Full International Scholarship in University of Westminster, UK


University of Westminster Undergraduate Degree

Deadline: 4 May 2017 (annual)
Study in:  UK
Course starts September 2017

Brief description of Full International Scholarship:

Westminster’s Full International Scholarship are the University’s most competitive scholarships that are open to international students from developing countries who wish to pursue a full-time Undergraduate degree at the University of Westminster. These scholarships are for year 2017-18. Full international scholarship can be obtained by applying in below given link.

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Host Institution(s): University of Westminster, United Kingdom

Level/Field of study: Any eligible Undergraduate Programme offered at University of Westminster.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Target group: Students from developing countries. See the official website for the complete list of eligible countries.

Full International Scholarship value/inclusions/duration:

Full tuition fee waivers, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London. The scholarship will be renewed each year subject to satisfactory academic performance.


You must be an international student from a developing country and hold an offer for a full-time undergraduate degree at the University.  The criteria for awarding the scholarships are academic excellence, development potential and financial need.

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Are you eligible for a full international scholarship?

Check the criteria for the scholarship/s you’re interested in to make sure this is the case. For example, if you apply for a full postgraduate scholarship, you have to have the international equivalent of a UK First Class undergraduate degree. The scholarships table at the start of each section will tell you the minimum degree required for the postgraduate scholarships. Please note that if you already have an Equivalent Level Qualification (ELQ) you are ineligible to apply for a scholarship. Therefore, if you are a graduate applying for another undergraduate degree or a Masters graduate applying for a postgraduate degree you are treated as an ELQ student. The only exception to this is if:

  • you are a postgraduate applicant with a Masters degree applying for a PhD programme or
  • your international Masters qualification is regarded as equivalent to a UK undergraduate degree.

Application instructions for Full International Scholarship:

You should only apply for a full international scholarship once you have applied for admission and successfully been offered a place (either conditional or unconditional) on the course you wish to study.  To apply for a scholarship, you will need to download and complete the relevant scholarship application form and submit it together with supporting documents by POST. The deadline for applications is 4 May 2017.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) to access the application forms and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Official Scholarship Website: https://www.westminster.ac.uk/file/31381/download?token=-8eiJ8m7

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Studying abroad expenses, Students have to Endure

studying abroad expenses

When planning to study in a foreign country, most students and their families usually make mistake to calculate studying abroad expenses during time of study. They only take living expenses into account. Only thing they concentrate on is the fees of the student. Some may have a slight notion about rent but that is all. Here in this article, we, WSLConsultants team have gathered all the possible expenses you will have to face when you will be studying abroad. You will know that what are studying abroad expenses actually is?

1 -   Food, Accommodation and Dressing:

When we talk about studying abroad expenses, the very first thing in this article are the most basic living expenses. Everyone is aware of these expenses but you might not know everything about them. Here I have mentioned every critical detail you must know before moving abroad for your education.

How Pakistani students are treated abroad

studying-abroad-expenses-foodsFirst is food. In studying abroad expenses, food has major role. You definitely have to eat in order to eat in order to survive but have calculated the cost of food you will be consuming in abroad country. The thing you don’t always eat home, if you could cook and eat home it will help you save a lot of money. But eventually you end up eating out or fast food most of the time. How much it will cost, depends on the country and their currency. But the point is that other than the home cooked food you also have to calculate for Snacks, fast food, drinks, when you have friends over and when you go out with friends or colleagues to eat.

Second is accommodation in basic living expense. This something you must arrange before you move to the foreign country. You must register a place for yourself where you are going to rest after the long journey. Accommodation in a foreign country is divided into two categories for international students.

  1. On-Campus Residence
  2. Off-Campus Residence

On-Campus Residence. While calculating studying abroad expenses, residence is the dorm you get in inside your university campus. They are a lot cheaper for international students when compared to Off-campus residence.  University dorms are specially created for students who are away from their home and need place to stay. Your first priority should be to get On-campus residence.

Off-Campus Residence is any flat, house or room you rent outside the university campus. Off-campus residence can be expensive since you have to deal a private personal whose sole purpose is to make a business out of you.

