Living Cost in Malaysia While Studying

living cost in malaysia

Kuala Lumpur has been positioned one of the slightest costly urban communities on the planet to live in. Whether you live in and out of institute campus, you will find that it is entirely conceivable to live easily inside a financial plan of USD5,000 every year. Living Cost in Malaysia is very low in comparison with other countries.

One of the fundamental attractions Malaysia holds for international students is the moderateness element.

There are two living cost in Malaysia while you are studying in Malaysia as an international student:

  • Course expenses, means fee, admission and other kind of charges.
  • Living costs means rents, food, transportation etc.

Living cost will rely on upon the area of your convenience and your own way of life, students will be satisfied to realize that Kuala Lumpur has been positioned the most reasonable city for students 2015. For most students, a month to month spending plan of RM 1500 (US$469) will furnish them with a somewhat open to living in Malaysia.

What are other things you must consider while arranging your funds for living cost in Malaysia.

Living Expenses:

You ought to appraise about RM300-600 (US$94-188) for your living cost every month. The rental will shift contingent upon the topographical territory, the kind of settlement (on-grounds living in a lobby of home; or off-grounds living in a flat, apartment suite, single-story house, twofold story house, and so on.), the offices gave in the house (e.g. with or without aerating and cooling) and obviously, the quantity of individuals sharing the room (or condo or house).

Sustenance and Housekeeping:

 Your sustenance and housekeeping costs are assessed to be around RM450-600 (approx. US$140-185). This depends on about RM15-20 (US$4.60-6.20) for three suppers for every day. Normally, it would be less expensive in the event that you cook and impart the cooking costs to your companions.

Garments and Laundry:

One of the major item to consider while budgeting living cost in Malaysia is You're garments costs like washing, pressing and dry-cleaning may cost around RM60 (US$19) every month.

Travelling and Transport:

Students who remain focused or close grounds may not acquire any expense of going to and from classes. Nonetheless, other voyaging may cost around RM30-50 (US$9-16) every month.

 Mobile Phone Bills and Utilities

The cell telephone bundles in Malaysia are extremely aggressive. The amount you spend will rely on upon your use and the limited time bundle you pick. The normal understudy may spend about RM30-80 (US$9-25) every month.

Books, Reading Materials and Stationery:

The assessed expense of books and stationery ought to be around RM50-100 (US$16-32) every month, except it would to a great extent rely on upon the course you have agreed to and the number and nature of undertakings in your course.

Medicinal and Hospitalization Insurance:

Despite the fact that you should not have to pay for medicinal costs each month, on the off chance that you set aside RM50 (US$16) every month, it would be adequate for you in the event that you require outpatient treatment at a private facility amid the year. This evaluation does exclude the sum you will need to pay for your restorative and hospitalization protection of about RM500 every year.

Individual Expenses:

Your month to month individual costs to a great extent rely on upon your own way of life. In any case, the expense can be evaluated to be between RM100 (US$32) and RM200 (US$64). This incorporates your mingling needs, toiletries, hair style, garments, motion picture, and so on.


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Malaysia Student Visa Guide


Malaysia Student Visa

Introduction to Malaysia Student Visa:

This article will provide you a complete introduction about student visa for Malaysia from Pakistan. This part offers valuable data on migration matters for global students who wish to seek Malaysia student visa and want to study in Malaysia after their advanced education in Malaysia. As per Immigration Rules and Regulations, every international student are required to have a legitimate Malaysia student visa with a specific end goal to think about in Malaysia.

The department that are in charge of migration matters are the Malaysian Immigration Department and Malaysian conciliatory mission abroad.

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Malaysia Student Visa requirement for Pakistani citizen

It is essential for a students to note that they are just permitted to learn at open or private higher instructive foundations which are affirmed by the accompanying two powers:

The Ministry of Higher Education (in Malay : Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia) which awards endorsement to organizations to direct different courses; and

The Ministry of Home Affairs (in Malay : Kementerian Hal Ehwal Malaysia) which licenses affirmed organizations to select worldwide students

At present, there are more than 400 private higher instructive foundations in Malaysia yet just around 216 of these private higher instructive establishments are given consent by the Immigration Department to enroll for a Malaysia student visa from all over the world students for tertiary training. All state funded colleges can select worldwide students. It would be ideal if you allude to Where to Study for a rundown of these organizations.


