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Study in Turkey is a dream of many student who want to get higher education from aboroad. Turkey is a country full of rich cultures and has a very interested history and has distinguishing routine life from world i.e. language, clothing, naming etc. Turkey is the one of the earliest country to have achieved the civilization as we know today. Especially after Mustafa Kamal took over the run of Turkey, he made education easy and available for everyone. The Council of Higher Education looks after the administration of universities in Turkey to maintain a quality and this council is personally selected by the President of the Republic of Turkey.

Higher Education in Turkey includes all post-secondary institutions, which offers at least two years of formal education. Before you apply for study in Turkey, you should make sure that you have knowledge of every necessary detail about that country. Here in Study in Turkey Guide you will discover all the facts and figures a student must attain before finalizing a study abroad destination, brought to you by WSL Consultants team.

Study in Turkey in 2020-21

Features & Benefits:

  • Very Low Fee
  • State Funded University
  • Highest Visa Ratio
  • Without IELTS
  • Study Gap Accepted
  • Work Allowed (Part Time)
  • After study PR Option

 About the University:

University: Uludag University, Bursa,

Language of Instruction: Turkish / English

University Tuition fee for Turkish Language 320 Euro Equal to 50,000/- (only first year)

University tuition fee  will be 1050 Euro/year. equal to PKR 150,000/-

Total course Duration: 6 years

Living cost will be Rs. 20,000/- per month. (including hostel and food)


First Year Expense Details including tuition fee:

  1. Admission & Registration & Entrance Exam Fee 35000/- (Non-refundable)
  2. 1st semester Fee (6 months)   Euro 165/- (student will pay to university)
  3. DHL, Translation, Visa fee charges =   PKRs 32,000/- (student will pay himself)
  4. Health Insurance charges PKRs. 5500/- (student will pay himself)
  5. Visa Fee                                   PKRs
  6. Consultancy Fee after Visa  PKRs 50,000/-

If you obtain scholarship then tuition fee will be exempted.

Obtaining of Scholarship will depend on student’s marks in Fsc and Test.

 How to Apply

WSL Consultants are registered agent at Uludag University. please visit their page: Uludag University registered Agents in the world


Enrollment have been started since 1st October 2018.

Student Sign Up: Collection of documents which includes

1 Passport First Page Scan

2 One passport size photograph (white background without edit the photo).

3 Educational Documents certificate Scans (10th class & 12th Class)
4 Deposit of Registration & Entrance Exam Fee (refundable in case student dont get enrollment)


University will announce the schedule of Entrance Exam in 2020 in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi. We will provide all detail to our enrolled students about schedule and venue.


After passing Entrance Exam and Obtaining Confirm Admission Letter,

Case will be submitted in Embassy for Visa Process, at that time student will do following.

1  Student will pay tuition fee directly to university.

  1. Student will bear DHL and other above mentioned charges
  2. Student personal bank statement of Rs. 10 LAC
  3. Student will obtain visa letter from embassy
  4. Student will pay our balance consultancy fee


Student will obtain visa and will join classes in university.


  1. Passport
  2. ID Card
  3. Picture

Why Study in Turkey?

1 - Quality Education in Turkey:

There are twenty-one members in Council of Higher Education most of which are former rectors and some very successful professors of their country. Government of Turkey describes their duties as following:

“The chief responsibilities are to coordinate and appraise teaching, research and publication undertakings; to propose measures concerning academic staff; and to establish rules and regulations regarding doctoral work and granting of academic titles and degrees.”

Purpose to acquire services of such scholars is to utilize their experience in the field of education as they are aware of every ‘Know How’ of their profession and have the authority and skills to further and further develop it. Turkey is also ranked in QS ranking for Higher Education.

2 - Top Level Universities:

There are more than 180 universities in Turkey as of 2017. Higher education institutions in Turkey are divided into following classes:

  • Universities
  • Other Higher Education
  • Institutes of High Technology
  • Institutions (Military and Police Academies)
  • Post-Secondary Vocational Schools

There is an agreement between European countries to strengthen the competitiveness and ensure the attractiveness and quality of higher education qualifications. This agreement is called Bologna Process. Turkey is also a member of Bologna Process and along with countries like Germany, its quality of education is also maintained.

