permit:

Being an international student in Canada, while studying full-time and possessing a valid study permit, your partner according to the law or spouse can apply for an open work permit. Partner or spouse will not need a job offer in order to apply and the open work permit will stay valid till your study permit. As long as you are permitted to study in Canada, your spouse will be permitted to work for any employer and any kind of job without any specification.

When to apply for the open work permit in Canada?

Your partner or spouse are open to apply for the open work permit before or after they arrive in Canada. Normally the work permit will be given with the same duration of time as your study permit. No job offer is required in order to apply for the work permit. This makes it easier for the couple as they won’t have to face the difficulty and frustration of finding a job in order to get the work permit. In some situations, the Canadian visa offices situated abroad will start processing the applications for work permit for your spouse or partner at the same time as the application for your study permit. In such a circumstance, the work permit will cost you an extra fee. After you pay an additional amount for the work permit, you must complete the application for your partner or spouse which is accessible to you on the website of the consulate.

Most partners or spouses visit the country first and then apply for the open work permit after they are in Canada. In case of not requiring a TRV for your partner or spouse, the work permit can be applied for at the airport or at the border where you enter the state of Canada.

Online Application Procedure:

Following steps need to be taken in order to apply online for the open work permit for your partner or spouse while you study.

  • Logging into IRCC by means of GCKey or a sign-in partner

In case of being a new user, you will be required to register yourself for MyCIC through Sign-in Partner or GCKey. The client ID from your study permit is needed for the completion of registration.

  • Apply for work or study permit or a visitor visa

You will be asked to enter a personal checklist code. In case you do not have a code, you must click on ‘determine your eligibility’. Here, you will need to answer all the inquiries or questions that will be asked. You can also find a guide on net regarding how to answer those questions.

  • Filling the application form and collecting the documents

Now, you must fill in the application form for your partner or spouse. You can also have a guide for it too on the net. You must validate and save the form as an unsigned copy. Following important and supporting documents must be gathered.

  1. Marriage certificate/license (translated in French or English)
  2. Digital photo that must be 420x540 pixels
  3. Your study permit (if you are the one gathering the documents)
  4. Your spouse’s passport (only pages with visas, stamps, and photos)

Once all these documents are ready, you must save them in your electronic device in the formats such as word documents, pdfs, or jpegs. They should not be bigger than 4MB.

  • Application fee

Now you must pay for the application fee online with a credit card.

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How to Obtain Cyprus Student Visa from Pakistan

Cyprus Student Visa from Pakistan



Graduation & Master Degree Programs
Work Allowed
No IELTS Required
Top Ranking Universities

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Situated in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is regarded as the most mesmerizing island of the planet earth. The natural landscapes, shining beaches, clean air, and lush green forests make it a place of great spell-bounding natural beauty. Due to the fact that the crime rate there is zero, it is considered one of the safest country. Being the meeting point of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus is an ideal country. Cypriots are very nice and welcoming people, thus attracting foreigners especially students from all over the world.

Economically, Cyprus is a very strong and stable country. The standard of living is exceptionally high and every citizen has access to all basic necessities to live a good life. Cyprus is not just a beautiful and modern place but also a well-educated and advanced country.

To know complete process to Study in Cyprus, please read this post: Study in Cyprus | Step by Step process

Benefits of Cyprus Student Visa

cyprus flagEurope has a number of the world’s top universities. It is not surprising that Cyprus is known as “The University Island” because it has many high ranking universities with various international accreditation. It is flourishing day by day and attracting many international students who dream of pursuing higher education. Applying to these prestigious universities is very easy and the student visa not only offers educational benefits but is also accompanied by various other benefits thus calling students from all corners of the world. A few benefits that are worth mentioning include:

  • Affordable yet accessible path to success: universities in Cyprus are not only known for providing top quality education but also the most affordable and accessible education in the whole of Europe. The cost of living is also low as compared to other countries.
  • Enhanced personal development: the native culture and diversity in Cyprus give a lifetime educational experience that enriches foreign students and help them get the most out of their lives. It is without a doubt a lifetime experience.
  • Safe and friendly environment: Cyprus is considered one of the safest and friendlies country. Students are ensured safety which makes it their top preference.
  • Easy Student Visa process: getting a student visa for Cyprus is not a tough task. Possessing the right documents makes the possibility of getting the visa easier.
  • Work rights for foreign students: foreign students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week on a student visa. The most incredible thing is that after the completion of studies, students get even get a post-study work visa to get more work experience.

