UK Visa Interview Questions

It is very important to apply for the study permit if you are willing to apply for the UK student visa. For the short courses, students are granted a visa of six months. For the course of more than six months, students need to apply for the study permit. The candidates have to prepare themselves for UK Visa Interview Questions. It is vital for the students to reply perfectly these questions. Your visa approval is based on these answers. The procedure of visa submission and granted is based on the questions that are asked in the embassy of the UK.


Types of questions

These UK students Visa Interview Questions are related to your course and the institution. They will ask how you will finance your study. On which basis you are going to study in the UK. The objective behind these questions is to assess whether you are a real candidate or not. Your answers are typed up the computer. On the basis of your answer, the Tier 4 student visa is granted. The student visa interview call is sent through e-mail. A candidate has to check the e-mail regularly according to the visa process.

  1. The interview is taken at the visa application center.
  2. It is conducted in the English language. It is vital to have full command over the language as well as accent.
  3. The students are asked about the course, duration of the course, reasons to study in the UK
  4. The candidate has to provide biometric information first.
  5. The interview is conducted through a video link
  6. You must be accurate in answers and skilled in the English language. The Entry Clearance Officer should be satisfied with your answers.
  7. Prove with your answers that you are a genuine student.

UK student Visa Interview Questions

  1. Why did you choose the UK for higher education?
  2. How will you finance your study?
  3. Will you plan to work there?
  4. Do you have any experience of study before? If yes, why have you decided to return?
  5. Why did you select this course?
  6. Why did you select this university or college for studying?
  7. How will you manage your cost of study in the UK.
  8. What is the scope of your course?
  9. What is the structure of your course?
  10. What are your future plans?
  11. What is the benefit of Studying in UK?
  12. What expertise will you attain after this course?

How to prepare for the UK Student Visa Interview?

  1. Focus on your objective
  2. Pay attention to the accent and English language during preparation
  3. Be genuine and loyal towards your goal.
  4. Do not try to be fake

Most of the candidates get confused with the preparation of interview, especially the formal way of the interview which is hard and boring. They feel their interview less interesting and they get panic, actually they need someone to help regarding their interview, they often find it less interesting and difficult to understand.

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Cost of Studying in UK & Benefits of Studying in UK

The cost of studying in UK is not as higher. It depends on the selection of the universities, course, and tuition fee of the institution and living expenses. These expenses are based on the city that you have chosen to live and to study. The UK is becoming particularly popular for going abroad. It is less costly and advantageous in many respects for the student's career. The main thing is that the cost of education is affordable. The positive factors for studying in Great Britain are its reasonable cost of living cost and affordable tuition fee.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

Great Britain gives a number of benefits to international students. The students ' visa process is not very difficult however rules are strict. These rules and regulations are advantageous to them with the standard in education Competitive prices. Several prestigious universities and colleges provide credible qualifications. The highly educated foreign professors offer lectures at these universities. A wide number of research opportunities are also available for preparation courses.

The quality of education is high. Students can choose the universities according to their needs. You will get the benefits of having a dual degree. For their better career, they may qualify for a UK engineering degree at the low cost of concessions from 3 + 0. The tuition fee remains the same for three years.

Living costs are reasonable here.


Reasonable Living cost

Accommodation does a lot. The majority of the students are worried about it. They have two or three options for living here. It helps them in reducing their living cost.

  1. They can apply for the hostel in the universities, in which you are applying for course. It offers a good lifestyle as well as standard but affordable accommodation.
  2. They can take sharing accommodation nearby their institutes. It reduces their traveling cost.
  3. The other and the last options for them are to get the residence in the interior or away from the city. The accommodation is classy and inexpensive. The traveling cost is very low that is not to be bothered. The drawback of living far from the institution is to make your traveling expenses higher. It does not very high and students can afford it easily. But, in the UK the traveling cost is very low and there are many facilities of traveling.

What expenses you have to bear for studying in the UK?

  1. Personal Expenses

A candidate has to do some personal expenses. It takes some of your amount on monthly basis on food, traveling cost, laundry, and haircut.

  1. Hospital insurance and Medical

Studying in the UK is not expensive if you have medical insurance. When you apply for UK student visa you can apply for the student medical insurance. This insurance is done by the institute as well.

  1. Books and study material

These expenses are based on your project and the course structure.
The whole amount of all these expenses is not very higher.

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UK Student Visa How to Get Approved Visa?

uk-student-visa-how-to-get-approved-visaGetting UK Student Visa is not hard, some years back. Today, students have to fulfill the criteria of the universities first. It is important for starting the formal procedure of UK student Visa. It makes the procedure difficult for the candidates and they want to know how to get UK Student Visa.