Third thing is the Dressing. You must be well aware that every country has their culture and fashion style. You can wear Shalwar Qameez in any foreign country but it will make it difficult for you get along with native people. So, once you are settled abroad, you have to buy clothes according their culture, fashion and style.

With all these things also keep the medical expenses in mind. We can never be sure about health and it should be our first priority to maintain the best of the health. Be sure, to have enough money aside to cover your medical essentials when necessary.

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2-   Conveyance and traveling:

Conveyance-and-travelingEvery international student needs a form conveyance in order to move freely. You are certainly not going to spend your entire 2 to 4 year program just sitting in university. So, transportation is necessary to make your movement easier. But have you estimated the expense it will cost you. There can be different modes of transportation one may use. Most commonly used form of transportation is public buses in developed countries that are rather cheap compared to other vehicles. But these big vehicles don’t go everywhere and have particular fixed stops. With busses you also have the facility of local trains for transportation. But the real cost comes when you sometimes have to get a taxi or rent a car. That is really difficult for an average Pakistani student to afford.

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Some students have figured an easy way to this problem. I have seen students rent or buy a bicycle for this. This may seem a little awkward for a university student riding a bicycle all the time but it is a lot more common in international students than you may think. It is genius way which not saves you cost of transportation but also the cost of Petrol and Parking and you can move freely inside your university campus without any hindrance. This way you also get exercise and keep you healthy.

3 -   Tickets

This is an expense one doesn’t even think about until they found themselves in empty handed in a foreign country and they are in dire need to visit their homeland. Tickets to go back to home is another major role in studying abroad expenses. During your years of stay, there are going to be multiple occasions, like Eids, weddings, holiday, some other happy and sad events when you have to come back to your home.

This is the most costly expense an international student has to bear. International flight tickets are very expensive. Every time you visit your home, you also have to purchase a return ticket, so, it is basically two ticket cost you have to suffer. Make sure, you have planned every unexpected event planned and enough money in your account to help you in this case.

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 4 -   Study Materials:

Talking about studying abroad expenses, The one, you must expect least of all is study materials, you are most probably thinking that how can it even an expense. Well my friend, this is why I had to write this article. You do know Pakistan’s currency Rupee has a very low rate and what we get produced in Pakistan is kind of affordable for us. Now, think your income is in Pakistani rupee and you have to spend in Dollars. It is technically like dividing your whole salary to 100.

Notepads, notes, helping materials and especially books are going to be quite expensive than what we get in Pakistan. You won’t find any pirated/cheap copy of a book; you will have to buy the original one. When you rent a book from library that helps but when you delay it that fine is going to cost more than the book itself. I have read somewhere most developed countries take their library issues pretty seriously. And the most important thing, depending on your degree program, you may also have to spend some money for the semester projects.

How to Study in Canada for Free

 5 -   Tax and Insurance:

Tax on students may sound weird but there are many countries where even students have to pay tax of the little amount they earn. If you don’t do a job even this headaches not over because you will still be charged on every transaction you have in your bank. When you are abroad, your all finances will most probably be coming from your guardians in Pakistan. All of these financial matters are solved through banks. When money is transferred form a country to another, it cost you a big time tax and some custom charges.

Other than this, in some countries like Germany, students have to buy some basic insurances of which the most basic Health Insurance. Insurances may help you save some money but with that you also have a compulsory obligation on your head to pay

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Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships, 2017

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships

Applications are invited for Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships available for international students to undertake studies at Japanese university or graduate school in Japan. International applicants can apply.

The Foundation awards scholarships to overseas students who aspire to study or conduct research in Japanese universities or graduate schools. Its scholarship fund is supported by the contributions of Rotarians throughout Japan.

The Foundation is Japan’s largest private scholarship organization, both in terms of program scale and number of scholarships awarded.

There are several conditions requiring Japanese language ability depend on the Rotary District where applicants’ targeted the university / graduate school is located. In either case, after arriving Japan, scholars are expected to make an effort to communicate in Japanese so as to better create and strengthen friendship ties with Japanese Rotarians.