Studying in Cyprus for Pakistani Students

Cyprus is an ideal country for Pakistani students. Higher education is solely based on principles of top quality and modern educational technique. The prestigious institutes of Cyprus are also well ranked in the world. Cyprus provides Pakistani students with a safe environment and easy accessibility. They get loads of opportunities to study as well as work at the same time thus increasing their exposure. There are plenty of study programs and scholarships of students intending to study in Cyprus. The scholarships may cover as much as 25% of the tuition costs.

How to Apply for Cyprus Student Visa from Pakistan

Studying in Cyprus for Pakistani StudentsAdmission process and visa process is always considered complex but this is not the case when one is intending to apply for Cyprus student visa. Visa for students can be issued either by an Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in applicant’s home country or by the Migration Department in Cyprus. The student must be a full-time student who takes a minimum of 12 credit hours in a semester. The steps for getting a student visa are very easy.

  • Apply for admission: the first step for acquiring a student visa is applying for admission at the desired university. Applicants wishing to apply for admission should check the official websites of the university as the requirements and deadlines vary.
  • Apply for the visa: students who receive an offer letter can apply for the student visa at the Cyprus embassy. Fulling all requirements of guarantees visa.
  • Required documents: a number of documents are required for being eligible for the visa. These include original attested academic qualifications, valid passport, certificate of good conduct by police of the country, financial bank statement, and other required documents as advised by the educational institution.
  • Visa fee: the student visa comes under the category of limited visa and the processing fee is round about 10.25 Euros per entry.
  • Time: the whole visa procedure takes about one month and thus it is important to apply timely.

Cyprus Student Visa with a Spouse

For Cyprus student visa with spouse the student must possess a relevant permit that has to be issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department of Cyprus. The student visa is issued for only a specific educational institute only. Major plus point for students intending to go and study in Cyprus is that students with a spouse can avail the Cyprus Spouse Study Visa and continue their studies even after they get married.

Gap acceptable for Cyprus Student Visa

Most European countries including Cyprus do not mind an age gap or gap in studies. Though students must be well prepared to face hardships they might face in foreign countries but having a gap is not at all an issue for applying for Cyprus student visa. Cyprus accepts a gap of up to seven to eight years for the student visa. there is a need to justify what was done in the gap period such as job or certificate programs. Id the gap is justified then no difficulty will be faced in the application process.

Cyprus Study Visa is a Golden Opportunity for Pakistanis

Cyprus being the most beautiful place in the world is enough for foreigners like Pakistanis to study there. Peaceful, interesting culture and high educational standards make it a perfect golden opportunity for students. High-quality education is guaranteed in a low budget. The low cost of living and easy application process of student visa make it even a bigger attraction for Pakistani students. Anyone who is intending to pursue higher education must consider Cyprus as an option.

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Jiangsu Normal University CSC Scholarship 2020

Jiangsu Normal University CSC Scholarship 2019

Graduate Study Programs:

Master's degree: Mechanical Engineering; Sweet Potato Biology; International Trade; Marketing

Doctoral Program: Sweet Potato Biology

Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

School system:

Master's degree: 2 years; PhD student: 3-4 years.

Scholarship Value:

Tuition, accommodation, living expenses and comprehensive medical insurance for the graduate students are funded by the Chinese government.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Citizens of non-Chinese nationality are in good health and abide by Chinese laws and the regulations of Jiangsu Normal University.
  2. Those who are studying for a master's degree in China must have a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35 .
  3. Those who are studying for a doctoral degree in China must have a master's degree and be under the age of 40.
  4. The TOEFL score is not less than 75 points or the IELTS score is not less than 6.0 points (English speakers are exempt from this requirement).

