AIOU is the abbreviation of Allama Iqbal Open University, founded in 1974, which is the most prestigious educational institutions in Pakistan. AIOU teaches all Metric-to-PhD classes and courses. It is an “OPEN” institution, as its name says, meaning that there is no competition and that everyone is eligible to obtain knowledge. It also holds the title of being the first open university in Asia and the second in the world. Regardless of your age, gender, cast, color or grades; AIOU will give you admission, provide you with quality education, and give you a recognized HEC degree that is accepted worldwide. AIOU is listed in Pakistan for with the most of international students.

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You will find every detail and information you want to know about AIOU in this article, including the latest admission, the results, the course programs and the admission procedure. In this article, all you need to know is mentioned below.

AIOU has the largest educational network that includes more than 1,400 study centers and 44 regional centers that you can easily find in your hometown or city; it also has affiliations with renowned international institutions. Here is a Map of All AIOU Regional Centers where you can find one in your town.

Because it’s an open university and anyone can get admission here, its number of students in Pakistan is also the largest rounding up to 13 male and female students in the lake. There are over 90,000 qualified teachers and tutors to train these seekers of expertise. AIOU is the world’s most supportive educational institution, not only offering up-to-date services such as Media Research Centers, but also delivering online courses, academic support with the television and radio media, as well as financial grants and scholarships for students who are unable to finance today’s schooling.

AIOU Goals and Achievements

AIOU’s main goal is to educate every single student who has been, is or will not be able to acquire education for any reason. We do just as their slogan says:

Education for All”

They extend education to each area and people who are constrained by certain restrictions and do not have the ability to receive quality education. AIOU has been burning the midnight oil since 1974 and has so far been effective in keeping its promises. Because of AIOU, many opportunities and doors have opened up to all those who have not previously had access to education, and now they are not only taking advantage of quality education, but are also going further to illuminate their own and the future of their country.

AIOU has established 1172 study centers throughout Pakistan. It is also called with the distinction of being Pakistan’s biggest publishing house that prints more than 18,000 books a year. It has done amazing groundbreaking research in the technological, professional and science education sectors. It is now working harder than ever to teach schooling even to Pakistan’s farthest and outermost regions. AIOU has achieved innumerable milestones, I would argue more than any other educational institution in Pakistan, and all this on its own capital without burdening Pakistan’s government.

Through their distance-learning programs, millions of students across Pakistan have created new doors. Their educational purpose is primarily to educate those unable to do so because of poverty and inefficient rights. In providing high quality higher education, Pakistan is currently ranked 50th out of a total of 50 countries. Their objective is to change this as much as possible. Illiteracy is very high in Pakistan, and the eligible students are nothing more than college analphabets. Our primary priorities are those who for some reason, say, can’t get college:

  1. Do not have ample financial resources.
  2. Do not have an educational institute in their field or any other means.
  3. To support the family, he had to start work.
  4. Men and women who have met and have been unable to obtain their studies.
  5. Whose family is too cautious!
  6. Girls who are not permitted to leave the house and are bound by the house.


Definitely, their distance learning has helped a large number of knowledge seekers, particularly women. Pakistan is a little too conservative when it comes to women’s rights. Yet AIOU is improving things, and this is presumably why most of AIOU’s students are women.

Allama Iqbal Open University defines the Institute’s main objectives as:

  • Providing educational facilities for individuals who cannot leave their homes and jobs in the manner they can determine.
  • To providing the public with such services as may be decided for their upliftment to education.
  • Will provide training facilities for teachers in the manner they will assess it.
  • Providing training in such departments of learning technology or professions as it may deem appropriate, and providing as it may determine for research and advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Holding and granting examinations, diplomas, qualifications and other competitive awards.

AIOU Education System and AIOU assignments marks

  • AIOU has a proper system and syllabus taught to students just like any other university. It only has regular classes but also offers a wide range of options for distance learning.
  • The university provides all basic and additional academic material for education.
  • Direct Telecast is accessible on FM Radio and Television. In fact, the video is also available on request.
  • They provide video or teleconference online teaching.
  • If you do not have the Internet or other live media at your disposal, you can also purchase lecture audio or video CDs.
  • Tutorial meetings are often organized by allama iqbal open university tutors to better guide students.
  • All types of equipped laboratories with all the necessities are made available to improve students ‘ training and skills.
  • All courses are sent to students for continuous evaluation. Admission and other issues are the responsibility of aiou tutors.
  • Stages in various industries and institutes are planned for students and many practical training courses are held for better development and schooling.
  • Final examinations are carried out at the end of each semester of each course.
  • There are aiou task points in the distance-based education framework that students receive by sending their assignments to university-appointed instructors. These are very important points and in assessments the pupil will receive passing grades.