Student visa for Malaysia from Pakistan, A Complete Procedure

The area beneath will give universal students like YOU a more nitty gritty clarification about visas, getting a Malaysia student vosa, and different strategies required with a specific end goal to enter and stay in Malaysia as an student. The following are the process for Malaysia student visa application and entering Malaysia to concentrate on:

Method 1: Applying for Malaysia Student Visa.

Method 2: Arriving in Malaysia: At the Malaysia Immigration Check Point

Method 3: Affixing the Student Pass Sticker and Student Pass/Visa Fees for Malaysia student visa


Method 1: Applying for a Malaysia student visa and Student Pass.

Visa Issued at Point of Entry

The Malaysian Government has presented rearranged and bother free section systems to welcome universal students like YOU to learn at Malaysian open and private higher instructive establishments.

A Malaysia student visa is required yet the technique is basic i.e. You don't have to apply for a visa from the Malaysian Embassy in your nation of origin keeping in mind the end goal to enter Malaysia to contemplate, except for students from the People's Republic of China. The Malaysia student visa will be issued to you upon your entry in Malaysia at the migration check point gave you have substantial travel records and a letter of endorsement for an student go by the Malaysian Immigration Department.


Applying for a Student Pass through an Institution Prior to Entering Malaysia

The procedure of applying for a student pass is straightforward. The Malaysian education department for advanced education which has offered worldwide students like YOU a spot to learn at their foundation will apply for the student go for your benefit, before your entry in Malaysia.

Applications will be put together by the particular higher instructive foundation to the Director of Pass and Permit Division, Malaysia Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (e-Student Pass System). Students don't have to apply specifically to the Immigration Department under this method.

Planned students will be educated of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through their instructive foundations inside an expected seven to 14 days after the application. A planned universal student must have an affirmed student go before entering the nation.


  • Required documents for applying a student pass Malaysian instructive foundations are required to present the accompanying archives to the Malaysian Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur with a specific end goal to apply for student goes for students who plan to learn at their individual organizations.
  • An offer letter or letter of acknowledgment from the instructive organization to the student
  • Student Pass Application Form (Imm.14) in copy for Malaysia student visa
  • Two photocopies of the student's international ID/travel archive (with a legitimacy time of no less than 12 months)
  • Three travel permit measured photos of the student
  • One photocopy of the student's medicinal well being examination report
  • Confirmation of student's capacity to back their training cost in Malaysia
  • The institute is required to sign a Personal Bond* endorsed under Regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations 1963 together with installment


Upon endorsement, Malaysia student visa are then conceded to global students which will permit them direct passage into Malaysia except for students from The People's Republic of China who are required to get a Single-Entry Visa before they come to Malaysia.


Overview: Steps for Obtaining a Pass and Malaysia student visa

Step 1:           YOU present an application/enrollment to get Malaysia student visa with pertinent records to the expected higher instructive foundation which has official endorsement from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Malaysia Immigration Department) to enroll worldwide students.

Step 2:          YOUR application for Malaysia student visa is acknowledged by the instructive foundation. The organization will then help YOU apply for an student go at the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia preceding YOUR entry.

Step 3:          A letter of endorsement for an student pass will then be discharged by the Malaysian Immigration Department to your institution which has offered YOU a spot to study in Malaysia on Malaysia student visa. The institution will send the endorsement letter to YOU while you are still in your home country. You then will submit these document in near Malaysia embassy with following documents.

  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Pictures
  • Copy of ID card
  • Bank statement for Malaysia student visa is not required
  • College letter and Approval of Malaysian immigration for Malaysia student visa

Step 4:          After getting Malaysia student visa sticker and Before leaving YOUR home country for study in Malaysia on Malaysia student visa, YOU should tell to your institute that your are reaching of which airport, flight number, landing date and time.

Step 5:          Upon YOUR landing in the air terminal in Malaysia on Malaysia student visa, the institute illustrative will get YOU at the movement registration at the Malaysian air terminal. A Malaysia student visa will be issued to YOU at the passage point as an underwriting on YOUR legitimate national travel permit. A Special Pass will be issued at the passage point to allude you to the closest State Immigration Department for issuance of a Malaysia student visa within 30 days. (Note: Students from The People's Republic of China are required to acquire their Entry Visa preceding entering Malaysia)

Step 6:          Within 2 weeks of YOUR entry, the instructive organization will present YOUR identification to the Immigration Department to join the Student Pass sticker of multiple entries of Malaysia student visa. This procedure may take around 6 to 8 weeks.