Applications are welcomed for Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships accessible for worldwide students to embrace learns at Japanese college or master's level college in Japan. Universal candidates can apply.

The Foundation grants to abroad students who seek to study or direct research in Japanese colleges or master's level college. Its grant reserve is upheld by the commitments of Rotarians all through Japan.

The Foundation is Japan's biggest private grant association, both as far as program scale and number of grants granted.

There are a few conditions requiring Japanese language capacity rely on upon the Rotary District where candidates' focused on the college/graduate school is found. In either case, subsequent to arriving Japan, researchers are relied upon to try to convey in Japanese in order to better make and fortify fellowship ties with Japanese Rotarians.

Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate, master and PhD degree programs at Japanese University or Graduate School.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in all disciplines.

Scholarship Award:

For April enrolment: Scholarship payment begins in April 2017 or For fall enrollment: Scholarship payment begins in October (or September) 2017

Undergraduates                     100,000 yen per month

Master’s students                  140,000 yen per month

Doctoral students                  140,000 yen per month

*Research students are not eligible.


Only for the first year of the scholarship, a supplemental of 400,000 yen is provided after arrival in Japan and attending an orientation. Yoneyama scholars are to arrive in Japan prior to the month of their admission. Irrespective of the reason, if they do not arrive in Japan by the month that their scholarship will begin to be paid, they will lose their eligibility.

*The application guideline is judged based on the one written in Japanese.

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships can be taken in Japan

Eligibility: Overseas students meeting all of the following requirements are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

  • Citizenship & Place of Residence Not be a citizen of Japan nor be residing in Japan.
  • Letter of Success or Permission for Pre-arrival Admission in Japanese University or Graduate School Have either obtained or be in the process of applying for pre-arrival admission approval or letter of success from the university or graduate school (under MEXT jurisdiction) to which you wish to enter as a degree student, and be scheduled for April 2017 or October (September) 2017 enrollment. If the applicants come to Japan to have the entrance examination (e.g., to take a written exam or interview), they must return to their residing country to apply for the scholarship. Those who enroll in undergraduates must submit a copy of admission, and those who enroll in graduate schools must submit a letter of recommendation from his/her supervisor / professor in Japanese graduate schools of their choice. If not submitted, their application will be rejected
  • Scholastic and Health Requirements- Have an enthusiasm for study and clear-cut future goals, an awareness of and respect for cultural differences, and ability to express oneself fluently and to communicate smoothly, and both the mental and physical health needed to sustain one’s life as an overseas exchange student.
  • Japanese Language Ability: As the page 6-7 shows, there are several conditions requiring Japanese language ability depend on the Rotary District where applicants’ targeted the university / graduate school is located. In either case, after arriving Japan, scholars are expected to make an effort to communicate in Japanese so as to better create and strengthen friendship ties with Japanese Rotarians.

Nationality: International students (Non Japanese) are eligible for these Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships: 

  • Persons who already hold a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for an undergraduate scholarship.
  • Persons who already hold a master’s degree are not eligible for a master’s scholarship.
  • Persons who already hold a doctoral degree are not eligible for a doctoral scholarship.

Test Requirement Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships:

English Language Requirements: There are several conditions requiring Japanese language ability depend on the Rotary District where applicants’ targeted the university / graduate school is located. In either case, after arriving Japan, scholars are expected to make an effort to communicate in Japanese so as to better create and strengthen friendship ties with Japanese Rotarians.

How to get Canada Scholarships?

How to Apply: The application and documents should be prepared in PDF format. After filling out the form, please save the file with your own name and the documents name like as follows. (example: applicant’s name Margaret King)

  • Application
  • The copy of the application for admission for the university/graduate school you are applying
  • Research plan (prescribed form)
  • Composition (purpose for studying in Japan)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Copy of Letter of Acceptance
  • Document certifying Japanese language proficiency
    The Documents (5) and (6) can be sent to us directly from the university or schools you are applying by the deadline. Those who apply for Undergraduate don’t need to submit (3). Those who haven’t taken the Japanese Language Proficiency Test don’t need to submit (7).