AIOU Last Date to Apply and AIOU Admission Form

The Open University of Allama Iqbal offers enrollment twice a year. One is called Autumn Intakes, which closed admission on 5 September 2016. Exact admission opening and closing dates are given in each semester in the advertisement.

Spring Admissions, which will be closing on 6 March 2017, are now what you should be hurrying towards. See the following instructions on how to apply for entry to AIOU. You can apply for any of the Allama Iqbal Open University’s programs listed below.

AIOU Admission 2017

Allama Iqbal Open University is publishing an advertisement for admission after nearly every 6 months. Full details are provided in the advertisement, including the date of submission of the admission form. Spring Admissions are also open this year, the last date of which to apply for admission, as mentioned above, is 6 March 2017. Complete information on how, when and where to apply in this article is given in detail.

 How to Apply at AIOU for Admission 2017

There are two options online to submit.

  1. First of all, apply online. Here’s the entry form online. Complete the form and submit all the required information and submit the form.
  2. Another way is to obtain a form of admission, fill it out and submit the fees to the banks mentioned.
    • You can buy an admission form and Prospectus from main campus of AIOU Islamabad, from campus in your area or from sale points..
    • The form must be submitted at any branch of MCB, Bank Alfalah, First Women Bank or NBP with prescribed fees.

AIOU admission 2017 and Prospectus Prices

  • PKR 50/- : Metric, Intermediate, BA, B.Com, Open Tech Courses, Dars-e-Nizami, Short Term Education Programs, Certificate Courses.
  • PKR 100/- :Teacher Training Course
  • PKR 300/- : Ed.
  • PKR 500/- : Postgraduate Programs

AIOU Offered Scholarships 2017

Allama Iqbal Open University also offers a lot of scholarships for eligible students who are unable to afford their education expenses. Prisoners and blind students are provided free of charge with full education and discounts of their fees are also given to other special students. Then you can qualify for some scholarships. You may visit the AIOU research center in your region or go to their official website for more information regarding scholarships..

  1. Financial Assistance Scheme
  2. Earn to Learn Scheme
  3. Merit Scholarship Scheme
  4. Outreach Scholarship Scheme
  5. Final year Project Grant
  6. Scholarships for Communities
  7. Scholarship Women
  8. Fee Installment Scheme
  9. Alumni/Sponsored Scholarship

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AIOU Result 2017

On its official website, results of all AIOU programs are announced. To see the latest results, you can go to the “Result” page of the website of Allama Iqbal Open University. For all the latest results from the results of Metric, Inter, AIOU BA and postgraduate programs, please visit the link and see the result sheet.

BA Programs 2016’s latest results are out and can now be viewed on their website. To see the score, simply enter your system and then Roll Number.

All offered Programs 2017 and aiou fee structure

The following is a list of Allama Iqbal Open University’s programs and courses. Search and press the programs to see their overview, eligibility criteria, selection process, length, training form, teaching technique, credit hours, courses and all partnerships.

AIOU Ph.D. Programs:

  1. Iqbal Studies
  2. Science Education
  3. Education in Distance and Non-formal Education
  4. Computer-Science
  5. Statistics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Urdu
  9. Physics
  10. Agricultural Extension
  11. Mass Communication
  12. Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
  13. Teacher Education
  14. Special Education 
  15. Islamic Studies (Quran & Tafseer)
  16. Shariah

AIOU M.Phil/MS Programs:

