bank statement affidavit

Bank statement for Canada is the basic requirement forsending a visa application to the Canadian embassy. You must have sufficient funds to prove ifyou want to apply for a Canadian visa.  You should show that while you can easily support yourself and to your relatives who accompany with you in Canada.

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In the following way, you will explain your assets:

  • Show evidence on your behalfof a Canadian bank account that you have exchanged cashwith Canada.
  • Ensured Investment Certificate (GIC) from a Foreign financial agency taking an interest.
  • Show proof of a bank’sstudent / training loan
  • Viewthe bank statement along the bank letterthatis on your name
  • Proclamations from your bank for as many as 4 months
  • Presenta bank  drafttransferable to Canadian currencies
  • Who is the evidence that you funded educational fees & living expenses during the period of study?
  • Provide letter from an organization or from a person who will send you  cash or evidence of refund earned from inside the Canada whether you possess educational program in Canada.

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Minimum Amount required to show in your bank statement.

Bank Statement for Canada Outside Quebec
Student coming to Canadaquantity of funds requires per year (in addition to tuition)quantity of funds required per month (additional to the tuition)
You (the student)$10,000833$
First family member$ 4,000333$
Every additional accompanying family member$ 3,000255$

For example:


If you and twomembers of the family wish to spend a year ina province outside Quebec, you’ll need:

Tuition +$10,000 (for the student)

+$4,000 (for the 1st family member)

+$3,000 (for the 2nd family member)

Total:Tuition + $17,000

Bank Statement for Canada In Quebec
Persons coming to Canadaquantity of funds requires per year (in addition to tuition)Quantity of funds required per month (addition totuition)
You (the student)$11,000$917
1st family member (18 years or elder)$5,100$425
1st family member (below the age of 18)$3,800$317
any added family member preceding them (aged 18or older)$5,125$427
any added family member preceding them (below 18)$1,903$159

For instance:

When you and two members of your family (over 18 years of age) wish to apply Quebec for one year, you have to need given funds in your bank account.

Tuition fee plus 11000 $ (for international student)

5100$ (For first family member)

5125$ (For second family member)

All over: Tuition + $21,225

Prove of your funds for all your expenses if your country operates with international-exchange controls.

How to get Bank statement for Canada:

You can contact your bank to get a bank statement for Canadaand ask them to provide youwith thebank statement of your last 3 monthsaccount. You also need a Letter of Account Maintenance to show proof of Canada Visa financial support. Ifyou don’t have funds in your account, don’t fear thatthere are some agents in Pakistan who canmakea reasonable mark-upon your account. Such assets can also be used in the portfolio to display financial requirements for travelers to Canada. If you are applying for a student visa from Canada, youmust show the amount equal to CAD $20,000/-asproof of the student visa from Canada.

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Bank Statement Sample

You will find the example bank statement or the version of the bank statement here.You can see theformat of the bank statement.  This typeof bank statement ismainlyused in Pakistan, in other wordsit is also called the Pakistan bank statement.

 Bank Statement Affidavit

You will find the example bank statement or the version of the bank statement here. You can see the format of the bank statement.  This type of bank statement is mainly used in Pakistan, in other words it is also called the Pakistan bank statement.

Download the affidavit from the link below.

bank statement affidavit.

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