Application Form

Application Deadline: Application must arrive by December 15, 2016 1:00P.M. Japan time for both April and fall (September/October) 2017 Enrolment.

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Study in Malaysia Cost and Student Visa

Study-in-Malaysia-Cost-and-Student-VisaCost of Studying and Living in Malaysia

The study in Malaysia Cost is very low. Now the trend of going to Malaysia for studying is getting popularity. It is rewarding to study in Malaysia due to many reasons. The prime aspect is the affordable cost of education. The positive factors of getting education in Malaysia are the affordable fee requirements and low living cost.

What are the benefits of studying in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers variety of advantages to the international students. The rules and regulations are not very complicated to follow. Moreover, Malaysia offers

  1. Huge variety of study options for selection courses
  2. Competitive prices and cost of education
  3. High quality education

There are many UK and Australia based universities that have their campuses in Malaysia. Students get the advantage to get the dual degree. They can apply UK engineering degree in Malaysia at the lower cost of the 6000 through 3+0 franchised. The tuition fee for the degree program is same for three years.

Affordable Living cost and cheapest universities in malaysia for international students

Accommodation in Malaysia is inexpensive. It depends on the area and your lifestyle as well. But, the average cost as compared to the other countries is very low here. If you stay outside the city, then it will be lower for you. The drawback of living far from the institution is to make your traveling expenses higher. It does not very high and students can afford it easily.

What expenses you have to bear for studying in Malaysia?

  1. Personal Expenses

You need to do personal expenses on haircut, laundry, traveling cost and food. It takes some of your amount on monthly basis.

  1. Hospital insurance and Medical

Living in Malaysia is not expensive if you have medical insurance if a student requires outpatient treatment at a private hospital in the whole year. This insurance is done by the institute as well.

  1. Books and study material

The cost of your books and study material depends on your project and choice of course.

These expenses are not very tough to manage students have the opportunity to do part time jobs for meeting the study expenses. It is feasible for the students to get education in Malaysia.

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Study in Malaysia for Pakistani Students 2017 Universities

Study in Malaysia for Pakistani students

It is a good choice to study in Malaysia for Pakistani students. Malaysia is the 24th business country in the world that contains top 10 universities. For offering quality and affordable education with reputable degrees, excellent education system and low tuition fees, it is the best destination. It is good to get education here because Malaysia offers scholarships in all fields. In Malaysia, there are campuses of the most of the popular universities of UK and Australia. Students can get the advantage of getting dual degrees of both countries. The following courses are offered in Malaysia. 

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Obtaining Admission in Malaysian Colleges and University

in Completion of Student Visa documents and Process

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  • Language,
  • Hotel management
  • Retail Management

Certificate courses contains duration from 6 months to 1 year 

  • Diploma in creative multimedia and animation
  • Diploma in corporate communication
  • Diploma in business administration
  • Diploma in tourism management
  • Diploma in computer forensic
  • Diploma in Islamic Banking
  • Diploma in Special need
  • Diploma in marketing
  • Diploma in TESL
  • Foundation in science

Duration of diploma courses is 2.5 years up to 3 years

Cost of Admission and Visa and 1st Year Tuition Fee.

Registration Fee                                             RM. 00

EMGS Fee                                                        RM 2000

Tuition Fee 1st Year                                       RM 8300

Immigration Approval Charges                  RM 600

Airport Pick up charges                               RM 200

VISA FEE IN PAKISTAN                            RM 400

Degree Programs and their Fees

Following are the degree programs in Malaysia.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor - Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor (Hons) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor (Hons) of Computer Science
  • B.Eng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music
  • LLB (Hons) University of London International Programmes
  • Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Industrial Power)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Finance (Honours)

For degree programs, the average study fees for three years are about four thousand to five thousand dollars. It depends on the university in which you are going to apply. The amount increases around RM 20000 to 25000 for completing a degree.  Candidates can apply by taking complete information about the courses because in Malaysia, there are more than seven hundred universities.