Procedure 2: - Arriving in Malaysia: At the Malaysian Immigration Check Point for Malaysia Student Visa

Upon landing in the air terminal/passage point in Malaysia, the student needs to demonstrate his or her student pass endorsement letter at the migration check point. An exceptional pass will be issued to allude the student to the separate State Immigration Department for the issuance of Malaysia student visa. A visa will likewise be issued to the student at the passage point as a support on the student's travel permit (with a legitimacy time of no less than six months).

The institue's illustrative will for the most part be at the migration check point to get and take care of the student. After the migration freedom, the agent will be capable to exchange the student to the instructive foundation to report their landing.

The most widely recognized section point for universal students is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Other passage focuses (universal air terminals) incorporate Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Sabah); Kuching International Airport (Sarawak) and Penang International Airport (Penang). Some additionally enter Malaysia by means of area courses from Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia.

Students originating from yellow fever endemic zones, (for example, Africa, Central and South America) are required to acquire the essential vaccinations before coming to Malaysia.


Procedure 3 - Affixing the Student Pass Sticker and Student Pass/Visa Fees

The unique Malaysia student visa is issued to the coming international student at the Immigration check point is substantial for 14 days. Along these lines inside two weeks of their entry, Your college or university is required to present the Malaysia student visa to the State Immigration Department to empower an student pass sticker to be attached.

The Malaysia student visa or pass are supported in the students' international ID by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The underwriting shows their visa sort, the length of stay in Malaysia, the quantity of sections allowed into Malaysia and the legitimacy of the student pass (which is generally one year).

The charge for an student pass is RM60.00 a year (or part of a year) while visa expenses range from RM15 to RM90 contingent upon the student's province of root. All installments of charges, issuance of student passes and visas and additionally reestablishment of student passes should be possible at the separate State Immigration Departments. The student pass should be restored yearly.

Every worldwide student will be issued an I-Kad by the Immigration Department after they get an student pass sticker.

Relatives of International Students who are Allowed to Stay in Malaysia

Certain relatives of outside students are permitted to go with students in Malaysia on a Long Term Social Pass (for the span of 12 months or as indicated by the length of study whichever start things out). They incorporate the accompanying sorts of relatives:


  1. Guardians of students
  2. Companions, kids and guardians of students who originate from center eastern nations
  3. Companions and kids (close family just) of students who are seeking after postgraduate projects

Presenting a Long Stay Application for student visa for Malaysia from Pakistan

A long stay application might be submitted to the closest Malaysian Representative Office abroad, together with a duplicate of the understudy pass application.

For nations that don't have a Malaysian Representative Office, the candidate may enter Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass at the section point and afterward apply for an augmentation of stay at the State Immigration Office where the instructive organization is situated inside one month from the date of passage.

The documents required are :

  • Structure Imm. 55
  • Structure Imm. 38 (if appropriate)
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of understudy
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of applicant(s)
  • Photocopy of international ID/travel report of applicant(s)
  • A confirmation letter from the instructive establishment

Working Part-time While Studying in Malaysia and Malaysia student visa

Every global understudy learning at open or private higher instructive establishments are permitted to work low maintenance.


Conditions for low maintenance work during Malaysia student visa

Understudies are permitted to work low maintenance for a most extreme of 20 hours for each week just amid semester breaks or occasions of over seven days at eateries, petrol stands, scaled down business sectors and inns the length of their understudy passes stay substantial. Understudies are NOT allowed to act as clerks. Moreover, in the inn part, understudies are not permitted to fill in as vocalists, masseurs, performers or GROs. Understudies are not permitted to take part in any occupation or action esteemed to be indecent.

Application to work low maintenance must be made through the instructive organization at which the understudy is concentrating on. The understudy should be available with the instructive organization agent at the Immigration Department while presenting the application.


Other Immigration Matters While in Malaysia

As an understudy in Malaysia, you may need to manage other migration matters, for example, :

Applying for a New Passport to Replace a Stolen or Missing Passport

In the event that your identification is lost, stolen or lost, you have to apply for another travel permit through your high bonus/government office here in Malaysia. The initial couple of things you ought to do is to document a police report and contact your IS Office delegate who will help you.

Augmenting an Expiring Passport

On the off chance that you have to augment a lapsing travel permit, contact your IS Office for help. You will need to go to your high bonus/international safe haven in Malaysia to apply for an expansion with your current identification; or apply for another visa.


Augmenting Your Student Pass/Visa Validity Period

You need a substantial understudy pass/visa at all times when concentrate full-time in Malaysia (unless you are a ward/political/developed visit pass holder). Your visa/pass must be restored or expanded on the off chance that you have not finished your study program on the date of visa/pass termination.

