Canadian Visa Application Requirements

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Over the vast span of time, we have witnessed the masses leaving their homes and moving on to greener pastures in search of a better living for themselves and also for families back home. The United States of America had been termed as the Land of Opportunity and millions flocked to the US to live their dream life. Much sooner than expected, other countries caught up and opened up their doors to professional immigrants and countries like Australia, the UK, and Germany were among numerous more joined in the emigrants’ welcome. Canada was a little late in getting on the bandwagon but once it did, attracted the most amounts of applicants from around the world. The Canadian visa application processes to get Canada visa Pakistan whether for immigration or simply a tourist visa is quite comprehensive. In this article we will try giving a brief overview of all the requirements needed to apply for Canadian tourist visa.

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Tourist Visa Requirements:

Carry on reading to our step by step overview of what are the things you need, to go through the Canadian visa application process.

  • eTA: the newly introduced entry prerequisite – the Electronic Travel Authorization is a must for the citizens of countries who previously did not require visa obligations to visit Canada.
  • Hold a valid Passport: those with the intention to travel to Canada for tourism purposes need to own a valid passport that has a validation expiry date at least 3 months away, at the time of applying for the visa.
  • Photographs: Photographs need to be uploaded on to the online Canadian visa application.The basic requirements for photographs are available at the Canadian government website.
  • Bio-metric Identification and Individual Appearance:you may or may not be called on to the Canadian Embassy or the Consulate located in the native location you are applying from.
  • No Criminal Conviction Record:an official declaration of having no criminal record, what so ever, and having it attested by a government official is mandatory to hold before you apply for a visit visa for Canada.
  • Proof of Return to Native Country: you must provide evidences that prove you have all the intentions of returning to your native country once the duration of the visa expires.
  • Proof of Financial Stability: a complete financial statement of assets and personal holdings shall be provided along with the Canadian visa application to certify that you are capable of supporting the trip you are planning. In case you will be a guest to a Canadian citizen, then the financial position of the sponsor shall be attached.
  • Invitation/Sponsor Letter: if you are visiting a family member who is a Permanent Resident of Canada, then you are required to provide a sponsor letter or an invitation letter from your hosts along with a duplicate of their permanent resident card (PR) or their Canadian passport etc.
  • Medical Fitness Sheet:a comprehensive medical examination is required for you to take before you travel to Canada. A medical certificate is an important part of the Canadian visa application.
  • Canada visa fees in Pakistan: Canada visa fee in Pakistan is very nominal. You can check their visa fee according to your visa requirement. Canada visa price in Pakistan is highly in demand due to its friendly social culture.




When applying for any kind of visas, the trick is to stay simple and honest. Fill in each detail carefully in the Canadian visa application since any discrepancy later found could lead to rejection of your visa for indefinite period of time.

Canadian Visa Application-FAQS

  1. Canada visa from Pakistan on done basis:

Ans: Here is a demand of done base visa. Means all expenses are done by the agent and client will pay on successful achievement of Visa. Canada visa from Pakistan on done basis is also hot product and few agents are dealing in this.

2. Canada study visa requirements 2016

In 2016, Canada changed their immigration laws, WSL Consultants are not mentioning here single single requirement. For detail Canada study visa requirement 2016 can be found on their immigration website.


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