  1. First of all, make sure that your institution in London.
  2. Candidate must check with the university before starting the procedure of Tier 4 application.
  3. Check the immigration website and UK visa for checking the eligibility

Types of UK Student Visa

  1. Short term Visa

Candidate must be over eighteen years old. If candidates have applied for short term course then he/she can apply for this short term visa. Its validity is up to 6 months. It extends up to eleven months for English Language course.

  1. Tier 4 Sponsor License

For the candidates who have applied for the longer courses, it is issued. It is for the candidates who are sixteen years old or over.

  1. Tier 4 Child student visa

It is for the children who have the age limitations four to seventeen. The candidates of age sixteen are eligible for this visa.

How to get UK Student Visa?

Requirements of UK student Visa

Your course provider will help you in applying for UK student visa. If you have been offered a course then you can easily apply for the visa. A candidate has to apply for visa three months before of the course starting date. For this purpose, you must have to check average visa processing. Start visa processing before plenty of time. It is granted on points based system. For getting the visa, you need to meet these requirements.

  1. Recent photograph
  2. Details of your passport
  3. Fill the CAS form for to meet the requirement of the Tier 4 sponsor. It has the worth of thirty points.
  4. For student visa, a candidate has to provide the proof of the adequate English language skills. It is required for those students who do not belong to the native English country. It has the worth of ten points.

Procedure after approval for UK Visa

After getting the approval you will get the letter of introduction.

  1. Proof of Acceptance

The letter that you get from the recognized institution in UK, university, college and school is known as proof of acceptance. In the study permit application, you need to attach the original letter.

  1. Proof of Identity

It is one of the important items. Provide these details with the visa permit application.

  1. Two passport size photographs. Write the date of birth and name on the back of the photograph.
  2. Letter of explanation

Proof of financial support

  1. Proof of a bank account in the UK, where money will be transferred
  2. From a financial institution, get the proof of an education or student loan
  3. Four months bank statement
  4. Proof of accommodation and tuition fees payment
  5. Proof of paid fund in the UK (if you have scholarship program)
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How to Apply for Australian Student Visa

apply for australian student visa


How to Australia student visa has been asked multiple times on the internet. So here is follow up a plan how to apply for Australian student visa.

What and which study to choose from?

Before applying for the Australia one has to choose what kind of program he wants to enter. Once the program has been decided then applicant needs to choose about the universities. The universities should be present in the Australia and they should have international applicant acceptance program. The institute should be choosing wisely as it reflects the applicant future career. Clearly, check the tuition fees of the university program.

What are eligibility criteria for the course?

Properly check about the criteria to apply for the course. Different universities in Australia lay great emphasis on the past record of the applicant. Better the applicant record greater the chance to be accepted to the university. Applicant should thoroughly check that he/she should properly settle on the criteria. Once the applicant is on the criteria standards he/she should apply for the course. Different short courses are also offered by the universities that can be done as a side major of the university. Choosing one of those side courses can greatly benefit the academic career.

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What is a letter of offer and letter of confirmation?

The letter of offer is when an applicant applies for the course based on his past record and scores in the academic field. Universities can the student application.  The university approaches the student with a letter of offer. What course can he have with such scores? What kinds of aids they are providing to the students with such academic records. What different side course can the student do? This was a letter of offer. The Letter of confirmation means that application of the student has been accepted by the university. This happens when the application is thoroughly scanned by the receiving staff. The student is on the eligibility criteria. His past record is good. Then students receive the letter of confirmation from the university mostly congratulating him on the success. This is the most important process in How to get Australia student Visa.

How Pakistani Students are Treated Abroad?

How to apply for the visa?

This part of the studying abroad can get tricky. Applying for the visa means visiting the embassy twice. The embassy will require the proper documents so they can place a back-check on the individual. Students are thoroughly scanned for their background when they are applying for the broad. When the student applies for the visa medical examination becomes necessary. The applicant is asked to take the medical test and blood tests. This is to identify that they are no viral diseases to the person. If the person has any viral disease he won’t get the visa. After the interview at the embassy, the process of application can take almost two weeks.

How to Save Money While Studying Abroad

When to plan the route?

When the visa is accepted applicant will receive the call from the agent or from the embassy. Schedule your travel plan regarding the university semester.

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Study in Malaysia Guides by WSL Consultants

Study-in-MalaysiaMalaysia is a wonderful Muslim country that is the one of the most attractive places in Asia for tourism and to live. The country is said to be one of most multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. It is a group of thirteen states and three federal territories. This country has also maintained an education system that rivals that of China, housing many world’s top-ranked universities. It is the 44th most populous country and is the 66th largest country by land area. From the very time it achieved its liberty, it has maintained one of the best economy of Asia.

