4 Steps Application Procedure for Canada Student Visa 2019

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Canada is one of the few precious countries that just does not only provide high-class quality of high education but also is a world-class country for immigration and permanent residence. Canada offers education institutes not like the other, including high-quality education graduate, post-graduate, doctorate and further research based studies in the applicant’s desired study fields.

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If you are an ambitious student who is concerned about getting a Canada Student Visa 2019, fear not since we have you covered!

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Get accepted at a university and double check whether you require a student visa:

In order to begin the journey, first, you need to make sure that you have applied to a Canadian University of your choice and have gotten in. Once the acceptance letter is in your hands, you are ready to proceed further.

Student visas are not for everyone, and before you can begin to dig into that, make sure you the following enlisted things do not apply;

  • You are related to a Canadian representative who is concerned with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada.
  • Your study plan is or shorter than 6 months
  • Member of foreign armed forces
  • You are a national of another country but are officially known to be Indian in Canada

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You are ready to apply:

Once made sure that you are eligible, you are ready to apply. You can carry out this step by applying for the Canadian student permit online on the websites of CIC. You would need to provide your acceptance letter from the university.

You would also need to submit efficient proof of your good financial status and should be free of any previous criminal charges. You would also need to submit medical records stating that you are in perfectly good health and free of any potentially life-threatening diseases.

However, if you have a relative applying for a work permit or is working in Canada, your student permit can be generated within 2 weeks’ time. You can also ask for an extension of the student visa for further studies or apply for a work permit as well.

Biometrics and interviews:

If your country rules and regulations suggest so, you would have to go visit the nearest Visa application center within your country, around to have your biometrics taken. The fee for this process is 85 CAD needs to paid along the 150 CAD fees of the official student visa application process. Although most of the countries do not require the biometrics details to be taken this is a matter suggested by your own country.

Depending upon your application form, you might also be called in for a short visa interview, but note there is nothing to worry about, it is only just one of the required steps. This may also demand a small number of unknown fees.

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Gather up essential documentation:

Once the student permit has been sorted, you need to gather up your essential documentation. You need to have your letter of acceptance from the desired university, a filled in application form of student permit. A passport which is not required if you are a U.S national.

You would also require a pair of passport sized photograph with details such as your name and DOB written at the back. A proof of your current healthy financial status proof of having paid your student permit fee.

Language Requirements when applying for a student visa:

For you to be accepted by a Canadian university, it is essential for you that you provide efficient proof of your command on the English Language as all your studies will be in English. This step is however exempted to those who already belong to an English-speaking country.

A few of the internationally recognized eligible English Language tests include the TOEFL, IELTS and the Cambridge English: Advanced. This step might not be as essential in regard to student visa but it is a safe step to take just in case.

Once you have carried out all the essential steps required by the application process of your student visa, you need to wait for it to be processed. This may even take up to 90 days in some cases so you would need to hold your horses and stay calm.


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