Top university of Turkey is Koç University which ranks among top 250 universities of world in the ranking of Times Higher Education. Sabancı University is 2nd top university of Turkey ranking among top 300 higher educational institutions of world. This list goes on; there are many more Turkish institutes in Top 350 of world. Here are all Top Universities of Turkey and their Ranks.

3 - Benefits for Student:

In past few years, international students’ population in Turkey has grown with a miraculous rate; self-evident of Turkish education’s popularity among international students. According to a survey report, international students have increased more than double since 2006 because of its higher education importance. Currently there are over 50,000 foreign students from all around the world pursuing higher education.

Turkey is a country that is Asian as well as European making it more attractive destination. İstanbul is the only city which links these two continents. It is the capital for many civilizations for many centuries.

4 - Admission available in Many Courses:

International students are always welcomed to Study in Turkey. Turkey has a motive to be in the top 15 countries for higher education by 2020. According to UNESCO, Turkey will be able achieve this prestigious task if it manages to attract more than 8 million in this time span. In these situations, it is very highly unlikely to be rejected by a Turkish university. Following is how you apply for a university in Turkey:

  1. Select a university that is according to your wish and requirements then
  2. Go to their official website
  3. See eligibility criteria and required documents
  4. Fill online form there. You will have to provide scanned documents.
  5. Pay online registration fee, submit and wait for their reply.

You may not get in your favorite institute for higher education because of some merit criteria. This can also waste your registration fee. For that, it is suggested to contact an experienced Foreign Education consultant. They have numerous links and awareness of all the latest trends and requirement. Here contact WSLconsultants for free consultancy any time.

5 - Student Part Time Work While Study in Turkey:

As every international student needs a part time job to support their living expenses in a foreign country while studying, Turkey also has offered dispensation to work part time. There can be two types of job:

  1. On-Campus
  2. Off-Campus

For On-Campus job, you don’t need any permit, nor there are any restrictions, you just need university’s permission if they’ll let you work. Some universities offer numerous On-Campus Jobs whereas some don’t.

For Off-Campus job, you need a permit from government first. Once you get the permit then you are allowed to work part time but for that you should be studying a course or have a visa for more than 3 months of duration. Students who go for a short course are of less than 3 months are not allowed to work. If you are on a work or experience visa then you don’t even need permit from government. Here is a Portal where you can post services you are offering to get a job. Here you can read all part time job rules and regulations for international students.

6 - Scholarships Available to Students:

As discussed, Study in Turkey has a motive to be in the top 15 countries for higher education by 2020 for which it needs 8 million students. To attract students into their country, they are distributing as many scholarships as possible. Even the foundation universities that are very expensive have granted 40% of their students with scholarships. There can be multiple types of scholarships for Study in Turkey:

  1. Government
  2. University Specific
  3. Non-Government

Some of the most famous Turkish Scholarships are following. For more details and scholarships, here is official Turkish Government website for Grants.

  1. İbni Sina Health Sciences Scholarship Program
  2. Turkish Language-speaking Countries Scholarship Program
  3. Support Scholarship Program
  4. Black Sea Scholarship Program
  5. Ali Kuşçu Science and Technology Scholarship Program
  6. Success Scholarship Program
  7. Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Program

7 - Amazing Turkish Culture:

Turkey is the ranked 6th most popular tourist attraction. According to a survey More than 40 million tourists visited Turkey for their holidays in 2015. Turkey is a very diverse country and comprises many different cultures in it. You can find a mix of Asian, Islamic and European lifestyle at one single place. Turkey itself has a very ancient history. Their language, clothing, festivals, literature, art and architecture are entirely unique, making it more attractive and beautiful. Experiencing these new cultures can open one’s mind to the world.

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US Visa: US Visa Application Procedure & Check US Visa Status

us visa

US Visa is such a fantasy for everyone who wants to visit this country. Travelers from around the globe seem to be desperate to visit and find a home in the U.S. only because of its fantastic community values and extraordinary weather and environment
Individuals from all sectors of the society, i.e. students, business people, performers, scientists etc Because of this reason, it is necessary to get USA visa. Several executives from nearly every country are trying their best to acquire this visa.