Malaysia Visa Type and Process

Malaysia’s official religion is the peaceful of most Islam with 61% of their total population following it. In Malaysian constitution, freedom of religion is guaranteed. Before you apply for study in Malaysia, you should validate that you have proper information of every essential detail about that country. Here in Study in Malaysia Guide, you will discover all the facts and figures a student must get before concluding a destination to study abroad, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

1 - Great Education Standards:

Great-Education-StandardsIn Malaysia all higher education institutes and sectors are controlled and administered by the Ministry of Higher Education to make Malaysian higher education system as pure in quality as possible. There are many Higher Educational Institutes from United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, New Zealand and United States offering dual and joint degree programs having partnerships with numerous Malaysian universities and colleges. Many of world’s prominent countries in education have developed their sub campuses there.

Malaysia also has an aim to accomplish 20 Research Excellent Centers competing those centers of international standard by 2020. Malaysia has a rating system to measure the performance instruction and learning in higher education institutes like university and colleges in their country. This system is known as SETARA. This way they know exactly the standards they on global level and they improve it.

2 - Universities in Malaysia:

Malaysia has a number of higher educational institutes educating hundreds of thousands of young minds and future leaders. Total universities in Malaysia can be divided into two categories:

  • Public Universities
  • Private Universities

All the public universities in Malaysia are government universities that are funded by government and government employees and teacher administer the institution. Public universities are usually more respected and they less tuition fee.

Study in Malaysia Cost and Student Visa

Private universities in Malaysia are the ones owned by some personals or organization usually made for business purposes. Private universities can be bit more expensive compared to public however they still prove their worth.

Universities-in-MalaysiaThere are over Twenty public universities, Fifty-Three private universities and Six foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia. Moreover, there are over 4 hundred active private colleges, Thirty Polytechnics, and Seventy Three public community colleges. The university of Malaya, located in Kuala Lumpur is the most top ranked university of Malaysia. In QS world ranking of best universities of the world, it has secured 131st position. University of Putra Malaysia is the second most top ranked the university in Malaysia and it ranks 238th in the university world ranking of QS.

3 - Student Attraction:

Student-Attraction-in-MalaysiaThe highest priority of all for Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia is to internationalize their higher education sector. They are currently making lots of efforts to further improve the world ranking of their universities and colleges. They have now created a friendly and cooperative environment to attract as many international students as possible.

The city of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounds have many exciting and attractive places to visit. Their universities also have an astonishing environment that leaves students breathless.

Malaysia visa fees 2016-2017 & How to Apply?

4 - Admission Process:

Malaysia has always welcomed international students with open arms. To get admission in a university, there are two ways. The first way is that you can send your documents through an overseas education consultant. Second way is by applying online. You must select a university of your choice then go to their official website. Look for admission menu or option. There you will have to fill an online form where you may have to provide scanned copy of your documents. At the end you will have to pay registration fee (if any) then your form will be submitted.

It is now a law in Malaysia that every international student must first be accepted in an institute only then he will be allowed to enter the country on student visa. There are chances that you may not get in admission in your favorite school because the better the institute the higher their merit gets. This also wastes your fee of registration form. So as our job is, it is referred to contact an experienced Overseas Education consultant. They have lots of links and knowledge of all the latest updates and requirement. Here contact WSLconsultants for free consultancy any time.

5 - Jobs for International Students:

A great proportion of students work in part time jobs by managing some time from their studies. Part time job while studying is a great way to not only getting financial resources to afford your living and studies but it also gives students experience, a professional and social network and also prepares him for what the practical life has to offer. Even when studying in a country like Malaysia, studying abroad can be pretty hard on finances. To overcome this hindrance, students can get job according to their own comfort and skills.

There can be two types of job:

  1. On-Campus
  2. Off-Campus

On-campus jobs are no problem. There are plenty of opportunities inside a university for earning. You just need to have enough skills or experience of some daily routine or usual works.

Off-campus job is any work outside your university premises. Off-campus work is allowed for international students but only during holidays that are for more than 7 days. In these holidays students can for up to 20 hours a week in a markets, restaurants, hotels and petrol pumps but not in the positions of: musician, cashier, Guest Relations Office,  singer and masseur.

Study in Malaysia Scholarship For Pakistani Students

6 - Cost and Accommodation:

At time of deciding a study abroad destination, every student is worried about how much it is going to cost him and where he is going to live. Here is all the information possibly needed to study in a foreign country.

There can be two types of accommodation for students:

  1. On- Campus
  2. Off-Campus

On-campus is the Halls of Residence inside the university especially established for students. They provide all the facilities a student needs including furniture, en-suite bathrooms and basic needs like electricity and gas.

Off-campus accommodation is any residence outside the campus like private house, hostel or flats. Your first try should be to get an accommodation On-Campus because they are cheap. If you don’t get On-Campus then you should rent an Off-Campus accommodation.