Application Procedure (How to Apply):

  1. The applicant submitted an application to Jiangsu Normal University.
  2. Apply to the China National Fund Committee Management Committee to apply for the online registration information platform https://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina/  (Jiangsu Normal University Code: 10320 ).
  3. Go to https://jsnu.17gz.org/member/login. Do to apply and upload the relevant materials.
  4. The results of the audit will be notified to the applicant by Jiangsu Normal University by email.

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Application materials:

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form
  2. Notarized highest academic qualifications. If the applicant is a student at the school, he/she must submit the proof of attendance issued by the school.
  3. Learning transcripts.
  4. Study and research plans in China. Written in English, no less than 800 words.
  5. CV (Resume).
  6. 2020 Jiangsu Normal University Tutor Recommendation Form (a blank recommendation form can be uploaded during the application phase).
  7. Passport Scan home page.
  8. A copy of the Foreign Physical Examination Form. The originals are kept by themselves. This form is printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department and can be downloaded from the website of the China Scholarship Council http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or http://www.campuschina.org . . Applicants should strictly inspect the items required in the Foreigner's Physical Examination Form. The "Foreign Physical Examination Form" that is missing, not attached to the photo or photo on the photo without a seal, no doctor or hospital signature and seal is invalid. The inspection result is valid for 6 months;
  9. TOEFL or IELTS transcripts;
  10. Other supporting materials, such as books, awards, work or internship experience.

The above materials are uploaded in PDF format and bound in the upper left corner in the above order (two volumes). Application materials are not returned regardless of admission.

Application Deadline: 1st May 2020

[su_button url="https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login" target="blank" style="flat" background="#00b00b" size="7" radius="0"]Apply Now[/su_button]  [su_button url="http://en.jsnu.edu.cn/wwwww2020wwrospectuswforwwasterwandwwhwwwrogramswwwwwwwcholarshipw/list.htm?fbclid=IwAR3UI4DABhKqCRiAFwLHUtj6ddpx71WKdbnxuayfcdO" target="blank" style="flat" background="#0057b0" size="7" radius="0"]Check Scholarships[/su_button]

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Working While Studying in Canada

how to get admission to canadaian educational institution

Permanent Residence After Studies
Work Allowed During Studies
Spouse Visa Allowed
Top universities & Colleges

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You can get a job without a working permit during your studies as an international student in Canada. Canada's immigration policy offers international students who have selected Canada as their study destination the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

Off-campus job

An international student can work outside the campus of the educational institution where he or she registers, with a valid Canadian Study Permit.

When international students are eligible for off-campus work, they can work up to 20 hours a week during regular school sessions or full- term pauses periods, such as winter, summer or spring breaks.

To know more about application process in Canada please visit this post: Study in Canada complete process

Your Eligibility

An international student needs  

  • a valid study permit;
  • to study at full- time in a designated educational institution( see our page for the DLI) list;
  • to be studying and to remain at a satisfactory academic level as defined by their institution;
  • to be able to study during their course of studies.
  • studied for at least 6 months in a university, professional or professional training program that leads to a degree, degree or certificate and
  • have a Social Insurance Number( SIN).

(note): If the situation of an international student changes and no one of the above requirements for eligibility is fulfilled, he or she has to stop working off campus.

Sometimes a student who is out of school can continue to work on campus on the following circumstances:

  • since from the beginning of the study program, he has been enrolled as a full-time student in Canada.
  • and is now studying part-time. That why the full-time study is not needed if he has half of his course. 

The international students who cannot work off-campus:

  • The students who use English as their second language
  • The French graduate students.
  • General interest classes or programmes
  • Or a student who attends a designated institution or is a visiting student

DLI shall determine the status of a learner according to the number of hours and credits provided by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) to the students who are to complete their training, degree or diploma.

On-campus Work

On specific criteria, you are allowed to work within the boundaries of the campus. If you want to work without a work permit, as an international student you have to do:

  • Get an authentic study permit;
  • Must have a social insurance number(SIN)
  • You must have been registered as a full-time student in a public, post-secondary school, college or university. 
  • or the CEGEP, working under the laws of public education at a Quebec private college school with at least 50% government grant or a private Canadian school research paper;
  • Keep a valid license for study

On-campus work consists of working for an employer on the campus of a school where a student studies. The employer on the campus includes a school, a professor, a student organization, a private company(  within the campus), a private contractor providing services to the school and being a self- employed individual on campus.

