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Austria is the place that is favorite for education as well as tourism. A great number of students want to come in Austria for to get an education. There is a wide majority goes to the Austria Student visa consultant in Pakistan. They apply for several courses in Austria for raising their educational skills. For this purpose, they want to get the knowledge about the universities that offer very education at bachelor and masters level.

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How Consultants prepare your case for Austria Student Visa?

How-Consultants-prepare-your-case-for-Austria-Student-VisaIf you have decided to go Austria for education, then join the websites that offer services for visa students. The modern consultants deal in student visa of different countries. You can apply for Australia visa Pakistan. It has never been easy for the students for ever before. It is very difficult to work on the research and typically hard for the students.

It is the fundamental requirement to prepare the file of the case according to the rules and regulations of the state. It is very important, and it should be done with great research and extensive attention. Efforts are made by the candidates to understand the procedure. You just have to focus on the format of the case preparation, and you will achieve your goal. The visa consultants are well-aware of all the facts and figures, and they play a vital for applying the visa process.

Visa Process

The Australia student visa can be applied by this procedure very easily.First of all, prepare your passport.

  1. First of all, prepare your passport.
  2. Attest your degrees from higher education department of Pakistan
  3. Choose the university in which you want to apply for certification
  4. Get the invitation letter of the University

After these initial steps, you will be able to get a student visa.

In case of lost the Entry Card

If you have lost your passport and ID card, then it will be complicated. No doubt it is a mishap for you that you have lost your Card outside the country, but your first step should be to report this incident to the local police station and get the police report. Now you have two ways to re-enter into the country after losing your entry permit in abroad that obtain a valid Form I-327 that is a re-entry permit. If you do not have it with you, then you can apply for a transportation letter from the nearest Austria consulate or embassy.

Containing the complete carrier authority for bringing you to the Austria without charging any penalty is the significance of the transportation letter. For applying this letter, a user has to fill the Form I-90 and show the valid passport for proving the identity.The applicant has to provide the following things as part of the application


  1. The fee for filing the case, according to the local currency
  2. 3 passport-size photographs of the candidate
  3. A brief explanation regarding the incident and what has happened should be mentioned in detail along with the police report
  4. Attach a photocopy of the lost entry permit in the form of the proof of legal permanent resident status.Give proof of your most recent departure date from the Austria like boarding passes


The procedure of the verification of your identity will take some days. After verifying or approving, the embassy or consulate will issue the transportation letter containing the fifteen days validity. If you do not travel within the period of fifteen days, then you will have to start the entire procedure of the application again. It is very important to get the replacement of the lost or stolen green card as early as possible for making your further legal or formal tasks easy and out of the stress.