Living Cost in Malaysia While Studying

7 - Scholarships:

There are as many scholarships in Malaysia as any other developed country. In order to appeal international students into their country, they are issuing as many grants as conceivable. There can be multiple types of scholarships:

  1. Government
  2. University Specific
  3. Non-Government

When you get admission, you can contact your university authorities. Most probabilities are that they can get you one if you manage to impress them. Some of very renowned scholarships of Malaysia for reference and to apply are following:

  • Sri KDU International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Scholarship Award
  • ISKL International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Limkokwing Scholarships
  • The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards
  • Here see many more Scholarships in Malaysia of all categories.

8 - Wonderful Culture:

Malaysia has many cultures, festivals, and traditions that make it even more of an attractive to live and enjoy. Art and Music have a long history in Malaysia. People may think of it as Chinese but, as a matter of fact, that Chinese manifest is just a part of their culture. There are lots of various ethnicities that are present in Malaysia. All of these ethnicities have exclusive and distinctive cultural characteristics but several crossovers can be found. They have a totally different style of Architecture, Clothing, Music, Literature, Cuisine even Sports and Media from the rest of the world making it, even more, fun to live in.

Malaysia Student Visa, How to get Student Pass and Visa

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Best Countries to Study Abroad for You in 2017

best-countries-to-study-abroadEvery hardworking student dreams of studying in the top-ranked university whether it’s within their own country or outside their country. Various countries offer scholarships of the students with high IQ levels and help them create their successful social existence.
Various courses and programs are being offered in countries all around the world and every year millions of students belonging to various countries apply for the top-ranking universities all around the world. Here are the best places to study for abroad:


ParisThe capital of France offers exotic learning in the fields of architecture, art and the all-time famous cultural heritage. Universities in Paris have got the advanced learning systems and are ranked internationally. The status of the Paris universities is well-known and offers low tuition fees for the candidates.

Top Universities in Canada – Top 30 Results


BostonBoston is one of the best places to study abroad. You can continue living like an American. Boston has got the most famous universities of the world that are Harvard University and MIT. Apart from these famous universities, Boston is also famous for historical pursuit and amazing sea-views. Exotic greenery makes you cherish the sceneries during the fall season. Thus, it is not only a best place to study but also a great place for meditation.


LondonStudy abroad programs at various famous universities of London. 19 universities of London are being ranked among the other universities across the world among which 5 of the top universities are counted about the global list. If you plan to study there then there are lots of places of entertainment as well which you can enjoy while you are on a break. So, you do not only get to study but also get a chance to have yourself entertained. The best thing about studying in London is that there are multiple job opportunities. So, you can apply for the interview as soon as you complete your graduation.

Oldest University in the World – Top 10 Results

Hong Kong

Hong-KongWhen it comes to the most densely populated area of the world, you can automatically think of the Asian countries. Hong Kong is one of those Asian countries that has the most population. It is not because there are Hong Kong nationals there but lots of other foreign people also live there. A major part of these foreign people there are the students who have traveled from various countries to Hong Kong for the sake of studying. The country also has got internationally ranked universities that are best choices for studying abroad.


TorontoWhy study abroad? This is the common question that is asked by several candidates when they are about to apply for further studies in other cities or countries. Being Canada’s capital, it has got the top-ranked universities of the world to which individuals come from all over the world to study their specific discipline. Not only it has the top-notch universities but it has got various site-seeing locations that help pass the free time well.

International Student Cities in USA – Top 10 Results


VancouverThis city is a combination of mountains, coast, city life and night life as well. Universities of Vancouver are included among the top 50 universities all over the world. Vancouver is also famous for its sports, city life and the amazing lakes. There are plenty of opportunities for you to complete your studies and excel in a particular field.
So, if you are thinking of studying abroad then pick any of these cities or countries and apply for admission so you can get the best of the world. Step into these universities so that you can get a lot to learn. The teachers there will not only help you in learning but will also aid you in grooming your skills.

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Study in China Guides by WSL Consultants


China is a large country with about 25 per cent of the world's population making it the world's most populous region. Not many students are conscious of China's research patterns. But let me assure you that China is not just high in its economy and in its people. China is a well-developed country with a strong focus on education because they are aware of the power of information. If you choose to live in China, that would be one of the biggest decisions you've ever made. China is Asia's best Higher Education region.


 Diploma, Graduate and Master Degree Programs
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China is very much underrated for higher education just because it’s a Non-English Asian country. Before you apply for study in China, you should thoroughly research about that country. Here in Study in China Guide you will find all the information one must acquire before moving, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

To know the complete application process to study in China on scholarships, please read this post: Free Study in China | Scholarships in China | Apply Now

1 - Education:

Chinese education system has a quality that rivals Australia. Chinese higher education is one of the best in world. Since their revolution, they have always worked hard in all fields of life and stunned the world with success. China is ranked 8th Best Country for Higher Education establishment in QS Higher Education System Strength Ranking. In addition, China is consistently increasing their efforts and investment to make their education best of the world.

