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mbbs in turkey

MBBS in Turkey on Scholarship Basis 2019-20

** Terms & Conditions for scholarships may apply

Test Date in Lahore : 18th May 2019

Admissions has been started for 2019 intake from January 2019.

Features & Benefits:

Very Low Fee

State Funded University

Highest Visa Ratio

Without IELTS

Study Gap Accepted

Work Allowed (Part Time)

After study PR Option


University: Uludag University, Bursa,

Language of Instruction: Turkish

University Tuition fee for Turkish Language 320 Euro Equal to 50,000/- (only first year)

University tuition fee for Medical will be 1050 Euro/year. equal to PKR 150,000/-

Total course Duration: 6 years

Living cost will be Rs. 20,000/- per month. (including hostel and food)


If you are interested in MBBS admission
in Turkey
Fill the below form and we will contact you.

Fill the form

Call us on : +92 321 4454543 (same on whats app)


First Year Expense Details including tuition fee:

  1. Admission & Registration & Entrance Exam Fee 25000/- (Non-refundable)
  2. 1st semester Fee (6 months)   Euro 165/- (student will pay to university)
  3. DHL, Translation, Visa fee charges =   PKRs 32,000/- (student will pay himself)
  4. Health Insurance charges PKRs. 5500/- (student will pay himself)
  5. Visa Fee                                   PKRs
  6. Consultancy Fee after Visa  PKRs 50,000/-

 Total Cost without Ticket Aprox               = 150,000/- PKR

If you obtain scholarship then tuition fee will be exempted.

Obtaining of Scholarship will depend on student’s marks in Fsc and Test.

 How to Apply

WSL Consultants are registered agent at Uludag University. please visit their page: Uludag University registered Agents in the world


Enrollment have been started since 1st October 2018.

Student Sign Up: Collection of documents which includes

1 Passport First Page Scan

2 One passport size photograph (white background without edit the photo).

3 Educational Documents certificate Scans (10th class & 12th Class)
4 Deposit of Registration & Entrance Exam Fee (refundable in case student dont get enrollment)


University will announce the schedule of Entrance Exam in 2019 in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi. We will provide all detail to our enrolled students about schedule and venue.


After passing Entrance Exam and Obtaining Confirm Admission Letter,

Case will be submitted in Embassy for Visa Process, at that time student will do following.

1  Student will pay tuition fee directly to university.

  1. Student will bear DHL and other above mentioned charges
  2. Student personal bank statement of Rs. 10 LAC
  3. Student will obtain visa letter from embassy
  4. Student will pay our balance consultancy fee


Student will obtain visa and will join classes in university.


  1. All Educational Documents
  2. Passport
  3. ID Card
  4. Picture
  5. CV
  6. Home Address
  7. E-mail ID

Admissions for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan session 2019 are also open.


Watch Video of Entry Test Pictures conducted in May-2018.

FAQ: University and Course Related Questions

  • Question:  In which Turkish University student will get admission?
  • Ans: The university name is “uludag university” in city of BURSA/TURKEY.
  • Question: How many years MBBS study?
  • Ans: Students will study 6 years.
  • Question: What is Annual Fee of MBBS in this university.
  • Ans: Annual Fee is very economical
  • Question: What will be living cost?
  • Ans: Rs. 15000/- per month is the living cost
  • Question: What is language of Instruction of MBBS
  • Ans: English is the language of study.
  • Question: Who can apply for MBBS in Turkey?
  • Ans: The student who passed Pre-Medical with 60% marks can apply with 2 years maximum GAP.
  • Question:  What documents required for MBBS?
  • Ans: The list of required documents are given below.
  • Question: What amount required as financial proof?
  • Ans: Every student has to show Rs. 10 LAC in your personal bank account.
  • Question : Any one can study in Turkish Cyprus on scholarships
  • Ans: Yes there are many option for study in Turkey Cyprus on scholarships


  1. Rao khurram
  2. Taha
  3. Ahmad Gul
    • Hayatullah khan
    • Ammar
    • ijazulhaq
      • advisor
    • Ajaz Ahmad
  4. Mohima shan jhalock
  5. Usama imtiaz
  6. Saeed Akbar
    • attique
  7. Farooq Ahmad Zaki
  8. Mohd sami
  9. Safaia Bashir
  10. Qadir Pasha Turk
  11. khalid
  12. khalid
  13. maryam
  14. sabahat
  15. Ali Ahmet Faheem
  16. agha waleed
  17. agha waleed
  18. shahida
  19. Husnain raza
  21. Mazhar
  22. Anfal
  23. Sami ul. Haq
  24. Nasarullah
  25. Khola Saeed
  26. Mazhar
  27. Naveed iqbal
  28. Shakir Ullah
  29. saddique raza
  30. Mohd Hamzah
  31. Tariq AbbSI
  32. ijazulhaq
  33. ijazulhaq
  34. Mohsin raza
  35. Majid Ali
  36. M. Ahsan Ijaz
  37. Saud Aziz
  38. Muhammad Awais Altaf
  39. Fatima Aslam
  40. Fatima Aslam
  41. Moaz
  42. Karishma vasiya
  43. salman khan
  44. Noor Afshan
  46. Sardar Hussain
    • advisor
  47. sohail badshah

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