The employer on the campus includes a school, a professor, a student organization, a private company( located within the campus boundaries), a private contractor providing services to the school and being a self- employed individual on campus.

Work in Canada as an intern

For a  valid study permit, international students who have been studying at a DLI in Canada and who need employment or internship must apply to be licensed as an intern.

Work Permit after Post Graduation

A postgraduate work permit may be obtained once the international graduates have graduated. In some cases, international students studying full- time may receive an open work permit from their spouses or common-law partners. For information on the benefits of an open work permit, visit our dedicated page.

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Huazhong Agricultural University Presidential Scholarship 2020

Huazhong Agricultural University Presidential Scholarship

Located in Wuhan, Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) is a national key university. HZAU enjoys a history of 120 years, tracing back to Hubei Farming School founded in 1898 by Zhang Zhidong, the governor of Hubei and Hunan provinces at the time. HZAU consists of 18 colleges and departments, with more than 2600 faculty and staff, and over 26,000 of enrollment.

Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

Value of the scholarship:

  1. Tuition waiver
  2. Accommodation: Free university dormitory

HZAU will provide each Doctoral student in a single room while providing a twin room shared by two Master’s students.

  1. Stipend:

Master’s students: 2,100 RMB/month;

Doctoral students: 2,500 RMB/month.

Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive a stipend from HZAU each month.

  1. Comprehensive medical insurance.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.
  2. Applicants for master’s degree studies must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 40.
  3. Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have a master’s degree and be under the age of 45.

Ludong University CSC Scholarship 2020

Language Proficiency Criteria:

  1. Chinese Medium Program: Applicants should submit a score report of a recognized Chinese Proficiency Test. HSK level 5 or above (Note: HSK refers to Chinese Proficiency Test. You can find information on the website: www.chinesetest.cn) is required. If the applicant has no elementary Chinese study experience, he or she can pass HSK level 5 by attending Chinese Language Program for one academic year before the start of Academic study.
  2. English Medium Program: It is better if applicants can submit a score report of a recognized English Proficiency Test such as TOEFL (IBT 80), IELTS 6.0 or higher; or other official English test recognized by HZAU. Failing to demonstrate one’s English proficiency may adversely affect one's candidacy for acceptance.

Required Documents and How to Apply:

For Online Application Please visit the website: studyin.hzau.edu.cn and apply online.

  1. The application form printed from Application System: hzau.edu.cn.
  2. Highest diploma or degree certificate; or an official Certificate of expected graduation for the ones still on campus.
  3. Official Transcripts.
  4. Two recommendation letters by professors/associate professors of correlated disciplines Download.
  5. Study Plan.
  6. Duplication of the Passport.
  7. Physical examination record
  8. Other auxiliary supporting materials (such as award certificates, academic papers published, English or Chinese Language Proficiency certificate, special skill certificate like dancing, sports, etc.)
  9. An Acceptance Letter from a professor of HZAU Download.
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Zhengzhou University CSC Scholarship 2020

Zhengzhou University CSC Scholarship 2019

Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program is a full scholarship established by the Ministry of Education to support Chinese universities to attract outstanding international students for graduate studies in China. Zhengzhou University is one of the prestigious universities designated to undertake this program to recruit graduate students for Master and Doctoral Programs. Zhengzhou University offers fully funded CSC scholarship to support your MS or Ph.D. degree in China.

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Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC):

This scholarship is only for the international students who would like to complete master or Ph.D. degree programs at our university.

Scholarship Award:

  1. Full scholarship
  2. Exempt from tuition fee, on-campus accommodation
  3. Provide comprehensive medical insurance
  4. Monthly living allowance:
  5. 3,000 RMB/month for master’s degree students
  6. 3,500 RMB/month for doctoral degree students


Application Fee: No Fee

IELTS/ TOFEL Requirement: Not required. You can upload an English Proficiency Certificate from Previous University


The agency code of Zhengzhou University is 10459.