Download Complete Student Visa Application Process (Step Wise)

Financial Grant and help by Malaysia for students

It is very easy to get education in Malaysia due to the affordable cost and financial grants. Students can get financial benefits in terms of scholarship by the Malaysia government.

  1. Sunway College Special Scholarship
  2. University of Sheffield Undergraduate Scholarships
  3. Foundation in Science scholarship
  4. Asia e University: AeU Merit Scholarship
  5. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
  6. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
  7. Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS)
  8. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Scholarships

How to apply for Malaysia Student Visa

To apply for Malaysia student visa, the process is very easy to complete.

  1. Student will submit documents in University or college for registration
  2. Student will asked for medical examination by college
  3. Student will submit clear medical report in college
  4. student will submit EMGS fee
  5. Student will get registered in EMGS and can track their application on EMGS
  6. Student will submit advance fee to college
  7. Student will get VAL from university or college after approval
  8. Student will submit his passport in Malaysian embassy in his country along with VAL
  9. Student will get visa and he can fly for Malaysia
  10. Student will pay the remaining fee and will also tell the date of arrival to institute.
  11. Student will be picked by the institute.
  12. Now institute will submit it to the immigration department Malaysia and it takes 21 days.
  13. After this the passport is stamped with visa with multiple entry.

How to apply for study in Malaysia Scholarship for Pakistani students

Permission to do Work While Study in Malaysia

Students cannot work on study visa usually. But they are allowed to do part time jobs during university break and holidays for twenty hours in a week. They need a valid students pass for this purpose.
For getting this pass they need to apply with these documents.

  1. Processing Fee 120 RM
  2. Contact detail
  3. Passport copy
  4. Photograph
  5. Visa copy

The application is approved after a formal interview of the candidate. Candidate has to submit academic reports and progress for this approval.

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How Pakistani Students are Treated Abroad?

how Pakistanis are treated abroadHow Pakistani students are treated abroad? There has always been confusion in our minds whether we will be treated nicely or be referred as mediocrity in their home, if we go to a foreign country for higher education.This dilemma is totally normal and also a misconception. Here I have gathered the most common queries we Pakistani students have in our minds about treatment we will receive abroad and with that I have also mentioned all sensible answers to guide to you out of any hindrance you may be facing when planning to abroad.

how to study in Canada without ielts


1 -   How Most Pakistani Behave Abroad?

As far as my experience is goes, usually all foreigners behave very decently in an abroad country. That is specially the case with Pakistanis. They follow all laws; ignore all misbehavior's and everything that may hurt them. They mostly try to live a humble life and prove themselves a wonderful citizen.

how Pakistani's can study in Canada for free

This all does not go vain as they are always fully paid back by giving a place as citizen. No matter what country you go to, it’s almost always the same.But one thing that is the worst about behavior of Pakistanis abroad; they are ashamed of calling themselves a Pakistani.It doesn’t matter how world sees Pakistan, it is our job to change their perception. But instead, Pakistanis try to hide their identity as if they are ashamed of being a Pakistani.

2 -   Are We Considered Inferior?

This is just a misconception that in foreign country, they would look at us like we are some monkeys and they are superior to us.It is just as they say in Psychology “inferiority complex”, it is our state of mind that we consider ourselves inferior otherwise we got nothing to worry about. Do not forget that Pakistan is a Nuclear power with rapidly growing economy and one of the most powerful. So, the answer is NO we are not considered inferior and treated equally.

3 -   Are We Seen as Terrorists?

There have been a few incidents where some Muslims were marked as terrorists and treated poorly in countries like United State of America. But it’s mostly just in USA and what we hear is also usually just one side of the story. After 9/11 there were some occasions where we felt like English countries are not for Muslims anymore, however, time has yet changed.

Most of the Pakistanis are now seen as victim than being terrorist because world is aware of the grave instances that happened in Pakistan like APS attack and now they stand with us on that. Besides, being called terrorist has nothing to do with Pakistan because it is just an act of racism executed by some illiterate foolish goons who think they know everything and usually end up in jail.

