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WSL Consultants is providing Consultant services in Pakistan since 2011. We are dealing in different countries like Canada, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus and Malaysia. Our consultancy services are on reasonable charges. We are dealing following countries:

Study in Canada

There are a lot of people who look forward to studying in Canada in 2019-20. Regardless of who you are and from where you belong. You may have a desire in pursuing higher studies in the country. Students from all over the globe enroll in various Canadian institutes to seek higher education.


Study in Hungary

Hungary is European country and offering international students to study in their public universities. WSL Consultant is offering opportunity to study in Hungary. Study in Hungary in 2019-20 is going to be an amazing experience for students and they are going to enjoy a lot of benefits. This guide will cover all the aspects of that news and will be providing you with useful information regarding the process of application, benefits, and ease of studying in Hungary.


MBBS in Turkey & Kyrgyzstan

Turkey is one of the preferred destinations for international students. It is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer to the world. For students, there are certain institutes that are known all over the globe for the quality education they provide. So, you might want to enroll in a university in Turkey and may look forward to a scholarship.


Get Free Consultation

WSL Consultant is providing free consultation on your desired course. Please fill this form and it will take approximately 1 minute we will contact you soon. Note: This form is for our services in “Education Consultancy services” only. Please call at +92 323 8451958