There is no wonder that Pakistan is one such nation as well. Residents from Pakistan are always hunting for a US visa. The article can provide you with comprehensive guidance on all the necessary information for US visas, including necessary paperwork, costs and application procedures, etc. And how would you track the progress of your US visa application of your own?

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What is U.S. Traveler Visa or U.S. Guest Visa?

US Department of State and Immigration officials briefing on U.S. Tourist Visa or U.S. Visitor Visa are as follows:

To know the complete process of USA visa application: How to Obtain USA Visit Visa with NO Travel History | Application form

US Visa Types

The U.S. visa is classified by its purpose. U.S. Visa Categories are typically as followed:

  1. Business (B-1)
  •       Discussing with business partners.
  •       To attend a symposium or seminar that is scientific, academic, specialist, or commercial.
  •       To end up settling a property.
  •       Negotiate a signing agreement
  1. Tourism and Visit (B-2)
  •       Visa for tourism
  •       Long weekends / festivities
  •       Connect with relatives or friends
  •       For conventional treatment.
  •       To take part in social events organized by any member of that family, social or community agency.
  •       Actively take part in artistic, sporting or similar events / contests except when the sponsor has approved a visa.
  •       For enrollment to systematic degree in a short futile course of study but never for credit. (For instance, a two-day pottery class on trip.)
  1. Travel Consideration Not Permissible for Visitor’s Visa Holders:

Some of the operations that cannot be conducted on tour visa are as follows:

  •       Study
  •       Occupancy
  •       Sponsored appearances in front of a live crowd.
  •       Arrival on a ship or airplane as a member of the crew.
  •       Working as news media, radio, movie, reporters and other mainstream press.
  •       Permanent United States residence.

Business (B-1):

If your travel plan is for work, such as meeting business associates or attending a science fair, educational or technical, or may be a business conference, or settling a deceased's estate, or negotiating a business contract as business, visa (B-1) is the right choice.

For more details on these and other activities that you can undertake while in B-1 status, visit Business Travel to the United States at:

Tourism and Visit (B-2)

Enjoyment, leisure, visits to medical care(B-2). In which the object of the family trip is casual in nature, including leisure, visiting family members or friends, rest or connected to medical treatment, sibling, social or service-type activities, or involvement by professionals who do not earn compensation in artistic, athletic or similar events or tournaments, then a visit visa(B-2) is the best type of visitor visa.

Further information aboutB-2 requirements can be found on

U.S. visa necessities

There are strict guidelines candidates to comply to be considered for a visitor's visa under U.S. immigration law.  The consular officer of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate may decide whether you are qualified for a visa or not. The basic assumption of U.S. law here is that every visa applicant will be a migrant. It is therefore essential to overcome this misconception by illustrating travel visa candidates.


  • The goal is apply USA visa briefly for leisure travel or business;
  • You choose to live for a specific period of time;
  • Evidence of  resources in US to finance expenditure;


You ought to prove a consulatethat you qualify for theU.S. asyou apply for a B-1/B-2 visa. U.S. Visa Act (INA) on Citizenship and Nationality. In compliance with INA Section 214(b), each B-1/B-2 applicant must be an eligible immigrant. This legal presumption will be overcome by demonstrating it.

Would you like to know whether or not you qualify for US Visas?

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The method of US Visa is very straightforward and comprehensible.  In the country in which they stay in the nearest United States, visitation applicants would usually apply. Perhaps consulate perhaps embassy. Embassy.  Visa application is expected well before the departure date. FormDS-160, Non-immigrant Digital Visa Application. Print and pass to your interview validation page after requesting the DS-160 form. Second, pay you application fee before interview which is 160 USD.Then take appointment from embassy or Consulate for a visa application where you pay.

You'll explore how to organize an appointment, pay the processing fee, and review detailed instructions for the embassy and far more while exploring the United States. Link to the Embassy or consulate website at  The response times for an interview can differ, so it is intensely recommended to apply early.