  1. Science Education
  2. Arabic
  3. Chemistry
  4. Economics
  5. Education in Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)
  6. Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
  7. History
  8. Iqbal Studies
  9. Pakistani Languages and Literature
  10. Islamic Studies (General)
  11. Pakistan Studies
  12. Islamic Studies (Quran & Tafseer)
  13. Mass Communication
  14. Math
  15. Statistics
  16. Physics
  17. Teacher Education
  19. Urdu
  20. Community Health & Nutrition
  21. Management Sciences
  22. Computer Science
  23. Environmental Design 
  24. Pakistani Languages and Literature
  25. Environmental Design (For New Admissions)

AIOU Master’s Program:

  1. M.A Arabic
  2. M.A Education (DNFE)
  3. M.A (Teacher Education)
  4. M.A History
  5. M.A Islamic Studies
  6. M.A Special Education
  7. M.A Teaching of English as a Foreign Language 
  8. M.A Urdu
  9. MEd in Elementary Teacher Education
  10. MEd. In Distance & Non-Formal Education 
  11. MEd. In Science Education
  12. MEd. In Special Education
  13. MEd. In Teacher Education
  14. MSc Enviromental Sciences
  15. MSc. Agricultural Extension
  16. MSc. Botany
  17. MSc. Chemistry
  18. MSc. Economics
  19. MSc. Forestry Extension
  20. MSc. Gender & Women Studies
  21. MSc. Mass Communication
  22. MSc. Mathematics
  23. MSc. Microbiology
  24. MSc. Pakistan Studies
  25. MSc. Physics
  26. MSc. Sociology
  27. MSc. Statistics
  28. MSc.(Hons) Live Stock
  29. Master in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)
  30. Master in Commerce (M.Com)
  31. MBA 2-1/2 Banking and Finance (B&F)
  32. MBA 2-1/2- Human Resource Management (HRM)
  33. MBA 2-1/2 Information Technology (IT)
  34. MBA 2-1/2 Marketing
  35. MBA 3-1/2 Banking and Finance (B&F)
  36. MBA 3-1/2 Information Technology (IT)
  37. MBA 3-1/2 Marketing
  38. MBA 3-1/2 Rural Management
  39. MBA Executive (Col. MBA/MPA)
  40. MSc Television Production Program
  41. PGD in EPM
  42. PGD Mass Comm
  43. Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies

AIOU B.Ed. Programs:

  1. B.Ed (1-1/2-Years)
  2. B.Ed (2-1/2-Years)
  3. B.Ed Elementary Teacher Education (4-Years)
  4. B.Ed Secondary Teacher Education (4-Years)

AIOU Bachelor Programs:

  1. Associate Degree in Commerce (A.D)
  2. Associate Degree in Education – In-Service (1-Year)
  3. Associate Degree in Education (2-Years)
  4. Associate Degree in Education (3-Years)
  5. B.S (Chemistry)
  6. B.S (Environmental Sciences)
  7. B.S (Micro Biology) 4 Years
  9. B.S IN STAT. (4 YEARS)
  10. B.S MATH.(4 YEARS)
  11. Bachelor in Mass Communication
  12. Bachelor of Arts (General Group)
  13. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  14. Bachelor of Dars-e-Nizami
  15. Certificate in Librarianship

AIOU Intermediate :

  1. Higher Secondary School Certificate (Dars-E-Nazami Group)
  2. Higher Secondary School Certificate (General Group)
  3. Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com)

AIOU Secondary School Certificate:

  1. Secondary School Certificate (Darse-E-Nazami Group)
  2. Secondary School Certificate (General Group)

AIOU Post Graduate Diploma:

  5. PGD in EPM
  8. PGD Mass Comm
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies

AIOU STEP Certificate Courses:

  1. Agricultural Courses
  2. Al Lisan Ur Arabi
  3. Arbi Bol Chal
  4. French Online
  5. Lughatul Quran
  6. STEP (Agricultural Sciences)
  7. STEP (Hotel Services)
  8. STEP (Management Science)
  9. STEP (Social Science)
  10. Technical Courses

AIOU Tutor

  1. Med (One Year) Specialization: Secondary Teacher Education, Elementary Teacher
  2. BEd (1 – ½ Years), Eligibility: MA/MSc or BA Hons (4 Years) (Second Division)
  3. BEd (2 – ½ Years), Eligibility: BA/BSc or Equivalent (Second Division)
  4. BEd Elementary/Secondary (4 Years), Eligibility: Intermediate (Second Division)

This was all about aiou and its admissions in 2017.