Austria Student Visa, Guidelines for Pakistani Students

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Austria Student Visa

Austria Student Visa Introduction:

This article has information about admission and visa process for Austria Student Visa, for Pakistani students. Mostly students don’t apply for Austria because they don’t have any proper information about Austria Student Visa. There is another reason behind this, the Austrian embassy (in Islamabad) does not clarify much about any matters related to the visa process and the residence permit application for students. Apparently, the authorities at the Embassy do not even know about the procedure for proving your financial status to the authorities in Austria. At least, they don’t clarify this enough. This makes the visa process more difficult. Here we will tell you all detail about admission and other process of Austria Student Visa


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Step 1: Eligibility for Austria Student Visa

To apply for a Master Degree program in Austria, one should have 16 years of education. All the examples below are eligible for admission to a Master program in Austria:

  • FA/Fsc + Bachelors (4 year)
  • FA/Fsc + Bachelors (3 year) + Master (1 year)
  • FA/Fsc + Bachelors (3 year) + Master (2 year)
  • O-level/A-level + Bachelors (4 year)
  • O-level/A-level + Bachelors (2 year) + Masters (2 year)
  • FA/Fsc + Bachelors (2 year) + Masters (2 year)

Intermediate (FSc/FA) or A-level degree holders can only apply for Bachelor program provided that he/she fulfills language requirements. Almost all Bachelor degree programs in Austria are taught in German, but there are few course which are taught in English, to get admission in those course, please contact us.

Step 2: Note the application dates

Admission/application dates vary from university to university. Most universities intake is annual and it is usually in fall semester. For autumn semesters (beginning in September/October), admission starts usually in February/March. For spring semester (beginning in March/April), admission dates are usually in October (of preceding year). You have to consult the website of your prospective university to know about the exact dates, and further information about intake. 

Step 3: Selection of study program

See these websites to find the study programs offered by Austrian Universities: for Austria

The website is in German language but you can use Google Translate. You may not find the details of every degree program at this website, but at least you will see the name of the university, and can find it on the internet to get more information (details about study program, admission procedure fees and everything else.).

To get admission in your required program, you may contact us and we can help you in selection of program as well as we can arrange admission in your required university.

Step 4: Prepare the necessary documents for admission

Passport: For admission in any university you must have valid, this is also requirement for test of IELTS/TOEFL.

IELTS/TOEFL: This will make you eligible for admission anywhere.

Document Attestation: Get your academic documents attested from BISE, HEC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pakistan). Get sufficient copies attested from BISE and HEC so that you can apply to at least 3 or 4 universities.

Attestation from Austrian Embassy: Get your documents attested from Austrian Embassy; this may not be required for admission but it will eventually be required for visa.

Recommendation Letters: Get some recommendation letters (2 or 3) from your university teachers. Ask them to make general recommendation letter, and not specific to one university, so that you can use them for applying to different universities.

Step 5: Application procedure for Austria Student Visa

Unlike Sweden, Finland or Germany, there is no central authority for receiving and verifying documents in Austria. Each university conducts its admissions separately. Please contact us to know about the admission procedure and tuition fees. Some universities may want you to apply online and then send your documents along with a printed copy of the online form. In some cases they may defer your documents until you have been preselected. If you are preselected, then they will ask you to send hard copies of your documents. The process varies among universities. In some cases they may conduct an interview as part of the application process.


Document Attestation from Austrian Embassy

Austria Embassy address in Islamabad:

House No: 13, Street No: 1, F-6/3, Islamabad. TEL: 051-2209710/11
E-mail : E-mail:

Some universities in Austria ask the applicants to send copies of documents, attested by Austrian Embassy. Otherwise, there is no need to send them the documents attested by the Austrian Embassy. Here is a list of documents which Austrian Embassy Attests.

  • Academic Certificate (Metric, FA/FSc, BA/BSc and any other degree issued by a Pakistani University or Institute)

2- Birth Certificate (Embassy verifies your birth by sending an advocate to your local area-union council)

3- Police Clearance Certificate or Police Certificate or Character Certificate (all are same).

First step of this attestation procedure is the verification. Embassy verifies each of your documents from a third party organization linked to the embassy, and you have to pay a “verification fee” for this service. This fee in 2016 was around
Rs. 23,000. When the documents are verified, the embassy will call you to collect the attested documents. Embassy will stamp at the back of your original documents with the signature of Counselor/Ambassador. They will charge 30-Euros per document for attestation. You have to pay equivalent amount in Pakistani Rupees.

You can go there on Mondays for documents submission without appointment. You have to be there early in the morning to have your name written at the gate. Otherwise your turn might not come on the same day.