2 - Universities:

China is home to more than 2,000 universities that currently have over 1 million students enrolled. Numerous Chinese universities are ranked in Top 100 of world. Top university of China is Tsinghua University, in Beijing's capital, ranks 24th in the world and 5th in Asia. Second best university of China is also a marvelous beautiful institute known as Peking University. It ranks 39th in world and 9th in Asia. Besides these institutes there are many more amazing universities and colleges in China that you can see by clicking Top Universities of China and their Ranks.

3 - Research:

Since their revolution, China has always followed the code of “rely on your own resources”. They do not wait for other countries to develop a technology and acquire their help. They just create whatever they want. For innovation, you definitely need one of the best research systems and researchers. It is said that most of the world geniuses are found in China. In order to maintain their position and the code, they are administering the best research centers and labs of world. Established in 1949, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is ranked best research institute.

4 - Student Attraction:

China is one of the main destinations for students from around the world. They are currently housing about 4 Lac international students in their educational institutes. Thousands of students transfer to China for their entire or holiday programs. Chinese teaching methods and customs are a lot different than what you may find in other countries. Many students wish to experience this change which is a very healthy activity by means of grooming. China is ranked 9th Most Popular Students Attraction of world among international student and the Most Popular in Asia.

5 - Admission:

It is not very difficult and actually international students are very encouraged to take admission in Chinese University. In order to get admission in Chinese universities, you must meet the basic requirements of Government and that particular university. Here read complete requirement to Apply in Chinese University and Visa Process. If you are enrolling in English-Taught program and you are from Non-English country than you will have to show IELTS or TOEFL score report. To apply for a university, you either go to their official website or use CUCAS to apply to any Chinese university online by filling a form and submitting soft copy of all required documents. If you are reluctant to apply online, it is suggested to acquire assistance of Overseas Student Consultant. Here contact WSLconsultants and get free consultancy.

6 - Student Part Time Work:

In past international students were not allowed to work while they are studying. However, Chinese government introduced new law according to which international students can work part time while studying and they will also be provided all rights. A student who wishes to work part-time or take an internship outside the campus must attain approval from the university and then apply to the PSB Exit-Entry Administration for permit. However, make sure you get the right student visa because this opportunity is not available for X2 visa.

7 - Cost and Accommodation:

Chines Currency is Yuan which very cheap compared to most countries. This makes education in China cheaper than any other country. Two major expenses student has to face are:

University Fee:

  • Average University fee is about $40,000 per year that is equivalent to 4 Lac PKR.

Living Expenses:

  • Depending on usage and international student requires about $500 (50 thousand PKR) to $800 (80 thousand PKR) monthly to cover living expenses including Rent, Food and Transportation.

Click the link to see complete Cost and Accommodation details.

8 - Scholarships:

As I have mentioned before, Chinese government has a goal to get Through year 2020, 500,000 international students had been registered in Chinese higher education institutions. To make their wish come true they are doing everything possible to attract international students. They are providing many facilities like part time work and less tuition fees. In addition, they are also distributing as many scholarships as possible to accommodate international students there. There are many scholarships granted by the government, some are university specific and many are private organizations that fund students. It is suggested to apply at China Scholarship Council before other schemes as it is the most famous awarding program, here you will find all the latest scholarships you need.

9 - Amazing Culture:

China is a wonderful large country comprising many cultures, colors and 56 different ethnicities. They follow all their own traditions and custom that has been coming for centuries and don’t use Europe as their idol which makes it extremely colorful and full of festivals. China is very much famous for Kung Fu and you will find martial arts institutes more than you think. You will definitely get a exposure of entirely new astounding world.

10 - Globally Recognized Degree:

Every student always searches prior hand whether their proof of many years of education, their degree, will be accepted in other countries or not. As above mentioned facts and figures, China is a wonderful country for education and whole world knows that. China has worked hard and proved itself as the best. Chinese degree is easily accepted and even respected all around the world, wherever you go. Whole world greets Chinese graduates for of their qualifications and brilliance. Even if you wish to go to another university for your further education, even the world’ best universities like Oxford and Harvard cannot deny your education. You will be happy to know that the Chinese government has joint agreements of recognition with 64 other countries and regions.

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How to Save Money While Studying Abroad

how-to-save-money-while-studying-abroadIf think about, saving money might be your biggest goal while studying abroad because of all the difficulties you are going to have to deal. Your expenses can really go high when you move to totally strange land far away from your home. If you are unaware of this hindrance then I suggest you read article Expenses Students have to Endure while studying Abroad. As WSLconstultans always try to solve all the interferences you may have to face in your education, today we have brought another solution to a problem that you will certainly undergo while studying abroad. Following are the best tips How to Save Money While Studying Abroad.