4 -   Do We Get Rights and Respect?

Just like discussion above How Pakistani students are treated abroad? my answer is yet again positive. YES, all Pakistanis get all the rights and respect just like any other international student. As a matter of fact, International students are treated much nicely because they are seen as educated people who are now their guest. Guests are respected in every part of the world.

When an international student goes abroad, he pays more education fees than any domestic student and it is better for their economy since you are a customer for them. Other than that, you will buy clothes, food, pay rent, use transport etc. and with all this, it is very beneficial for any country to have international students there. With you being so beneficial for them, they will definitely take special care of you; you are respected and given all your rights. Everyone knows that foreigners always behave nice so they also return the favor.

5 -   How Teachers Treat?

Teachers are hired to teach international student for higher education are the most educated and qualified people you will find in the world. They all have exceptional communication skills and they are real professional. Educated people really like the students who practically moved abroad to a strange land for the sole purpose of achieving quality higher education. It is their job to provide students with it and they fulfill their duty with passion.

University teachers are specially advised to behave nicely with international students since they would be nervous being thousands of miles away from their home. There is really no need to worry if teachers will be selfish to you. They are, of all people, the last you may expect to hurt you.

6 -   How Students Treat?

Yourself being a student, a question will also come in your mind that How Pakistani students are treated abroad? The answer is that you will find hundreds of many other students just like you, away from their homeland seeking quality higher education. You will find all types of domestic and international students in your class. University life and studies don’t work without groups, intentionally or unintentionally, your will become a part of a group that will most probably comprise different colors, language and nationalities. This is how student life works in a foreign country.

You must be aware how friends are supposed to be, well, relations are also same as in Pakistan. Your friends group will be the bunch of students you will spend your whole degree program with. There will be domestics of that specific country by whom you will always be guided and taken care of, in all sort of hindrance.

All students in universities specially like international students. I am not saying everyone is and will be good. They are all human just like you. You will find good and bad people. There will be some who will become an important part of your life. On the other hand, there may be some bullies who will try to destroy your peace of mind. But, all of this is totally manageable and depends on you how your react in these situations.

7 -   How Management Treat? How Pakistani students are treated abroad?

This may be the last, but I would say, the most frequently asked and believed question. Like the life we have been living in Pakistan we think, if this is how we are treated in Pakistan, what will they do to us in foreign land? We always have a problem with management whether it’s school, college, job or any department or company.

Management is an art that uneducated and illiterate can’t perform but in foreign country where they expect international students, they always hire the best and most glowing collaborative team. No matter what problem an international student may have, even for their accommodation and visa, they are provided an office for them inside the university to guide in all their difficulties. So, you do not need to worry if management will be supportive or not. They are paid to help you and interact with you.

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Study in Canada For Free

Study-in-Canada-For-FreeThe majority of the international students wants to apply to study in Canada for free.  It is an exciting but a costly affair. It is rewarding opportunity for them to get reputable degree from the authentic universities of the world. It is obviously based on quality and contains a good scope around the globe. After six months of graduation students get good employment in Canada. The process of applying for Canada study visa is not difficult but it needs to fulfill some formalities. Students should take the complete information about it. There are two ways of free education in Canada.

  1. Scholarship
  2. Immigration

Education is a popular pathway to Canadian immigration, many international students eventually applying for studies and obtaining permanent resident status after their education.

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Apply for Free assessment for Canada study permit 

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The first one is the process that needs special skills in the relevant fields. The students have to show excellent academic record and to meet all the standards of merit of the university. After this procedure, university reviews the application and then decides to allow the scholarship. The second way of free education in Canada is to get immigration.

How to apply for Immigration in Canada?

Search the ways through which you can get the forms of immigration application. For this purpose you must be eligible for it. For eligibility, you need to meet the merits, get the forms from the immigrant’s official website, submit fee and it will start the procedure. It is the procedure that allows the permit to come to Canada permanently. You need to follow choose any one of the procedures for visa application.