Embassy only attests your original documents and not the photocopies. You will send photocopies of these attested documents to your university. In some cases, university may ask you to send them original documents attested by the embassy. In this case, if you are not selected, then they will send your documents back to you. But it’s a risky process. So here we can help you to get admission in such universities and our representatives in Austria can go personally to that university.

Language Requirements

If your selected program is in German than the university will require you to prove the proficiency in German language. If the program is in English, then they will require you to provide an English language proficiency certificate (IELTS/TOEFL).

Each university has its own requirement. Many universities accept IELTS band 5.5/6.0 or TOEFL IBT score 80. Some require a higher score of 90 (TOEFL) or 6.5 (IELTS).

If you are admitted, you will be notified by email and you will also receive an admission letter. You can start the visa process as soon as you have the admission letter.

Step 6: Visa Process for Austria Student Visa

As soon as you have your documents attested from the Embassy (this process takes 4-8 weeks), and the admission letter from the university, you can begin the visa procedure. Application for visa is called “Application for Residence Permit”. You apply for the Residence Permit and once your application is approved (It usually takes 4-6 weeks), the embassy will call you to submit Schengen visa form. After you submit the Schengen visa form, along with your passport and the visa fees, you can get your visa in 10 days.

The form for Residence Permit Application is in German. WSL Consultants will help you fill this form and get residence permit.

The fee for Residence Permit Application is around 80 Euros, which you have to submit while submitting your application (along with the proof of finances, proof of accommodation, proof of travel insurance, etc.). You will pay almost the same amount for the application for Schengen Visa, at the last step.

Residence permit application is necessary for students who want to stay in Austria for more than six months. Students who want to come to Austria for less than six months do not need to apply for Residence Permit.

Application Form for Residence Permit can be obtained from us.

Proof of finances

For the Residence Permit, you have to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses for one year (around 9500 Euros- for age above 24 years). It changes a little bit every year. If your age is below 24 years, then you have to show approximately 5258 Euros or equivalent Pakistani Rupees).

Proof of accommodation

When you are applying for Residence Permit Student, for Austria Student Visa, you have to show a document proving that you have an accommodation for your stay in Austria. For that, you must have booked a room in a hostel or a student dormitory. Your university will usually arrange the proof of accommodation, if you are admitted. If they don’t have student hostel/dormitory than you have to book a hostel/dormitory at your own.

WSL Consultants can help you in this regard, we can arrange such accommodation for your application for Austria Student Visa.


We will provide you the room agreement that you can submit to the embassy, as a proof of accommodation for Austria Student Visa.

In this case, you will have to pay, for example, an advance rent for three months or some security. You will transfer this money to their account. The security amount will be refunded if you don’t come to Austria, rent of 1 month cannot be refunded.

Proof of travel insurance

Travel health insurance is a must, when you apply for Residence permit from Pakistan. You have to get health insurance of at least 3 months (better to get a 6 month insurance) from your expected date of travel. You will submit this insurance certificate with your Residence Permit Application.


Step 7: Life in Austria

Estimated cost of living

Usually, there is a tuition fee of around 363 Euros per semester in Austrian universities.

For single person living alone in single room, the cost will be from 300 to 400 Euros per month (this includes rent, internet, electricity cost and food). Room rent is usually from 200 to 250 Euros/month. But if you share your accommodation, you can reduce your monthly cost to around 250 Euros. Food cost per month is around 50 to 80 Euros.

Health insurance is a must in Austria. You have to get it after you arrive in Austria. It costs 50 Euros per month. You will need to apply for student health insurance at a local insurance company.

Part time Jobs for Student in Austria

Due to relatively less number of international students, part time jobs are available in Austria. With odd jobs, you can earn roughly 500-800 Euros a month. You can work in Newspaper in small cities, and on restaurants and pizza shops in big cities. For the newspaper work, you should have a car (and of course a driving license) so that you can easily get his job. And also, easily do this job. An adequate car can be purchases in 800-1200 Euros cost in Austria for this purpose.

Driving License for Austria Student

Driving license is very important to have, if you want to work in newspaper and also, it’s good to have it. You should get an International Driving License from Pakistan and bring your local (Pakistani) driving license with you. International Driving License will allow you to drive the car for 6 months. Within these 6 months, you must get an Austria Driving license. For this purpose, you should enroll in a driving school at your town, and they will conduct a test for you. This is the case that you had a license from Pakistan. This conversion of Pakistani license to Austrian License, after a test, cost around 230 Euros. If you don’t have any license from Pakistan and want to learn driving in Austria, then this will cost you from 1500-2000 euros.

Please bear in mind that once you apply for the Austrian License, while you have one from Pakistan, they will send your license to Pakistani embassy to verify it.