1 - Register a Dorm:

Register-a-DormIf you have not yet moved to a foreign country for education, I would say register a dorm in your university prior hand. Dorm is a hostel facility provided by the university. As soon as you get admission in any university, it is best to register a dorm for yourself. Why dorm, you must think. Accommodation is the biggest expense student has to face while studying abroad. University dorms are the cheapest mean of accommodation you can possibly get. There can be a shortage of it or may be some other problem so it is best to register one while you are still in your homeland.

Accommodation and Cost of Studying in USA

2 - Cook Yourself:

Cook-YourselfFood and snacks is the second biggest expense student has to face while studying in a foreign country. Eating or ordering food from outside can be pretty costly, especially when you are in a country where currency is many times stronger than your country’s currency. International students might really feel the cost difference in these items.

This sound like a minor detail, however, cooking yourself at your place can really save you lots of money. You can prepare food for whole week of the cost you spend for one day’s lunch and I don’t mean it metaphorically. Cooking yourself can also assure your health, it is a healthy activity and you can even impress your friends with it.

3 - Less Use of Debit and ATM Card:

Less-Use-of-Debit-and-ATM-CardIt is a universally known fact that banks are evil. To be honest, I also know it from my personal experience. Using an ATM or debit card in a foreign country will cost you a fortune and for no reason. These banks charge even though they are giving you your own money back. Using a bank account is important but try to avoid its use as much as you can.

It is better to take big amount of money every time, so you don’t have to do it very often. And if you use a debit card, it’s a psychological fact that you don’t value your money as much and spend it openly as it is virtual. Some international ATMs will charge you up to $5.00 just to take out money. Keep in mind that credit card companies also charge you for using your card at a foreign cash register, so cash is always preferable

Latest 2017 Top Universities of United States of America

4 - Budget Travel:

Budget-TravelNo matter where you are, there is always need of traveling. As is the fashion, we need to use some sort of vehicle for this. Now, it’s highly unlikely for you to buy a bike or car abroad. So, our next option is public transport and taxis. A taxi or cab is quite expensive, even more expensive than buying a car or bike. So, we need to find a ways that is useful and also not very expensive. There are two options for that.

First option is to buy a bicycle. Bicycle can go anywhere though it can be difficult for long journey. But Bicycle doesn’t need any gas or petrol to run. You also don’t have to buy any parking for it. You can easily use it inside and outside the campus.

Second option is to use Busses and local trains. Public transport are usually not very expensive but save to money from them you can get a monthly card package or something like this. In some foreign countries, there is also cheap transportation card for students provided by the university.

Other than mentioned transportation, you might also want to visit your homeland every now and then. It is better to schedule your visits in advance. Try to keep a strong heart, and use this international transportation as less as you can as international flights can be expensive.

5 - Don’t buy all books:

Dont-buy-all-booksWhen I heard this one, I thought it entirely useless until I went to its detail. We think how much stationary and books can cost, it can’t be that expensive but fact is the opposition here. In many countries books can be pretty expensive and range from $100 to $500. In semester program, you will need about 6 books each. You will have to buy 6 books each semester. Senior international students say, we should not buy all books at once. You should only buy a book when very necessary or you can simply keep taking notes or share it with others since after your 4 months of semester you will not need it again.

6 - Use Skype:

I am not advertising for Skype but it is actually a very helpful service. You are definitely not unmindful of Skype. It can really help you save lots of money while you are abroad. You may be confused how. Well, do you have any idea, how expensive international calls are? You surely can’t live without talking to your mother, father, brother, sister, wife, fiancée or whatever relation. These calls get even more expensive when you call from a foreign country to Pakistan. Skype not only provides you video calls but it is also free. You just have to get internet connection for that. Internet is cheap in most developed foreign countries. This will save money while studying abroad and lots of it.

How Pakistani Students are Treated Abroad

7 - Make friends with the local students:

Make-friends-with-the-local-studentsMaking locals of natives your friend of the particular country can also help you save money while studying abroad. It is so because natives are very well conscious of their region and lifestyle. They know all the hacks and techniques to save money and usually they all live according to it. For example, you definitely know, what is best the place to eat in your area according to cheapness and quality. Likewise, you also know the cheapest way to travel around your city.

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Study in Australia Guides by WSL Consultants

Australia is a beautiful large country and continent surrounded by ocean with the most stunning landscapes and beaches. Australia has always maintained its position among the best for higher education and a quality standard of their tutoring. Every year thousands of students migrate to Australian order to achieve the education that cannot be acquired in any other place in the world. Before you apply for study in Australia, it is suggested to have your complete research done. Here in Study in Australia Guide you will find every single piece of information you must be aware of, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

The Education Department of Australia has core duty for managing the budget and funding for the development of education policy. It is not just about their degree that makes them special but they provide students with best facilities possible where they not only learn but groom their entire personalities and perspectives.