  1. Apply in the immigration for getting immigrant orders
  2. Family sponsorship
  3. Self-employed
  4. Immigration investor
  5. Startup visa
  6. Quebec-selected skilled workers
  7. Express Entry
  8. Provincial nominees

Dear student!

You can send you query through our query form or you can apply in an Canadian institute through our Online Application System.

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Canada Student Visa Application Requirements

How to get Study In Canada For Free visa permit?

It is a document that is issued by the Immigration Canada and Citizenship. It permits a foreigner to come in Canada for studying for the limited time. It offers an opportunity to get education in the exciting location. The requirements of the documentation are given below.

  1. Proof of identityHow-to-get-Study-In-Canada-For-Free-visa-permit
  2. Personal statement
  3. Educational documents
  4. True processing fee with green receipt
  5. Police clearance certificate
  6. Study permit application
  7. Proof of financial support
  8. Proof of acceptance

Do you need Bank Statement for Canada Visa

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Study in Canada Scholarship For Pakistani Students


In Canada education cost and living cost is less expensive. International students try to Study in Canada Scholarship For Pakistani Students. For some nationalities, it is difficult to afford the cost of education there. They want to reduce the cost by availing scholarship. There are several universities in Canada that offer scholarships for their students. It includes living cost as well. It makes the study easier for the students. The criteria to avail the opportunity of scholarship is to meet the merit of the university. It needs to perform well for getting a scholarship.

Education is a popular pathway to Canadian immigration, many international students eventually applying for studies and obtaining permanent resident status after their education.

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Apply for Free assessment for Canada study permit 

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Study in Canada Scholarship For Pakistani Students

  1. Carleton University Entrance Scholarship for International Students

The requirements of the University for Scholarship are as per the merit. The worth of the scholarship is more than 8000 dollars. The requirements are given below

  1. Proficiency in the particular language
  2. 80 or more than 80 percentage in the applied field.
  3. GPA must be 10 for renewal of the scholarship
  4. International Major Entrance Scholarship for International Students

The value of the scholarship of this prestigious award is 28000 CAD. It is for four years. The amount depends on the fund's availability. This scholarship is awarded by merit. The procedure of the scholarship is simple but time is taking. Student has to submit

  • Application for admission and scholarship
  • Academic profile and records
  • Permission letter from the University
  • Student’s visa


  1. York University Study in Canada Scholarship For Pakistani Students

The dead line of this scholarship program is May 2017. It is an annual program of scholarship. By applying of this course, students can get the undergraduate degree. It offers a renewable and full-time scholarship for three years. Students can apply in Environmental studies, health, performance and design, Arts, Media and others. The only requirement of this scholarship is to possess an extraordinary academic track record with good grades.

  1. Humber College International Entrance Scholarship

The date of admission and the requirements depends on the session. These reputed universities offer annual scholarships. The deadlines of the application change, according to the policy of the University. The renewable scholarship is introduced for the undergraduate students at the international level. Students have to apply for admission first and then for scholarships. For January 2017, worth of a full scholarship is 5000 dollars. The international students are free to apply in their fields.

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China Scholarships in Shanghai University

China Scholarships

China Scholarships in Shanghai University is offering scholarships to new international students for the academic year 2017-2018. These scholarships are available for pursuing bachelor, master and doctoral degree programme (except MBA and MTCSOL).

Shanghai University, abbreviated as SHU or Shangda, is a public research university located in Shanghai, China. Shanghai University is one of the nation’s leading research universities.

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required if English is not the applicant’s native language. A minimum score of 80 is recommended for the Internet Based TOEFL exam and a score of 5.5 or higher is recommended for the IELTS.

Course Level: China Scholarships are available for pursuing bachelor, master and doctoral degree programme (except MBA and MTCSOL).

Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the university.

Scholarship Award:

Full Scholarship:

  • A waiver of tuition fee
  • Free on-campus dormitory accommodation
  • Stipend: Bachelor: RMB 1100/ month; Master: RMB 1700/ month; PhD: RMB 2100/ month
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China.