With a specific end goal to amplify your understudy visa/pass, you should submit to your IS Office all the required records no less than one and a half months before the expiry date expressed in your understudy pass/visa.

The reestablishment may not be affirmed in the event that you have any of the accompanying :

  • Poor class participation; or
  • No course choice in the present semester or next semester, whichever is appropriate.

Exchanging to Another Institution

In the event that you wish to pull back from your course in your present school/college to exchange to another affirmed establishment in Malaysia, an endorsement of exchange must be gotten from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. You need your current understudy go (from the past organization) scratched off. The new organization will then acquire a new understudy go for your benefit from the Immigration Department. The understudy pass is not transferable.

Leaving Malaysia before the Completion of Your Course Canceling Your Malaysia Student visa

In the event that you wish to pull back from your course in Malaysia to return home or go to another nation, you should look for assistance from your IS Office.

Your IS Office will help you with all the migration techniques and wipe out your understudy go keeping in mind the end goal to keep you from having any issues when re-entering Malaysia later on.

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Malaysia Work Visa

Malaysia Work Visa

To get Malaysia work visa the complete procedure is given in this article. This visa is given to those companies who have obtained working license in Malaysia, this is normally acquired by the business. In the event that you claim an organization and need to contract an outside national, be set up for a long and depleting process. These companies can hire international workers for their work. Malaysia Work visa in 2016-2017 have the same requirements as in previous years.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-
Contact number.

Mobile: +92 322 6742267 (also on whats app)

Representatives of any business with their families who are coming to Malaysia, who have not acquired work licenses before entry, are permitted to get entry visa and social passes and they are allowed to work a short time later and they get Malaysia Work Visa. As Malaysia forces stringent laws for unlawful specialists, it is exceedingly prescribed not to begin working before the working grant is issued.

Wards of work license holders need to apply for own working grants on the off chance that they wish to work in Malaysia.

Types of Malaysia Work Visa:

There are two major types of Malaysia work visas.

  1. A to A, in other words it is company visa and the foreigner who get this kind of visa will work in a company who is issuing this visa. In this visa company will do a contract of two or three years with the foreigner. After arrival the foreigner will work according to the contract and will get salary according to contract. The foreigner will not leave company and can not work any other place. If the foreigner want to come back to his home land he has to take leave from the company or he has to surrender his visa.
  2. A to B or in other words Azad Work visa/ Open work visa. In this kind of work visa the issuing company allow the foreigner to work at any other place, the company hand over the passport to worker and he can work at any place. This is most desired visa in Malaysia. Worker want to work with his own conditions.

Requirements of Malaysia Work Visa:

With a specific end goal to acquire a work allow, the identification ought to have a remaining legitimacy of no less than year and a half. The citizen of any other nation who is coming to Malaysia to work must be 18 years or more. The work grants are generally issued for periods between 6 months and 5 years. Following is the requirements for Malaysia Work Visa 2016-2017.

  1. Age must be more than 18 years
  2. Passport validity must be more than 6 months
  3. Clear medical report from the approved medical centers
  4. Police report from home town district
  5. Overseas Nadra ID Card

Concerning bosses, any data with respect to the visa procedure, prerequisites or the fundamental structures, can be seen on the official site of the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Procedure for Malaysia Work Visas 2016-2017

Procedure to get Malaysia work visa in 2016-2017 is given below.

  • First of all you must have valid passport and required age.
  • You have to get clear medical report from the approved medical centers by Malaysian government.
  • Blue or white background pics
  • After having all above things, your employer will apply for your Work visa calling letter. This procedure can be up to 6 months long. Once it get completed you will have to apply for single entry visa sticker in Malaysia embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • On applying with calling letter for Malaysia work visa, you will initially get single entry visa from Malaysian embassy. This is also called temporary employment pass Malaysia.
  • After getting Malaysian work visa single entry sticker, you can fly for Malaysia. But before you have to obtain Protector from protector office.
  • After reaching in Malaysia you have to wait on airport to get cleared by your employer company. The representative of that company will come he will take you from Malaysian airport.
  • After getting cleared from Malaysia immigration, you have to go through medical again. After getting clear report your passport will be submitted again in Malaysian immigration for multiple entry work visa.
  • After getting multiple entry work visa for Malaysia, you can work in Malaysia without any problem. After one year this work visa will expire and you have to get it renew.
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