1 - Best in Education:

Best-in-EducationAfter USA and United Kingdom Australia is considered to be third by for higher education in the world. Australian universities are ranked among the top 150 international universities in both the QS and Times Higher Education (both leading educational analyst ranking organization). They have developed a quality assurance agency especially for higher education called Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). It was founded by the Australian Government just to monitor education quality, and standardize universities.

Australia offers a wide range of over 22,000 courses to learn. There is not course that one can’t find there. All students are motivated to think creatively and independently. In the latest ranking Australia was ranked 4th Best Country for Higher Education by QS ranking. A great deal of the research work is done by Australian universities. Australia has five cities in the ranking of the 30 best cities in world that are best for students by means of education, culture and cost affordability.

2 - Popular Student Attraction:

Australia is a very beautiful country and every year it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourist. There are many, clean white and beaches and lakes. You can find from deep green forests to huge dry deserts there. There are a lot more Kangaroos than humans making more of natural environment. In addition to all the beauty, it is also wonderful place for education because of its forever maintained high standards. That’s why students from all around the world love to study in Australia and even transfer there during their holidays to study a program there.

Australia has the third highest number of international students in the world despite having a population of only 23 million. Australia is ranked 2ndMost Popular Student Attraction in 2016.Australia is the place where world’s largest population of international student is found. If you want admission in some particular university that you have selected then you must apply from their official website first or it suggested contacting a Study Abroad Consultant with good network like WSLConsultants, in order to find their eligibility criteria since every university has their own admission criteria; they will make all the work easier for you.

3 - Top-Ranked Universities:

Top-Ranked-Universities-of-AustraliaA country’s higher education system is judged by their top universities. There are 43 universities in Australia of which 40 are public universities, 2 international universities, and one is private specialty university. All universities in Australia receive huge reserves of their public funding from the Australian Government itself, they really are eager to help you. That makes them not only highly funded as well as most independent educational institutes. Their research programs and technology centers are one of the best in the world.

Australia is home to many of the world class institutes ranking in one of the best universities of world. Australia’s top university is University of Melbourne that ranks 33rd in world ranking of THE and second top is Australian National University ranking 47th in the same. Other than these there is no shortage of amazing universities in Australia. Here are all Top Ranked Universities of Australia and their Ranks.

4 - Scholarships in Australia:Scholarships-in-Australia

The Australian Government has the chief charge for public funding of higher education. It won’t be wrong to assume that Australian government is very generous as they have a budget of about $200 million per year especially for international students. There are many financial support options comprising Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, loans etc. This all is for international students who wish to study I Australia but don’t have the financial resources to afford it.

Keep in mind that you should look for scholarships and awards before you start your course. It can be very hard to find aid, especially when you are already in the middle of your education. Many of the scholarships are granted by university to their students for which you may contact your university’s administration and in addition there are also other Government and personal awards available, some of these most famous programs are following (click the link for more detail):

  1. Commonwealth Grant Scheme
  2. Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP)
  3. Commonwealth Scholarships
  4. Flowers Across Melbourne Scholarship
  5. International Water Centre Scholarships for International Students

5 - Well-Esteemed Degree:

Australia has a vibrant framework of acknowledged qualifications and a reputation for effective teaching and research methods. An Australian degree is easily transferable around the world. It doesn’t matter if your competitor or colleague has studied from UK or USA since Australian education system is as much admired as any other country’s education system. An Australian degree will work in any part of the world and you will be in fact preferred is you have studied abroad.

6 - Experience of Diverse Culture:

Experience-of-Diverse-CultureIt is said that no one ever feels like foreigner in Australia since most of the Australia consist of multicultural population. According to a survey report, 1 out of every 4 in Australia is born overseas. Australiais a country with one of the most Diverse Cultures. This is actually a best way to get exposure of the whole world in just one country. This really enhances students’ view of the world, and teaches them the conducts of the world that really enhances one’s capability to deal with any one, from any culture and better than anyone else. You will find people of all color, race, language and country there. Above and beyond this, you can also create a professional network that is the biggest asset for a professional.

7 - Student Work Opportunities:Student-Work-Opportunities

Australia allows international student to work up to 20 hours a week that may require only basic skills or any role inside their university campuses. Australian economy, at present, is much better than any developed country this is why jobs in Australia are not very hard to find. The minimum wage in Australia is $16.88 per hour that is, as a matter of fact, the highest wage in the world. Australia has many industries and a lot of part time employment opportunities that includes:

  1. Departmental stores, Big supermarkets, clothing stores.
  2. Restaurants, cafes and bars.
  3. Hostelling line related to tourism like motels and hotels
  4. In agricultural related job. like fruit-picking and packing
  5. Call centers and sales and marketing.
  6. In offices like administration or Clerical jobs.
  7. In teaching line like Tutoring, schools etc.

Australia government is eager to support capable students’ and doesn’t let their potential to go to waste this is why they facilitate them with every possible way of aid.