Partial Scholarship:

  • A waiver of tuition fee
  • Free on-campus dormitory accommodation
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China

China Scholarship can be taken in the China

Eligibility: Applicant Eligibility

  • Be a non-Chinese citizen in good health.
  • Not be an enrolled degree student in Chinese universities at the time of application.
  • Be a high school graduate under the age of 25 when applying for the undergraduate programs;
  • Be a master’s degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for doctoral programs.
  • Be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master’s programs.
  • Be excellent in academic and extra-curricular performance and yet not be rewarded any other scholarships offered by Chinese govern

Nationality: International students can apply for these scholarships.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement:

Bachelor’s program

  • Non-Chinese citizen in good health
  • Age between 18-60 years old
  • Completed General Sec. Education (13 years education)

Master’s Program

  • Non-Chinese citizen in good health
  • Age under 40 years old
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree in correlated disciplines

Doctoral Program

  • Non-Chinese citizen in good health
  • Age under 45 years old
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree in correlated disciplines

English Language Requirement: HSK Certificate is required for Chinese-taught programs: HSK 4 above 180 Art/ BA of Chinese Language; HSK 4 above 195 for Science or Engineering; HSK 4 above 210 for Economics or Management; HSK 5 above 180 for Humanities. IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL IBT 80 or above for English-taught programs.


China Scholarships

How to Apply: Scholarship Application Materials

  • ID photo: one-inch certificate photo (390*570) with blue-color background
  • CSC or SGS Scholarship Application form: Download after you finish your online application
  • Passport copy
  • Highest Degree Certificate and Transcripts
  • Supervisor Acceptance Letter:
  • Study Plan or Research Proposal in China: Written in English or Chinese, including research achievements so far, reasons of choosing SHU, study and research plan, future career plan, etc.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: Written in English or Chinese by two different professors or associate professors from previous academic institutions, or work supervisors, etc.
  • Others (Refer to Departmental standards): Examples of Artworks (6 color pictures) or Music Work (1 audio tape) (Only for the applicants applying for Fine Arts and Music)

Application Deadline: The application deadline is April 15, 2017.

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WSL Services for Malaysia Visa


WSL services for Malaysia visa is the topic of this article. WSL Consultants are one of the best visa consultancy services in Lahore, Pakistan. Along with different kind of visa services like study visa, visit visa and work visa they are also providing Malaysia visa services to Pakistani citizens in 2016-2017. Malaysia visa services are provided in each Malaysia visa type which are following.

WSL Services for Malaysia Visa

Malaysia Visa Single Entry or Malaysia Visit Visa

with documents

WSL is providing his services for Malaysia visit visa with documents. This visa is valid for 90 days for travelling and can be obtained within 15 to 20 working days. List of documents can seen from here.  This visa is used by tourists and for social visit. The price of this Visa is Rs. 8500/-(Eight Five Hundred only).

without documents (Done basis)

You can get Malaysia visit visa without bank statement and job letter. The price of this visa will be Rs. 23,000/- . It is on done basis and no visa no fee.

Malaysia Student Visa

WSL also providing services for Malaysia student visa. We help students to get admission in any Malaysian institute, visa arrangement from Malaysian consulate, Islamabad. Furthermore ticket arrangement and pick up by his institute from Malaysian airport. After arrival residence and part time job placement in Malaysia. All these services are included in Student visa package. Student can get admission in 3 years diploma courses as well as degree programs. They can also get admission in UK, France and Australian colleges or universities which have campuses in Malaysia. We help them in every way.

Malaysia Work Visa

The person who want to get Malaysia work visa either A to B or A to A, we can arrange for him. We preferably provide A to B visa, which is also called open work visa. This visa is related to construction sector and renewable up to 5 years.

Conversion of Malaysia visit visa to Malaysia work visa

We are also helping such person who travel to Malaysia on visit visa and there they need work visa. If anyone looking for such work visa can contact us with full confidence. We will help him to get such visa within 8 to 10 weeks.

Job arrangement in Malaysia

WSL services for Malaysia is also providing services of job arrangement in Malaysia after arrival on visit or open work visa.

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