Applicants should apply to Zhengzhou University undertaking this scholarship program between January and early April. The specific deadline for online application is the end of March each year, and the paper-based application is April 10th. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all paper-based documents reach Zhengzhou University before the deadline.

Huazhong Agricultural University Presidential Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health.
  2. Educational background and age limit:
    1. Applicants for master’s degree studies must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.
    2. Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have a master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
  3. Applicants did not receive any other types of scholarship.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants directly apply to Zhengzhou University. Please visit 17gz.org to submit your scholarship and study application. You also can visit the website international.zzu.edu.cn www.csc.edu.cn/laihua, or www.campuschina.org, for more information about Zhengzhou University.
  2. Recommended candidates must finish the online application procedure at the CSC Online Application System for International Students. Please go to csc.edu.cn and complete the required information, submit the completed Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship online and print a hard copy.
  3. A package of complete application documents must be submitted to Zhengzhou University before the deadline.
  4. Please NOTE CSC does not accept any individual application other than the recommended applications from Zhengzhou University. Applicants should consult Zhengzhou University for the instructions of the CSC Online Application System for International Students and Agency Number.


Applicants should apply to Zhengzhou University undertaking this scholarship program between January and early April.

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Northwest A&F University CSC Scholarship 2020-21

Northwest A&F University

This is a full scholarship for designated Chinese universities to recruit outstanding international students for pursuing a master degree or Ph.D. degree in China. It only supports graduate students to study in China. NWAFU is one of the designated universities in China and will directly recruit about 60 international students funded by the program every year.


1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health and should not be studying in China.
2. Education background and age limit:
-Applicants for master degree studies must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.
-Applicants for Doctoral degree studies must have a master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
3. Applicants must have good academic performance and research ability.
4. Applicants have not been funded by any other scholarship.

Ⅱ. Details of full scholarship and study period

-Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, a fee for room rent.
-Living stipend and fees for outpatient medical service, comprehensive medical insurance in China will be paid by the Chinese Government.
1) Costs of the laboratory experiment or internship that beyond the university’s arrangements should be afforded by the student himself.
2) 2) Monthly living stipend is paid to the students by the host institution at the following rates (CNY yuan per month):
-Master degree students, general scholars: CNY 3,000 yuan
-Doctoral degree students, senior scholars: CNY 3,500 yuan
-The study period of every major will be the same if one whose Chinese proficiency has not met the requirements will be one year’s longer for Chinese language learning.

Zhengzhou University CSC Scholarship 2020

Ⅲ.International travel expenses

International travel expenses will be paid by students themselves

Ⅳ.Application requirements

1. Online application at http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina/ or http://www.campuschina.org/indexen.aspx and print two application forms
(Agency Number 10712,Program category: Type B,Browser:≥IE9 or Firefox)
2. One acceptance letter from potential supervisor
3. Notarized transcripts of the most advanced study (Chinese or English)
4. Notarized diploma of the most advanced study (Chinese or English)
5.Two letters of recommendation
6. Photocopy of physical examination record
7. Study plan in China(more than 800 words)
8. Publications (if you have)
9. Certificate of English Proficiency(TOFEL, IELTS) or Chinese Proficiency Certificate(HSK)


1) The faxed and digital application documents are not be accepted
2)Incomplete documents will be refused to process
3)The application documents will not returned

Ⅴ. Information

If you want to know information about the application programs, please enter:http://en.nwsuaf.edu.cn/admission/degreeprograms_20150513163258830995/index.htm
If you want to know about the colleges and supervisors of NWAFU, please enter:http://en.nwsuaf.edu.cn/admission/supervisors/index.htm

Ⅵ.Deadline of Application

The applicants must submit their application documents to the Office of Admissions of International Education of Northwest A&F University before March 1...

Ⅶ. Mailing Address

Office of Admissions, College of International Education of Northwest A&F University, 3 Taicheng Road, Yangling, Shaanxi, China712100

Ⅷ. Contacts

Contact Persons:Mr. Qiang, Ms.Wang
Email: admission@nwsuaf.edu.cn

Don't want to wait! just call on this #: 0323-8451958