8 - Less Tuition Fee:

Less-Tuition-FeeAustralia is no less than any other country in all field of life. So, is there education system; admired as one of the best in world. On top of all that, Australia offers less tuition fee and living cost compared to most developed countries. Do remember, you are also allowed to work in Australia while you continue your studies. Following are the average annual tuition fee cost range in Australian universities:

Bachelor’s degree:

  • AU$15,000 equivalent of 12 Lac PKR---AU$33,000 equivalent of 26 Lac PKR

Master’s degree:

  • AU$20,000 equivalent of 16 Lac PKR---AU$37,000 equivalent of 29 Lac PKR

Doctoral degree:

  • AU$14,000 equivalent of 11 Lac PKR---AU$37,000 equivalent of 29 Lac PKR

If you have any query about education in Australia, you can freely ask WSLConsultants anything, we are here for your service.

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United Kingdom study guides by WSL Consultants

In the UK there are 4 states: England + Scotland + Wales or Northern Ireland. It is a groundbreaking field with the leading research and education initiatives in the country. Across decades, the UK has been the best in terms of higher education. It has also maintained its standards of teaching. Every year, thousands of students want to travel to the UK for study. That is every student's dream. Uk is popular land with good laws. It is recommended that you perform your studies before applying for study in UK.

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
You search information about study in UK need to be aware WSLConsultants team helps you. Usually, you need eighteen years old to take a course in a college or university.

  1. Recognized Bodies
  2. College
  3. Colleges of the university
  4. London University Colleges
  5. Colleges of higher education
  6. Canterbury's Archbishop.

1 – Top Education System :

Here in no comparison in the world to question the level of education in the United Kingdom, even not is USA. UK has a popular higher education location for decades. It's not going to say wrong the current global culture has begun in the United Kingdom. Today, scholars of the United Kingdom are most valued worldwide. The UK was rated 2nd Best State for education. So we cannot compare to the UK with any other country. You can search websites for search Program.

Top-in-Education2- Famous Student Attraction:

Universities in the United Kingdom keep their education standard of academic excellence and in high international ranking institute. Due to of this profile in the education system every student have dream to study in the UK. UK is rated 2nd in 2016 as the most popular attraction for visitors. United Kingdom is where the largest international student population in the country is located.

Whether you want to be accepted to a particular institute of your choosing, you must first apply through their official website or you can contact with educational consultant a good network such as WSL Consultants to find you best selection of studies.

3 - Top-Ranked Universities:

The higher education system of a nation is determined by its top universities. Oxford's university is 2nd famous university. Rival institution, is also in the UK. British colleges are think to be top institute for international students. Apart from these, there is no lack of outstanding colleges in the UK. Here are all United Kingdom's top-ranking universities and their ranks.  

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
4 - Scholarships in United Kingdom:Most-Funded-Scholarships

Scholarships, scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, financial prizes, loans, etc., is good opportunities.this is all about for international students who want to study in the UK but do not have financial guarantee. Many scholarship schemes are available inUK.. Some of the most common scholarships funded by the government are:

Until you continue your course, the best is you find your financial support. During the school year, it can be very difficult to find funds. Oversees and administers sections of a variety of grants and support programs, preceded by the most popular non-government scholarships .the good news is you can also apply from Pakistan.

Scheme Funding opportunityOpen For
Euraxess UKResearch placements in the UKAll countries
Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust ScholarshipsDoctoral studies, research, visiting fellows and Scottish summer schoolPakistan

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents
5 - Most Recognized Degree:

A 2013 report by the National Statistics Office showed graduates from UK are better than others. They can get easily employment. u just don't go to worried about job after your studies in the UK, just search job according to your standard which you don't feel overqualified.

6 - Exposure to All Cultures:

There are many different cultures in the United Kingdom.UK have a world's most diverse population. In fact, this is a good way to get worldwide visibility in only UK.latest survey of UK  71.6% are Christians, 2.7% are Muslims, 1% are Hindu, 1.6% are others and 23.1% are unidentified or none.

international-student-can-work-in-usa7- About student work chances:

  •       If you live in the UK, you will work part-time. Students studying at any university or college which has registered with the approved sponsor list registry of' recognized bodies.'  All students are allowed work. Standard compensation is $10-$ 12 an hour. Each university has a career center where you can be assisted by professional counselors in searching for part-time jobs. The United Kingdom does not want the potential of students to be wasted and facilitates their assistance with every possible way.

8 – After your Degree:

Usually it will take four years for a Bachelor degree and 2nd year of study for Masters. But the higher education system in the United Kingdom has improved this program for graduates to be different.

9- Test Requirement:

University admissions in the UK do not allow access to the previous record test score. All you need for your submission is your GPA, referral notes, and sometimes a personal statement. Nevertheless, to get admitted to a university. The performance of the English test depends on the criteria of the university.

uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents

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