In most situations, further manual paperwork is required after an interview with the claimant for visas is completed by a consular officer.  For info on required documentation and fees, visit the website The relevant procedures are:


  • 1 picture taken during the last six months of the size 2"x2 "(5cmx5 cm).  An invoice reflecting a US$ 160 anti-refundable visa fee. If visa grant extra reciprocity fee may apply, based on your citizenship. The website of the Department of States will help you figure whether you are required to pay a reciprocal visa as well as how much it will you cost..
  • 10-year experience of tourism
  • Number of kids and brothers and sisters.


US Visa Fee

When requesting for a non-immigrant visa,visa applicants, teenagers, must submita non-refundable, non-transferable visa applicationcost, oftenreferred to as the MRV fee.  Whether or nota visa is issued, the visa application fee must be paid.The type of visa youapply for defines the amount of the fee.

Youmay also have to pay a visaissue or "reciprocity"fee depending on your citizenship and the type of visa youapply for.  Department of States websitelists visa application feesrelated to each type of non-immigrant visa.

Payment Information

Pay you application fee in any allied bank branch in Pakistan.


You cannot reimburse your visa application fee and you can not pass it to another user.  After you have charged the application fee, you should obtain a copy.

Visa types and fees for applications

The payment costs are mentioned below for one application for a visa.  For the most common types of non-immigrant visas, the application fee is US$ 160.  This includes visas for visitors, companies, learners and transactions. The bulk of visas dependent on applications, The table below containsa more comprehensive list oftypesof visas andfees.

Current Consular Exchange Rate:107.00 PKR = 1 USD
Current Rate Valid Through:14/11/2017
Exchange Rate
Fee Amount (USD$)Fee Amount (PKR)Visa TypeDescription
$16017120.00DShip/Airline Crew
$16017120.00FStudent (academic)
$16017120.00IJournalist and Media
$16017120.00JExchange Visitors
$16017120.00MStudent (vocational)
$16017120.00TVictim of Human Trafficking
$16017120.00TN/TDNAFTA Professionals
$16017120.00UVictim of Criminal Activity
$19020330.00HTemporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees
$19020330.00LIntracompany Transferees
$19020330.00OPersons with Extraordinary Ability
$19020330.00PAthletes. Artists & Entertainers
$19020330.00QInternational Cultural Exchange
$19020330.00RReligious Worker
$26528355.00KFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen
$20521935.00ETreaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty
Visa Types and Application Fee Amounts - Sorted by Fee Class


Visa TypeDescriptionFee Amount (USD$)Fee Amount (PKR)
DShip/Airline Crew$16017120.00
ETreaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty$20521935.00
FStudent (academic)$16017120.00
HTemporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees$19020330.00
IJournalist and Media$16017120.00
JExchange Visitor$16017120.00
KFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen$26528355.00
LIntracompany Transferees$19020330.00
MStudent (vocational)$16017120.00
OPersons with Extraordinary Ability$19020330.00
PAthletes. Artists & Entertainers$19020330.00
QInternational Cultural Exchange$19020330.00
RReligious Worker$19020330.00
TVictim of Human Trafficking$16017120.00
UVictim of Criminal Activity$16017120.00
TN/TDNAFTA Professionals$16017120.00


Registration of U.S. visas

The next measures are to apply for a visa

How to get U.S. Visa Application

Step 1:

Complete the application form electronically in the USA on this page.  Nonimmigrant  Visa Electronic  Application (DS-160)  form[PS1] .

Step 2

Deposit the visa application charge in certain divisions of the Allied Bank.

Step 3

Program your U.S. Embassy meeting.  In order to book your meeting, you will need the following information:

  •       Your  passport  number
  •       Theidentificationnumber from yoursubmissionof the visafee.
  •       The10 digit barcode numberon the registration side of yourDS-160

Step 4

Onthe date and time of your visa interview, contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  A scannedcopy of yourletter of approval, your DS-160 authorization form, aphotograph taken within the last six months and yournew and all expired passports must be issued.  Programs will not be approved without all these elements.

US Visa Status:

Theconsular officer will inform you at the end of your immigrant visa interviewif your application for a visais approved or denied.

Within60 days of the visa interview, most manual procedures will be addressed.  The timing can differ dependingon the individual circumstances of each casewhenadministrative processing isneeded. You  can  check  the status  of  your  visa application  on

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